The visual generation — the death of discernment


The Visual Generation – The Death of Discernment


When Chairman Mao of China wanted to reach an entire generation, many who were illiterate, he produced his communist message in “comic book” style. It resulted in an entire generation of youth jumping onboard Mao’s red wagon and subsequently tearing down the culture and traditions and the very structures of one of the oldest societies in the world.


In America it is mindless, Godless and feckless TV programming, You Tube and Hollywood’s latest offering of films that pour images on an entire generation. The result is exactly the same as it was in China but on a much larger scale and with so much more to lose.


If you asked anyone who is considering voting for Barack Obama or any liberal why they chose that candidate, the answer you will most likely hear is, “I like him.” or “he looks good to me.”


If he, she or it looks good that’s good enough for the “media generation.” No discernment needed, wisdom is too hard to acquire and who has more than a few seconds of time in this world of screen shots, blips and spot messages to look any deeper. A new language and a new media has developed that thrives on abbreviated communications; OMG could I be talking about texting?


People who read entire books and articles to learn something or to see an authors point are becoming rare. Just getting to this sentence means you probably are one of those people. You may have read some Hemingway, Joyce, even Shakespeare or at the very least the morning paper. You may be one of the rare breed of people that actually forms opinions and conclusions based on a careful weighing of all the facts.


In the Bible (1 Cor 12:10) there is mention of a “spiritual gift” known as “discerning of spirits.” Unfortunately that gift is often placed in a list of charismatic type gifts that end up being thought of as something only practiced by a few Pentecostal people. In fact the language of 1:Cor 12:10 connotes the idea of a “judging through” of any and all matters not a fleeting spiritual thought dropping out of the ether.


Discerning of spirits is a God given enterprise that does not work unless God is brought into the equation. He unveils, reveals or shows the deepest meaning of things to the deepest people. They are a peculiar people who weigh everything and refuse to make prejudiced and extraneous judgments based only on what they see or have heard from the grape vine, the media or God knows where!

It is the rarity of such people that serves as only one of a few reasons that can be found for the wholesale blindness that seems to be accompanying the decisions made by the American public about their presidential candidates.


The biblically based reason is far more obvious and it reads like this, “In whom the god of this world (Satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not” (2 Cor 4:4a) It is what allows people to assent to what late night talk show hosts say about candidates instead of listening to the candidates themselves and comparing that to all that has gone before. It is almost perverse, because it is a “spirit” that drives the average person to use no “spiritual” discernment at all.


It is what causes thousands to think Rick Warren is actually helping the American public to choose a better candidate by bringing John McCain and Barack Obama to “Saddleback” so they can smooth out their differences.  The program or show (side show) is partly sponsored by Meg Riley who formerly headed up her denomination’s homosexual advocacy office.  It raises the serious question of whose purpose is the author of “The Purpose Driven Life” fulfilling? It’s a show, a visual, and a media attraction with or without knowing exactly what is really driving Rick Warren’s purpose. What Evangelist Bill Keller told his over two million subscribers on his daily devotional July 26, 2008, was that Warrens sideshow is a “load of garbage.”


Has Keller crossed the sacred PC line and sinned against society? No, what he has really done is used God given discernment based on sound scriptural teachings and mustered the guts to say it out loud to a You Tube generation that would rather watch hours of delightful nonsense and tripe  rather than discern anything that matters. Kudos to Bill Keller, shame on Rick Warren!


Sadly, what is really happening is what the Apostle James and other biblical authors predicted would become commonplace as we approach the second coming of Christ. James said,”Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?” (James 2:4) King James Version or not this is exactly the meaning of “choosing between the lesser of two evils.” Not much discernment needed to know what that means. This is America today.


The greatest loss from the abandoning of discernment is that America has lost the connection. We are no longer able to discern the “connection” between our morality and all the other issues. The truth is that the economy, our security, and all the other matters of our national life depend on and are inextricably linked to our morality. We have mistakenly allocated morality to an aspect of our religious life and have thereby disconnected it from our own larger national welfare and security.


Political candidates, the news media and pundits rant about the economy, the war, taxes, crime and all the so called “critical issues” while ignoring the gross immorality of homosexuality, abortion, media filth, evolutionary dogma that passes itself of as academic freedom and general sensory driven visual tripe from Hollywood and similar sources. Morality is relegated to the churches and a few PC deficient fundamentalist Bible thumping diehards who just won’t seem to go away.


The result of all this distraction derived from the lack of discernment is in a word: judgment. But is it inevitable? Does the sun Rise? Does the sun set? It is God’s judgment that follows the refusal to use our own better judgment.


