Christianity and Libertarianism and the Consent of the Governed

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“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed Declaration of Independence

The last few months I’ve seen some strident statements of opposition against libertarians by conservatives. I’m on several email lists where I’m seeing such commentary and of course its on the web, as in this example. I personally didn’t detect a huge uptick in libertarian sentiment, but alright. I describe myself as a ‘constitutional libertarian’ and in explaining why I hope that I can shed light on what I believe are the true reasons for a rise in libertarianism- among Christians in particular. I can’t speak for them all, of course, but I think I recognize in some of their commentary some of my own thinking.

So, to begin with, let me make two important observations. First of all, when one thinks ‘libertarian’ one might immediately think licentious. However, the two are not identical terms. This leads to the second observation, the direction by which one arrives at libertarianism greatly impacts the flavor of that libertarianism. There can be no question that there are a great mass of individuals, who calling themselves libertarians, really are just people who wish to engage in whatever depravity that they want, with no one to tell them otherwise or worse- stop them. By my observation, the people coming from this direction are really your typical atheist secular humanist progressive who is perfectly happy to foist as much government as people can bear onto themselves and others- in the form of nationalized health care, eg- just so long as they can have sex with whatever and whomever they want and smoke whatever happens to come across their path.

However, someone coming at ‘libertarianism’ from the other direction, say, from a Christian perspective and a conservative, is not looking for a reason to misbehave. This is why I led off with the John Adams quote. ‘Moral and religious people’ will continue to be ‘moral and religious’ whatever freedoms or restrictions are placed on them by the government. I might say: “Libertarianism was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the [government] of any other.” There are any number of forms of government that can work with a ‘moral and religious people.’ For an amoral or immoral or anti-moral or non-religious or anti-religious people, no kind of government is going to work for the long haul. Continue reading

Mitt joins Obama, Carter in calling radical Islamic mob “democratic”

by Don Hank

Mitt Romney has broken with conservative opinion in his statement on the Egyptian crisis, coming down on the side of the mob of angry Islamists and Barack Obama (see linked article):

Obama, who has in fact demanded Mubarak’s immediate withdrawal, saying it “must begin now” (, is following in the footsteps of President Jimmy Carter, who — you may recall — righteously demanded, back in the 70s, that the Shah of Iran be deposed because he was not democratic enough. The assumption was that whoever replaced the Shah would, of course, be democratic.

So once the Iranian radical clerics saw that the Shah would get no more support from the US, they moved in for the kill, long knives drawn. The Shah’s overthrow paved the way for the eminently authoritarian Ayatollah Khomeini, who promptly took the US embassy personnel captive, as a way to say “thanks” to Jimmy Carter for all the support.

That went so well that, several years later, the democratic Khomeini’s successors eventually chose radical Islamist Akhmadinejad, who hates Western style democracy, as the leader of Iran. Democratic uprisings are now put down with an iron hand in Iran, but after all, that’s no longer important. The US democrats got what they wanted – elimination of a true American ally in the Middle East and his replacement with a man who hates America and Israel.

So now, Mitt Romney is in turn following Obama’s – and, let’s not forget,  Hillary’s — lead in denouncing Mubarak in Egypt because, after 40 years of serving as an invaluable go-between for Israel and the rest of the Middle East, why, it turns out he, like the Shah, is not democratic, never has been. Hillary was quick to scold Mubarak for not letting the Islamic radicals have their fun and organize his overthrow via the internet.

Discussion in the media generally portrays the Egyptian mob as the good guys, just as the media – and Carter – portrayed the Khomeini’s supporters during the 1978 upheaval in Iran.

But the persecution of Christians (as well as of Jews and Baha’is) was stepped up once the Khomeini was in power and Christians were forced out of their homeland. The media have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, a Coptic Christian church was burned by some of this same mob that now demands Mubarak’s overthrow.

The parallels are significant and if the lessons are clear they are clearly not learned.

If this Egyptian mob behaves the way the Iranian mob did in 1978 and the majority of Christians are driven from their homeland, remember the names:




as being solidly behind the overthrow of a leader who played the lead role in stabilizing the region.

