Implications of the Jaffe Memo for Christians in Society

[This is adapted from a much longer essay by Laigle’s contributor Anthony Horvath, which can be read here. Anthony is a pro-life speaker and the president of Wisconsin Lutherans for Life.]

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson has set the pro-life blogosphere on fire with her posting of the ‘Jaffe Memo,’ a memorandum written by Frederick S. Jaffe, former vice-president of Planned Parenthood.  Jaffe apparently was in charge of PP’s population control agenda.  The memo was written in 1969.

The memo appears to be legit but I haven’t been able to find its original source.  Read it.

This memo has all sorts of blood chilling suggestions- blood chilling if the culture of death does not run through your veins, that is.  Ideas on controlling world population include:

  • Fertility control agents in the water supply
  • Encourage women to work
  • Require women to work and provide few child care facilities
  • Compulsory abortion of out-of-wedlock pregnancies
  • Compulsory sterilization of all who have two children- except for a few who would be allowed three
  • Discouragement of private home ownership
  • Allow certain contraceptives to be distributed non-medically
  • Make contraception truly available to all

Some of my more predictable readers will go through that list and their eyes will simply glaze over for most of it.  With their eyes in a fog as they instinctively declare the above as merely an instance of “Godwin’s Law” but their blood started boiling when they saw on the list “Encourage women to work.”

Dear God, who could be against that? And who could be against making contraception available to everyone?  Clearly, this blogger is a bigot.

I included that item in order to make a very important point. Continue reading

‘Social issues’ are related to liberty and limited gov’t!

By Anthony Horvath
© 2010

Apparently, a letter has been written to GOP leaders by conservative homosexuals and some tea-party activists requesting that the GOP lay off its traditional pro-life stance. That would be horrible for many reasons. One reason: In actuality, de-emphasizing life issues is a threat to conservative notions about limited government and individual liberty.

The very first thing that has to be made clear is that those in the culture of death themselves strongly believe that social issues and economic issues are linked. The pro-death camp is perfectly able to present their “social issues” in economic terms. Not only are they able, but they are happy to do so.

A brief glance at history reveals this to be utterly obvious and conclusively true. To take one prominent example, the eugenics movement was very concerned about improving the race, but it was more than that. Activists’ position on these “social issues” was closely connected to the economic realities on the ground as they perceived them, as this quote from Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) will quickly corroborate:

The problem of the dependent, delinquent and defective elements in modern society, we must repeat, cannot be minimized because of their small numerical proportion to the rest of the population. … The actual dangers can only be fully realized when we have acquired definite information concerning the financial and cultural cost of these classes to the community, when we become fully cognizant of the burden of the imbecile upon the whole human race; when we see the funds that should be available for human development, for scientific artistic and philosophic research, being diverted annually, by hundreds of millions of dollars, to the care and segregation of men, women, and children who never should have been born. [“Pivot of Civilization,” page 99-100]

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Anthony Horvath is the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries. He speaks often on pro-life issues and his ministry hosts an online apologetics conference dedicated to the defense of the family through the arts.

VA cuts off Planned Parenthood funding

Virginia Cuts All Government Funding to Planned Parenthood

Senate surprisingly follows House in opposing abortion funding

By Michael Baggot

RICHMOND, VA, February 29, 2008 ( – The Virginia Senate decided to end taxpayer funding to abortion provider Planned Parenthood on Wednesday.  Lt. Governor Bill Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote and approved the amendment to the state budget following the 20-20 tie vote among senators. 

Attorney general hopeful Sen. Ken Cuccinelli II introduced the amendment.  He explicitly attacked Planned Parenthood’s abortion programs.  “What we are doing is financing an abortion-mill operator,” Cuccinelli said. “This will deny them that money.”

The decision was a surprise, given the Senate’s Democratic majority.  Democrat Sen. Charles J. Colgan’s vote in favor of the amendment led to the tie vote, which was decided by the Lt. Governor’s vote.  Despite pressure from fellow Democrats, Colgan sided with 19 Republicans, stating, “I ran on a pro-life platform, and most of my constituents are pro-life.”  Colgan cited fidelity to his conscience as a major reason for opposing funding to Planned Parenthood.

Democratic opponents of the amendment claimed that Planned Parenthood’s programs actually decrease abortion, and that cutting funding to PP would hurt PP’s HIV prevention and pregnancy prevention programs.

Sen. Janet D. Howell, argued that Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive programs lead to a decreased number of abortions.  “The irony is, Planned Parenthood probably prevents more abortions than any other organization in the country,” said Howell.

Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw expressed fears that the Wednesday decision will lead to further funding cuts to groups that supply abortion.  “Once we start down this road, there will be no stopping,” said Saslaw.

Last summer, Planned Parenthood revealed that it had received $305.3 million in tax-player funding in 2006, 12 percent more than in the previous year.  Planned Parenthood admitted that 34 percent of its 2006 income came from taxpayer funding.  The organization also reported a $55.8 million profit for the year. 

The Republican-controlled House has already eliminated Planned Parenthood funding from its budget. 

Planned Parenthood’s abortion support was a clear reason for House opposition to funding.  “We should shut off all federal dollars to any organization that provides abortion services or counseling,” Rep. Stephen King told Cybercast News Service. 

Representatives also cited the inappropriate sexual material on Planned Parenthood’s site as reason to end taxpayer support of the group.  The site tells teens that viewing pornography is normal.  “I don’t believe taxpayer funding should be going to groups that put sexually explicit material on the Internet targeted at minors” said Rep. Joseph Pitts. 

The final state budget will be decided during the next week in light of both House and Senate proposals. 

Lifesite recently reported on undercover investigations that showed Planned Parenthood’s racist tendencies (  An actor playing a white racist was able to give money to the group for the specific purpose of eliminating a black baby who might someday rob the apparent donor’s son of a spot in college because of “affirmative action”. 

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, once stated, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

In another case from last year, Lila Rose, editor of The Advocate pro-life magazine, who also organized the recent racism investigation, posed as a 15 year old seeking an abortion at Planned Parenthood.  In a recorded conversation, she was encouraged to change her birth date so that the organization would not have to report her pregnancy as statutory rape.

In light of undercover recent investigations, Rose argues that “young girls are at risk and Planned Parenthood is receiving federal tax money. The federal government should investigate this and Planned Parenthood, like any other corporation, should be held accountable.”

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