Using judgment is not a luxury that is reserved for a few and can be ignored by all others. In fact it is a biblical imperative that if ignored will have an immediate and devastating effect on everyone in our nation “The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.”(Isa 59:8)


The simplest rule for using good judgment turns out to be just the opposite of what is being done in America’s visual generation. Here it is; “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” Jesus, John 7:24.


If you have any discernment left and you must if you’ve gotten this far into this article then let me suggest that you pray for America to once again make decisions based on sound wisdom and spiritual discernment.


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Don’t fall for the ruse / Muslim stock falling

 America, beware this ruse of the Left:

The Left often uses the ruse of foisting some totally unacceptable and obnoxious demand on us, and then when we resist, agrees to a “compromise,” which actually gives them 100% of what they originally wanted. Soft headed “conservatives” fall for this time and again, like ripe plums in autumn.

The latest developments in the Angels in America saga illustrate this.

Laurie Higgens reports that some of the parents who had reservations about the reading and/or performance of Angels in America, the obscene homosexual play we reported on in a previous issue, suggested just stressing the obscenity in their protest and giving the homosexuality a pass. A keen observer would know that doing so would be falling right into the trap. You see, the Left has no interest in foisting obscene language on children at this early stage in the demoralization of America’s children. The prize they covet is to mainstream homosexuality and make it appear attractive to children.

The acceptance of obscenity and explicit sexual portrayals in literature and the arts is the next step.

But Americans have been taught the insidious lesson of “reaching across the aisle” a la John McCain, and appeasement — compromising with evil for the sake of peace. We need to unlearn this behavior as quickly as possible to survive as a free nation.

Laurie Higgins writes:

A parent who objects to Angels in America suggested that those who object to the play should “downplay” the issue of homosexuality, to which I responded as follows:

“The homosexual piece is downplayed at our great peril. At the Saturday meeting, I think I was the only person who addressed the homosexuality. I will not retreat from this because virtually everyone else is. Almost everyone I talk to says that they don’t care about the homosexuality; it’s the language and sex they care about. I think that’s both a strategic and moral error. If Angels is pulled from the curricula just because of the graphic sex and obscene language, then the faculty is free to continue to introduce resources that normalize homosexuality as long as the resources aren’t graphic and obscene.

If no one stands with me, I will stand alone because, to borrow shamelessly the words of Martin Luther, ‘I can do no other. God help me.’ ”

DOES it take a village?

Click here to get an idea:

Have you checked out yet?

IT IS POLITICALLY INCORRECT to suggest, or print news item that suggests, that Islam is weakening. The Left likes Islam because it opposes Christianity, the arch enemy of the Red Revolution and the immorality they are pedaling. That’s why the left-leaning Dutch government and media try to show the public that Geert Wilders is a trouble maker who should be ignored. But that just made everyone all the more anxious to view the movie Fitna, which was a smashing success, and did not result in the expected violence. Why? I suspect it is because Muslims saw that their violent response to cartoons mocking Islamo-fascism and the murder of Theo Van Gogh, whose film highlighted Islamic violence, backfired. The love of truth and freedom still smolders under the ashes of Western civilization.

Further, the argument started to emerge that if Muslim groups, such as the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), threatened violence or demanded Islam’s critics be silenced, then that was merely more support for Wilders’ thesis that Islam is violent and cruel to the core.

Laigle’s Forum led the charge with that argument and kept the Fitna site (notice the comment by Asif and Laigle Forum’s response) available to readers even after it was pulled by

Some have said that the response to Fitna proves the West is hopelessly cowardly. But the truth is, the lack of violence so far also tells us something of the war against Islamic fascism, and this overshadows the lack of cogent arguments by somnolent Westerners. Muslims are starting to see that strapping on bomb belts isn’t helping their cause. Terrorist recruitment is in fact getting more difficult these days.

Maybe the next article will help explain why.

MUSLIMS leaving Islam in droves

Ex-Muslim Magdi Allam’s very public baptism on Easter Sunday made headlines, but he is just one among legions converting from Islam around the world.

April 3, 2008 – by Andrew Walden

Pope Benedict’s choice to publicly baptize the most prominent Muslim in Italy, Egyptian-born Magdi Allam, highlights a quiet worldwide exodus from Islam. In recent years, millions have moved on. With this high-profile action, Pope Benedict demonstratively blesses this massive conversion from the highest levels of the Church.

Interviewed by al-Jazeera in 2006, Ahmad al-Qataani, leader of the Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, explains the decline:

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America has 3 leftwing candidates, and many conservatives have fallen into line on the GOP side, resigned to holding their nose and voting for pro-amnesty McCain of McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Feingold fame.

We don’t have to settle for this. Not by a long shot: