The Enlightenment: Philosophical origin of the Deep State

The Enlightenment: philosophical origin of the Deep State

by Don Hank

Some observers of current events are repeating the centuries-old notion that religion causes wars, and there is plenty of evidence in European history to support this notion. The rejection of religion as a philosophical trend flourished in the Age of Enlightenment and it was the excesses of the Catholics and also many of their opponents, the early Protestant sects, that fed into this. The novel Candide by Voltaire is a catalogue of such excesses. However, Voltaire’s ideas represent only the more radical branch of the Enlightenment, which bitterly opposes Christianity, while the writings of, say, Pascal and Locke, plead for a more enlightened Christianity rather than the abolition of the religion altogether. The current blatant Russophobia and pro-Saudi (ie, anti-Assad, anti-Shiite – eg, anti-Iran and pro-terrorist) policies of the US are an extension of this radical form of the Enlightenment, which promotes radical Islam for only one reason and that is, to oppose Christianity – ie, the same reason they promote LGBT. Otherwise you could not explain why they support two phenomena with such diametrically opposite and mutually antagonistic effects.

Thus, the age of the “enlightenment” is still ongoing and the radical form of it is overpowering the West with almost no one realizing this on either side of the aisle. Some people blame this evil on the Jews, but in fact, the Jews cannot be expected to support Christianity wholeheartedly. If US so-called Christians were smarter, neither the Jews nor any other minority could put a dent in our general American culture, just as they cannot harm Russia, where Christians have generally been kind to Jews but refuse to be manipulated – and this is easier for the Russians because the Russians defeated fascism and Soviet propaganda and literature focused on the harmony between Jews and Russians (which is not to say that Jews were always treated kindly by Russian groups). For example, the Soviet novel The Sword and Shield by Vadim Kozhevnikov, which Russian President Vladimir Putin claims influenced his decision to join the KGB, poignantly contrasts the Third Reich’s abuse of the Jews with the Soviets’ respectful treatment of them (while this novel is available on line free of charge in Russian, no unexpurgated English-language editions are available in the US, where every effort is made by the Deep State to keep the kinder aspects of Soviet Russia away from curious eyes).  An example of Putin’s kind but firm attitude toward Russian Jews was on display when he visited the Schneerson Library in Moscow. He mentioned to them that the library was nationalized during the first government of the Soviet Union, which he said was made up of at least 80% Jews It was a reminder that the Russians are tolerant of other religions, but also a subtle hint that nothing like this takeover of a Christian country by a radical minority hostile to Russian Orthodoxy would be allowed to happen again. This stands in stark contrast to the disproportionate power that AIPAC wields in the US government, where it has been challenged since the 70s by different administrations to declare itself a foreign agent but has always won court cases, despite the blatant illegality of this situation.

Meanwhile, the American government supports fascist Ukraine today, for example, and EU states put Jews in harm’s way by indiscriminate immigration policies toward refugees from terror-exporting states. Consequently, very few Jews still live in Europe today. Thus the West implements a hypocritical policy toward its Jews that makes no sense to many Americans.

Putin represents the milder and more reasonable version of both the Enlightenment and Christianity and he therefore represents the only world power that effectively offsets terrorism while also respecting its Muslim and Jewish populations. He has the only formula that can succeed.

The West is failing with its defense of the radical form of the Enlightenment ideas that led to the bloody French revolution, Bonaparte’s catastrophic romp thru Europe and Russia, and Stalin’s and Mao’s murderous excesses. The creation of ISIS by the US-Israeli-Saudi axis can trace its lineage back to these same old radical ideas. If the West ever grows a brain it will begin to study and implement Putin’s policies. I would urge universities to offer a course in Putinology, as suggested here.

4 thoughts on “The Enlightenment: Philosophical origin of the Deep State

  1. Excellent article, although my contention is none of these illegal wars are religious but in fact all are geo political without a doubt.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    To some extent, all wars are geopolitical. But the US-waged wars of the last 50-60 years have had outcomes that did not benefit the US in any tangible way, eg, economically or in terms of prestige. Because frankly, we lost. No country can lose wars for 50 plus years without this being intentional. Therefore, the motives almost had to be ideological in nature. But the ideology pursued was quasi-religious in its fervor and the refractoriness to facts and objectivity.

