The power of a single blogger and his faith

The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as ‘antigay.’ It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity.”

Friends, the Western world is falling into the hands of the wicked. I solicit your prayers for our brother Julio, who has suffered great persecution and is still in hiding. At the end of this article are some links to his site. Check it out. Keep in mind that Julio and his family are fugitives because of the stand he takes and the cold-blooded viciousness of gay activists and their minions in the Brazilian government. Imagine being hunted like an animal for your beliefs. Please give as you are led.

Blogs as tools to express the voice of God’s Kingdom

By Julio Severo

A few days ago I received a message from a visitor who recently became acquainted with my blog:

Julio, how are you?

Last Tuesday (26/April/2011) I was having a nap at lunch time and  a name came to me in a dream. I am not in the habit of writing down my dreams, but the name was very clear. I woke up and wrote down the name: JULIO SEVERO.

I had never heard your name before and when I got home I googled it and saw that you are also a Christian and that you fight to preserve Gospel principles from corruption.

Well, I do not believe in coincidences…

I do not believe in coincidences either, at least not this kind.

In my interview with Christianismo Hoje* (the Brazilian version of the magazine Christiany Today) I said,

Early in 1995 I clearly felt God directing me to write a book about the threat posed by the homosexual movement. For weeks, I hesitated, because the homosexual issue was a formidable taboo. There were no gay parades in Brazil, and none of the homosexual obsession we see everywhere today, in the schools, the media, etc. After some time, I overcame my fears, accepted the calling of the Spirit, and began to research the homosexual movement. When, by mid-1995, the first international conference of ILGA in the South Hemisphere was held in Brazil, I understood God’s plan to call me into the battle, because after the conference, Brazilian gay groups made an extraordinary push to advance their agenda. God anticipated this spiritual assault from hell with an action of the agenda of God’s Kingdom. Thus my book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), was born and was published by Editora Betânia, the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers, in1998.

When my book “O Movimento Homossexual” was published in 1998, many thought it was an exaggeration and said that forecasts would never come true. Sadly, they eventually did. And today its readers call me a prophet. The exaggerater of yesterday is today’s prophet.

In 1999, on receiving an autographed copy of my book “O Movimento Homossexual,” Bishop Robson Rodovalho said that he had received the revelation that in the future I would be severely persecuted because of the message of my book, and be forced to flee from place to place. It was an accurate prophecy, but I am sad that the one who delivered it eventually joined the political system that spawned PLC 122 and other absurdities. PLC 122 is the most threatening anti-“homophobia” bill in the Brazilian Congress.

In 2002, even without a blog, I began to warn against an electoral victory for socialist Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva. In 2003, with just a page of articles in the Brazilian Christian website JesusSite, I revealed to Brazil for the first time that the Lula administration had introduced in the United Nations (UN) a resolution classifying homosexuality as an inalienable human right. This was the first time this kind of initiative had come before the UN.

After I reported on this, a Representative in the Brazilian Congress requested an accounting from the Brazilian government because Brazilian representatives at the UN were taking actions without the knowledge of the Brazilian people and Congress. There was also a petition against the Lula administration’s resolution.  JesusSite suffered an attack by hackers and went down. Despite many threats it received pressuring me to remove my articles, JesusSite* stayed firm.

The pioneering resolution from the Lula administration in the UN never advanced, and ILGA, the largest homosexual organization in the world, complained that grass-roots resistance in Brazil stemming from “extremist” websites was helping to deter the resolution. Who said that today there are no little Davids to take down  massive Goliaths?

With the Lula administration’s obsessive pro-sodomy policies, the message of my book, which had been seen as exaggerated, was now coming into focus. Even congressmen were making references to my book in their official speeches in the Congress.

At the inspired insistence of a brother in the Mid-Night Call Ministry, I eventually created a blog at the beginning of 2005, with this brother guiding me in the first steps. The first year, I published very little.

Only later did I begin issung warnings to Brazil more regularly. And God honored me. At the same time, philosopher and Reformed theologian Harold O. J. Brown invited me to write the leading article in his academic periodical The Religion & Society Report. The essay was published in August 2006 and is available in an online version. This was the first time my watch dog ministry was acknowledged by a respectable international publication.

Through my blog, my still small voice was now showing the United States and the world the homosexualist face of Lula and his socialist ideology. Brown told me he did not realize that Lula was so radical, and he wanted to help people outside Brazil learn the truth.

