This is my cry for Russia, no apologies!

This is my cry for Russia, no apologies!

By Don Hank

I have come to the point where I must doff my strait jacket of “objectivism” and just pour out my heart over the tragic situation throughout the West, where governments and media thrive on lies and distortions for the sake of preserving the ill-gotten fortunes of highly placed bankers and other Satanists. The lie that Russia hacked the election, that Assad is an evil troll who gasses his own people and not a sensitive, cultured physician who cares deeply about his beloved Syria, that “Western values” are sacred and not a cover for dark hearts with sinister plans for the impoverishment of humanity – both spiritually and physically.

The truth lies shrouded in darkness, buried deep beneath these lies.

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

I want to share another of Irina’s emails and link to the latest Novorossia blog with you.

But first, let me share a link (below) to an RT video report that is currently airing on TV, on the siege of Leningrad (previously – and now again – named Saint Petersburg), where 1.5 million people died of hunger in the over 872 day siege.

I spent 2 months at the University of Leningrad in 1971 studying Russian language. The books and tracts available for visitors to the city focused heavily on this siege and the catastrophic human and material losses it caused, and this same tragic but heroic story was on the lips of people I met. The summer palace of Peter the Great had been completely razed to the ground by Hitler’s bombs but in the intervening years, thanks to the persistence and skill of Russian artisans and artists, the art treasures and building were completely restored to their former glory, along with ancient churches and other monuments. Petersburg is a must-see for lovers of art and history. Once you have been there, you will never forget it, and if you are a good and decent person, you will come away with great affection for its people (President Putin is one of them). If you belong to Satan, of course, you will support the Neocons and their desire for genocide against Russians.

Since then the city has been nicknamed Gorod Geroy, Hero City.

I had spent my Junior year studying German in the Philips-Universität in 1963-4 and a few years later visited Auschwitz. I had the opportunity to see the false pride of the people that committed these atrocities and the hypocrisy of their pathetic efforts at living down their shameful past. Instead of showing true heartfelt contrition, the German government now focuses on punishing people whom they accuse of “Holocaust denial,” denying their people freedom of expression in a disgusting display of “caring” for the people they massacred. Perhaps the fact that many of my Anabaptist ancestors were banished, tortured and killed by this same people helped prepare my heart for what I saw. While I loved the ancient architecture of the half-timber houses and the Gothic and Romanesque churches, I had a sense of how this one nation in particular could have committed the atrocities that they committed throughout Europe and Russia and a foreboding that such could occur again.

The German support for the Arab Spring that saw the majority of Syrian Christians banished from their homeland or the burning of their churches, and the German cold-heartedness toward the heroic defender President Bashar al Assad and his faithful ally President Vladimir Putin was a partial fulfillment of this foreboding. Then came the immense German military buildup and the German ambition to be the greatest power in Europe, targeting whom?

The Russians. Germany is sending tanks to Lithuania as part of the hysteria against “Russian aggression.” (

History is repeating itself. It is Kafkaesque. There is a Satanic drive present in that country that permeates everything and poisons the atmosphere. To be honest, I see the same Satanic drive in the US today, where few dare to oppose the blatant anti-Russian hate trumpeted by media and politicians.

It is now well known and documented that our allies in WW II delayed their entry into the war in hopes that the Germans would destroy Russia, on the pretext that such would contain communism. Yet today’s continued hysterical Russophobia, evidenced throughout the West, suggests that communism was not the real reason for wanting Russians dead.

It is not irrelevant to mention that the East West schism of 1054 drove a permanent wedge between the Slavic and other Orthodox and the Roman Catholics. In this context, it is impossible to overlook that in addition to the attempted genocide against the Russians, the Orthodox Greeks suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis and the post-war US refused to demand that Greece be reimbursed for the damages. Zero Hedge published a link to a video documenting the suffering of the Greeks and addressing the hard-hearted refusal of modern Germany to pay for the damage they inflicted on that country:

And then there was the Western war against the Orthodox Serbs, resulting in the creation of the Muslim quasi-state of Kosovo, where today these Muslims have desecrated much of the Orthodox heritage.

Just as Hitler had teamed up with the Grand Mufti to kill Jews in Yugoslavia, today’s Germany has invited millions of Muslims, many of whom hate Jews, to settle in Europe, and has given them royal treatment. Is the constant condemnation of Assad not a manifestation of hatred toward the Orthodox Syrians he has consistently protected and his alliance with the Orthodox Russians? Has anything really changed since the end of WW II? I wonder.

Hitler’s clearly genocidal attack on Leningrad could have been combatted by the allies but not a single fighter plane was sent during those 872 days to fend off the Nazi aircraft.

Forgive me for giving reign to my emotions but I have to share the sense of dread that I feel when I hear Merkel’s anti-Russian speeches, reflecting a totally unrealistic fear that somehow Russia could invade Europe, something that she knows could never happen in today’s world. And yet, I feel that if Germany had the power it had in the 30s, not only would Russia not be safe but the rest of the world would be in danger as well. And now the Germans are the boss of the EU.

I thank God every day for Putin and for the marvelous defensive Russian arms that protect their sacred land from harm.

Irina’s email:

Hello Don,


Thanks for the letter, I will sure publish it [Here is the link to the publication of Vitrenko’s statement, which Irina posted in the meantime:–Don]. . Early in the morning on May 9, there were searches in the houses of some opposition political figures in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov, just in order to prevent them from participating in the marches. If the regime resorts to such measures, you might be right about its falling any time now.

Today, there was an article in the Oko Planety (The Eye of the Planet) about an urgent meeting in Poroshenko’s administration after the 6-minute long and $ 40,000 worth reception of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister in the White House. According to the article, Poroshenko’s departure to Belarus and his request for a political refuge were discussed there.

Meanwhile, here is the next Donbass blog. [click on UK flag for English – Don]

It covers the week before May 9 and the Victory Day itself, the mass celebration of which gives Ukraine hope, in my opinion.

In comments to previous articles, I was asked to reverse the chronology of events, so I’ve done it in this report. Could you please advise me whether this format is convenient. Personally I prefer the direct chronology but I may be wrong.

Best wishes


And finally, an article from Consortium News about the Israeli-Saudi alliance:


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Far too many in the US and other countries have believed lies of their gov’t and media for far too long. Far too many in the US think our gov’t is the be-all-to-end all and have forsaken the one true God Yahweh. Too many “Christians” believe their brand of Christianity is above others in the same faith. So very sad.