Conference Calls for Defense of Family through Film and Culture

Anthony Horvath, a contributor at Laigle’s Forum, is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries which in turn is an apologetics organization with a unique bent:  it aims not just to defend the Christian faith through evidence and argumentation, but by influencing the culture through the arts.

Their second annual online apologetics conference has a more narrow emphasis:  a defense of Biblical marriage and the family through film, video, and movies.  After all, the family is constantly being undermined in our movies and sitcoms.  Homosexuality is being normalized right beneath our noses, and with it gay ‘marriage.’  The defense will have to be mounted not just at the political level, though.  We’ll have to fight fire with fire.  And, as it happens, Christians were never supposed to abandon the arts to secularists, anyway.

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Since the conference is held online, you can participate from anywhere around the world.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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  • Gene Edward Veith, Jr. Provost and Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College, the Director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary, and columnist for World Magazine.  Website.  Topic:  “Cultural Apologetics.”


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Whether this is good or not, it is the reality.  Today, attitudes and beliefs are often shaped by the things we see and the movies we watch.  For some Christians, this would prompt them to consider withdrawing altogether from our media rich society.  However, movies, music, art, and literature are all expressions of human creativity- and humans, though fallen, still are made in the image of the Creator God.  Our artistic endeavors bear witness to our created nature and therefore have the potential to open eyes, hearts, and mind to the nature of the Creator.

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European Court imposes immorality on Russia

The European court, which has played the part of God to packed houses in continental political theaters for decades, is now trying to assert the same role in Russia, demanding that this sovereign nation yield its sense of moral rectitude to the decadent West’s political correctness — and specifically, demanding that Russia allow “gay” parades and even pay a fine for past infractions of “human rights” in refusing to allow such parades.

Meanwhile Russia has always maintained that homosexuality spreads disease, is unnatural and offends the morals of Russians. 

While the sheeplike European nations have invariably fallen into line behind the unelected officials of the EU, I somehow can’t see Russia bowing to this pressure from the Western know-it-alls.  If they do, these snotty elites will have achieved what Napoleon, and later Hitler, were unable to do when they sent their armies into Russia: make her bow to the wishes of an arbitrary and godless foreign Empire.

Many Christians and the politically incorrect are — secretly or openly — hoping Russia stands her ground and refuses to cede her sovereignty to the arrogant European Court. Most probably think the Russians will flout the decision just to flex their muscles and show us who is boss.

That would certainly be one good reason for them to hold their ground. After all, like China, the other non-western super power, Russia has never shown the least bit of sympathy for the nebulous notion of “interdependence” that is the philosophical foundation for global elitism.  However, Russian history provides clues to an even more deeply rooted motive.

From the 1860s on, there was a smoldering social revolt gaining ground in Russia as the ideas of the “enlightenment” began trickling in, primarily from France, carried back by young aristocrats who had been to Paris and other European capitals and had been infected with the libertinism reigning among young university students there. The ostensible premises for change were political but were served up on a platter garnished liberally with heady promises of sexual freedom irresistible to young Russians of all social strata.

Thus from about the 1860s, Russia was shepherded into a European style socio-political revolutionary mindset that paved the way for the actual revolution in 1917.

But as with all revolutions, unexpected consequences set in. In retrospect, the revolutionaries should have seen it coming. Older Russians, even those sympathetic to the revolution, always had a disdain for the French and their moral depravity, as evidenced in the works of authors like Tolstoy and Turgenev.

Very shortly after the revolution, this titillating sexual apéritif that had provided a kind of euphorigenic drug, numbing the masses to the otherwise less-palatable realities (the blood baths and internecine warfare that led to the murder of thousands, including the czar and his family), was quickly swept away, supplanted by a rigid totalitarianism intolerant of the young idealists and their romantic notions of free love and Parisian-like communes. Anyone nourishing hopes of restoring the cherished libertinism was crushed. Some went to prison, others were murdered, others simply disappeared.

The fiery young poet Mayakovsky committed suicide. Others did the same as it dawned on them that the paradise they had longed for was turning into a sexually repressed hell, at least by their jaded standards.

Now, in terms of mores and sexual libertinism, Europe is approximately where Russia was then. So which way will Russia go this time, you ask?

It is clear that ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the government was in no way sympathetic to the “gay” culture that had tried to carve inroads into its cities. The Muscovite mayor consistently refused permits for gay parades and when the “grassroots homosexuals” defied the bans, he bashed heads.

If we consider that Russian strong man Putin comes from the old-regime’s KGB, it will be no surprise if Russia decides either to ignore this decision by the European Court or even to drop out of the European Convention of Human Rights.

If that should happen, then we can put this Russian intransigence together with China’s refusal to upgrade its Renminbi and glimpse a picture of a West crumbling under the weight of its greed, arrogance, lust for power and loss of common sense and Christian values that once gave it moral authority over the rest of the world.

The West that once gained the upper hand over the Evil Empire, is quickly going bankrupt both economically and morally. As things turn out this time, it is not too big to fail either way no matter how many nations get together and bleat in unison.

