The lawsuit none dare mention

The lawsuit none dare mention


By Donald Hank

People all around the world are concerned about the lawsuit brought by Hillary supporter Phillip Berg, charging Barack Obama and the DNC with improprieties centered around Obama’s apparent inability to prove he is a US citizen, and in fact his having presented patently false documents, making him constitutionally ineligible to become the next president of the United States. The latest development is that the failure of Obama and the DNC to respond to the charges brought under this suit is, legally, an admission of guilt, making him ineligible for the presidency. It’s all over the internet.

But the silence in the media is deafening. None of the talk hosts will touch the story. Neither will Fox News.

Just this morning I received emails from two different Brazilian friends, including philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, whose columns we proudly present at Laigle’s Forum from time to time.

One email says:

Dear Don

Please clarify this: “Press Release: Obama & DNC admit all allegations in Berg v. Obama”? 

Is this a hoax? If correct, why nobody says anything about it? The ‘official’ great media I can understand but why don’t conservatives like you say anything?

All the best and thanks for any help,

[name of prominent Brazilian activist]


Mr. de Carvalho’s, which the author graciously agreed to share with you, says:

Dear Don,

I just posted this message at Philip Berg’s Forum. Maybe it will interest you.



Hans Kelsen taught that effectiveness is a condition of the validity of laws. If there is absolutely no means to enforce the article of the Constitution that forbids a foreigner to be a presidential candidate, then such an article becomes null and void. It has no more validity at all. If Obama cannot be forced to show his vault birth certificate, then there will be no impediment to any other foreigner to be the president of the United States, provided he simply states that he is an American citizen, for nobody will be able to give any legal proof to the contrary. This will be a death blow to the Constitution, and, for the left, a far greater victory than just electing a leftist president. I guess this result was in the calculations of the builders of the Obama myth since the beginning.


Another from a friend who is a truly conservative Republican Party leader in a southern state, asks about this same issue. Others have been asking on more-or-less a regular basis.

They all wonder, legitimately, why no one is disseminating the story of Phillip Berg’s lawsuit in the press.

Here is my response:

Those of you who beg my advice fear the outcome of this lawsuit against Barack Obama will be the end of our constitutional form of government.

I’ve got bad new and good news for you.

First the bad news: Our constitutional form of government ended a long time ago, as I will explain later on.

The problem is: most pundits and activists are funded by one or the other party, so now we are dancing to the drums of the powerful and ignoring evil, including the lack of US nationality for Mr. Obama.

Note that Berg is a Hillary supporter and suddenly the Hillary camp is sounding like they want the Constitution restored. Can you see anything wrong with this picture of the Clinton camp complaining about injustice and lawlessness? The lady who made off with the White House silverware? The president who made a brothel of the White House and then perjured himself? The couple who rudely fired the kitchen help on trumped up charges as soon as they entered the White House, and whom Judicial Watch has been trying for years to indict for a wide assortment of suspected felonies?

How about the Republicans who have stood behind “their man” when he invited millions of aliens to enter our country illegally and would never raise a finger to stop illegal activity at the border unless it was a border guard with an itchy trigger finger? Or when he laid the heavy hand of the feds on education, at variance with the constitutional stipulation that education is the domain of the states? Or intoned that these trying times justify government wiretapping? Or invented faith-based everything to transfer your wealth to any group calling itself a church-including Reverend Wright’s church or the Wiccans, or, well, you name it? Or who signed a bailout bill that virtually abolishes private enterprise?

Can they piously lay claim to constitutional protection? Can you or I?

Didn’t the majority of us support either Bush or the Clintons at one time or another?

Does America deserve the Constitution that we have sought to impound and use for our own personal interests but withhold from those who weren’t in our parochial interest group?

None in America is worthy of the great document we have inherited from our founders.

You see, the Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. None of us deserve the goodness that was bestowed on our founders because America has a collective original sin, and that sin is compromise.

The first manifestation of that sin was when otherwise godly men sat in a Constitutional convention and allowed themselves to be manipulated by a Southern interest group (the ideological forebears of the Democrats) into denying rights for black Americans. Thus the first version of the constitution was in fact a shameful document based on a sinful compromise.

Ever hear or read another commentator mentioning this? I don’t think so. Most are tied to interest groups or write and publish for money. Hence, they traffic in flattery.

The Democrats can hardly mention it because it was the Republicans who ultimately ended slavery.

The Republicans can hardly mention it because many of their adherents worship the Constitution and the Founders as though they were deities.

The Constitution Party can’t mention it because it would besmirch their chosen name.

The Libertarians are dismissive of morality.

So even now Americans compromise their integrity to deny to themselves what we all know perfectly well to be true.

But the greatest compromise, of which we are almost all guilty, was the compromise to keep our nation together by accepting the terms of the most unconstitutional and diabolical court decision in our entire history: Roe vs Wade.

Thus we have been living under a curse since 1973.

