The recompense of their error

This may be the most politically incorrect article you will ever read.

by Don Hank

 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

Romans 1:27 


A group that wants “recognition for gay and lesbian communities” has introduced the International Day Against Homophobia, and has set May 17 for that celebration. That’s tomorrow.

These homosexual activists claim to be protesting homophobia. But what is homophobia?

Webster’s definition is irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. But is all fear of homosexuality irrational?

Well, according to the homosexual activists, it is.

However, it is known that over 70% of AIDS sufferers are male homosexuals. Is it homophobic to report that? Or can we admit that there can be rational fears of homosexual sex? Medical doctors, particularly proctologists, say that there are diseases associated with homosexual sex. Is it homophobic for them to say that? Are all proctologists homophobes simply because they know the truth and may at some point be obliged to tell it to a homosexual?

What can health practitioners do to help homosexuals protect themselves if telling the truth is taboo? Can they warn them of the dangers of their lifestyle? Or should they pretend there is no risk in what they do?

When smokers with respiratory disease see a doctor – at least one who is worth his salt – they are told to quit, or at least cut back on their smoking habit.

Did you ever hear of a group of smokers demanding “recognition for the smoking community”?

Why do professionals march in lock step to oppose people with one kind of unhealthy lifestyle (smokers) while endorsing another group with another unhealthy lifestyle (practicing homosexuals).

It is because of something called political correctness. The smoker group has little or no political clout.

But “gays” are a potential treasure trove for unscrupulous politicians, who only want to exploit them for votes and care not a fig that many are headed to an early grave.

Thus we are confronted by the myth that the Left and unscrupulous “conservative” political groups, which exploit homosexuals, are friendly to the “gay” community, while conservatives, who warn of the dangers of their lifestyle, are “homophobic.” This is a complete reversal of human logic, but that is normal for the Left and their foot soldiers.

They wanna celebrate this? (DO NOT open the link if you have a weak stomach or about to sit down to a meal!)

Knowing that physicians, particularly proctologists, are familiar with diseases of the anus that are common among practicing homosexuals, I scoured the web for medical sites dedicated to sexually transmitted diseases caused by anal sex.

I was amazed to find no English language site that actually showed photos of such conditions. Nor did I find much in other languages. I suspect this is because such graphic illustrations of the devastating power of same-sex sex would be “offensive” to its practitioners. However, one brave specialist in these diseases did put up such photos in his Spanish language site and he may be the only one (look for this site to go down soon). Now, I do not recommend that you just blithely open this link without at least preparing yourself for a shock to your psyche. These are some of the most horrible, sickening pictures you will ever see.

On the other hand, if you are not sure whether to believe the PC propaganda that homosexuality is something noble or romantic and deserving of special recognition, then you may wish to open these and have a look to satisfy yourself that there is a very important aspect to homosexuality that you are not being told. That the true face of the homosexual lifestyle is anything but glamorous and not necessarily something worthy of protection or “recognition.”

Here is the link to the very graphic site  that you can peruse to evaluate the claims that homosexuality is a viable lifestyle that you can support (it is in Spanish, but the diseases are anal-sex related, as you can see). But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, homosexual activists demanding recognition for the activity undeniably causing the above-illustrated diseases claim that a homophobe is someone who calls their lifestyle unhealthy. Yet, every medical practitioner who has seen these diseases knows that this lifestyle is unhealthy.

If a physician said smoking is a worthwhile lifestyle, he would meet with vehement protests on that part of the media and politicians. No one would defend him. They would say he is irresponsibly enabling people with bad habits to harm themselves. That would be true.

Yet, when it comes to homosexuality, we apply a glaring double standard. Any physician who dared to suggest to one of his homosexual patients that he “lay off” homosexual activity would be opening himself up to a lawsuit. And any media outlet suggesting this would be the object of vehement protests.

Our hypocritical government, with the backing of hypocritical media, educators, professionals, and even many members of the clergy, does nothing to curb the clearly dangerous homosexual lifestyle and even does all it can to promote it, thereby promoting these horrible diseases.

And, in keeping with its habit of reversing all traditional values and commons sense, the PC media and leftist politicians insist that anyone pointing out the obvious dangers of homosexual sex is a benighted homophobe, while people who celebrate this lifestyle are homo-friendly and enlightened.

So to recap:

If you don’t mind seeing homosexuals trapped in a dangerous and filthy lifestyle, you are ok in today’s West. But if you care about them and dare to suggest that they need to beware of the obvious pitfalls, then you are a homophobe.

They have gotten it exactly backwards. Anyone promoting the “gay” agenda is actually a homophobe and is harming the “gay” community, just as anyone promoting smoking would be harming smokers.

