Hair Accessories (FHI Heat Styling Irons)


The FHI Heat Styling Irons 27mm – simply tames every lock of hair

At a wedding hairstyle has to just sit every strand of hair is perfect and she ever so unruly. From the beginning until the last jump hair is Hair passed, if desired, to achieve a smooth texture to the desired result hairstyles. It is not uncommon for the wedding hairstyle smooth out only partially and in the back of the head as the natural curls to give additional momentum. Whatever you want to make your wedding hairstyle, the FHI Heat Styling Irons will not let you down, and it shines with a lot of great qualities.

What seems very practical and extremely stylish incidentally, is the retro storage box. The metal box can be quickly and easily open and save a tangled cable-War, where as in the usual cardboard cutouts find these annoying and you just need to trick the straightened because otherwise nothing works. The FHI styling iron is supplied in a heat protection bag which can be used while working as a heat protection mat so that it can in the bathroom at the table or create any unnecessary burning tracks. Further details are infinitely variable temperature control from 60 ° to 210 ° Celsius, as this is an accurate setting for all hair types to ensure, whether thick or thin colored. The FHI Heat Straightened is extremely user-friendly; in seconds it is ready and keeps the desired set temperature constant while the smoothing.

Thank God it is over, the time of the gray metal panels only selectively the desired heat duties, the hair helped to stasis and was regarded with caution. The tops of FHI Heat Flat Irons are made of a hard-coated three times 100% ceramic Tourmaline alloy and are 27mm wide. The smoother styling features spring-loaded hot plates and ceramic heaters PTFC generated thanks to the long-wave infrared heat, which means the hair structure is treated from the inside to the outside and is thus the only heat that does not harm the hair structure. Of course, the heating element itself is used in pure ceramic.

Revolutionary at FHI-Heat Straightened is the 3-fold nano-technology. The hair is given to each application protection and care by the nano-titanium and a large number of negative ions to the hair cuticle closes perfectly. The hair is well protected from dirt and contaminants. Another plus with this straightened: a colorized hair structure ensures the smooth hair that retains its luster longer the color and vitality affects. By using nano-silver and nano titanium technology cleans and disinfects the flat iron the hair structure of harmful bacteria, pollutants and contaminants. It is extremely important to keep the moisture in the hair that keeps it healthy and resistant, dry hair structure affects the other hand, Matt, fragile and brittle. The heating plates were enriched with nano-titanium to increase the negative ion count by twenty times, and the only way to create the water molecules in the structure to penetrate and moisturize the hair from the inside. It is therefore recommended smoothing to perform at the still slightly damp hair. Thus creating the FHI Heat Flat Irons, the optimal basis for beautiful and vital hair.

And because the best known, always comes to the conclusion there is part of the manufacturer 24 months warranty on the FHI Heat. Because we can see clearly how confident the manufacturer regarding the FHI Heat trowel and its quality, because warranty is always voluntary, and one courtesy of the producer to the customer and not self-evident, as the law dictates that the seller of the product must bear.

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