The Western obsession with destroying Russia

Why the West must destroy Russia

By Don Hank

Russians understand that there is a Western movement to destroy Christianity and because they have had their Christian traditions attacked by a small radical group, they appreciate what they had before they lost it. It is a multi-pronged attack involving destruction from within — by distortion of Biblical doctrines via sects and cults that contradict the Bible — and from without, eg, by importing millions of Muslims to Europe and by foreign policies that eliminate Christians from the Middle East. Thus the same ideology is now at work throughout the West that destroyed Russian culture and society starting in 1917. This anti-Christian ideology no longer has any relation to reality, logic, rationality or common sense, and like all ideologies, it does not solve problems but rather causes them.

The anti-Christian ideology started gaining momentum at the time of the Enlightenment, which was a reaction to the excesses and foolishness of Christians, both Catholics and non-Catholics, who tried to spread their beliefs through force and coercion instead of by the gentle persuasion of love. Its adherents, the self-proclaimed Enlightened Ones (DE die Erleuchteten, FR les illuminés, IT gli illuminati), were convinced that a perfect world could be achieved only by destroying this thing called Christianity. As time passed, it became clear that their target was not religion itself but only traditional Christian teachings. They failed to take into account that it was the failure to accept and adopt Christ’s teachings, and not the teachings themselves, that caused the problems they wished to resolve. Thus it was in fact “Christians” who initiated the demise of Christianity in the West.

A second, less vocal school of the Enlightenment understood this and wanted to reform Christianity to eliminate its errors. That school, however, was overwhelmed by the radicals who wanted Christianity gone forever, including the teachings of Christ themselves. They were throwing out the baby with the bath water. As a result of this domination by the radicals, the going Western narrative now is that the belief in the Christian God is antithetical to science.
This virulent drive to expel all believers in Christ from the field of science is illustrated in the film Expelled (view here), although the producers did not address the role of the Enlightenment or the fact that it was specifically Christianity and not religion as a whole that was targeted by the attack.

The Russians are spoiling the narrative that Christianity necessarily opposes science by accepting the belief in the Christian God but at the same time showing definite superiority in aerospace, the most complex of all sciences (which is why the “enlightened” Americans are obliged to purchase Russian rocket engines). This has alarmed the “Enlightened Ones” who now control most of the media and political life in the West.

Therefore, to the minds of the Western elitists, the Russians and their way of life must be destroyed.

However, since they are not supported by facts or logic, their only defense is lies and distortions regarding Russia and its allies, like the lie that President Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons and that Russia hacked the Democratic Party emails. Further, since much of the Western public has subliminally accepted the anti-Christian narrative of the elites, they also accept these lies that support the narrative.

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Marlene Glidden

Templars could maybe help

Bolotbek Batilov

Hi, Don !

Could you add this sentence in parenthesis ? It will sound good for Muslim people.

— and from without, eg, by importing millions of Muslims to Europe ( As a matter of fact, the infernal policy of instigating is to provoke Christian hostility towards Muslims and Muslims towards Christians) and by foreign policies that eliminate Christians from the Middle East.