And then ask yourself if Mitt is your man in 2012. (But don’t forget to save a copy of the above-linked article, since Mitt has a habit of flip-flopping on everything as the wind changes directions or as he moves from one audience to another. One of his favorite lines is “I never said that.”)

Here is a brief profile for those not familiar with Mitt and his MO:

Another judge plays lawmaker

by Gregg Jackson

Homosexual activist judge’s opinion that CA Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as one man one woman as “unconstitutional” is utterly absurd and should be ignored!

Today, homosexual activist San Francisco U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker (George H.W. Bush appointee) issued an opinion that Prop 8, amended into law by California Voters in 2008, which defines marriage as limited to one man-one woman, is “unconstitutional.”

Here we go again.

Most headlines cite how Judge Walker “struck down” the so-called “gay marriage ban.”

For starters, judges can’t “strike down” any law whether it be a statute or constitutional amendment such as Prop 8. And it is a shame that so many “conservative” lawyers continue to parrot this toxic liberal lie. Judges may hear individual cases and rule on them as long as they have jurisdiction. But judges don’t possess any legislative authority. Period!

The judge did have subject matter jurisdiction to hear the case and issue a ruling. But a judge’s opinion isn’t law.

The only way the actual constitutional amendment, Prop 8,may be altered or overturned in any way is via another constitutional amendment, according to the California Constitution itself. Only the voters may revoke or overturn a constitutional amendment or initiative statute.

Thus, one man-one woman marriage is still the law of the land unless and until the voters amend the constitution to revoke it.

Schwarzennegger already pulled a “Mitt Romney” once by unilaterally, illegally and unconstitutionally authorizing changes to and issuance of marriage licenses without a binding, enabling, accompanying statute in direct violation of his constitutionally sworn oath to enforce the law (as opposed to unconstitutional court opinions).

For that every pro-family Christian legal organization in America should have called for The Gilie-Man’s impeachment. (Which none of them did since almost all of them from Liberty Council to the ACLJ to ADF believe the lie that judges actually can make law).

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Tony Perkins, tell the truth

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tony Perkins, isn’t it time to come clean regarding your continued support for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Romney?

From: “Conservatives For Truth”
…an ad hoc group including Steven Deace, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Earle Fox, Phil Magnan, and John Haskins (see affiliations below) and others

Ninety-five legal authorities, social conservative leaders, writers and radio hosts and other public persons are listed below. Each affirms here (or has previously affirmed in their own words) some or all of the disturbing content of this letter. Signatures of countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity.

Mr. Perkins, as President of one of the largest Christian pro-family organizations
in the country,The Family Research Council, you have repeatedly ignored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s far left-wing record publicly claiming to donors that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” and are featuring him as a speaker this coming weekend at the FRC “Values Voters Summit” in Washington D.C.
How can you reconcile your claim,Mr. Perkins, that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” with his actual anti-family, anti-life record fully documented here?

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Mitt Romney, the GOP’s bridge to oblivion

Mitt Romney, the GOP’s Bridge to Oblivion

This Op-Ed went out today to over 60,000 media outlets and an extensive list of conservative and Christian pro-family leaders, lawyers and pundits around the country.

Mitt Romney, the GOP’s Bridge to Oblivion
By Gregg Jackson and John Haskins

Almost no one in politics or the media will admit it in public, but the GOP lost the Presidency in 2008 by alienating the moral conservative base that the elites loathe. Many stayed home or voted third party, rejecting a nominee who was in fundamental aspects a liberal Democrat.

That is why Barry Sotero – a radical socialist with Islamic roots posing as a Christian, groomed for years by Marxist revolutionaries, who hides essential documents of his birth, education and career, who campaigned with illegal funding from overseas interests, who as far as 300 million Americans can honestly tell, was born in a foreign country and (under the plain language of the Supreme Law of the United States, the Constitution) cannot legally be our President, who lacks even the executive experience of a night manager at a self-serve gas station – nevertheless sleeps in the White House.
That’s why. Do the homework. Look at the demographics.

