The wind farm boondoggle

The wind farm boondoggle

by Don Hank

Wind farms are considered an “investment” and governments are trying desperately to attract capital to build them.

However, as Christopher Booker recently wrote for the Sunday Telegraph, they are not a feasible investment.

And there are other issues as well:

First and foremost, any enterprise that requires government subsidies is a scam, and these babies just soak up public funds like a sponge while providing diminishing returns. A bona fide investment is one that the enterprising investor with a little vision can see is going to pay off eventually, either sooner or later. Wind farms without subsidies attract zero capital.

It is cynical and cunning to pretend that a wind farm could be a capitalist business enterprise, because, as the following article shows, the cost-benefit ratios are abominable. The public winds up paying not only at the start but throughout the use of this boondoggle.

Second, the machines are extremely noisy and the property values in their vicinity plummet.

Third, they occupy valuable farmland that is then taken out of use. The value of the crops that could have been raised there is lost forever, replaced by a “commodity” of much lower, and questionable, value.

You don’t save the planet by adding pollution, and noise pollution is pollution. And you don’t provide for a hungry populace by destroying farmland.

The labor and material costs of these windmills are very high and we can assume that any cost analysis including both the land and the machinery plus the labor needed to maintain and operate the system, will wind up showing a constant loss for the public, as well as huge “profits” for the public-private partnerships at our expense. (Some of the first PPPs were seen in Mao’s China. They are typically the first step in a gradual migration toward total and totalitarian communism. No one should confuse PPPs with free market capitalism. They are quite the opposite. Historians will also recognize their similarity to Mussolini’s state-private joint enterprises — a hallmark of fascism).

The bottom line is that the New World Order needs you poor. Otherwise they are afraid middle class people will overrun the planet and make it less desirable for the Self-Elect. They are already nervous about our presence here on “their” planet.

If the world needs clean energy, so far, all things considered, nuclear power is the only way to go, provided the redundant safety systems are put in place.

Reason or empty chatter: it’s your choice

 by Don Hank

Jesus and Stalin’s Dove” is another English-language debut of a column by Olavo de Carvalho to appear at Laigle’s Forum. It is an article about courageously facing reality in a Christian sense – what that means on a cognitive level and the sacrifices needed to be intellectually honest.

In today’s second column by Mr. de Carvalho “The demolition of conscience,” Mr. de Carvalho discusses “cognitive dissonance,” a recurrent theme of his. The term generally means the uncomfortable entertaining of conflicting ideas simultaneously. However, it goes deeper than that.

In our society, shaped by elitists diametrically opposed to traditional American thought, we see cognitive dissonance manifested as a conflict between what we see and hear (what we actually know) on the one hand and what the elitists – largely through media, “education” and government – impose on us (what we are supposed to “know”).

I witnessed a frightening illustration of cognitive dissonance in my hometown in 2008 and 2009, when record late frosts hit and none of the local papers carried the story either year. Obviously, this actual hard, cold fact would have conflicted with the theory of global warming and that was too risqué for the media. But even townspeople I met and spoke with as the frost still lay on the ground were strangely mum when I mentioned that in my 60+ years of life, I had never seen a frost this late in the year. They knew it was true – undeniably so — on the experiential level, but on a social level, they knew that to acknowledge this truth would be improper, even to the point of blasphemy. Gradually, over the years, they had been successfully programmed like Pavlov’s dogs, and I made them uncomfortable – even scared — just mentioning it. Some were willing to discuss it, but others looked and acted guilty, as if the acknowledgement of what we all could see with our own eyes was a shameful sin. In fact it was a sin — a sin against the leftwing establishment that needed the myth of global warming for its agenda: cap-and-trade, carbon credits, tougher emissions limits, etc.

You see, it is no exaggeration to say that Western society is mentally ill, suffering from a virulent kind of neurosis that is refractory to treatment. We need large, frequent doses of therapy. Not psychological, but philosophical therapy.

Olavo de Carvalho’s writings are all, in one way or another, valuable therapy sessions. Each one undoes a little bit of our distorted preconceptions, like untying a convoluted knot.

