Challenging the redefiners and their enablers

by John Haskins

In addition to challenging the redefinition, as Don Hank suggests, we have to challenge the redefiners themselves, especially the ones on “Our Side.” 

We have to identify relentlessly — and as fiercely as Jesus would — the spirit of lazy, sloppy smug, unconscious capitulation.  There is a tragic underlying cause behind this decades-long, and still unrelenting, thoughtless, stubborn, compulsive, even prideful capitulation to the redefinitions offered to us by Satan that have made our “leaders,” pundits and lawyers into very effective servants of the revolutionary left, despite their own certainty that they are heroic, principled, clear-minded defenders of the law and all that the law was meant to protect against the ravages of barbarism. 

For several decades the barbarism that has defeated all our efforts even before they began is the barbarism of the civilized, the clean-cut, “whitewashed tomb” conservative, the sometimes devoutly religious “conservative” elites dripping with professional hubris and imagined moral authority. But not only the “leaders, lawyers and writers and radio personalities.  Yes, it’s also the grassroots on “Our Side.” 

Jesus “got it.”  He was not fooled by the external appearance of a godly people united against the Greek, and Roman pagan barbarians closing in on all sides.  He exposed the hypocrisy and willful blindness of the supposed people of God and their scribes (writers), religious leaders and experts in the law.  That’s why they hated Him.  That is why Jesus, like the prophets of the Old Testament, had to be killed by the self-proclaimed servants of God.  Jesus got to the heart of the matter.  He had to be taken out so the spotlight could be put back on the other barbarians, the pagan ones.

These devastatingly destructive redefinitions of legal terminology and of reality itself are actually just the symptom of the true disease.  They are manifestations of the great heresy of our age, sometimes called the “Prosperity Gospel,” which has permeated almost the entire “church” and includes even the vast majority of the believers who criticize the “Prosperity Gospel” as theology.  To adapt the famous saying by Nixon about Keynesianism, “We’re all Prosperity Gospel adherents now,” in the way we live and think. 

That’s why Alliance Defense Fund, Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ, Mat Staver’s Liberty Scoundrels, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Scoundrels, Hocus Pocus On the Scamily, Wendy Wright’s Concerned Wimps for Amerika, Wildmon’s Amerikan Scamily Association, National Right to Make a lot of Money On Abortion Activism and their allied groups will continue sucking every last dollar out of their donor base until their base either has died off or is in concentration camps wondering when Jay Sekulow, Tony Perkins, ADF, the Heritage Foundation and Focus On the Scamily leaders will score a major victory and get them out.  “Folks, we have to fight this out in the courts!” shouts Sekulow on national radio, as he gives out the call-in number for donations which will go to fuel the private jet, the Maserati, and the real estate for his family.  Focus on the family, right?”

Their endless surrendering of terminology, “Our Side’s” blind, stubborn, smugly inflexible use of terms of propaganda ingeniously provided for us by Satan via the always generous revolutionary Left —  and the resulting obliteration of legal and other concepts are merely symptomatic of a deep pathology. 

There’s a horrible surrender underway. It has been under way for several decades.   And it’s being carried out by the very same “pro-family” “pro-life” and “conservative” leaders, pundits and “legal experts” who make their living “defending life religious freedom, parents’ rights, freedom of speech and constitutional self-government.  It does no good to expose just the redefinitions. You have to expose the redefiners.  That’s what Jesus did.  But they won’t go quietly.  And they know they’re the ones with the media access because they’re the ones the media wants speaking for us and for God.  None of this is accidental.  It’s all part of a brilliant master plan.

The author is a Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government and Social Thought

Plenty of shame to go around

The Right grovels, the Left takes the spoils


We had previously shown how the Bush administration had so willingly run along with the Left’s agenda to provide affordable housing to minorities, demanding that 50% and more of Fanny Mae mortgages go to minorities, and even trying to foist a “no-downpayment” scheme on the public.

Today we look at how the other side of the aisle, including Barack Obama, shamefully benefitted from Fanny and Freddy’s donations.

It is clear from all reports that, while Bush and RINOs groveled to ingratiate themselves with the kingpins of Big Mortgage, these kingpins were pushing for more power to the Left.

The easiest explanation why the Republicans want to run along with this shameful process is that there seems no longer to be any meaningful difference in ideology between the two parties.

We now have a one-party system, and it is up to American ingenuity to destroy this evil empire before it destroys us.

Your fury is ignited and is growing. It may be sufficient to turn enough Americans against the elites who brought on this financial crash to elect a third party candidate.

Not much is known about our most viable alternative, Chuck Baldwin, but he does have some surprisingly powerful endorsements, such as Jerome Corsi.

They say he has no government experience.

Neither did George Washington.

Are you angry enough to ditch the Republicans who helped mightily to bring down the American economy and are now poised to socialize the American financial market?

Do you dare to dream?

Another alternative is to vote for McCain and then be prepared to fight him tooth and nail on issues like finance and illegal immigration for the next 4 years. We have not found the new Reagain, but have you ever considered that you, the American people, can be the Reagan you long for? Think about it.

At any rate, you can start by opposing the bailout like you opposed the amnesty bill. If you give it your best shot, that miscreant legislation will fail.

Donald Hank



From the Heritage Foundation:


Morning Bell: A Vicious Cycle of Their Own Making


“But Fannie and Freddie pushed back hard, turning to friends on the left for protection. Former Walter Mondale and Barack Obama campaign adviser James Johnson led a fierce lobbying campaign to fight reform of Freddie and Fannie. Clinton administration OMB director Franklin Raines told investors when he was Fannie Mae CEO in 1999: “We manage our political risk with the same intensity that we manage our credit and interest rate risks.” Fannie and Freddie’s lobbying power over the left continues to be strong to this day. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the top three recipients of campaign donations from Freddie and Fannie’s PACs and employees are all Democrats. From 1989 through today, Sen. Chris Dodd received $165,400, Barack Obama $126,349, and John Kerry $111,000. The Washington Post concludes: ‘Blessed with the advantages of a government agency and a private company at the same time, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac used their windfall profits to co-opt the politicians who were supposed to control them.'”

Update: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Invest in Lawmakers

Published by Lindsay Renick Mayer on September 11, 2008 11:26 AM | Permalink | Comments (22)

When the federal government announced two months ago that it would prop up mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, CRP looked at how much money members of Congress had collected since 1989 from the companies. On Sunday the government completely took over the two government-sponsored enterprises, and we’ve returned to our data to bring you the updates, this time providing a list of all 354 lawmakers who have gotten money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (in July we posted the top 25). These totals are based on data released electronically from the FEC on Sept. 2 and include contributions to lawmakers’ leadership PACs and candidate committees from the floundering companies’ PACs and employees. Current members of Congress have received a total of $4.8 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with Democrats collecting 57 percent of that. This week we also wrote about how much money lawmakers had invested of their own money in the companies last year–a total of up to $1.7 million.