Western policies ignore potential consequences

by Don Hank  May 13, 2015

A major problem with Western thinking and behavior is that it is based on assessments with little or no context, in terms of time, place and factors that will affect the outcome of our policies.

For example, our irresponsible war mongers in politics and media are pushing hard for war in Ukraine but they never remind the public that Russia is a nuclear power and comes in a package with China, another nuclear power. Likewise, they push for war with Iran without mentioning that Russia and China are Iran’s mighty allies, who while they may not have expressed themselves in this regard, are likely waiting in the wings to defend their ally from aerial bombardments with which it is threatened daily.

In terms of LGBT “rights,” the elites omit the corollary issue of adoption. Adoption to “gay” parents almost invariably involves one of 2 scenarios:

  1. One of the couple acquires a child that is only related to one of them. The other parent is deliberately left out of the child’s life. In the case of a lesbian couple, one partner will find a sperm donor and once he becomes the bio father, he is cut out of his child’s life forever, by arrangement — without consulting the child, who is thus treated as a commodity. In the case of a male couple, one of them donates his sperm to a mother in a business arrangement, and once she becomes a bio mom, she is cut out of the child’s life forever.

No matter how much the child is brainwashed, he or she will be left with a life long yearning to know the parent who was removed and harboring a feeling that he or she was used as a pawn in an adults-only game.

  1. The couple adopts a child through an adoption agency. In this case, the child grows up without knowing what a normal male-female relationship is and has difficulty in later life understanding these roles. This on top of the fact that he or she will never know the biological parents. The child is a guinea pig in a heartless social experiment.

In a word, the system results invariably in institutionalized abuse. And our heartless “liberal” society has created the legal conditions to perpetuate this child abuse.

US society is sick. White people get beaten to a pulp in many black communities just for being white, thanks to liberation theology and critical race theory. A sitting US president is the face of this twisted situation, using his bully pulpit to suggest that blacks are constantly being exploited by whites. He is partly right. Our liberal left system treats blacks like inferiors, suggesting to them that they are mentally incapable of getting an education that would lift them out of poverty and crime. Thus, liberals, through their special treatment of blacks, are virtually screaming “you can’t make it on your own.” An amazing number of us accept it all, zombie-like. Our brain power has gone down the drain, along with our spiritual discernment and our relationship to the Almighty.

Life in the US is livable only through faith in the Savior. Outside of that it is truly a life long prison sentence and we keep re-electing our prison wardens.


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