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Sep 27

Karl Marx flunks history

In the following column, Olavo de Carvalho alludes to the Hegelian theory of the “historical imperative,” which the early Marxists used as a basis for their ideas. This Utopian notion of history as a foregone conclusion, is still used by Marxists and their followers. I have shown how the idea of “gay marriage” is based …

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Aug 11

Is “gay marriage” a historical imperative?

by Don Hank According to expert testimony before the House in 1963, the 26th of the “Current Communist Goals” was: 26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” My recent response to the court decision by a homosexual judge in California supposedly making any ban on “gay marriage” unconstitutional received a deluge of …

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Jun 29

It’s official: Obama puts race over Constitution

DOJ official resigns over Obama’s racism Don Hank The below-linked is one of the most important reports I have read because it indicts Barack Obama as the racist he is and always will be. It shows what many suspect: For Obama, devotee of Black Liberation theology, there is no such thing as a criminal black …

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Apr 10

Book/DVD list for your April 15 Tea Party

Book/DVD list for your April 15 tea party   By Donald Hank The local tea party in Lancaster PA seems to have been organized by 2 fine ladies who, on the tea party web site, also recommend a book list for invitees. Good for them. Much of the list, apparently originating with Ron Paul, is …

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Dec 26

Shifting the blame from Left to greed

Blaming greed for failed leftist policies Donald Hank The Pope has said, over the Christmas holiday, that the world must overcome greed to get through the current economic crisis. With all due respect for the Pope, whose stance on social issues are to be applauded, both Protestantism and Catholicism, while blaming greed, have failed to grasp the …

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Sep 30

The visual generation — the death of discernment

  The Visual Generation – The Death of Discernment   When Chairman Mao of China wanted to reach an entire generation, many who were illiterate, he produced his communist message in “comic book” style. It resulted in an entire generation of youth jumping onboard Mao’s red wagon and subsequently tearing down the culture and traditions …

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