I hate to say it but I told you so

I saw this coming in 2007

On August 1, 2007, I smelled a rat when Dr. Richard Land was scheduled to debate “Christian” socialist Jim Wallis. I had already shown how fallacious it is to try to shoehorn Jesus into the socialist framework. I wrote that it seemed odd that Land (whom I had already spotted as a wolf in the sheep fold) would be debating Jim Wallis unless Wallis knew Land would be playing softball. I said:

… leftists normally eschew debate with biblically grounded Christians.  They debate only when they feel they can gain something in the incremental dialogue toward realization of their socialist vision. Which makes me wonder what Wallis knows that we don’t and whether punches will be pulled in his favor.

This was only a hunch but a very very strong one because I had read some of the politically correct tripe Land had written — including his glowing endorsement of Al Gore.

Now it looks like Land is moving even further to the left and openly siding with Wallis.

But it’s even worse than that, much worse, as Brannon Howse shows in the column below. Unlike Howse, however, I would not stay in the SBC any longer with the ever more leftward-leaning Land in the top echelons of the national organization. It is only a matter of time before things begin to unravel on the local level as the hands at the top get heavier and heavier, push toward more and more socialism and ram more un-Biblical social ideas (same-sex “marriage” perhaps?) down the throats of the faithful. Of course, that is just a hunch.

A very very strong one.

Don Hank


Marxists, Muslims, Mormons, Globalists, and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention
By Brannon Howse


For many years, including in my most recent book, Grave Influence, I have been warning about the rise of ecumenicalism and globalism and my concern that evangelicals would be used to give credibility to these movements.

Sadly, I believe the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission headed by Richard Land is being used to push radically unbiblical, politically correct, and anti-American agendas. As a member of a solid, Bible teaching SBC church, I am very concerned about Land’s activities. However, I think even those that are not a member of an SBC church should be concerned since Land is speaking as an evangelical.

The Southern Baptist Convention is the nation’s largest protestant denomination. I believe Mr. Land’s office, which is funded to the tune of over $3.2 million dollars, is largely working against the Biblical worldview convictions of not only most of the SBC church members but most conservative, Bible-believing Christians.

Land Endorsed the U.S. Muslim Engagement Project and is helping to build Mosques: 

In September of 2010, the Anti-Defamation League formed an “interfaith coalition” to help Muslims build mosques in America. Of course Land did not pass up the opportunity to be involved in one more pluralistic, politically correct project. Why would any Christian, much less a Christian leader, be working to help build Islamic Mosques? Islam is an antichrist, demonic, religion. This is a clear violation of the Biblical mandate not be involved in spiritual enterprises with non believers as revealed in 2 Corinthians 6:14. SBC members are not paying Mr. Land to help build Islamic Mosques.

The name and mission statement of many of the organizations that make up this coalition clearly reveal their ultimate goal is not just building mosques but pushing ecumenicalism. The website says, that member include, the “Vicar for Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Affairs”.  The keyword is ecumenical. Then there is Dr. Eboo Patel whose organization is “Interfaith Youth Core” and his website declares that their goal is “to introduce a new relationship, one that is about mutual respect and religious pluralism. Instead of focusing a dialogue on political or theological differences…”

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Revolution USA, repeat history with a twist

by Don Hank

A look back at the French revolution reveals many surprising commonalities with today’s situation in America.

Yet, if the Tea Party Revolution succeeds, it will not be due to a revolutionary mindset as best described by Olavo de Carvalho (my review; full text). It will be the opposite, but with a similar historical lead-up and tactics ( hopefully with less bloodshed).

The main factors in both revolutions are:





One of the main factors in the French Revolution was an economic one: worldwide famine caused by a weather anomaly. What later came to be known as the Little Ice Age contributed mightily to the timing of the revolution, as detailed by Brian Fagan.

In our case, while there is no famine, there is a shrinking economy, and a looming double-dip recession or even a full-blown depression, as predicted by economist Paul Krugman. Many realize government policy actually caused the initial failure of banks and the consequent economic slide. Most do not.

Regardless of the origin of this current economic malaise, it will eventually parallel the situation in France in 1788/9. Already, the number of unemployment recipients is staggering and is further gnawing at our national treasury, just as the excesses of Louis XV and XVI gnawed at and eventually drained, France’s treasury.

Added to this in France was the intellectual factor, i.e., the wide circulation of the ideas of the enlightenment, which generally called for equality among all people, undermining the notion of divine right of the nobility. In fact, the successful American Revolution added fuel to this equality movement.

But the American Revolution also contributed in a political way to the revolution: In an attempt to vindicate his father’s waste of national funds in the unsuccessful Seven Years War against traditional enemy Britain, Louis XV, Louis XVI, the incompetent king and husband of Marie Antoinette, decided to help the Americans in their war with Britain. Success in that war did not translate into political success for Louis XVI, however, because the aid the French had sent us bankrupted France and further undermined the King’s authority and popularity. Other political factors include the popularity of revolutionary-minded Minister Jacques Neckar and of Maximilien Robespierre. The former’s dismissal gave more fuel to the movement while the latter’s oratory inspired the people to revolt.

