Perfect straightening: goodbye unruly hair, with the new straightening products

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Perfect straightening: goodbye unruly hair, with the new straightening products


Straight hair: an evergreen that appeals to all ages. A styling coveted by those with unruly hair, and a convenient solution for those who have naturally straight hair. In the first case, it is necessary to discipline (therefore smooth) the fiber, in the second not to weigh down. Choose the best The products to use change, in fact, according to the type of hair to be treated.

If the hair is natural and fine straight

Naturally straight hair is often fine and thin , which is why it tends to flatten out the day after shampooing. They may seem so few, even if the amount of hair is certainly not small!

What to do? Use volumizing shampoos that make the hair “airy” , maintaining the typical lightness of fine hair. A valid suggestion is to dilute the shampoo with a little water during washing, directly on the palm of the hand: it is not recommended to add water to the shampoo bottle, because it would risk dispersing the active washing ingredients on the bottom.

If you have a habit of washing your hair frequently, feel free to use only one dose of shampoo at a time . Too much cleansing product risks making your hair “electric”, as if it were fluttering. Is it an effect that looks the same to you? Before drying them, apply a few drops of liquid crystals : they are specific products to cancel the electrostatic charge from the hair . They guarantee a more composed and tidy fold, in clear smooth styling.

As for the  conditioner , remember that it must always be “light”, and never too creamy, because it could weigh down the hair, even when dry!

If you have straight but thick hair

Unlike fine hair, thick hair is rebellious ,  prone to frizz and, if not cared for enough, becomes dry . The products indicated must smooth the hair fiber, nourish it and soften it. For more beautiful results, use a complete line ranging from shampoo to mask, through to styling.

Shampoos and straightening conditioners contain proteins that already “condition” the styling during washing, directing it towards the smoothness. The hair is thus easier to manage with a hairdryer and brush. And they are softer and more silky. To avoid frizz, use anti-frizz products that counteract the ruffling power of moisture. The most innovative products guarantee a long-lasting smoothness for over 72 hours. 

For straight hair

Is your hair wavy and you want to have it straight? Use shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type (normal, dry, colored, etc.) and concentrate on styling products, i.e. to use before drying. You can choose between straightening creams , suitable for dry hair, anti-frizz sprays , suitable for all hair types, disciplining oils , perfect for the most demanding hair. Generally, they are applied to towel-dried hair and do not require rinsing.

To protect your hair from blow dryer and straightener heat , use protective products that wrap the fiber in a high temperature resistant film.

Finish with anti-humidity hairspray and you will have enviable smooth hair!

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