Over the years in which I have had the unique privilege of reading, translating and performing translation reviews of his writings, Olavo de Carvalho has gradually convinced me that the study of philosophy – a tool for analyzing thought – is by no means just a luxury item. It is in fact the key to the cage in which our minds are confined by our keepers.

Without this intellectual tool, while most of us can make noises — ranging from incoherent to vaguely cogent – in order to generally express anger, pain, frustration and anguish, and while some observers can even manage to sound authoritative at times, we can’t hope to fully articulate what it is we believe, what we desire, what we should love and what we should hate, who are our friends and who are our enemies, and what sacrifices must be made to preserve our American way of life for our children. We speak of peace when we mean war, of war when we mean peace. Of morality when we mean evil, and so on. We’ve been seduced by the “chatter,” to use de Carvalho’s word for it.

This lack of thinking skills to know with certainty, and of language skills to articulate with unfaltering conviction, what we want and why is at the heart of our malaise and of the destructive infighting among conservative Americans. And it’s the reason so few pundits today can define America’s goals well enough to steer us away from the perilous shoals.

Deceit: let’s leave it to the Left of us

Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes.

Russian proverb

by Don Hank

Every time an American patriot falls for a hoax, as I did with a hoax video showing Obama apparently admitting he was born in Kenya, the devil laughs out loud.

Anthony Horvath, author of Birthpangs and owner of the site Athanatos, sent me the below link to the original of that video, clearly showing that Obama did not admit he was born in Kenya on that occasion (Laigle’s Forum partner Horvath has since posted a column on this at Laigle’s):

It hurts our cause when we fall for these hoaxes. After I sent out my acknowledgment that this was false and that I had been fooled by this, one friend emailed back saying he was discouraged from ever reading emails disparaging Obama.

That is, of course, exactly what the Left wants, and it may very well be the Left that is behind this. At the very least, it is not a person who loves truth. It is wrong, it is a sin against God to perpetrate a hoax of this kind or to act dishonestly in a way intended to bring gain or false honor to ourselves. It leaves our cause of freedom with mud all over its face. Leave the hoaxes and fake data up to the Left. Do not borrow this trait from them. You become complicit when you do.

Let’s play clean. If you find yourself forwarding an email without paying enough attention, you owe it to every recipient to admit you were fooled. It is hard, but they will forgive you and sympathize because all of us have been had a time or two.

Pick yourself up after that confession, realizing you did the right thing, a brave thing, and then just march onward in pursuit of truth.

That is what smart scientists do all the time. They find some data that seems to suggest a hypothesis, and they go about finding more data to support it. The honest ones, if they are proven wrong, write up the conclusion reflecting that their hypothesis was wrong, and then they turn around and research something else.

Losers make mistakes and then try to hide them. Winners make mistakes, admit them and then dust themselves off and move on.

Of course, this “post-Christian” era is also post-scientific, which demonstrates that when you give up on the Lord, you have also given up on science and wisdom. This dismissal of science (that is, of facts) in favor of utopian fancies has led us down the primrose path almost to the point of no return. Banks can’t do science — the science of numbers — any more. They are guided by utopian dreams of “social justice,” which is neither Christian nor scientific. In other words, what they put to paper doesn’t work in the real world. In fact, this pursuit of an impossible and unworthy goal brought down banks, mortgage companies and brokerages that packaged and sold bad subprime mortgages (along with some good and mediocre ones) all over the world in a dirty scheme to save their own hides after committing the sin of giving away what was not theirs to give (by lending to the non-creditworthy). Likewise our lawmakers make unconstitutional bankruptcy laws that in fact lead to “legal” theft of goods and property, ultimately leading to equally criminal bailouts and stimulus packages, which also have failed, leading in turn to our official figure of 9.5% unemployment, which translates to over 20% unemployment in real numbers.

Likewise, scientists, like those at the University of East Anglia, can’t do meteorology any more. Instead of honestly reporting the data, as was done in the Old World Order, they tailor the data to suit the needs of world politicians subscribed to the New World Order.

We are a society of deceivers and deceived. It is no exaggeration that even we conservatives have become our enemy.

