The False Square, Cream Hairstyles Trend 2018


What is the false square?

The square is a false model of hair when we go back her hair so as to expose a bob without cutting a single strand. As they remain elevated, the square applies only to false hair long or mid-length. If you have wind and wild hair wavy, you can now change your look in a few movements, time of day or night. Preview at fashion weeks that inaugurated models hairstyles trend 2018 – 2019, the false box represents the domain of Hollywood’s biggest stars on the red carpet. Taylor Swift Kate Beckinsale through Eva Longoria, all raise their mane to look glamorous and chic.

The principle of realization of the true square

The principle of developing the wrong square based on how to tackle the length of his hair at the nape. It is essential to create volume in a curly hair to bring out a gradient wrongly neglected. The square itself is also false in different ways. For special occasions to wear a demanding tougher look, all the strands of hair can be brought back. Look for a retro pin-up and glamorous hair notched adopt. You will need to ask or hot rollers make ripples with a pinking iron. For a more casual style, opt for the locks that fall in front of the face. They will ensure you look glamorous and sexy at all times.

How to fake a square?

The first step is to sort out false square properly combing her hair thoroughly with a brush. Then attach them to the neck by tying them in a ponytail low with a small rubber band or displaying a discreet romantic chignon or too loose nor too tight. Tuck your hair also in keeping them flat with pliers. For the latter option, be sure to use several rollers so that the strands do not come apart at the slightest movement. The accessories are in order. A pretty headband will help keep your hair and also give you a chic and trendy. Spice up your look further with patterned headbands. All types of earrings are allowed. You will choose depending on the look you want to adopt.

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