China sullies Obama at election time

By Don Hank

Chinese leader Wen Jiaobao went to the EU-China summit a few days ago and told the EU he won’t revalue the renminbi upward, and that they should stop “pressurising” China to do so. He said the problem with the euro is the fluctuation of the dollar. That would put the ball in Obama’s court.

To drive home Wen’s point that China won’t take orders, the Chinese leadership recently blanked out all cyber searches in China pertaining to the Nobel prize, which went to a jailed Chinese dissident. And it wasn’t just mention of the dissident that they blanked out. It was the search term “Nobel.” To make sure people paid attention, they threatened sanctions against Norway for its role in the decision, even though the Norwegian government has no known hand in the decision to award the prize.

So why so many slaps in Western faces all at once? If you read between the lines, there really was one main target face, and that was Barack Obama’s.

You may recall that at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Obama had to track down his Chinese counterpart, who was deliberately snubbing him. This, coupled with China’s past warning regarding the adverse effects of Obama’s stimulus spending, and now this Chinese stance toward Brussels and Norway, should tell you something.

The Chinese leadership is not just rejecting the West’s praise for one of its dissidents. Much more significantly than that, it is showing its contempt for the arrogant group that granted the unknown Marxist upstart Barack Obama a Nobel Prize but was at a loss to explain why it had done so. Coincidence or not, this indirect but transparent sullying of Obama comes right around election time when Americans are looking to a dazed Obama (who has lost a significant amount of both popularity and cabinet members) for a sign that he can lead.

As I pointed out here, the Chinese leaders have moved safely beyond Marxism, having (barely) survived the murderous ravages of Marxist true-believer Mao. The fact that Obama is enamored of Maoist schemes is almost certainly not lost on them. Yes, technically, they are communists, and Mao is still celebrated, mostly for the sake of his useful idiot followers, but that’s as far as it goes.

This anti-Mao sentiment in the leadership is no secret. As soon as Mao died, Deng Xioaping’s government reversed Mao’s virulent anti-capitalist stance and propagated the slogan “to get rich is glorious.” It even tolerated films critical of Mao’s leadership. (Probably the most powerful and best-made of these is “To Live,” which you can rent from Blockbuster or buy, for example, from Amazon).

The Chinese leadership knows that a man holding the office of President of the United States has no business honoring their disgraced past leader. On a visceral level, I believe they cannot help but resent Obama for admiring the man who almost destroyed their country, and their actions so far have not dissuaded me of this conviction. To the contrary, the Chinese leaders are showing for Obama the same contempt he showed for the Israeli Prime Minister. Politics is, after all, personal, despite the lofty pronouncements of its practitioners. But on a purely pragmatic level, they must be anxious to have Obama replaced by a president less intent on weakening America’s economy through astronomical borrowing and spending – a president who will strengthen their most important trading partner (what can they sell to a poor country?).

The Chinese contempt of Obama is ignored by the power elite in the West because it is not compatible with their diplomatic philosophy, and they are clearly in denial.

Western elites have taught for many years that government should always speak easy and carry no stick but Chamberlain-like appeasement and dhimmitude.

Hence, the US and the EU have, in recent years, trodden easy with China, careful never to rile her leadership.

Obama, while pretty much sticking to this elitist playbook, has departed from it in his China encounters, flush with a false sense of power throughout the West. For example, in February 2010 he blustered that he would get much tougher with China. After all, he is the most powerful man in the world, right? He was cheered like a conqueror in Europe during his campaign. He commanded the attention of the entire Western ruling class, even winning a Nobel without lifting a finger. Can’t the Chinese also plainly see that Obama was a god?

Just as liberal leftists truly believe in Keynesian economics (what Reagan called “voodoo economics” – namely, the doctrine that government can spend itself out of an economic crisis), they just as devoutly believe that anything can be accomplished at the bargaining table that was once won on the battle field, particularly when one is surrounded by a large alliance when facing down a foe.

Thus the reigning principle in Western statesmanship is “strength in numbers” – i.e., the notion that supranational groups like the UN and the EU combine enough synergism and population volume that no single country can resist their efforts.