I was recently invited to join a recently founded conservative foundation as a fellow. Thinking of it as a stepping stone of sorts, and putting aside a slight anxiety over being used, I agreed to join but shortly thereafter, once I saw the shenanigans and petty politics, turned down the “honor” of being a fellow.  For one thing, the director asked me to write a press release billing this brand new foundation as “prestigious.” Sorry, but a brand new foundation hasn’t had the time to be prestigious. Lying is bad enough, but asking someone with conservative credentials to lie for you is beyond the pale.

If only people could see the harm they are doing by stretching the truth. Many of the same people who rear up in outrage against liberals for taking liberties with truth will not hesitate to do the same thing if they think it will bring them gain. For shame!

We can break free only if we are rigorously honest with ourselves and others.

Let me kick off the movement by saying:

I have been had, more than once. I’m sorry, but I definitely am not quitting. I will continue to move on, making mistakes at times, but will never quit.

In fact, I have only just begun to fight. Now let’s move on, America. This is no time to hide our heads in the sand. We have study and work to do. And — in the learning process — mistakes to make and confess.

And nary a soul to tax

Crises crises everywhere…

By Don Hank

 Politicians, with one juicy potential crisis after another at their disposal, have been trying hard to convince us that humans make the weather. Who else could it be, after all? So they got their heads together in Copenhagen to discuss what culprits to tax in order to combat global warming. Taxes are always the remedy of choice for politicians, and all the chief politicians in the whole world showed up, fingers itching to draw up the paperwork. As soon as the politicians got there it started to snow, and it wasn’t just a little snow. It was a near-record snow and colder than it had been in a long time.

It spanned more than one continent.

After Chief Politician Obama returned from his courageous attempt to stop global warming, he found his home in Pennsylvania Avenue covered in snow. 

Politicians put the global warming issue on the back burner, waiting for things to warm up a little. Al Gore stayed home the first week of the conference, but finally showed up the second. He seemed a little, well, uncomfortable, truth be told.

Then the volcano erupted in Iceland and, although it emitted more pollutants in one day than all the factories and cars in the world spew into the atmosphere in months, and although it brought air traffic to a standstill in northern Europe, not even the smartest politicians could think who to send the bill to for the carbon tax. (They’re still working on it I understand).

Just recently, then, in Nashville, Tennessee, a record flood hit, causing more damage than Katrina. In contrast to Katrina, where GW Bush had sent aid a few days after the flood, FEMA didn’t steal the show. Neither did the news teams. It was a boring occasion, with no looting or rapes, no one complaining or threatening to sue or riot, just people quietly picking up and going about their business. (For some reason, it is widely believed in parts of quaint Tennessee that an Act of God is not ascribable to human activity).

Oh, and by the way: a famous politician comes from Tennessee. Who would that be?

Why, none other than Al Gore, the politician from the beginning of our narrative.

It just goes to show you, doesn’t it? I mean: what goes around comes around.

 Click here: YouTube – Nashville Tennessee Flood 2010

Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for posting whistleblowing video

Milan court sentences Google officials to prison for whistle-blowing video

I have shown before that the internet is very much under attack in Europe, which now completely controls it. Censorship-happy Europe is the very worst place to be controlling your freedom of speech.

The world elites are stealing our freedom incrementally by stealth, just as they have been doing for the last century since the founding of the Marxist Fabian Society in England.

Now some Google officials have been sentenced to prison in Europe for allowing the posting of a video clip showing a boy with Down’s syndrome being abused by a group of students. It was hardly what anyone would call graphic or violent footage but it was a good excuse for censorship that could not be left to go to waste.

The group Vividown brought suit and the judge sentenced the Google officials to prison based on an alleged violation of the victim’s privacy. Nota bene: There is no mention of any trial against the perpetrators. Clearly, no one is portraying them in a bad light.

Anyone who expects to be able to use the Internet freely from here on out is not paying attention.

There are at least 2 reasons why the court (in Milan) accepted the suit and issued this incredibly draconian sentence, not on the perpetrators of the abuse but on those who dared to make it public:

1–The elites need to keep progressing toward total control of the Internet until they control it just as tightly as they do the “mainstream” press. Otherwise the masses may eventually break free and demand a say in the governments of their nations.