In 2007, I was interviewed by LifeSiteNews, the largest Catholic pro-life news website in the world. It was my small voice echoing with immutable values that transcend frontiers.

Yet, as far as the performance of my simple blog is concerned, the most remarkable aspect in 2007 was the awareness effort against PLC 122, the anti-“homophobia” bill introduced by a member of PT (Lula’s party) in the Brazilian Congress. The bill sought to give government the power to exercise out and out thought control and would have criminalized any speech construed as “antigay.” It amounted to nothing less than a direct ban on biblical Christianity. In February 2007, a group of influential conservative Catholics contacted me to launch an awareness effort. They had read my writings on homosexuality, prepared a paper based on my articles and wanted me just to put my signature in it. Their role would be to spread the message. My role would be to lend my name.

The campaign made great strides. After March 2007, the awareness movement grew like wildfire and was soon unstoppable, having struck the consciences of many people. But there was a price to pay. The same year the campaign was launched, gay activists, in their effort to thwart me, managed to convince Google in Brazil to shut down my blog. With the intervention of Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, in an article in the paper Jornal do Brasil denouncing attacks against me, and protests from several lawyers, including an attorney who called Google, my blog came back online.  

Before February 2007, I had already intended to  oppose PLC 122. Yet, in the months of November and December 2006 and January 2007, I was hiding in a refuge with my family, because of persecution.

Before this persecution, God had used a former homosexual to warn me that the devil was trying to destroy me. November happened to be the month that PLC 122 was approved in the House of Representatives in Brazil. Lacking the means to act, I dunned Dr. Zenóbio Fonseca for several weeks to write an article against the anti-“homophobia” bill, because his special legal knowledge was vital. His consulting work allowed him little time, but eventually he managed to write the article. Next, the Catholic message* to mobilize Brazilians was ready, and it was sent to countless thousands of email addresses and other media.

The sequel was that hundreds of blogs, not to mention thousands of people forwarding e-mails against PLC 122, became such a strong chain that the passage of this bill, which was taken for granted because of the influential and imposing support of government and media, eventually became uncertain, because of the resistance, particularly from Evangelical and Catholic blogs.

Catholic and Evangelical magazines — with a shallow Christianity and deep-rooted political ideologies — either ignored the story or gave it short shrift. Had it been up to them, Brazil would today be in thrall to the Kingdom of the Workers’ Party, of Dilma Rousseff and her antecessor Lula, with the passage of PLC 122 hovering like a sword over the heads of prophetic Christians.

Yet, blogs speaking with the voice of God’s Kingdom are having a major impact in opposing the massive power of magazines, papers and TV channels that mirror — and are paid to mirror — the voice representing the ideology and system of state idolatry.

And unlike evangelical TV shows, which ignore or fail to denounce the government’s promotion of aberrations like PLC 122, pro-family blogs are not afraid to speak out against state threats.

The strong resistance to PLC 122 today is a symbol of what can happen when humble little blogs serve as a vehicle for the voice of God’s Kingdom. If one blog makes a lot of people uncomfortable, a host of blogs united in the same effort much more effectively spread the uncomfortable truth that shakes people into action.

In the wilderness of disinformation from magazines, newspapers and blogs that reflect the voice of the political machine and its ideology, God can lead, even through dreams, those who need to know the truth.

This is the value God assigns to blogs that carry His voice.

Do you want be used by God through a blog? Hear and mirror His voice.


Dear Don!/100/13513/

Let me tell you something important, which perhaps your readers would like to know. Today, as the articles I sent you today show, the Brazilian Senate would vote PLC 122, the anti-“homophobia” bill, but I encouraged Brazil to resist and in the afternoon today the largest gay website in Brazil reported that because of me and another evangelical, who is a televangelist, the anti-“homophobia” bill was not voted today!! See here:

Praise God!


Reviewed by Don Hank.

* These are Portuguese links. Links without an asterisk are English links.

Portuguese version of this article: Blogagem profética

Spanish version of this article: Blogging profético

Source: Julio Severo in English

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10 thoughts on “The power of a single blogger and his faith

  1. This is an important testemony….read, please Psalms 41 verses 1 to 3. Thanks.

    Let me introduce miself: My name is Pastor Alberto Thieme the Brazilian Pastors Council President of Texas/Dallas.

    I’m able to put you aware about how much Julio Severo and family are suffering because of God’s Kingdom needing to leave Brazil with urgency due to a tremendous persecution of homossexual activists and a couple of Comunist guys from PT party is the Lula’s and Dilma’s government support.

