Would you believe genocide against homosexuals?

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals?

by Don Hank

Is there a danger that gays in Western countries may soon be exterminated by hordes of dangerous homophobes?

Pretty ridiculous question, isn’t it?

No, gays enjoy special privileges here in the West. In San Francisco they are allowed to roam the streets naked during a pride fest on Folsom Street, performing actual sex acts in public in full view of hapless onlookers, including children, unfortunate enough to stumble onto the scene. (I am not going to link to photos of this perversion but, if you want confirmation, you can Google it with the key words: folsom street gay pride or the like).

Yet many Western governments fret over the “plight” of gays, even as Christians around the globe are losing their right to witness to the healing and redeeming power of God through Jesus Christ. The agenda of these tyrants who rule us by Fabian stealth without our consent is clear to anyone with half a brain: They are eager to put an end to traditional Christian culture — in fact, any decent culture at all that includes traditional marriage, law and order.

Even as the new “democratic” governments in the Middle East slaughter their native Christians, while enjoying the wholehearted support of almost the entire Ruling Class — that oligarchy that wields increasingly dictatorial power thru the mighty media, the universities, the “education” system, and the vast majority of cadres of all professions, our own Ruling Class pretends to care deeply about the persecution of gays.

Soon after the Iraq invasion, Assyrian churches began to be burned and their congregations persecuted, murdered and scattered. Many now live in Sweden. The US government said nothing, pretending the only enemy was “terror,” not Islamist fanaticism. The Copts in Egypt are now suffering a similar fate, thanks in large part to Western collaboration. The military of the new “democratic” government supported by Obama and the leaders of Europe attacked a Coptic monastery shortly after Mubarak was toppled, shooting several monks. The Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Barack Obama, is behind the slaughter and persecution. The Western press is silent as the Sphinx.

But the media and the Oligarchy tell us that it is the gays who are persecuted and sorely need our protection. It is a lie. Gays have not suffered even a fraction of a percent of the persecution of Christians throughout the world. And yet they are the new protected class, and governments like Brazil’s are rushing to their aid as though they had all lived through a tsunami, an earthquake and a nuclear disaster.

In most countries, no one dares mention that their lifestyle causes diseases like AIDS or other STDs. No one may even lend advice and assistance to ex-gays or people with unwanted same-sex attractions. My Brazilian friend Julio Severo was forced to leave his homeland because he was working with men with unwanted same-sex attraction who were eager to overcome this and live safe, healthy, moral lives according to biblical guidelines.

He was offering them valuable assistance. Many had seen their friends die of AIDS. Many were concerned about their lives, their health and safety.

But the far-left leadership of Brazil, starting with former president Lula and now continuing with the even more-virulently anti-Christian Dilma Roussef (who is a a former terrorist involved in the murders of several people including one American), says it is illegal to help homosexuals overcome their lifestyle.

Anyone who is in this lifestyle is practically locked in it for life by law.

Anyone wishing to abandon anal sex, for reasons of safety, faith or morality, or whatever reason it may be, would be well advised to leave that country.

There is no room for decency in Brazil. It has undergone a perfect storm of ultra-Marxist evil and is locked in. The rest of the West is catching up.

And most Americans (and Europeans) are oblivious to the moral tragedy that is unfolding there.

It is time to wake up and get to know the folks we share the hemisphere with. It is time to learn a new vocabulary word: No.

Not with us. Not with my country.

More details on Julio:

Julio made the biggest waves alerting Brazilian churches and society about the gay agenda and about the reversibility of the immoral gay lifestyle, according to biblical guidelines.

He is the author of the book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), published in 1998 by the Brazilian branch of the Bethany House Publishers, an evangelical publishing house. His book was the first book in Portuguese to expose the intentions of the gay-rights movement.

In 2007, when he helped boost public awareness about an anti-“homophobia” federal bill, gay activists began to threaten Bethany Publishers, which abandoned the book under this pressure.  They also filed charges against Severo. Since then, Brazilian prosecutors have tried to muzzle him and block his writings.

Probably, they can do nothing against him now, because he is away from Brazil. Even so, the largest gay group in Brazil, which was backed by Hillary Clinton to be accredited in the UN system in 2010, is seeking to find his location. This same group, ABGLT, has filed charges against him too.

Julio Severo blog site:


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Does someone have a copy/translation of this law as evidence? Is it possible that it is not written this way but is being improperly enforced? Just wondering. It wouldn’t surprise me either way, sadly.


So glad you’re in touch with Julio – he’s a great man – very courageous.


Gays and mules are the same, they don’t reproduce, so genocide isn’t necessary, suicide is already doing it.

I think Larry and others like him have fallen for the erroneous belief that there is a “gay ” gene or inherent disposition to homosexuality. This belief is a direct result of Darwinism, the underlying philosophy of most of the ills in Western culture. Darwinism was responsible for the eugenics movement that started in the US and became a great inspiration to Hitler. This is what led to the real genocides such as the Nazi, Soviet and Maoist ones. If Darwinism were true there would be a “gay” gene and there would be fewer gays not more as the gene… Read more »
In reply to Larry: Gays and mules don’t reproduce, but they are apples and oranges in comparison. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. These are technically two different species. All male mules and most female mules are infertile. As you know, most homosexuals are probably fertile. All human homosexuals can and many do a have an unhealthy effect on our culture when their lifestyle is openly accepted as “normal or natural”. When thought out logically, no one can say that it’s a normal or natural lifestyle to choose homosexuality or any similar deviant… Read more »
Good article.I’m not a Christian- lack of faith-but I brought my sons up as such because I know a good thing when I see it.Here in the UK, I started a multi-faith coalition (with a Muslim friend) against the repeal of Clause 28, a law which prohibited the use of public money to advance the homosexual agenda. It failed, and in the ten years since then the Fabian filth (led by the traitor Tony Blair, whom American’s are so illogically fond of) have persecuted by law anyone who dares point out the obvious about this gross perversion. Christians have also… Read more »
Don Hank

The funny thing is that I understand why UK citizens don’t want religion. Their “Christianity” is corrupt beyond compare. But they are tragically wrong if they deny the power of God. He is working right out in the open now even as the false religionists trash His message.


[…] Would you believe genocide against homosexuals? […]


[…] Would you believe genocide against homosexuals? […]


Whoa it is almost like homosexuals are not accepted by religion so they seek foolish desires. I wonder what Jesus would have done especially if it turns out they cannot change since their sense of smell towards pheromones is similar to the opposite gender. 53% of twins both being gay is not high at all. There is so much going wrong I am just not going to write. Have a good day.