2–The only way illegal activity can continue unabated is by censoring the evidence — in this case, the video showing children harassing a handicapped boy. The real issue is the violation of the boy’s rights and in a common-sense traditional world, the courts and press would be focusing on the perpetrators and demanding they be punished.

But those days are gone. In the increasingly autocratic EU and in the individual governments of Europe, corruption abounds and officials are routinely getting away with misdemeanors and crimes. Those who take steps to expose them and bring them to justice are attacked in the media in subtle ways designed to make the unsuspecting public believe that telling the truth was somehow a criminal violation of their privacy rights. Thanks to distortions in the press, the issue becomes one of how whistleblowers violate people’s “rights” by telling the truth about perpetrators and abusers of human rights. Attention is diverted away from the perpetrators and toward those who exposed them. Readers are gently persuaded to accept the notion that committing crimes or violating human rights is of little consequence, but that exposing a perpetrator is a criminal violation of privacy.

Think about it. If this new policy of trying and punishing the ones who report crimes under color of “protecting the victim” and ignoring or downplaying the perpetrators is pursued to its logical end, anyone who reports on a crime in detail in the media, particularly by showing images of graphic crime scenes or battered victims, can be considered to have violated the rights of the victim and can be given jail time, thereby trivializing the actual crime itself and inevitably paving the way for increased criminality. At the very least, in a reversal of technological advances, the presentation of videotaped evidence against perpetrators of crimes and misdemeanors would not only be inadmissable (as is sometimes the case already), but in fact would be punishable in some cases by harsher penalties than the crimes it was attempting to expose!

The following site (also from Europe — UK in this case) provides an important hint as to why the elites think it is important to make the whistleblowers appear to be the bad guy in order to cover up for high-ranking perpetrators:

So far, America has not fallen quite this far, thanks in large part to the Internet. But if the European elites can succeed in censoring the Internet throughout the world, it can easily happen here as well, even eventually becoming the norm. (In case you missed the news, control of the Internet was transferred from the US to Europe last year, and since then, the attacks on our freedom have been substantial).

Thus, in order to protect high-ranking evil doers and dictatorial policies, the Internet as we know it is being attacked like never before! They can’t afford to have you know the truth.

Europe has long been a dictatorship — where the people now have almost no say in any of the lawmaking process or choice of lawmakers or judges — but sadly, few Europeans realize it. Most are under the influence of the sensational media which keep them dazzled by images of glamorous stars and athletes, cats rescued by firemen, “global climate crisis” and the latest cinematic achievements.

We will see more and more of this censorship and down-dumbing as time goes on. The pretext is privacy, but the real issue is freedom of speech. The use of Down’s syndrome as an excuse to censor is a new and creative one. Just wait. There will be thousands of such excuses and each one will seem “justified” to the uninitiated who fail to understand what is going on behind the scenes.

But legal censorship isn’t the only way to silence sites like this one. Recently, the far-left site Tecnorati condemned Laigle’s Forum as “neo-nazi” for the article “Enjoy the internet while you can.” Other than mention of an anonymous report, no reason was given for this, but my best guess is that I had mentioned in the article that the far-left Frankfurt School was founded by a group of Jewish German Marxists who came to the US in the early 30s to avoid the impending Holocaust. My use of the word “Jewish” is no-doubt deemed anti-Semitic by the hypersensitive tecno rats, and this pretext is no different from the use of Down’s syndrome as an excuse to go after whistleblowers. Of course, if I hadn’t mentioned they were Jewish, the reader would have been left wondering why a group of Germans would be fleeing before the impending holocaust, so the use of the word was clearly not racist. Besides, I didn’t say anything negative about them, only that they were intent on destroying traditional American culture, and that’s a positive for the far left, so what’s the problem?

But the point is: for a group of Marxist activists desperate to censor, any excuse will do.

There is very little time left for the public to wake up in time to save what is left of the New Media from the wolves.

Enjoy it while you can. Or better yet, help save it by spreading the word.