That’s why you if you want to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, you need to do it by sending this article to as many of your “gay” friends as possible. It could save a life.

But don’t expect any thanks from the “gay” community.

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11 thoughts on “The recompense of their error

  1. When we were having Homosexuality pushed down on our throats i wondered why and with a little research came across this- the evil Fabians again!!

    Unheard of Fabians? when over half of Westmnister are Fabians’!!

    It appears Stonewall is a sub-project of a relatively unheard movement known as “Fabians” and their UK based branch “The Fabian Society” – a somewhat secretive, self righteous and almost impenetrable collective now running our country.

    In the beginning the Fabians were more about exploring spiritual, rather than political, alternatives to capitalism until a woman called Annie Besant brought Freemasonry to England in 1902 and joined the Fabians tea party. Her involvement massively influenced the Fabians and has shaped the organisation into what they stand for today. Leon Trotsky later
    described Fabianism as “an attempt to save capitalism from the working class”.

    On hearing the name for the first time you might be forgiven for confusing the Fabians with some eccentric religious cult with Aliens at the heart of their ideology (thats the Raelians) however this group of Capitalist Socialists most people have never heard of represent one of the most powerful circles of people in the country – if not the world.

    The facts and figures behind the theory

    The Fabians were one of the original founding groups of the original Labour Party in 1900 and despite their obvious connection they still exist as a separate, antonymous body today. Members include Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Stephen Twigg, Peter Mandleson, and the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Stonewall’s Ben Summerskill has used his position as Chief Executive of Stonewall to speak at a number of Fabian events all over the world, and his Grandmother, a notable feminist the late Baroness Summerskill was a notable member of this elite group.

    For an organisation with less than 6,000 members, the number of highly influential members signed up is unusual to say the least.

    One prominent link between the Fabians is Tom Happold – Chair of the Young Fabians between 1996-1997. He is the editor of Guardian Unlimited, previously Deputy Editor of “Comment is free”, of which Ben Summerskill and Julie Bindel are regular contributors to. Controversially, Julie Bindel (a radical feminist known within the LGBT community who opposes the rights of transsexuals) has been nominated for a Stonewall Award along with countless Fabian members and people with connections to the Fabian Society. Fabians take their name from the Roman General Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus famous for keeping his enemies at bay not by fighting but by wearing down his army with “delaying tactics, endless maneuvering, and avoiding confrontation wherever possible”. Additionally Fabians believe in “gradual incremental change rather than revolutionary change” – is this sounding familiar?

    The truth about Stonewall’s name…

    It has often been asked “why would a British based Gay and Lesbian rights group choose to name itself after violent a riot against the police led by transsexuals?”

    The gay liberation movement did not begin at the Stonewall Inn in New York as most people are led into believing, and many other groups exist and have been established in the United States that rather fairly use the name Stonewall. However the British group “Stonewall” takes it’s name from another source entirely…

    It is a nod and a wink and possibly a peculiar masonic handshake to an Irish-born Major General of the British Army who served in the American Civil War. His name was Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, also known as “Stonewall of the West” and was granted the title over 100 years before the Stonewall Riots. Is this where the Stonewall Inn get’s it’s
    name from? Either way there are undoubtibly a a number of connections.

    Cleburne’s most historically notable and controversial act was a proposition to abolish slavery with the intention
    of enlisting ex-slaves in the army to fight for the British. Cleburne’s hailed strategic manipulation of terrain, ability to hold ground where others failed, and his ability to use his smaller force to distract the movements of his enemies earned him the nickname.
    In his later years, Cleburne delivered a keynote speech on the “Principles of the International Masonic Order” emphasising their belief in “principles of the Masonic order, “Brotherly love, friendship, charity, and truth’…“. He was granted the title “Stonewall
    of the West” and as you may have guessed he
    happened to be gay.

    Over a century later the great grandchildren of Cleburne’s generation inspired by his concept of recruiting an oppressed and exploited section of society to fight his battles by offering them emancipation unleashed the same concept
    in the UK. Replicating his Masonic teachings combined with the ideology of the Fabian Society – “thriving on capitalism but pushing communist ideals“. “Stonewall” was established in 1989 by influential Fabians in an attempt to get the Tories out of power and New Labour in. It worked.
    To sum it all up… we have a gay rights group heavily influenced by and connected with what is effectively a branch of the Freemasons… and we have a decorated gay Freemason…with the same name doing with the gay community just what he is remembered for doing with former slaves.

    What about Stonewall’s future?

