US media cover up Ivory Coast massacre details

US media cover up vital Ivory Coast massacre details: killers were Muslims loyal to UN-backed Quattara, electoral fraud likely.

by Don Hank

The Huffington Post recently ran a report on the slaughter of 1000 civilians near Duékoué in the Ivory Coast. I point this out only as a random example of the way Muslim-on-Christian violence is reported in the mainstream press. Quote:

“Nicholson, the Caritas spokesman, said the killings occurred over three days in a neighborhood controlled by fighters loyal to internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara, though it was not clear who the perpetrators were.”

First, the gruesome photos and videos from that scene appearing on the internet show dead and wounded women without veils and, for the most part, without headscarves. In other words, not Muslims. Since Quattara’s loyalists are Muslim, while Gbagbo’s loyalists are Christian and other non-Muslims, it is obvious whose side did the killings, and reports in the French press (le Figaro) confirm this. It doesn’t seem to occur to American reporters to consult the French language press, which in fact states that the UN mission in Ivory Coast, Onuci, itself reports:

 “Most of the dead in Duekoue were killed by pro-Quattara fighters.” [my translation]

Note that:

The reporter does not mention that the fighters loyal to the “internationally recognized” president, who received help from the UN, are all Muslims, who, as pointed out at

Frontpagemag, represent almost 100% an immigrant population that only started to enter the country, mostly illegally, since around 1960.

No one mentions that the former president refused to step down because he claimed there was voter fraud, and that instead of investigating, Western leaders immediately recognized the newly “elected” Muslim president Quattara. Another French language report shows photographic evidence of massive electoral fraud, including apparently counterfeit signatures on the election results documents and numbers of votes far exceeding the number of registered voters.

No one mentions that this atrocity occurred under the watch of the UN and is therefore the responsibility of the UN, which did nothing to keep the peace in this area, while engaging the troops loyal to the Christian president.

Note that Jimmy Carter didn’t rush in to count the votes once fraud was declared.

But this kind of non-reporting has been going on for decades and is the norm, not the exception. You may recall when those “young people” rioted in the outskirts of Paris and the media carried the story for weeks as the ghetto burned, and yet most reports did not mention that all of these rioting young people were Muslims.

When Christians get violent, the same press makes no bones about bruiting this fact to the world.

This kind of reporting has blinded the Western grassroots to the clear-cut link between Islam and violence, and the result is, in part, as follows :

Almost all of the Assyrian Christians, who survived 2 millennia in Iraq living side by side with the Muslim population, and even survived Saddam Hussein, who protected them, succumbed to the Bush administration’s war, waged purportedly to avenge ourselves of the actions of terrorists all hailing from Saudi Arabia, not a one from Iraq.  The mainstream media, normally critical of presidents deemed conservative, gave Bush a break by ignoring the banishment of these Christians. Most of the survivors now live in Sweden.

The Coptic Christians, who survived for two millennia in Egypt, living side by side with the Muslim population, and also survived decades of Mubarek’s reign, are now either fleeing or living in terror. The first thing the “democratic” military leaders did after taking over the reins from Mubarek was to enter a peaceful monastery and shoot 5 civilians, including a Coptic priest.

The mainstream media ignored this fact. It came to my attention via an email from a Coptic activist contact. I later confirmed it through several Middle East Christian sources, including newsletters, which were ignored in the media.

Huffington Post report on Ivory Coast massacre:

Figaro report on the massacre (French)

Ivory Coast massacre video, no veils, almost no headscarves

Ivory Coast Muslims imported, now dominate

Egypt violence far from over:

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albert w loescher

Of course, NATO and the ‘altruistic’ UN condemned ‘genocide’ in Kosovo and Iraq. Clinton and Bush are not true Christians and seemed to favor islam. The agenda of this ‘mess-i-am’ in the offal office is about to import tens of thousands, if not millions, of jihadi ‘refugees’ from the ME to US. That will be the entity’s army in Amerika when the hammmer comes down this harvest time. The post ‘summer solstice of the bloody battle of bullets and blades’ will begin. Sound familiar?

WAO..! Clinton and Bush are/were favoring Islam..! And for their favor, Clinton attackd Somalia and Iraq with cruise missiles. and also started bombing Afhganistan. Then Bush declared a crusade war against Muslims and attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. And he is finding mass destruction weapons from Iraq and Bin Ladin from Afghanistan. Both countries are distroyed, but Iraq war goes in miss lead of CIA. and Bin Ladin runs out on his motorbike and still missing. Obama is nw on same path but includes Pakistan and Libya. Pakistan is facing drone attacks for last 7 years and more than 4000 civilians… Read more »
Don Hank

This is one of those messages I can’t disagree with. We do need to leave the Muslim World alone. And Muslims need to stay at home and not emigrate to the West, because they hate our culture and religion.

edith crowther

Don you are a hero for researching this and listing all the sources of proper information. I also agree totally with your reply to Asif.


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albert w loescher

Asif or aish: These past several egregious puppet precedents (sic) are commanded to hasten the One World Disorder, but the concept of the NAU will ‘nudge’ us to its achievement first. They are deluded to believe they can manipulate the muslims as catalyst (cattle list?) to expedite decrepit old men’s goal of world hegemony. They and their heirs will fail against the massif of murderous islam.


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