Tips for Wedding Makeup


What is the right hair, the face should be just as cheap even with fingernails. Especially when makeup is good on coverage, skin compatibility and the most natural effect must be ensured. Especially recommended for the so-called stage make-up, known in professional circles as camouflage. Camouflage is available in all shades of complexion, as is covering make-up applied powder acting naturally and does not irritate the skin. The benefit is not only an ever-fresh, natural complexion but also an ever-perfect complexion on all commemorative photos.

Lipstick, eyeshadow and blush is chosen unanimously for the type but also a wedding dress. The dress is bright white, should be handled with care too bright reds. Better suited here delicate pastel tones, which however should not be too earthy. With cream and the champagne-colored wedding dress is not too dark but great deep red accents. When choosing a lipstick kiss you should definitely put on real quality, both because many kisses and the toast with the well-wishers should not leave too many traces. The mascara should be with one’s own energetic event such as marriage, as well as the kohl pencil, water-resistant nature.

Well-kept hands and nails are a bride Focus

Optical is the perfect bridal outfit voiced by fingernails. Also, it has the same color rules as was the case lipstick – no flashy red on white wedding dress, however noble Bordeaux tones in cream-and champagne-colored robes are allowed. Whether you work with real or artificial nails is at the discretion of the bride. With fine ornaments, which are stuck as a foil or painted with a special pen and glued beads that can conjure up all the nails from fantastic feats? Unsuitable course the supposed symbols of love, such as hearts or doves – act motives, even if they are not too contrasted, funkier, almost too childish. In addition, make sure that the nail jewelry is not sharp and thus represents no danger for the bride, groom or even the elegant wedding dress. The other members of beautifully styled nails a pleasant soft-manicured hand. A rough paw out of place here!

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