There are millions of voters who will not allow anyone to force them to choose between:

A. A slick-talking Marxist with no papers, no real qualifications, who voted for killing unwanted newborn babies wiggling and crying on hospital tables (for the unforgivable crime of surviving an abortion),


B. A liberal Republican with no allegiance to the Constitution, no convictions about infanticide, or defending natural marriage, nor the right of every child to a natural human family, but who brazenly lies into the camera and magically morphs into a “conservative” before elections.

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Tarnished “pro-life” and “pro-family” icons exposed

For know also that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, ….

Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.


But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifested unto all men…

Excerpted from II Timothy, Ch. 3

The article below is primarily about Ann Coulter, but if you click on some of the links, you will see that it isn’t just about Ann but in fact about tarnished “conservative” and “pro-family” icons, some of which I once donated to, I am sorry to say. It is very sad to see this almost total falling away, this lack of discernment, among Christian groups. I will not judge them by saying they aren’t Christian, but at the very least, they need reproof and correction–the very purposes Paul gives for the scriptures in this same chapter of II Timothy quoted above.

We have got to stop settling for “just ok.” God needs our all. He needs us to be completely His, body soul and spirit. As sad as I am to see “conservatives” being duped like this, I am heartened that a few couragous souls have dared to speak up. Some have done so at great expense and have seen their lines of communication cut off by owners of media outlets who were recipients of Romney’s money.

Please note the underhanded way Coulter tries to make the anti-Romney people look bad by suggesting they are religious fanatics who are merely objecting to Mitt’s Mormonism when in fact their objections legitimately focus on his support for same-sex “marriage” and abortion, even after he claimed to have changed his mind. Worst of all is her statement to these commentators (who she says “didn’t go to a good law school”), that the Supreme Court in MA had issued “an order directing Mitt Romney to order gay marriages.” Ann may have gone to a “good law school,” but she apparently has never read the Constitution, which does not give judges the power to order governors and legislators to do anything. I am not a graduate of a “good law school,” but I have heard tell that has something to do with “balance of powers,” Ann.

Things will get worse before they get better, but they will get better because these people with a form of godliness will proceed no further. That’s guaranteed!

Donald Hank


The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups
Four Conservative Talk Hosts Correct Author in YouTube Video


DENVER, March 27 -American Right To Life today releases a YouTube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups and its associated website,, documenting the growing rift between the right-wing pundit and popular Christian pro-family leaders. This cross-country sampling of conservative talk show hosts from Florida, Iowa, Colorado and California confronts the best-selling author on her repeated defense of those implementing homosexual marriage and tax-funded abortion.

More than just the title of her new best-seller, Guilty, may also describe Ann Coulter herself, according to American RTL president and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough. “If she wants him elected, Ann Coulter will try to cover up a politician’s aggressive attacks on children and the family, it seems the only prerequisite is an R after his name.”

“Coulter can answer soft-ball criticism from the left,” says ARTL vice president and former Colorado Republican party chairman Steve Curtis, “but she always has ‘to run’ when Christian journalists document her misinformation and ask for a correction?” The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups shows Coulter repeatedly punting and ending interviews instead of answering valid questions. The talk hosts are:

Bill Keller: Tampa’s 50k-watt AM 820 WWBA, two million receive his daily devotional

Steve Deace: Iowa’s #1 talker, afternoon drive at Des Moines’ 50k-watt AM 1040 Newsradio WHO

Bob Enyart: on America’s most-powerful Christian radio station, Denver’s 50k-watt AM 670 KLTT

Gregg Jackson: emceed the 2007 and 2008 CPAC presidential candidates sessions (Conservative Political Action Conference), authored the best-selling Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, and hosted talk shows at Boston’s 50k-watt AM 680 WRKO News Talk and until recently at Salem Radio Network’s Los Angeles station KDAR.

American Right To Life’s new video and website urges Coulter to publicly correct her record of Republican politician Mitt Romney and then apologize. “Ann Coulter has misrepresented and even defended some of the most egregious and immoral behavior,” said Rohrbough. “When Ann covers up aggressively anti-marriage action, and pro-abortion legislation that actually funds the killing of unborn children, she apparently is motivated by a desire to distort the truth and deceive Christians for some personal gain.”

For more information, please contact:

Donna Ballentine
American Right To Life