Don Hank

European censorship

Is God Almighty laughing at Gaia?

God Almighty on the job after failed stint by Gaia

By Don Hank

If you live in the northern part of the US as far south as Washington, DC, you will notice that there is a lot of snow outside your window. And there was a lot of it out there this weekend too, more than you had seen in many years. Several photos appeared in various publications showing a snowed-in White House — the residence of Barack Obama, who just a few weeks earlier had tried desperately to get the world’s richest countries to pay a global tax for supposedly causing global warming.

The “global warming” strategists have created a perfect alibi. Now they are saying that if it gets colder that is because of global warming. If it gets warmer, well, you know. Their Copenhagen climate conference didn’t work out, but they are determined to do damage control. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this. But after all, we are talking about the Left.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think God is in charge of the weather, and if I were Him, I would send mankind an unmistakable reminder right about now.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe like a larger than usual snow storm during the Copenhagen conference, and then maybe some record or near-record snows later in the year just so folks would not forget Who is in charge.

Now, if you are a Gaya worshipper like Al Gore, I don’t really mean to rub it in, but it sure looks like God Almighty has taken back the weather-making function. Not that He had ever relinquished it in the first place, mind you, but it was time for Him to make it clear.

Let me remind you of something: The Communist Manifesto calls for the abolition of religion and religion is what global warming is really all about.

By suggesting that man could be the weather-maker, leftists defy a plethora of passages in the Bible affirming that God is in charge of the weather.

Matthew 8: 23-27 tells us Jesus stopped a violent storm with a few words.

Yet in his book “Earth in the Balance,” Al Gore deliberately chooses to write worshipfully about the pagan goddess Gaia, who was once associated in Pagan world with the forces of nature. It’s not that he really believes in Gaia. It’s just that he wants to deliberately slur the Bible, because as a leftist, he feels compelled to do so. Real leftists aren’t currently at war with other religions, especially pagan ones like Gaia worship, so they can appear religious while committing the most heinous acts of blasphemy against the living God.

They see Christianity as the real enemy, and the tantalizing concept of man made global warming as a means of defeating it just sort of fell into their laps. The trouble is, the hacker who managed to break into the computer system of the department of the University of East Anglia, which had been charged with keeping and interpreting the climate records for the entire world, proved that they were massaging the data to make it seem like the earth was warming when for any objective scientist, there could never have been a clear-cut, unequivocal conclusion based on such tenuous data.

So why would they go to so much trouble to make us believe a myth?

A lot is at stake. Modern scientists think it is their duty to demonstrate that God does not exist in order to further the “progressive” cause. Darwinists have done the same sort of propagandizing for years, particularly in the origin-of-life area. Ben Stein’s movie Expelled shows the enormous lengths to which they will go to keep certain data and ideas away from the public – including firing academics who even suggest they may believe in the Creator. They act as if defeating the notion of a living God is a matter of life and death.

I personally waged a mostly one-man debate against a group of Darwinists at the forum on Stephen Meyer’s book “Signature in the Cell” and discovered how incredibly childish and silly their little games can be. For example, when I linked to Stein’s DVD at the Amazon site to support an argument about how Darwinists bully, the moderator momentarily changed the price of the DVD from less than $20 to $999.99 (changing it back shortly thereafter to avoid detection), and during this time, someone at Amazon, without my authorization, re-activated a seller account I had closed 9 months earlier, and someone “bought” a book I was no longer selling, trying to embarrass me. However, the Amazon moderators did me a favor, proving my point that Darwinists are bullies better than I could have without that perfect illustration. Leftists never learn.

And on a higher plane, God has His ways, and all the lies and distortions of the Left always com to light, leaving the Left with a black eye. Be sure your sin will find you out.

The Tower of Babel was a symbol of the Left in Bible times. This bunch, attempting to trivialize the Almighty, wanted to build a tower that would reach to heaven, but God stopped them in their tracks by confounding the builders’ tongues so they couldn’t understand each other.

Global warming was the same kind of idea, an attempt to displace God, making people think that puny insignificant humans were in fact in charge of the weather.

But they were found out, and now the “global warming” movement is in disarray.

