Healthy Hair Myths Debunked


There are some beliefs about the treatment of hair that have long existed and are not only false, but are actually harmful to the hair. One has to do with the old adage that you should brush your hair one hundred strokes every night. If the mother taught him, that he was wrong. Excessive brushing and a hundred shots is excessive, does nothing but pull hairs. To maintain a healthy head of hair the number one rule is to treat it with care. That means no comb or brush is more or less or in excess.

There is also some misinformation floating around about washing. A myth is that you have to shampoo twice to get the hair squeaky clean. Of course, we want our hair clean, but unless your hair is dirty, one application of shampoo is enough. And her hair is not going to be cleaner if you shampoo in warm water. Instead of using shampoo and warm water to cold water for rinsing.

But no matter what kind of shampoo you use. Although it is tempting to choose any brand is on sale in your local grocery store, some shampoos are too strong for your hair. Use a mild shampoo and choose one that is formulated for your hair type. If you dye your hair, it is especially important to choose a mild shampoo for treated hair. And while you may also have read that hair dryers damage your hair, this is not true. Whether or hand dryer hood hair are safe if used correctly. However, the best way to dry your hair is either dry gently with a towel or just let it air dry.

Another myth concerns dandruff. Dandruff is not dangerous to your health. Usually the result of a very common skin problem known as seborrhea dermatitis. You may also be due to another skin problem called psoriasis in which the growth of new skin cells is unusually fast causing small pieces of skin to flake off. The cause is unknown. An environment where the air is very cold or very hot and dry will also make the scalp more vulnerable to flaking and itching. While dandruff does not affect the health of your scalp or hair is a condition usually lasts a long time and requires ongoing treatment.

There are many dandruff shampoos available. The most effective active ingredients include sulfur tar, selenium and salicylic acid. When you take your daily shower, wet your hair and apply shampoo. Rub it in well, covering all parts of your scalp. Wait at least two minutes before rinsing. Rinse with warm water. People with dandruff are necessary to be careful with the use of dryers and hot curlers, as they tend to make the scalp dry. If the shampoo does not work then you need professional help. Your doctor may prescribe various preparations that relieve symptoms.

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