I have a confession to make: I, in my depraved condition, accepted that decision with glee at the time. I thought it meant freedom. In fact, it meant slavery to lust and depravity.

What standing does America have after standing idly by as the Constitution was crudely shoved aside in the Roe-Wade mock trial ending in a death sentence for the unborn? Not even the great Ronald Reagan seemed to understand the long-term threat to the national soul of nominating leftist judges to the Supreme Court who helped underpin this terrible mockery of the Constitution and of human decency and morality.

We have made our collective bed and are tossing and turning looking for someone to blame. All we need is a mirror.

Now for the good news: This is when God steps in. But only if we let Him.

America can survive this last horrendous onslaught against our way of life if we are willing to use the ultimate weapon:  a true Holy Ghost spiritual revival with bitter tears of repentance and shame.

And she can hold her head up high once more if she bows to God’s will and learns obedience.

After 40 years of atheism, of being tossed to and fro by all the waves of fashion, I have found, amazingly, that it is really not all that hard to obey — at least in comparison to disobeying. It turns out to be a delicious, exhilarating experience.

And here is why: I did not have to change one single bit. I am still an in-your-face rebel and maverick. The only thing that has changed is the target of my rebellion and, thank God, my heart.  Whereas once I rebelled against God, I now rebel against evil and ignorance – my own and that of others. But this time, my rebellion is not born of hatred, but of the sincerest and tenderest love for my fellow Americans and friends all over the globe, all of whom are suffering just as my family and I are suffering at this dire time of uncertainty.

Let me tell you something: Never before has America faced such danger of losing our way of life forever.

Yet this dire threat is in fact a precious opportunity. It is a potential road-to-Damascus experience for America at large and for each and every one of us.

It is an opportunity to reach out in faith and call out to God for mercy. Opportunities like this are rare and precious. Think about it: In all His divine patience, He has been waiting and waiting for you to turn to Him, but life was too easy and you were too rich and fat for you to be interested in such a proposition.

But now the time has come. You have nothing more to lose. You have lost value on the stock market, financial stability and job stability, no one in government represents you or your fellow Americans, and even the “conservative” media have let you down. So now try it, my friend! Try responding to God’s call. Try bowing your head wherever you are and saying in all sincerity and with hope and faith:

Lord, I know I am a sinner and don’t deserve any better than what you have allotted me in life. And I know that America is getting its just reward for our disobedience, not just the disobedience of the Democrats or the Republicans or the Libertarians or the Constitution Party, but our collective disobedience. I know that I deserve hell, but I reach out now in faith to accept your Son’s blood as atonement for my sins. Oh, how I thank you for salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ! Thank you for giving your all for me. I promise to give my life and my all to You in return for this gift of salvation and to obey your commandments and your commands to the very best of my ability — not as a way to earn salvation, but because I love you. And Lord I know that you can heal this nation if we will only humble ourselves and turn away from evil. I thank you in advance for doing just that. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, amen.

Then watch yourself suddenly lifted up and away, out of the mire and muck in which you have been stuck all these many years. But don’t stop. Keep praying to God every chance you get, commune with God in every waking hour, asking for his help, to give you strength, wisdom and faith, and thanking him often for his blessings. Yes, you will fall again. Never mind. Let God lift you up each time you do.

Watch yourself become a new creature.

And watch America suddenly become a new place.

You’ll like the change you can believe in!

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Larry Fuess


What a soul stirring call to repentance from this Godly man. This call should convict each and every one who calls himself/herself a child of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and drive us to our knees in repentance. Folks, we need to get back to basics and back to the Bible and apply it to our lives and not just talk about it like it’s a good book on the best sellers list. The only way to get to know God is to study His Holy Word. It’s then and only then that you will begin to learn… Read more »
I have been feeling as if the world I’ve known for the past 48 yrs. will come to an abrupt end with BHO being elected as POTUS. What I realize now is that I was putting my faith in my fellow man, who are sinners like me, to help us in this dire time. This article made me reflect that The Lord is Always On Time, Every Time. And today is no different. I again put my faith and trust in The Lord and accept His Son Jesus, as my personal Lord and Saviour, as no one goes to The… Read more »
Gloria Lebow

I too have been praying every day to God to answer my prayers not to destroy America by not allowing the wrong rhetorics who don’t really love America become head of our beloved country. I feel these people are placed here to help the evil take over our country. I hope God answers my prayers and keeps us safe from any harm from those who do not sincerely love America, and will harm our country.

Daniel Smith

How Ironic, There is no Law to ask a Presidential
Candidate for his Birth Certificate, but there
is a Law called the REAL ID ACT, signed by Congress
in 2005, that takes effect May 2008.
It requires that all applicant’s for a driver’s
license will have to provide a valid birth
certificate, social security #, proof of
citizenship, etc.. Dan

Gary Baumgarten

Philip Berg will be my guest on News Talk Online on Tuesday October 28 at 5 PM New York time.

Please go to and click on the Join The Show link to talk to him.



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