What they have forgotten is the overriding principle that, all things being equal, there is more power in patriotism, national pride and admiration for a wise and skillful nationalist leader than in a soulless, cultureless union of dissimilar states held together at the top by power lust and self-interest but dangling loose at the bottom, particularly when the leaders of these allied states have intentionally waged a years-long culture war against their own increasingly resentful people.

There comes a point at which people have been so indoctrinated with anti-patriotic propaganda that they ask themselves: Who cares if my side wins? 

That point is now in Europe and soon in America.

Napoleon demonstrated this principle at Austerlitz when, with 70,000 men, he defeated the 90,000 man strong combined forces of 2 Empires, Russia and Austria – and then turned around and defeated the Prussians just to show who was boss.

It will always be this way. Some nations rule, others lose, and when national pride and the will to triumph meet an alliance of forces dissimilar in culture, tongues, and religions, and a vanishing sense of what they stand for, the multicultural alliance had better tread carefully.

There may be strength in numbers, but, as China is teaching us, there is only weakness in diversity.

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Are conservatives seeing the Keynesian light?

There is now talk of Keynesian economics – in reverent tones, on both sides of the aisle. As a quick review, John Maynard Keynes is the Big Government economist who said that even if the government paid people to dig ditches and fill them back up again, that would stimulate the economy. Obama – along with Bush, McCain and many others who voted for the bank bailout – seems to believe this.

Thus the Left is propagating the story that FDR’s initial attempts to stem the Great Depression failed not because he spent tax money but because he didn’t spend enough. They point to the way WWII stimulated the economy.

What they forget is that back then

1 – America was a huge manufacturing engine. The war primed this engine.

2 – America was on the gold standard. Money spent to stimulate it was real, not the play money we use today

The mainstream media, enamored of Big Government, are saturated with stories about how conservatives are leaving the GOP for the Democratic Party. The narrative is that, now that Bush and McCain have gone down in flames, one-time conservatives have seen the failure of conservative principles, have seen the light and are drifting leftward in droves. Capitalism needs “change.” Pro-life ideas need “change.” And change is spelled: d-e-s-t-r-o-y.

I just got done gagging on one article written in this vein. My response to the author is below.


Hello Mike,

Re. your article

You make some good points, but you missed the main story:

Bush did not fail because he was too conservative. He failed because he was too far left.

Look at the evidence:

— overtures toward global governance (SPP, Mexican truck highway, acquiescence on climate control)

— open borders

— attempt to massively pardon invading lawbreakers

— harsh sentence for border patrol agents who fired at fleeing drug dealer, use of this drug dealer’s testimony (with immunity) to convict the agents

— no real advances in the pro-life agenda, with abortion proceeding unabated

— majority of Syrian Christians forced to flee Iraq and now living in Sweden, their churches burned to the ground (they were safer under Saddam!)

— support for creation of a Muslim state in Europe (Kosovo)

— treatment of the far-left Lula in Brazil as a moderate

— support for a trillion dollar bailout bill with no strings attached to the giveaway

— faith-based initiatives providing a means for the State to control major aspects of church policy

— No Child Left Behind greatly expands government, further reverses Constitutional role of the states in education

— acquiescence to the Left’s agenda to strong-arm banks into lending under no-down payment, no-doc policies under the CRA, as aided by ACORN (I have a copy of Bush’s HUD site’s page touting his “Zero-Downpayment Initiative”)

Economically, Bush was a Big Government Republican like Herbert Hoover. The mistakes of this left-leaning politician posing as a conservative have misled some gullible people to believe that conservatism is not viable.

The thing that is not viable, and may never be viable, is the GOP. Their election of moderate Michael Steele as the RNC chair shows they just aren’t smart enough to win any more.

The real story for you to cover is Republicans fleeing to the American Independent Party.


Don Hank

Editor in Chief

Leadership/diversity training is pure brainwashing

Beware “leadership training” and “diversity training” – it’s brainwashing!

Friends, politicians, and particularly presidents, often use weasel words to beguile people. FDR spoke of a “New Deal,” which turned out to be Keynesian Big Government that greatly slowed the recovery from the Depression.