And best of all, while we powerless humans who opposed this diabolical agenda could do nothing but pray, God did the heavy lifting.

Just look out your window.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

Global warming takes hit / Take action on DOD pro-homo policy

Action item: DOD awards homosexuals coveted “victim” status

Don Hank

A friend sent me this email this am, along with the link at the bottom:

“Go to the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s website and blast him as did I. Can’t let the homos and their apologists get ahead of us on the blog there. Encourage others on your list serve.”

There is a lot to tell here. First, I can’t get to the below-linked site or even to my own site Laigle’s Forum ( with my msn / Internet Explorer combo, and some of my friends can’t either with their servers. There is definitely some hanky-pank going on! (Anyone else notice this with your server?)  I finally got on by using Mozilla Firefox, which I strongly recommend using — especially if you can’t open the link below. My post at the DOD site (if it gets approved):

I have a military friend in the UK who knows what it is like to serve with openly homosexuals in the military. His experience is that the homosexuals are promoted ahead of heteros and then they in turn promote those who will go along with their proclivities and serve as playmates. Heteros not only take a back seat in promotions but, more importantly, are harassed.
The military is not supposed to be for sex games, but you are letting political correctness change that perspective.
Now that America has fallen into the moral irrelevance of Rome, there is no longer a major moral high ground in the world, no moral authority and leadership. Our “men in uniform” are by no means any longer defending a clear-cut moral example for the world to follow. Any nation with a smidgen of morality can defeat us in the propaganda arena and – I don’t say this lightly –  deserves to.

Under this president, and with this weak-kneed military “leadership,” we are  no longer by any means unambiguously the good guys.

We need no longer worry about losing wars. We need to worry about winning them.’t-ask-don’t-tell/comment-page-1/#comment-1505

Dutch officials enraged at new blunder in climate report

By Don Hank

The global warming myth took another major hit recently.

Here is my partial translation of an article appearing in Volkskrant this morning:

According to the IPCC (International Climate Panel) report of 2007, Holland is 55% under sea level and 65% of the GDP is earned in that area.

The data are wrong, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics [in Holland], which contacted the weekly periodical Vrij Nederland (Free Netherlands). According to the CBS, only one-fifth of the Netherlands lies under sea level and about 19% of GDP is earned there.

“I am very incensed,” says Environment Minister Cramer. “And I will not accept any more errors.” The sea level flap follows earlier revelations that figures on the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas are wrong and probably based on an informal estimate of the World Wildlife Fund.

The Volkskrant is a Dutch center-left mainstream newspaper. I was unable to find an English language source for this information:

Republicans get a bum rap in financial crisis

Don’t blame the Republicans for the financial crisis


Ken Brinzer

Blaming the current problems of the economy on Bush, McCain and the Republicans doesn’t cut it.   Here’s why:

1.  In 2006 Bill Lockyer the Democrat California State Attorney General sued the Big Three Automakers – soon perhaps to be the Big Two American Automakers – claiming they were responsible for global warming. 

(Caveat: While this suit was dismissed, I begin with it not because it caused significant economic damage per se, but rather because it is indicative of the highly imprudent use and abuse of legal power by government AGs that existed in 2006 following the Spitzer era (noted in Item two) and the colossal economic damage done in that era; and I observe that such an economic environment constitutes a great impediment to the operation of private sector entities on a profitable basis.)

2.  Eliot Spitzer the Democrat New York State Attorney General sued Mutual Fund industry over after hours trading violations.  He followed that siege with another long high-profile siege over the fees of mutual funds being too high. Then he followed the mutual fund campaigns with high profile long-running lawsuits of the CEOs of the New York Stock Exchange, General Electric, and the American International Group over compensation matters.

As a practical matter, the threat of Spitzer prosecutions loomed over our markets for a several years, undermining confidence in our markets, and doing grave damage to the reputations and goodwill of major corporate names needlessly.  Icon logos such as the NYSE, GE, and AIG were slimed along with countless other entities that played crucial roles in capital formation in the American economy, and ultimately by extension, all American enterprise around the world.