    The real christian Julio Severo, is really a man of God is doing a big difference in Brazilian Congress, Senate and other government departments. His articles are very serious and with a biblical base. I have read all of them at daily basis. I’m together in this spitiual batle with a couple of other christian leaders and pastors. A couple of catholic priests and bishop have being doing what they can to avoid Brazil to become a Marxist or Comunist country as those same Ministers and President tried in 60/70 decades to take the power doing guerrilha and terrorism in all country killing a lot of Brazilian innocent civilians. Most of them went to CUBA since 1961 (three years before the Brazilian Arms take the power in 1964). This proves there’s no dictatorial regime in Brazil because the population went to the streets (I was together) and the business people, women, radio, TV, Newspapers asking for our Marines to take the power because the President in 1961 (João Goulart = Jango) was a Marxist too giving the chance for guerrilhas groups go to CUBA to get training and they received financial help from Russia to instal the Comunism Regime in Brazil. This is so true that in 1961 we had Brazilians Marxists students asking for Marxism and not democracy more.
    At the end of 60 I finished the Police training and I became a Militar Police and I started seen how many bombs, bank being stolen by those terrorist groups causing many civilian deaths. After 1964, when our Militar Force take the control of Brazilian power, the number of terrorists and guerrilha groups increased so much. The Polices were not able to face their power, having a bunch of them in trouble due to this before 1964. When the Brazilian Militar Forces took the power then the Police task Force had more support and could kill many terrorist but most of them were got alive and put in the jail. And many of them had left Brazil going to different countries. Suddenly the American Embassador was kidnaped and the terrorist forced the Brazilian President to take 15 terrorists out of the jail and paid for an airplane to take them to CUBA. Cuba was the country which gave the training for Brazilian terrorist. If they were fighting to keep the fragile democracy they were not gone to CUBA which is a COMUNIST country for almost 50 years. A stupid video was prepared with the Ministers from Lula, the prevoious Brazilian government, and during a recent meeting they were laughing a lot of due to a question was done by one of those had been a terrorist too. The question was: Would you able to kill the American embassador if the Brazilian President would not free our guerrilhas friends, those 15 terrorists? and the Minister of Comunication from Lula government told: YES, ABSOLUTELY, If I was asked to kill him, I would not think twice. I had killed him, slaughing a lot of. After the Amnesty in 1985, all those terrorists were in jail got the amnesty and they become free. They stayed working hardly to get the power again and without the Brazilian people know, when Lula became President he called a lot of those terrorists to be Ministers and gave them the first hierarchy in Federal Government. Results: Brazil had so many corruption I never saw in my 64 years being a Brazilian. As I was a Militar Police in the 60 decade I saw a terrorist atach to one of main Brazilian shopping in São Paulo, when in August 16, 1969, a man driving a Motocycle, using a war arm gave 50 shorts in the people were in front of the that store seeing the stuffs were on sale. Immediately after the shots which killed a couple of people, a car was behing the motocycle, lauched a bomb so strong that broken all glasses until the fifht floor of that big shopping in a big building and happen the samething with the building at the other side of the street. Me and more 20 youngs had gone to a churh crossing the São Paulo city and we saw that being everybody bery scared but I stayed at 70 meters with another three youngs from our Christian church. Those terrorists could never be pardoned ou get any amnisty from government because they killed a lot of innocents,Charles Chandler, an American Chaptain, they kidnap the Japan Embassador too and they killed an american enginerring was working in Brazil. The Marine Chaptain was killed with 5 shots in front of his wife and three children were going to school with him. After had been shotted by Diogenes Carvalho de Oliveira for five times, other terrorist came to Charles Chandler was died and dispatched other 15 shots with an automatic gun.
    Diognes de Oliveira, which did this terrible crime, after he had got the amnesty, he got at two or three years ago $400.000 dollars and a pension of 14,000.00 to continue working for government as the President of terrorist groups are working in the country side of Brazil killing farmers and people are working in the farmers to invade and take the farmers for them. Lula’s President and the present one continues giving support for over 5 group of terrorism in the Brazil countryside. Only last year were killed 832 farmers workers. Dilma did the plan to get Brazil in the hands of PT party (Workers Party – for us it is the Party of Terrorists). All those terrorists from 60 and 70 decadas are members of PT and its other little communist parties.
    This is really just a little about what is happening in Brazil. And we are very thankful to God to having Julio Severo to inform the Brazilian population about those problems and many others about the intention to support the Gay Agenda to get more and more Brazilian gays trying to implement laws to close the mouse of Christian and Jewish people and from those are against the practice of homossexuality. Tomorrow the Senate will vote the PLC 122/06 was archived because it was not voted for over five years but a SENATOR likes homossexuals asked to bing it to the Senate to be voted. Julio Severo and many other people did what they could. Julio address is being reached anxiously by the main homosexual activist, like me, like Olavo de Carvalho, an University teacher of philosophy and a writer is living in USA, like me and my family. Julio Severo is needing an urgently support from American government to get him and his family more secure. He is in a country with a not good security and he is a special God’s man working to have Brazilians with a better government, not having PT party at the government more. The base for this party is the iniquity because all those terrorists found the PT doors opened for them and they stolen our country and got billion of dollars in imdenization to kill Brazilians and Americans, to stolen several banks and DILMA, the present President, stolen the vault of Ademar de Barros the ex-governor, robbering about 20 million dollars (updated amount), stolen two more banks with Carlos Ming(ex-Minister from Lula’s government too) and got over $100 millions dollars to buy arms, to get more people doing guerrilha and terrorism against the Brazilian Population. She is co-responsible for 16 civilians were dead by her terrorist groups.
    In another opportunity I’ll give you more information about Brazilian situation. I have a lot of documentation since 1961, because I had the opportunity to see the pictures of those WANTED TERRORISTS many times when I was a Militar Police.
    Thanks for this opportunity and I’ll be very thankful if somebody will be able to help Julio Severo and his family to come to US to contiunue helping Brazilians to get those terrorists in the jail and to have the chance to avoid the Brazilian children from 7 years and above to be abused by Pedophily men which homossexuals are going on to accept children to have sexual relationship with men. I cannot belive that and I have wrotten tons of emails to different Brazilian authority to get those iniquous men in the jail.