Lyndon Johnson used the “Great Society” to sell welfare.

Obama used “Change” to mask an attempt to nationalize American business and industry.

In the UK, they came up with “Common Purpose” to sell the EU, a veritable dictatorship which makes national governments redundant. Their only purpose: to harmonize (meaning, rubber-stamp) legislation handed down from Brussels.

Below is an urgent message from our friends in Britain. Note the words “common cause” in an Obama speech cited therein. Although the far-left global government advocates at Common Cause are only interested in enslaving Britons (as if mocking the famous lyrics of “Britannia”:  “The Britons never never never will be slaves”), they have inadvertently and unwittingly created a true common cause, namely, the backlash to this insidious plot: throwing off the yoke of the international cabal of leftists and bankers who run Europe like a Chicago gang boss.

The leadership training and diversity training we see on both sides of the Atlantic are only aimed at changing the culture to delete Judeo-Christian values and replace them with a taste for Leftist totalitarianism.

Ironically, this nefarious idea carries within it the seeds of its own destruction: The agents of change are so intent on destroying Christianity that they are inviting hordes of Muslims to Europe. Likewise, for the same reason, they agitate in the “gay” community to spread that gospel of “gay” rights.

Clearly, the Muslims far outnumber homosexuals and once they have enough power, they will inevitably demand, and get, Sharia law throughout Europe. Under Shariah law, homosexuals are to be put to death.

Leftism in its present form will die along with the Christian culture they sought to destroy. This is the same sort of myopia that prevailed in certain islands of the Pacific, where the mongoose was introduced to kill rats.

It turned out the mongoose preferred chicken.

Donald Hank

PS: Be sure to see the alert at the end of this report re. Officer Stephanie Mohr. She is innocent and needs to be released immediately — another victim of political correct “diversity training” in government.

URGENT – Forward this to all you know

Please take the time to watch this excellent interview with our colleague Brian Gerrish. It is a MUST WATCH on both sides of the Atlantic. This interview exposes a force that is largely unknown to the public and even unknown to those who are aware of the coming new world dis-order. This organisation Brain speaks of is pervasive, insidious and VERY DANGEROUS. It is being used to UNDERMINE EVERY ASPECT of society and reshape it with sinister intent. In the UK, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden it calls itself COMMON PURPOSE. We know it is operating in the USA, but under a different name or names. However, it operates in the UK under the guise of “Diversity Training, for Change.” Common Purpose is a registered charity! We would like to hear from you, wherever you are, about your experience with LEADERSHIP TRAINING programmes (including children). Listen to Brian and forward this message because although you may not yet be aware of its function, it will no doubt be happening in your country, city, or town and it is vitally important to expose this nefarious mind changing tool kit. It is employed at every stage of public life, private business, education, health, politics and last but not least – the LAW. It has a massive Global Agenda……………..!

Edge Media Interview with Brian Gerrish – MUST WATCH

See details and links below which provide evidence of Obama’s continued references to Common Purpose which means absolutely nothing to the man/women in the street, but could have sent an insidious message of intent to all Common Purpose Leaders across the world.

The following link is to USA Today , the headline of the 3th October reads Obama: Keeping cool, focusing on ‘common purpose’

“Obama has applied the same model in a presidential campaign striking for its grass-roots strength and lack of backbiting. ‘In a business that is notorious for internal fighting, he’s been able to keep all the people in his campaign focused on the common purpose,’ says Geoffrey Garin, a strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nomination bid.”

AGAIN see The Los Angeles Times  25 December,0,7685076.story
“Obama urges renewed ‘sense of common purpose’ in holiday message”

 Again see the Washington Independent

Obama Makes Closing Argument on Common Purpose

…”Each of us has a responsibility to work hard and look after ourselves and our families, and each of us has a responsibility to our fellow citizens.  That’s what’s been lost these last eight years — our sense of common purpose; of higher purpose.  And that’s what we need to restore right now.”

Text of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address

Obama mentioned the word COMMON in his inaugural address “6 times”. 




Release officer Mohr The case as told by her legal counsel, David Martin of LELDF Prosecutors (did they have “diversity training?) played “the race card” in her second trial and convicted her.