3.  Twelve States Attorneys General (Democrats) entered into a class action lawsuit and sued the Bush Administration for it’s easing of environmental standards on power plants (2003) as part of the Bush Administration’s plan to assist a distressed economy post the 9/11/2001 attacks which had gravely damaged the American economy. 

4.  Congress passed Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002 and it contained the pernicious mark to market FASB 157 accounting rules to be applied to level 3 long-term, hard to value, highly illiquid assets.  In November 2007, the Royal Bank of Scotland issued a warning  that if enforced these mark to market accounting rules would result in losses to American Banks and Brokerage firms in excess of $100 Billion.  By early fall 2008, Five Hundred  Billion Dollars of losses attributable to the imposition of mark to market accounting rules (FASNB 157) constituted 70% of all losses that had been sustained up to the bailout.  Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd the Chairman of the Senate Banking and Urban Affairs Committee knew of the warnings and the dangers related to mark to market valuations applied to level 3 assets, and yet he never managed to lift a finger or advocate any means to mitigate against the cause of these catastrophic losses.  Instead, he just watched as those rules destroyed over $500 Billion of vital American economic infrastructure, and then pointed his finger at others.

5.  In a vote along party lines Democrats blocked reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2004 while there was still time to stop their mad dash to insolvency.  This was long before the real estate bubble had reached epidemic proportions, while there was still time to stop the reckless behavior of Freddie and Fannie, behavior that contributed mightily to a colossal real estate bubble, then a pernicious credit crunch, and a market contagion that crippled the economy.

6.  Again Sarbanes-Oxley, this time though another provision of that congressional enactment that worked to reduce the number of Initial Public Offerings in the United States by 90% following its passage.  In brief, until Sarbanes-Oxley was passed, fifty percent of all successful Initial Public Offerings in the world originated in the United States.  After it was passed, the percentage of all Initial Public Offering originating in the US dwindled to five percent of total Initial Public Offerings.  Meantime, the number of Initial Public Offerings in London and Hong Kong skyrocketed.

7.  The Janet Reno/Clinton (Democrats) Justice Department threatened lending institutions with prosecution to the fullest extent the law allowed, if loans for socially good purposes were denied.  The result of this threat was that lending institutions that might have used prudent financial underwriting for loans that qualified as socially good purpose loans did not dare decline those loans on grounds they were too risky.  This set up a pernicious template for lending as should now be evident to all  

8.  Democrats consistently sided with extreme environmentalists in opposition to new domestic oil and gas development.  This exacerbated American dependency on foreign oil and made us both vulnerable and virtually without recourse as oil prices rose meteorically hurting consumers as well as manufacturers throughout the United States.

Those who would still insist on blaming the current nightmare threatening our economy on Bush, McCain, and the Republicans can of course vote however they please.  Hopefully though, the majority of voters will not be fooled by the deceptive rhetoric of those who would blame Bush, McCain, and all things Republican for the monumental economic catastrophe that so many Democrats have engineered and disingenuously try to blame on the other guy. 

It’s time to pin the tail on the donkey where it belongs.  It’s time for Americans to stand up and take their country back at the polls.  Now is the acceptable time.


Ken Brinzer is 62 years old, and lives with his wife, a high school chemistry teacher, in Penn Hills, PA. He and his wife have been married 34 years and have 3 adult children.  He is a financial services professional, licensed both as a life insurance agent and a registered representative series 6. He holds a BA degree in Spanish from Rutgers (1968).  He served in the USAF for 4 years 1968-1972 and attained the rank of captain.  He is a practicing Catholic, reads at church, and loves God, Family, and Country and the splendor of truth.


Global Warming: Evolutionary “Science” Warmed Over?

By Anthony Horvath

I need to admit from the beginning that I have not personally investigated the data said to be for or against Global Warming.  That said, I have been watching carefully how Global Warming is being promoted and defended and as a long time observer of how Evolutionary Theory is defended, the similarities are striking.

Examples of censorship against skeptics of Evolutionary Theory are now so numerous that Ben Stein just produced a whole movie on how those who advance ‘Intelligent Design’ are castigated and even have their careers threatened for taking a view that is not strictly Darwinian.  Have we not seen similar tactics employed in the Global Warming debate?  There are many examples, including comparing skeptics of Global Warming to holocaust deniers, threatening to fire climatologists, and more.

