Why I am not on “our” side any more

“What do you mean ‘we,’ white man?”

Tonto, many moons ago


by Don Hank

Today’s morning paper reported that Qadaffi is winning out against the rebels in Libya.

Perhaps the Pravda article linked below will explain why I hope this secularist in a Muslim world is still in power tomorrow.

But first let’s look how the US (under 3 Democrat and 1 RINO presidents) intervened in Muslim countries to give people “freedom” and “democracy”:

Iran: Carter forced the Shah to step down by calling him a cruel dictator, and within a few weeks, a newly installed Islamic regime kidnapped our embassy personnel just to show their appreciation to Carter. Soon women were being slaughtered on the street for not wearing the proper head gear (as reported by Oriana Fallaci in her last book). Today, executions according to Sharia law are rampant under President Ahmadinejad. Not one western “leader” has called for him to step down.

Kosovo: “We” intervened to prevent “ethnic cleansing” against Muslims, although some locals were reporting that Muslims were also persecuting Christian Servs. Now the Muslims are slaughtering Christians there.

Iraq: within a year of “our” “victory” over secularist Saddam Hussein, Christians who once thrived under that dictator were either dead or had been exiled (most of the survivors of the Iraqi holocaust triggered by the Western allies live in Sweden today and Iraq is in chaos);

Egypt: As soon as the uprising started to heat up, Obama told the mostly secularist Mubarak (our best ally in the Middle East) to leave. Even before our intelligence could provide  a clear picture of who the rebels were, they were officially declared to be idealists yearning for “freedom” and “democracy.” As a prelude to the anti-Mubarak revolt, Coptic churches were burned by the rebels. Within a week after the coup, the military “we” supported were overrunning Coptic monasteries and slaughtering monks and priests. To top it off, the young democratic idealists yearning for freedom raped and beat CBS reporter Lara Logan just to show their gratitude for her sympathetic coverage.

Clearly, the secularists are being replaced one by one by Islamists.

As time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that there is a Lone Ranger* aspect to this “we.” You and I are not consulted by this “we” and there is no “the People” at the end of it.

And the more ground the “we” gains, the more Christians and other innocents lose their lives in once-peaceful regions.

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*For those who haven’t heard the joke, the Lone Ranger was to have come riding up to his sidekick Tonto gasping “Tonto, we’re surrounded by hostile Indians.” Tonto looked at him thru narrowed eyes and said “what do you mean ‘we,’ white man?”

21 thoughts on “Why I am not on “our” side any more

  1. So now Qaadaffi is between a rock and a hard place. He has praised Qadaffi along with Farakhan, He is expected to be against Qadaffi but Qadaffi won’t go as quietly as Mubarak did. Are they afraid of Qadaffi spilling some secrets. Saudi was already angry with B.O because they were of these rebellions happening to him. And now it is. But the leaders in Saudi are not going to go quietly either. And I don’t think B.O can bow to them again and win them over.

  2. Mr. Hank, you have put into words exactly what I felt from day one ! Well done. And those so-called funloving democracy types – according to the liars in mainstream media – are free to pillage, rape, murder and destroy at will at levels that will make previous autocrats look like amateurs.

  3. Looks Like the U.S.A. is caught between Barrak and a Hard Place. Our Closet Muslim, Fake Christian Usurper in Charge seems to take pride in aiding the Islam-o-fascists that destroy Christian and Freedom. 2012 or a Coop can’t come fast enough to save America.

  4. Bravo!

    Concise, well-written, accurate, and insightful.

    The revolt in Egypt was manipulated by Leftists, including the (in)famous Obama companion and mentor William Ayers. Old hippies from the agitator group Code Pink were “out front”, topless, as usual.

    Amazingly, many people still do not see the parallels between Islam and Communism. They are blinded by the false notion that “we all worship the same god”. No, we do not! (Allah is the moon-god of Mesopotamia. His father, the sun-god, is named Baal. Yes, the same Baal mentioned in the Holy Bible. They are enemies of God.)

    My only disagreement with this piece is that, since 1976, our country has had 3 Democrats and 2 RINOs in the White House. Long live the memory of “Ronaldus Maximus”!

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