Choose a Modern Hairstyle


A hairstyle says a lot about our image and appearance we want to give. Therefore, we can play with our hair every day to become the girl that we want. Today we will talk about modern hairstyles and breakers. They are perfect to accompany a more sober and classic look and of course for those nights when we want to emphasize our beauty. Follow the step by step our advice and get a modern hairstyle and style loaded latest trend.

This look is possible with any type of hair and both medium and long manes. First, it is necessary to dry hair thoroughly after washing, regardless of the type of hair you have, (curly, wavy, straight, etc.). It uses the hand dryer no tip no need to help yourself by brushing and blow from the front of your face down until it is completely dry.

Then comb your hair untangle a paddle brush and care should be free of moisture. Then with the help of a fine comb you have at home do three or four partitions on the whole head always beginning to work the hair back.

Once you have your hair untangled by partitions and well-separated strand by strand of the section that you go to work and straighten with an iron. For the smoothing is faster and less damaging to hair make sure the iron is hot and use a narrow comb to ensure proper heat is disseminated throughout the strand. So, get close and seal the hair cuticle so that the ironing will last longer. Once you’re done with the first partition continue in the next and so on until all the hair iron.

Now comes the most important step. With the help of a fine comb draws a line from ear to ear and removes the entire section of hair forward. With the comb or brush crepes crepes make a whole partition starting from behind and moving forward. Need a little patience and do so carefully.

You’ll see how the hair is messy and very crepe but do not worry you’ll see how in a moment, get the look!

Spray the entire area creped with a touch of hairspray flexible and with the help of your hands and comb pick it back carefully, but much higher if not lose the entire volume achieved. To achieve more volume on top than on the sides make a little more pressure on the sides and comb harder. Try not very thoroughly combed the top because that is where you should keep the volume. which is most interesting about this hairstyle. Put a couple of clips collected perfectly right and left side and secure them with another clip over on a cross. In this way the hair will not move and you’re great at all times. To end a final touch of paint on top and … dazzling!

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