The lawsuit none dare mention

The lawsuit none dare mention


By Donald Hank

People all around the world are concerned about the lawsuit brought by Hillary supporter Phillip Berg, charging Barack Obama and the DNC with improprieties centered around Obama’s apparent inability to prove he is a US citizen, and in fact his having presented patently false documents, making him constitutionally ineligible to become the next president of the United States. The latest development is that the failure of Obama and the DNC to respond to the charges brought under this suit is, legally, an admission of guilt, making him ineligible for the presidency. It’s all over the internet.

But the silence in the media is deafening. None of the talk hosts will touch the story. Neither will Fox News.

Just this morning I received emails from two different Brazilian friends, including philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, whose columns we proudly present at Laigle’s Forum from time to time.

One email says:

Dear Don

Please clarify this: “Press Release: Obama & DNC admit all allegations in Berg v. Obama”? 

Is this a hoax? If correct, why nobody says anything about it? The ‘official’ great media I can understand but why don’t conservatives like you say anything?

All the best and thanks for any help,

[name of prominent Brazilian activist]

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My African religion

My African religion

by Donald Hank

A few years back, when I was still subscribed to AOL, I went to a forum that was discussing black leaders.

One poster enthusiastically stated that Malcolm X had lived in Africa and had “the religion” and he knew “the language.”  Since Malcolm X was a Black Muslim who had learned Arabic while in Africa, this poster was obviously positing that Arabic, a language spoken mostly by whites, was “the language” and Islam “the religion” of Africa, where hundreds of languages are spoken and where Christianity came centuries earlier than the latter. 

Around that time, AOL also had another forum called “My African Religion,” whose stated purpose was to introduce readers to various African religions.  No doubt the assumption was that AOL members from Africa would use the forum to describe their various African religions, such as animism and the like.

I couldn’t imagine that many adherents to strictly African religions would even own computers, let alone be able to articulate their religious views in English.

When I went into the forum, my suspicions were confirmed.  There were no messages at all, despite the fact that the link to this forum had gone up several days earlier.

So I decided it was time to post something about my African religion there, and this is what I wrote:

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