It bodes ill for Michelle Obama that her extravagant vacations and leisure life are garnering her the monicker “Michelle Antoinette” – even among Democrats.

It is intriguing that the scenario of the French Revolution is now being turned upside down:

Economically, while most of the ills caused by the government in France were unrelated to the will of the public, the ills in our country were by consent of the governed, who foolishly installed politicians imbued with Keynesian economic ideas. A close look at globalist G.W. Bush, son of globalist George Bush Sr., would have shown us this flaw in his character. Obama, obviously driven by leftwing ideology, could scarcely have been expected to reject the idea of bailouts for banks and businesses, which then could be controlled by the government. This amassing of power in the hands of globalists and Marxists was accomplished by stealth, but it was ultimately the uncritical masses who chose them.

Intellectually, while the ideas that bolstered the French Revolution were strictly leftist revolutionary, the ideas of the Tea Party, promulgated by media personalities and a few politicians, and increasingly, by bloggers and internet activists, are spreading and causing a new kind of movement that could best be called antirevolutionary, if we accept the definition of the Revolution as set down by revolutionaries themselves over the centuries (again, I refer to the masterful work by Olavo de Carvalo).

Spiritually, the French revolution marked an upsurge in the religion of humanism, which has held for centuries, while the tea party revolution marks a turn toward traditional Christian values and beliefs that the French would call “reactionary.” It is no exaggeration to call humanism a religion in this context. The spiritual descendants of Voltaire include Sartre, Camus and a host of artists dedicated to proselytizing for atheistic humanism. A look at French cinema (works like “Jean de Florette,” “The Stranger” and “Madame Bovary,” for example) make this fanatical missionary spirit abundantly clear. Meanwhile, in America, the new heretics, like Jim Wallis and wishy-washy feel-good, “cool” pastors are being rejected for what Americans see as the “real thing,” solid men of God dedicated to the winning of souls from perdition.

Politically, the situation is similar between France then and the US today. The National Assembly in the 1780s had been at loggerheads with the King over issues like equality of taxation (only the commoners were taxed, nobility and clergy were exempted). It was the people against the tyrant at the top. Today we see the will of the people in Arizona, for example, being thwarted by the heavy hand of Obama and an activist court.  In reaction to the general perception of such tyranny, the true patriot tea party candidates (as distinct from the GOP-led imitations) are overthrowing incumbents in many elections. The GOP establishment, even with endorsements from once-popular heavy hitters like Sara Palin and Jan Brewer, is no longer able to sell their wishy-washy candidates at face value. Given the economic climate, the established church is no longer able to sell open borders and amnesty to their parishioners. Even popular icon Ann Coulter can’t pied-piper her followers into accepting a coalition with the homosexual agenda. The establishment is slowly cracking.

Conservatives and libertarians are forming a natural coalition and spreading the ideas of liberty and constitutional government but without the leftwing claptrap.

It is too early to predict anything, but the climate is right for a revolution that is, like the first American Revolution, not a revolution at all but rather a return to common sense, natural law and the God of our fathers.

The Religious Left in Bible Times (Part 2)

by Don Hank

The religious Left, which cherry-picks the Bible to support an ungodly agenda, is as old as mankind. Their antics and the price mankind has had to pay for this misbehavior are, arguably, the salient theme of the Bible. Satan was the first to introduce confusion into man’s interpretation of God’s words. 


Old Testament


Pluralism in the 6th Century BC


America is truly a perfect mirror of Jeremiah’s Israel.  We seem poised  God save us to plunge into total darkness, and hence, into captivity.  We seem to have lost the will and desire to obey God and hence to save ourselves.  Like the Babylonians back then, the Islamists have plans for us today.  And they too practice slavery. It’s a perfect setup if that is in fact what God has in mind (we already have a congressman who wants to be sworn in on the Koran. Is anyone paying attention?). Pray hard not that God will spare us (that would be futile) but that we will not fall into such depravity as to deserve such punishment.


Like the ancient Israelites, more and more American “Christians” embrace the religious Left’s ideal of a pluralistic spirituality.  But God has said: thou shalt have no other gods before me.


Liberalism, Israel‘s undoing in 600 BC, is its own punishment.  That is a constant, and an absolute.


Any nation that embraces liberalism says “all ways, all cultures, all religions, all gods are equal. My nation’s roots are irrelevant; we are all world citizens.”


This laxness, this lack of obedience to God Almighty, led to the Babylonian captivity.


Jeremiah 2:17 – Hast thou not procured this [punishment] unto thyself, in that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, when he led thee by the way?


5:19–Just as you have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not yours.


6:19: hear, o Earth, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it.


