How to Apply False Eyelashes


What and how to use the eyelash curler? Probably you’ll be asked it at least once, since the curler may seem an instrument of torture to those who do not know.

In fact, the eyelash curler is a simple beauty that is used to bend the lashes and give them a very sensual shape and arched. How to use the eyelash curler to perfection and how to get a result at the top thanks to an ancient but effective secret?

How Does the Eyelash Curler Works

The eyelash curler is shaped like a pair of scissors, that instead of ending with the blade end with two plates coated with silicone grommets.

These two plates are opened and closed and are specially made to accommodate the eyelashes and bend upward due to pressure of the two grommets. They are plastic eyelash curler (for the most inexperienced) and metal eyelash curler (most effective).

How to Use the Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler is always used before applying mascara: this is because when used after mascara is likely to break and weaken the eyelashes, as well as to set the lashes together.

The curler also works best on lashes clean and free of any trace of makeup. That’s why you should remove any makeup before using the eyelash curler.

Then, put your fingers in the appropriate holes and open the eyelash curler, eyelash curler on the lashes then shoves over (with his eyes half closed) and squeeze the tool with caution, taking care not to pinch the skin of the eyelids.

Hold position for 10-20 seconds, then open the curler and remove it gently without any sudden movements to avoid the risk of pulling out lashes. Then, you are free to apply the mascara and finish the trick by separating the lashes with an eyelash comb.

The Secret to the Curve with the Curler Eyelash

The real secret to getting eyelash curler with the curves and perfect. Before use, place it on a ceramic scandal and ends for a few seconds with a hairdryer. The heat will help the lashes to the crease to take more!

False Eyelashes and Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler is essential when applying false eyelashes: after applying the false eyelashes, in fact, it is best to use the eyelash curler to make lashes true and false eyelashes have the same curvature and are thus more natural to the eye.

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