Were Hitler and his followers Christians?

Book review: Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible, by Joe Keysor

By Donald Hank

The left is the most Christ centered religion in the world. They are perfectly centered on making the historic Jesus Christ and the faith He inspired in millions, go away.

In his new book, Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible, Joe Keysor, a scholar and authentic truth seeker who has lived in various countries and speaks several foreign languages, goes toe to toe with some serious advocates of the “Christians-are-dangerous-potential-fascists” theory, such as Jim Walker, owner of the website “Hitler’s Christianity”, and Richard Steigmann-Gall, author of The Holy Reich, pointing out that, while Christians have effectively fought back against anti-Christian attacks like the novel The Da Vinci Code, the myth of Hitler as a Christian has gone largely unchallenged. He believes this is because few know what Christianity really is and even fewer approach the issue from the standpoint that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that tampering with it has dire consequences.

In a world in which Christ’s message has been distorted, to the extent that even ruthless baby killers like George Tiller can serve as an usher in a church, the anti-Christian movement has had easy going. After all, Hitler confessed Christian faith during his political campaign, signed a Concordat with the Vatican and had his minions do photo ops with church leaders. The “Germanic Christians” helped him sell his ideology of Germans as a master race through their doctrine of “Christian positivism,” according to which Christians had a duty to support Hitler. This was based on 2 doctrinal notions: 1) that Jesus had come to do battle with the Jews, and 2) that the Nordic “race” was chosen by God to oppose Jewry.

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6 thoughts on “Were Hitler and his followers Christians?

  1. Hi Don. No I wasn’t trying to be mean. My feelings are like agnostic toward creation. Thanks for allowing me to post.
    My view towards Hitler is that he was a Catholic that practised Christianity and not Hinduism or another religion so I think he was a Christian believer.
    Doesn’t mean he will be in heaven is just that he was a Christian. Although by some strange chance he may be in heaven. No I don’t care much for Christianity actually I only entered here looking at UFO information not because I had some troubled heart friend. So I decided to post a few minor non meaningful comments. Well take care.

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