  3. Dear Don,
    I begin to question whether “deep state” really is doing “the numbers” and realising the fact current revenues aren’t even covering interest, and while the NYT and other fantasy media keeps painting Russia and China in deep shit, because they both suffer from our printing, while they hold dollars, but the fact is, as we push the relative values of the Ruble and the Remimbi down, that makes their product more competitive in the market, and we increase their market share.
    I’m no economist by any means, but figuring out economics isn’t as complex as electronics or even mechanics, as to “push this and that happens”, and while our fantasy news continuously broadcasts the terrible fate of their foes, they completely ignore the other factors which have to be taken into account by everyone intent on having power and authority. They did report the 300 billion troy ounces of gold bought by China over 15-16, and they have made “offhand comment” on trade conducted without dollars, but they don’t factor that in their public story, even as the real economists must.
    I may be wrong, but I don’t believe current revenues are sufficient to pay the interest on our debt, and that is “a dead end” regardless of who is in power. Obama did more to push power out of government into political hands than any president prior, however he also expended far more debt than all the others put together, and while “deep state” definitively installed the illegal alien, they expected to come out of his terms with greater power, and the ability to project it beyond borders, something our debt now prevents.
    Our military can’t train pilots for their combat roles, except by using the aircraft which has just been repaired or reworked, and is awaiting transfer back to duty, and they don’t get 10% of their flight hours. They literally learn combat when they get there. The F-35, as it stands today, can’t equal the performance of any current aircraft, nor their predecessors, and there is no more money for further engineering development, much less, for production. Every dime of military spending is in fuel, bombs, missiles, and repairs, there’s no money for proper training, no aircraft, and I suspect the same can be said for the ground forces, equally used up over the past almost three decades.
    Those in “deep state” didn’t get there by being ignorant, but they have allowed the work which has transferred power from elected government over to “the embedded” go too far, and the cost of waging the endless war, necessary, coupled with the efforts to thwart the efforts of our chosen “foes”, to get out from under our impositions, have had “unintended consequences” that have made the cost far higher than they calculated, and put us far closer to falling, than they anticipated.
    Evil always counts on “best case working out”, because evil’s master makes it work out best, when it is needed to invigorate action, and keep hearts and minds. Once things get into full action, they follow the laws of nature, and “best case working out” is always a matter of careful work, done right, and completed, generally, with only nominal pressure, not that of “win or die”. We won the field of battle in our war of Independence solely because we kept moving, at little cost to ourselves, but at great cost to the huge army following, trying to force a full on engagement, which we kept avoiding.
    I believe the wisdom of both China, as a history making nation, and the wisdom of President Putin have prevented our efforts to have complete control over world economics at this point, and that was the key which put us in control of the immediate future. Every good general knows about “unintended consequences”, the fact every good plan fall apart the moment of full “engagement”, and everything after that is based on training, the skill of small unit leadership, and the morale of those fighting, who are completely out of the loop of communications, for the time being.
    Those who fomented these wars for their purposes, aren’t skilled leaders, with real life experience in waging war, running economies, and they only know the text book answers, they get their power by manipulating others, those who rise to great power through skill and courage generally don’t find good except in principled, planned, and organized culture and society and seldom if ever are found on the side of evil. If they find their way there, they are very likely to be “converted”, arriving with “skills”, they become “the center”, and the overarching demands require they compromise principle in order to be all things to their choice, and they have ceased to be who they were.
    “Deep State” is simply the original means of forming “State” with “might makes right” the basis of its success, and form, and it is only “deep state” because we, as people all over the western world, moved the whole of us away from that premise and into the notion of natural law, and natural rights. We are only seeing the oldest battle of man, rights against power. Rights often win, because power is prone to pride. Rights lose when we get comfortable, and will send our young to fight, instead of “everyone”.
    Semper Fidelis,

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