    Who knows if there are really dark forces at work at Stonewall, their real intentions may in fact be good but their means of achieving real change simply appear contradictory or confusing to the casual observer. In the mean time support for the gay rights group once loved by many appears to be waning, at least that’s the picture a Google search for blogs and social networking
    groups discussing Stonewall’s recent work seems to paint. Stonewall has been charged with the crime of selling it’s own people down the river, on discovering “Bummer Sells Kin” is an anagram of “Ben Summerskill” we went searching for more, here’s what we found…. (with no disrespect intended)

    Oh how we laughed! Although it’s not all that funny… The letters of Chief Executive Ben Summerskill’s name can be rearranged into a startling number of connected if not simply hilarious phrases. Have a look for yourself at the anagrams Summerskill’s name can be transformed into, why not post a comment if you find anything of interest? “Bum
    Men’s Killers”, “Bull Semen Smirk” and “Bell Miner’s Musk” also made us chuckle.

    Member in Skulls?

    Another curious anagram of the Gay Mafia figure’s name…. “The Skulls” was a film directed by Rob Cohen and released in 2000 based on a fictional “Secret elitist college fraternity organization called the Skulls” staring Joshua Jackson closely based on the real life “Skull & Bones;” society based at Yale University of which many influential world leaders and directors of multinational organisations
    have been members of including George Bush. The film is underpinned by a subtle homo-erotic subtext. We recommend you read “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones” by Antony C. Sutton. Similar societies exist in the United Kingdom and membership involves similar Masonic customs and connections.

    Whilst studying at Oxford University also attended by a number of individuals also named in this article including Ben Summerskill, the politician, businessman, scholar and Prime Minister of the British Cape Colony (South Africa) Cecil Rhodes became a Freemason. He was also a homosexual… Obviously GayMafiaWatch isn’t so naive to
    believe this is anything but coincidence, however conspiracy mongering information like this will continue to spew it’s snake-eyed head at anyone in a position with the potential for it to be true allows it – Stonewall included unless they address the influx of criticism and sort out their image and attitude problem.

    So what exactly is Stonewall today?

    Whilst the ordinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered folk of Britain suffered for many under the Conservatives, we entrusted Stonewall with the responsibility of taking our rights forward. When their Fabian friends
    led by Tony Blair came to power many thanks to our support in 1997 Stonewall kept a hold of that responsibility and are now firmly at one with the Government.

    After going through a mountain of correspondence from a number of LGBT organisations and disenchanted members of the community addressed to the Mayor’s office (and previously shredded by Ken Livingstone) within weeks of being elected, Boris Johnson concluded for himself himself that a specially selected group chaired by Ben Summerskill was“not necessarily representative of the LGBT community” and so he dissolved the and ineffective unelected “Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Advisory Panel”.

    If Labour loose the 2010 General Election, Stonewall could find themselves booted out of Downing Street along with their Fabian Mafia friends. Their cosy, secretive world as they know it could be about to come to an abrupt end, unless of course Stonewall starts work on restoring the faith they’ve lost from the LGBT community at large they will soon need to ensure their continued survival.

    But we now know of course Camerons regime is no better than the last- well- how would it be?
    The LIBLBACON party in what is now a one party state!

    Checkout those in the USA no doubt the same filth is behind it’s promotion there too.
    The ADL are huge promoters too i believe!!

  2. 16 years ago I was heavily involved in the “Keep The Cluase” campaign in Scotland set up by a Christian multi-millionaire, Brian Soutar. This referred to Clause 28, of an Act of Parliament that prohibited public money being used to intentionally promote homosexuality in schools via “education” or in so called charities and “support groups.
    The Fabian traitor Blair and his henchmen (or henchpersons to be PC) in Scotland decided to use the newly restored (after 300 years) Scottish Parliament to test the waters regarding removing this legislation.
    In a moment of hubris,the ghastly Wendy Alexander, now mercifully out of politics, prematurely announced her intention to repeal the clause .
    Hard as it may seem to credit a mere 11 years later, a wave of public outrage greeted her announcement that the media could not ignore.

    I have always been viscerally repelled by homosexuality and homosexuals–as were the vast majority of my UK and Scottish countrymen.
    As a father of children aged 9 and 6 years old, I was incensed at the prospect of my children being taught this filth in school. Although then a non-militant atheist, I set up an ad hoc campaign group, The Multi-Faith Coalition, to combat this as I though religious people were natural allies in this matter..
    It was very easy to get rank and file church-goers on board- RC, Protestant, Muslim, Sikh, but the clergy were in, the main, very reluctant–as were all Jews except Messianic Jews,ethically Jewish people who accept Christ as the Messiah.
    I went to the Central Mosque in Glasgow with a Muslim friend of many years and asked the Mosque worthies if we could address the congregation after Friday prayers.
    They stalled us, so I stood at the mosque door as the worshippers were leaving and addressed them loudly and directly, challenging them to go about their business if they wanted their children taught up to believe that homosexuality and lesbianism were not wrong, and that the government was going to teach them this filth..
    The results were pretty instantaneous and in no time flat the embarrassed imams were obliged by their congregation to supply us with an ante-room for a brief meeting. That evening, we had about 200 people in the place, with broadcast and print media in attendance, with several Protestant, Catholic and Muslim clergy present.
    To cut a long story short, to be frank, I hated homos, viserally– their practices repulsed me, and still do.

