The non-Western press: antidote to media lies, Part 2

Why couldn’t the US public see through this silly narrative and see the obvious truth? In part they were blinded by the two-dimensional viewpoint, the only one accorded them by their msm.

There was, however, a viewpoint represented by the web site Russia Today, which presents the perspective that is virtually forbidden in the West. However, after the lie about Russian hacking emerged, Western politicians quickly flew into action and declared the Russian site “subversive.” Some even proposed banning it or taxing it heavily as a punishment. Many conservatives were able to see through this, not because they were observant or allowed themselves to trust their own reasoning power, but simply because the government that had supported the terrorists was liberal leftist and it was therefore permissible to criticize it.

But meanwhile, the perfect storm has happened. Today the government is led by a man who is generally seen as conservative. In fact his thinking and his foreign policies are purely Neoconservative, focused on war-making and saber rattling and little else. And even though he has, objectively speaking, broken his promise not to get involved in the internal affairs of other nations, and particularly Syria, Americans are allowing him to get away with this violation of their trust based on the narrative that he really wants to do good but is being held back by the Democrats and the Neocons. Thus American conservatives will allow him to do with impunity the same things that they condemned Obama for doing simply based on a narrative that is far from supported by the facts. Americans have lost their ability to assess the morality of their government’s actions on the merits or demerits of those actions and are, as before, basing their assessments almost exclusively on the personality of the leader responsible for those actions and on an established narrative that few dare to oppose or challenge. This is a very dangerous point in US history.

How, then, given that the Western elites support a narrow US-centered, two-dimensional view, does one go about achieving a three-dimensional viewpoint that might lead the public back to common sense, sanity and a truly objective perspective?

The best way to do this is to read not only Western but also Eastern news sources. By that I mean sources that do not accept the notion that America is God’s exclusive domain, ie, has the moral right and authority to do whatever it wants, even if its actions are clearly wrong from anyone else’s standpoint.

To give you a sample of the kind of facts that you will encounter if you read reporting from a non-Western standpoint, I have chosen a few items of news from non-Western countries that are practically forbidden knowledge in the West. Some are my translations from the only sources that I could find for these reports.

PS: One of our readers just pointed out that her favorite sites for escaping the lies are RT news and Russia Insider. I happen to agree and these are the first 2 sites I open each day, But the Western narrative is that these are false news. So if you read other sites you will be even more convinced that the Western media are completely out of step compared to the rest of the world. there are other sites that can supplement these and that is what I want to focus on next, showing specifically how these non-Western sites can defeat the lies.

To be continued

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