Germany’s Fourth Reich supports terror in Crimea

The entire Western elitosphere has been quietly dismantling Judeo-Christian culture and putting non-Muslims (Jews, Christians and non-believers) at serious risk for over a half-century, starting roughly in about 1953, when the CIA facilitated a coup against the democratically elected government of Iran ( The CIA later admitted their — and Britain’s role: The upshot was a brutal rule by the Shah followed by an authoritarian Islamic regime in response to this). US involvement in the Middle East has invariably led to the installation of Islamic despots or terror groups like ISIS, who killed, persecuted and expelled Christians and other minorities, eg, in Libya and Syria. Clinton’s war in Kosovo was part of the same campaign, turning Kosovo, the sacred cradle of Serbian Christianity, into a Muslim state that has decimated the former native Serbian population and all but totally destroyed their churches and sacred monuments. And the complicit press has not uttered a word about it. I was able to learn this only by going to a web site in the Serbian language run by a church group. My report (mostly a translation) is here: (The ulterior motive for this intense anti-Judeo-Christian campaign is explained here:

Now comes Berlin attempting to support terror in Crimea by supporting the Mejlis, a Muslim Tatar group that once collaborated with Hitler, and recently has sabotaged power lines in Crimea. As in Kosovo, the West is attempting to portray the Muslims as victims of Christians when a cursory look would suffice to demonstrate the exact opposite. The only reason they can get away with this is because they are keeping you the public in the dark.

That is why you need to read the report below. But also note that the corresponding German language report from this same site provides details on the terror perpetrated by Mejlis (see my comments below).

And despite the clear-cut provocation of Russia (US and EU support for the bloody illegal Maidan coup), US media, pols and officials continue to insist that the US needs to build up arms to resist Russian “aggression.” Yet our buildup is what is leading to a reaction on the part of the Russians. All we need to do is stop the provocation. But, shhhhh. You’re not allowed to know that. It’s all their fault.

Don Hank

Auxiliary Troops Against Moscow (I)





(Own report) – One of Berlin’s government advisors is calling for Russia’s expulsion from the Council of Europe. The Russian government’s actions against the Crimean Tatars and its banning their Mejlis – a political organization – along with other measures, make it “no longer possible to justify continuing Russian membership in the Council of Europe,” according to a current position statement published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). This demand is made at a time when the Crimean Tatars have been drawn into the spotlight throughout Europe, by the openly politicized Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Whereas public perception of Crimean Tatars has been predominated by their 1944 deportation, their collaboration with the Nazis, which had preceded their deportation, has been obscured. As historians have ascertained, in 1942, “every tenth Tatar on the Crimean Peninsula was in the military” – on the side of Nazi Germany. Crimean Tatars fought on the side of the German Wehrmacht against the Soviet Union, excelling in the notorious “efforts to crush the partisan movement” and turned their Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis’ henchmen. Already in the 1920s, leading Tatar functionaries had complained of a “Jewification” of their communities, in their protests against Moscow’s resettlement measures of Jewish families. Later, exiled Crimean Tatars volunteered their services for the West’s cold war efforts to destabilize Moscow. The Mejlis, which today is quite controversial among the Crimean Tatars, stands in this tradition.

The German language version of this report says, for example, that the head of Mejlis, Refat Chubarov, met with members of the German foreign ministry even though “Chubarov single-handedly announced a blockade of Ukrainian trade with Crimea.” And “expressly praised the consequences thereof, namely, sensitive price hikes in staple foods.” Further “even the bombing of power transmission poles by activists within the sphere of Mejlis did not deter the Ministry from holding the meeting.”

Clearly, the most powerful nation in Europe is in perfect sympathy and harmony with the goals of this Muslim terror organization. And the US government watches in consenting silence. But then, we must recall that Hitler used Muslims to reach his goals as well.

Plus ça change…

Don Hank

German language version, more detailed, here:

Hilfstruppen gegen Moskau (III)





(Eigener Bericht) – Berlin baut seine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Medschlis der Krimtataren trotz dessen Verwicklung in Gewaltaktionen aus. Erst kürzlich ist der Vorsitzende des Medschlis, Refat Tschubarow, zu politischen Gesprächen im Auswärtigen Amt gewesen. Dem Treffen stand nicht entgegen, dass Tschubarow im September eine eigenmächtige Blockade des ukrainischen Handels mit der Krim angekündigt hatte – und auch nicht, dass Tschubarow im Oktober die für die Krim-Bevölkerung schädlichen Folgen der Tataren-Blockade, nämlich Mangel und empfindliche Preiserhöhungen bei Grundnahrungsmitteln, ausdrücklich gepriesen hatte. Sogar die Sprengung von Strommasten durch Aktivisten aus dem Umfeld des Medschlis, die die Krim in hohem Maß von der Stromversorgung abgeschnitten hat, lässt das deutsche Außenministerium nicht auf Distanz zu der Vereinigung gehen. Deutsche Ethno-Organisationen haben schon vor Jahren gute Beziehungen zu Tschubarow und zu seinem Amtsvorgänger Mustafa Dschemiljew aufgebaut, die von 2010 an intensiviert wurden, um nach dem Regierungswechsel in Kiew antirussische Kreise in der Ukraine zu stärken. Die Kooperation mit dem Medschlis-Milieu, das unter den Tataren auf der Krim durchaus umstritten ist, erfolgt in enger Abstimmung mit den USA, der Türkei unter Erdo?an und anderen NATO-Staaten. Die Parallelität von Kooperation mit den Krimtataren und deren teils gewalttätigen Protesten erinnert an die Entwicklung im Frühjahr 2013 in der Ukraine.