    The Pakistani community is basically a block vote for Labour.
    At the first meeting a very short Muslim with a big prescience and commented upon my challenge to them to be less concerned with making money and ghettoising, but to assist their hosts in fighting a debauchery that would affect us all.
    “The Brother (me!) is right- when we see a brother or sister lying in the gutter, we extend our hand to him to lift them out.”
    He then told the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, in the Islamic version an Angel is sent to visit death upon the cities….. “He encounters a holy man who ignores all the vice around him and prays all day. the returns to Allah and asks if he should spare this holy man- -Allah told him to strike him down first, as he knows the evil he is surrounded by but takes no action”
    However, the more I worked with these people, of all faiths,the more is I saw how they all followed the injunction that I had ignored,a dn which Don follows here – hate the sin, love the sinner, one of the most difficult aspects of faith, and the more I saw of it, the more clear became the anti-human nature of atheism, and it’s poverty of love.
    As I had other anti-feminist campaign issues to attend to, and as at the time I had been in the media often on anti-feminist issues, I withdrew from the leadership and left it in good hands, but I kept in touch and assisted as much as I could. We very easily gained support when we stood outside places of worship and schools as worshippers or parents collecting their kids , although often the clergy and teachers were hostile to our presence. In contrast to the media’s claims that few people care we found that in our canvassing only about 1 in twenty people approved of homosexuality.
    The more research we uncovered, the more we came to the conclusion Don does here, it is an unloving thing to, like the little Muslim said, to ignore a brother lying in the gutter, and it is a hateful thing to tell others to join him and that there is no danger to those who choose to live. in a sewer.

  3. There is an obvious mistake there: homo is from Greek “same”, like in the words homogeneous and homonimous. Homosexual is a crossbreed from Greek homo and Latin sexual. In order to be true Greek, it should have been “homophile” like in “paedophile”.

    Homophobia could mean “fear from the same”, but that is just a dumb abbreviated construction when the coiner of this expression actually meant something like “homossexuaphobia”.


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  5. Just to hazard a guess, I would say you had an extremely hard time finding those photos because of how extremely rare and ridiculous they are. Did nobody ever teach you about the slippery slope fallacy? Finding the worst example of something you can find and then applying it to an entire group of people is the oldest trick in the book. Not all black people are gang-bangers, not all Christians are abortion clinic bombers, not all Southerners are KKK members. I also believe that such thinking is beneath you, Don.

    Also, the site you linked in your nebulous claim that gay men are 70% of people living with AIDS, doesn’t actually cite a statistic like that. However, the statistics it does cite are between 20 and 70 years old. Comments on that:
    1) Think back 20 or 30 years. Consider how much society has changed from the psychadelic, free-love 60s and 70s. The fact is that the population at large was like a cat in heat having more kinds of sex with more people while using more drugs than at any point in history. So it’s not so shocking that, if the stats are correct, gays would be included in the debauchery. Also, think about the changes in technology, transportation, communication, and the world in general. Literally nothing is the same. You couldn’t cite numbers from 1980 when talking about infant mortality, economic factors, auto safety, geopolitics, or nearly anything else without being academically castigated.

    2) Gays don’t have any kind of sex that hasn’t been tried and done by heterosexuals for millenia. This point would be absurdly easy to prove, but I’ll refrain from linking porn here. Though I imagine the good Christians reading this might be offended if I linked some dirty straight porn and told them that it’s exactly like what they do. And what their parents did. And what their children will do. But I wouldn’t do that because it would be too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

    Anyway. Good day!

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  11. I certainly think fag smokers get a raw deal. They suffer discrimination and are forced have a fag in the closet or out onto the street. No wonder that this kind of stigma causes deep anxiety and depression, causing many of them to turn to even greater number of fags. Inevitably this causes cancer of the lungs and they die. So we can safely say that it is society’s fagphobia that drives the fagophiles to such despair. I think we should have fag pride day with marchers proudly marching with smoke belching out of every orifice available – preferably rainbow coloured.

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