Imaginative Suggestions for Wedding Hair Jewelry


How to Make Your Own Hair Accessories

With the simplest of means, mostly from the craft store, take beautiful and very individual effects. “Freshness and lightness” delicate feathers in the colors of the dress and flowers, giving the hairstyle. Here, in one should be careful that you do not your hair with lush springs to equip else from the wedding hairstyle is a mask-ball hairstyle. Beaded with transparent materials can be a bun wonderfully festive packaging and delicate pearl necklace can be discreetly woven into braids. Not quite true, but nonetheless beautifully and stylishly in any case, tiaras are noble, the reasons of cost, are welcome to come also from the theatrical props or prop trading. Maybe even a grandmother from her youth, tiaras that would then have a personal touch.

Flowers as jewelry in the bridal hairstyle

Girlish innocent act updos that are plugged in braided pigtails. This should not be used for thick sections of hair to provide both a certain and flexibility to ensure that facilitates the high stick. And the visual aspect is the fine braids appear lighter than one or two thick braids like Pippi Longstocking. The pigtail ends with rubber bands, preferably in the shade of hair or transparent, fixed, and ultimately hidden. Even here hairpins serve to fix the braids, which can also be embellished with neither small nor delicate flower art. The color of the flowers should be similar to creating harmonious wedding dress and bridal bouquet. Unless a proper veil is worn to the plait updo also some delicate satin ribbons on the back of the head attached a simple version of a show such. When fixing the entire hairstyle with lots of hairspray, the textile strips should be left out if possible.

Insofar as real flowers are to be incorporated into the updo, it is strongly recommended to provide them with a damp kitchen towel and waterproof tape to wrap or to prevent the unsightly wilting. Ideally, one also chooses rather firmer flowers, because they have a longer shelf life, and sprays this in advance with clear lacquer.

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