    I’m available to speak to any American Church or Authorities about all serious problems Lula and Dilma Federal government caused and continue causing to Brazilians. I’m Brazilian/American and you can call me at any time or write me an email are below.

    In Christ we belive we’ll be more than victorious.

    Thanks for all,

    Pr.Dr.Alberto Thieme
    President of Brazilians Pastors Council from Texas/Dallas.
    email: – Phone 214-577-6787 (cell)

  2. A friend in Germany couldn’t leave a message here for some reason. She asked me to post this:

    ……………In Saudi for example, Blackberries were banned as traffic is encrypted and the government cannot keep an eye on the traffic. RIM refused to hand over any information on its customers data, so they got banned.
    Seems like they cut a deal so the Saudi government can now pry again. Anything for a bit of business…

    Denmark has now officially lost its free speach…

    I wonder if Muslims could be prosecuted for hate speech against homosexuals? Or homosexuals against Muslims? Now there’s an idea. I’m surprised that no-one among the elite have noticed this problem. Perhaps, being as wise as serpents, Christians should exploit this and deflect the enemy’s attacks on them. After all, if satan is divided, his kingdom will fall. (At least in one area, for a while.)

    Here is our friend’s web site:

  3. We all have a huge problem now:
    there is a movement that recently becomes wider and stronger:
    Christian clergy started attacking and assaulting our country, calling for Socialism.
    Just in one day yesterday, I watched two rabid Christian (????) monsters doing just that: Stephen Schneck, Ph.D., Assistant professor at the Catholic University; and Vincent Miller, Ph.D., Theology professor at the University of Dayton.
    Unfortunately, it’s not an isolated case: this trend becomes more and more visible.

    And I as a person who from the childhood firmly remembers the Biblical phrase “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24) willy-nilly start thinking that Christianity calls for Socialism.
    And this is what could make me anti-Christian.

    I am passionately waiting for somebody who will convince me that I am wrong.

  4. Constantine – there are signs all around us that the global agenda to infiltrate the church with a toxic mixture of worldly anti-Christ political ideology, of whatever type, perversion, false belief and esoterisism is getting stronger.
    We need to look away from the deluded, deceived proponents who are the agents of the enemy and remember Who we are following and why. We’re not following ‘Christianity’, but Jesus – not a dead religion, but a larger than life Saviour, Who is sending us out into the streets of the world to be His ambassadors, preparing individual hearts, for the King.
    Don’t lose heart – keep your eyes on Jesus, not on foolish people, no matter what they do.

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