The msm’s slander of Putin: “not my fight”

Slander of Putin: “not my fight”

by Don Hank

In response to my latest article on the Panama Papers and their false indictment of Putin, I received an email from a reader who said he had too many fights and didn’t have time to get involved in matters regarding Putin and rumors surrounding him. Obviously, he thinks this issue could never affect him and his family. And indeed, I have been covering this a lot, eg, here, here and here.

But this reader is wrong, dead wrong. It is his issue, like it or not, as I will show further on.

I got another email from someone who said Cruz and Trump were both outsiders. They are in a way, but on different levels. They are not peers in any substantive way (see below).

In response to the first, I have been around long enough to know what war propaganda is. Generally, when war propaganda starts, it is not just idle chatter on the part of the msm and political class. It generally ends up in a war that the US either loses or whose outcome harms the US and others but benefits Saudi Arabia, the most dangerous enemy of the American people – why dangerous? Because you are being told it is an ally, when it is not. It’s as if you told a small child at the zoo that the polar bears are just cute cuddly critters that want to be hugged, as you allow the child to slip innocently through the bars.

When anyone says they are not interested in the anti-Russian (and anti-Assad) propaganda because it is “not my fight,” they are in a real way saying that they don’t care whether more Americans lose their lives fighting in a useless war or not. And in the case of Russia, they are saying they aren’t a bit worried that the elites are busy stirring up a nuclear holocaust that literally threatens the fate of planet earth.

But you know what? I don’t believe them. If they thought about it for a second, they would have to admit that it is not only their fight but everyone’s fight.

Since WW II, we have not fought a war in which the “enemy” was actually an enemy of the American people (although most of the adversaries were in some way opposed to an ideology cherished by the elites). I have shown before that, contrary to what other pundits say, we are fighting on behalf of the Saudis to promote Wahhabism even as we pretend to fight the terror groups they spawn and fund (see the list below).

However, there is a major difference between Cruz and Trump that most people ignore or think is not important.

Cruz is a typical Establishment warmonger who will support the wars that help the Saudis spread deadly Wahhabism. Trump has already defied the Saudi leader on one occasion and has cut him down to size, tweeting

“Dopey Prince@Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our US politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do that when I get elected.”

With these words, Trump shook the earth and created a plate shift felt by all of us who understand how the US has literally been controlled by the Saudis for at least a half-century. (I urge you to read this to understand how the Saudis control the Pentagon and State Department, inducing unwary Americans to kill people all over the world to spread their poisonous Wahhabi doctrines.)

No president or prominent American has ever opposed the Saudi power elite the way Trump has done. Of course, the msm reported the prince’s juvenile tweet regurgitating the words of US Neocon candidates condemning Trump as “unfit” to be president and did not bother reporting that earth-shattering retort by Trump. They almost unanimously reported that the prince had very ably put Trump in his place – displaying their complicity with the entire US Establishment and unwittingly confirming that the Establishment is indeed in bed with the Saudi cut throats and terror supporters.

Cruz doesn’t even see any of this. He apparently thinks that the main problem with our military is its strength and funding. But the main problem is how it is constantly abused and has been for the last 50 years since Kissinger-Nixon agreed to protect the Saudis in exchange for their charging only USD for their oil. It is obvious, however, that “protecting” the Saud—as stipulated in the petrodollar agreement — goes far beyond protecting their oil fields. It has led exclusively to wars that only benefit them and harm the US.

Thus the Saudis oppose, and will not tolerate, 3 kinds of leaders in the Middle East or other parts of the world that affect Muslims, and those 3 kinds are

Christian leaders,

secular leaders, and

Shiite leaders.

Washington has gone to bat for the Saudis — and against America and traditional Christian values — in every war outside of the Americas since the early 70s.

Here are some people the Saudis hated that the US elites took out:

Saddam (secular Muslim)

Ghadaffi (secular Muslim)

Assad (secular and Shiite – specifically, he is Alawite, a Shiite sect)

Iranian leaders (notice how the war drums have been constantly beating against the Iranians, even though they, as Shiites, could never have funded or founded any Sunni terror groups and even though the Saudis have been behind all the major ones such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS…)

Serbian Christian leader Milosevic, who fought back against the Albanian Muslim terrorists. (Don’t miss my analyses of the Kosovo war here and here explaining how the US elites deceived the world to establish a Muslim state in Europe that is now persecuting Christians. BTW, as if to establish the Saudi connection, the Saudis sent billions in aid to the Muslim Kosovars after this war).

Putin (Christian leader. Our Petrodollar agreement with the Saudis explains our irrational national hatred — purely a construct of the political class — of Russia, the only world power that aids and protects the Shiite and other minorities and the Christians in Muslim areas)

If you can’t see this plain-as-day pattern it is because you don’t want to believe it.

We are being deceived by both high-ranking Democrats and high-ranking Republicans and it will stay that way, with our young men dying for useless wars until enough people wake up and see this issue of anti-Putinism for what it is, namely, a national security issue and a dire threat to you from your “government.”

Note, however, that I am not advocating a pacifist ideology. The one group we should be fighting — alongside Russia — is ISIS and its allies, so-called rebels, who are all Islamists, even though the same political class that gave us our Russia hate is also falsely telling you that these “rebels” are on “our” side. ISIS is of course the one group that Washington is not fighting – except in its fictional narrative reflected in the msm.

Yet when Russia and Assad proved that they could and would fight ISIS for real, US government agencies and Soros dug up phony dirt on him. Phony because he is the only world leader included in the Panama Papers “scandal” who has not either himself or thru family members participated in offshore dealings — which, by the way, are not illegal.

It’s another small step toward a war that will please the Saudis immensely but will also harm your country immensely.

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It’s another small step toward a war that will please the Saudis immensely but will also harm your country immensely