To biblical Christians, America is in fact already a strange land and the West is far from home.  Eleven of us have already been arrested and threatened with 40-50 years in jail in America for preaching what the Bible teaches on homosexuality.  Employees have been fired in corporate America for publicly advocating traditional marriage. Pastor Aka Green was arrested and threatened with life in prison for preaching against homosexuality in Sweden.  Pastors in Canada have been fined heavily for speaking the truth.  And this is just the beginning.  The religious Left wants us silenced so they can assert their State religion once and for all.  And the American people seem ready to accept the unacceptable. In fact they seem to relish it. Again, nothing new here, for according to Jeremiah:



Jeremiah 5:31– the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so. (my emphasis)


“Christian” leftist Jimmy Carter, who sniffs in his book “Our Endangered Values” that  American fundamentalist Christians are too publicly biblical for his taste, makes no bones at all about yoking himself with the likes of Leftist leaders Hugo “Smells-of-Sulfur” Chavez and Brazilian President Lula da Silva, neither of whom is too far left or too authoritarian for his taste. To give you an idea of what swell guys these are (well, you already know Chavez), they both wholeheartedly embrace and negotiate freely with the FARC, the outlaw army from Colombia that finances itself by selling billions of dollars worth of drugs destined in large part for American children and routinely commits acts of terror throughout most of Latin America when it feels it is being crossed. But never mind that.  Jimmy is so enamored of Chavez that he declared Chavez’ re-election a fait accompli after a recall vote in which Carter and his team of election-monitoring busy-bodies checked up on only about 1% of the polling places in Venezuela! And that despite the fact that “massive fraud” was alleged by other groups. Carter sees no evil. Besides the fact that Carter is pathologically naïve, he believes seeing evil is gauche and impolite. He loves to talk of peace, never mind that human rights are being abused and innocents murdered wholesale. Who cares? Just talking about peace with people who want America wiped off the map garnered him a Nobel Peace Prize. Life is good. No wonder Jimmy wears that permanent possum-eating grin!


Jeremiah 6:14 – they have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly saying, peace, peace, when there is no peace. 


Deceit : Another Timeless Feature of the Religious Left


Jeremiah 9:8: their tongue is as an arrow shot out; it speaketh deceit; one speaketh peaceably to his neighbor with his mouth, but in heart he lieth in wait.


When it comes to involving the government in stopping the killing of the unborn, the religious Left can think of a million reasons why that’s wrong, including, in particular, the tired “separation of church and state” mantra cut from whole cloth by Democrat Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black back in 1947 and slapped unceremoniously, like a big pressure sensitive sticker, onto the First Amendment, which up to that time, had been about preserving religious liberty.  Yet when it comes to eliminating poverty, “Christian” leftists don’t mind imposing on us little people, through coercive means, the doctrine of debt forgiveness, for example, which, as history shows, does more to enrich corrupt government officials than to help the poor. Later we can count on them to impose an updated version of welfare and socialized medicine, all in the name of Christian kindness.


Further, the religious Left rails against real Christians (yes, that’s what I said real Christians. The Left can call themselves Christians all they want but who am I to judge that they really are? That would be judging, a sin I think) for opposing gay marriage.  Yet these stalwart proponents of “separation of church and state” see no harm in overriding the public’s quaint views on marriage by judicial fiat in order to impose their progressive “Christianity” on the rest of us. Some day, at the rate we are going, Neo-Evangelicalism will be the state religion and questioning it will carry a stiff penalty! That will suit them fine because they know their hypocrisy won’t bear scrutiny.


“But what if they are right that government has a god-given mandate to fight poverty?,”  you say.


I say: we have tried the Left’s poverty solution before, namely, the War on Poverty (=welfare).  30 years after this war was declared, every social indicator screamed that it was a colossal failure: 600% more violent crime, 100% more fatherlessness, 250% more divorce and a several thousand percent increase in child abuse and drug abuse.  Oh, and not to mention New Orleans. Yet the Left, like a dog turning to its vomit, wants more of the same!


It was the religious Left that led Israel into captivity and caused the Diaspora 2500 years ago, by inducing people to worship a plurality of gods, thereby angering the one true God.


Friend, after reading up to here, if you are still wavering between choosing the crumbs of the religious Left and the biblical Bread of life, remember


Matthew 8:36: for what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say that feeding the poor is the way to salvation. Nowhere does He prescribe any remedy to sin other than his own blood and body sacrificed for sinners.


Christianity, as taught by the bible, is uniquely individual. If you are interested in fighting poverty, as we all should be, get a good education and a good job and work to support your family. Tithe ten percent and earmark a goodly percentage of it for godly groups that help the poor in Christian love while preaching the unadulterated Gospel and teaching responsibility at the same time. That is the Biblical way of fighting poverty and, much to the chagrin of the Left, it works.


God’s prescription for poverty is this: Hard work, a healthy lifestyle, godly education and traditional family, with everyone pitching in and helping in times of trouble, prayer of thankfulness in times of plenty and prayer of thankfulness and supplication in times of need. The American Left, on both sides of the aisle, has undermined this godly plan by introducing the satanic idea of entitlements. And we are reaping the harvest of laziness, both mental and physical, godlessness, drug abuse, rampant promiscuity, government dependence, fatherlessness, spiraling divorce rates and a withering lack of purpose among Americans.


Verily I say unto you: anyone who prescribes any method other than the God-given one for curing poverty as a way to gain entrance into Heaven will some day surely hear the words:


Depart from me, I never knew you.


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