There is one unique difference between Evolutionary Theory and Global Warming, and that is that each of us, as ones living on the globe, can get a sense for themselves whether or not it is warming or cooling in any dramatic fashion, but we do not all have access to all the fossils.

I can tell you that in Wisconsin it was a cold winter and it lasted long!  Anecdotal, to be sure, but it makes one wonder when the Global Warming talk begins and hearing that long cold spells are exactly what you can expect from a warming globe certainly raises eyebrows.  What would you expect from a cooling globe? Hot spells?

It is very telling that promoters of Global Warming have resorted to tactics long employed by Evolutionists.  Rabid Darwinist Richard Dawkins famously said, “It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).”  It is not long- indeed, the day may already be upon us- before those who are skeptical of Global Warming make the same kind of statements.

We must ask ourselves why the proponents of Evolution and Global Warming feel like they need to advance their positions by using such hostile methods. In the case of Evolution I think the answer is obvious:  the science itself isn’t nearly as conclusive as we are led to believe.  As such, the position needs to be advanced with blunt force since the evidence is not as self-evidently persuasive as other, less controversial, scientific facts.  Might it be that Evolutionary Theory is actually propelled by philosophical naturalism and not the evidence as illustrated by another quote by Richard Dawkins, that evolution made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist?

Science has certainly done great good, although it has handed us numerous ethical dilemmas as well.  Yet few probably understand that what passes as science these days isn’t always like the science they learned in high school.  There we learned that science proceeded along a method:  first you make some observations, then you hypothesize about those observations, then you craft experiments which will tell you more about your hypothesis, and you do this a number of times, testing different explanations and challenges to the data you are generating, and eventually you come to the point where you can generate a theory out of it all.

It is here that the similarities between Global Warming and Evolutionary Theory become uncanny.  All of the really controversial aspects of Evolution happened in the past, outside of observation and beyond experimentation.  We have fossils, which must be interpreted, and we have small scale examples of variation within similar organisms, but the rest of extrapolation.  Nor can we make any precise predictions on what kind of organisms will emerge in the future, since the biggest driver of evolutionary change is change to the DNA code itself- which is random.  The theory is impotent in offering anything more substantially concrete beyond predicting that species will change, which anyone who has seen a baby and noticed that it is different than its parents will observe.

Moreover, you can’t falsify the theory because uncomfortable data merely calls for a revision of it, with no realistic hope that anything would actually refute it.

Global Warming seems to be developing along similar lines prompting us to wonder if it too might be agenda driven.  We observe the weather all the time, but as far as performing experiments at a scale that could actually tell us whether or not humans are causing the putative warming, that is an entirely different matter.  Short term weather forecasting has improved a great deal but attempts to predict how many major hurricanes there will be in a season have been embarrassingly off.  The year 2008 is producing a fair number of tornados, many more than previous years (though not all years), but as near as I can tell, there were not siren calls in 2007 telling us to watch out this particular year.

There is also the curious fact that according to the same data, the earth has endured numerous warming and cooling cycles with no help or hindrance from human activity.  What kind of experiment is being proposed that will help us distinguish between a global temperature change brought about by public policies and a change brought about by natural processes alone?  I am aware of none.  I am not even aware that Global Warming proponents think it important.

So whether it is hot or cold Global Warming is a scientific fact just as Evolution is a scientific fact whether it happens fast or slow (see Punctuated Equilibrium).  And don’t you dare question whether it happened!  Your job is at risk if you do.  That is perfectly justified, since if you do, you are ignorant, stupid, or insane- or possibly wicked.  Naturally, you don’t reason with stupid and insane people, and wicked people you must oppose as a matter of course.   Right?

No, I have not yet formed an opinion on Global Warming, but it appears that skepticism is called for.  If others were to become more skeptical- even of scientists- who knows what towering theories would tumble.

Anthony Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries.  He is the author of the Birth Pangs series and his apologetics website,, is frequented by both believer and unbelievers.