Because bears aren’t afraid of sheep.

copyright© Don Hank, M.A. in Russian Studies

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In defense of traditional marriage

I previously presented the first round in an exchange in which I defended traditional marriage against an influential proponent of “gay” marriage. It is worthwhile to consider the arguments both for and against marriage in order to become more effective in the fight for our culture. Every one of you who believes marriage is sacred and is between a man and a woman is now considered the enemy by our leftward tilting elite in media, education, academe, the psychology racket, and, increasingly, in government. But you don’t have to sit and take it. Not by any means! Their arguments may sound intellectual, but it is all a facade, and you can break it down instantly with a little training.

Here is round 2 in my discussion with Charles Haynes. My responses are in brackets:

Hi Don,
Thank you for your very full and interesting response.  I am not trying to sway you on this issue.  I recognize that deeply-held convictions are at stake here [pro-homosexual activists like to speak of “deeply-held” convictions of religious people who oppose them. Are they trying to say that their own convictions are shallowly held?]
But I do have a few additional comments in response to the points you made.  Your Brazilian example offers some support to the arguments made by advocates of same-sex marriage:  When interracial relationships were legally recognized as “marriage,” people did accept these marriages, “whether they liked them or not” — as you say.  Having grown up in the deep South, I can assure you that many people rejected interracial marriages as marriages (some still do) — but, of course, were forced to “accept” them for legal/civic purposes after the Supreme Court’s decision in Loving.  This is now happening with same-sex marriages in Mass. and in some countries. [But interracial marriages were still recognized as marriage, legal or not. My focus was on the definition, not the legality. That is why I use quotation marks around “marriage” when it is preceded by “same-sex”]
I am not an expert in the history of marriage, so I will continue to read about it (including the authors you suggest).  But I think the struggle of women (and their supporters) to change the legal definition of marriage in ways that give women basic rights is well-documented [Unfortunately, the “victimization” of women hurt them more than it helped them]. I understand the “protection” argument (from another era [Are you trying to say protection of women is outdated…?])… but I think most of us now recognize that in matters of property, inheritance, divorce etc., women were indeed exploited in that system [But marriage was between a man and a woman. That was the definition. You are getting off-topic].  This is, of course, still the case in many parts of the world.  Most women most certainly do not “rule the roost” in much of the developing world. In India, for example, the treatment of millions of married women is appalling. True, there is a tradition of women taking charge of the household in families where the husband is the bread-winner (although this usually means the mother-in-law with the wife often treated very poorly).  But for the many poor women who do the back-breaking work in the fields while husbands often do little or nothing… women who have little protection in a culture that traditionally defers to male power and dominance … it would come as a shock to be described as “ruling the roost.”  I have spent considerable time in India — and I can only hope and pray that marriage continues to be redefined [Is marriage not a union between a man and a woman in India? I think you are being creative with the word “redefine.” They won’t need to redefine marriage to protect women. BTW, I wonder if Indian women would consider it safe to be sent on a bombing mission in Iraq, why the work would not be back-breaking if men did it and why it is more abusive for women to do hard work than men] there in ways that finally and fully protect women.

I agree that same-sex marriage is a very significant redefinition of “marriage” (bringing to the surface relationships that have existed throughout history, mostly underground [But never referred to as “marriage” in the past.]).  For those who believe as a matter of religious conviction that this is wrong — and that the sexual activity associated with same-sex relations is “unnatural” and wrong — no amount of “acceptance” of homosexuals in society will make same-sex marriage “right.”  I understand that. [But do you understand that not all proponents of traditional marriage are religious – or at least not all Christian? Please check out this article on that subject].  But I think the consequences are more likely to be good for society, rather than the dangers you cite.  Gay relationships and families are a reality that will not go away [Is the fact that you think “gay” “families” won’t go away an example of why “the consequences are more likely to be good for society”? If so, then we could also say terrorism will not go away, so we need to legalize it so that we can control it better, right?].  Legal recognition and state benefits will help provide stability and strengthen gay families [Now you are redefining “family.” I do not accept this redefinition].  After so many decades of “marriage” being debased in our culture (quickie weddings and divorces, TV contests for picking a wife/husband, etc), recognition of same-sex marriage may strengthen the meaning of marriage [Please show me how “gay” marriage would remedy the problems with heterosexual marriages. BTW, “gay” men have well over 100 sexual encounters on average over their lifetime].
As for adoption, that’s easy [I think a more appropriate word is “facile”] for me.  I know a number of wonderful same-sex couples with beautiful, well-raised children.  I would leave my children to them in a heartbeat.  [Many people have been charged by the police with being a pedophile and people said that about them too, before they were caught. BTW, you never answered my question: If homosexual adoption is ok, what is wrong with pederasty? You can’t answer that, can you?]. The larger questions about how couples have children “artificially” [do you feel uncomfortable using the word “artificial”? If so, why? If not, why the quotation marks?] applies as much or more to straight couples as to gay [As much? Even though most straight couples can have children without artificial insemination?].  I realize the ethical questions are complex and the subject of much debate [Subject of much debate only in a hopelessly corrupted society, which is what the West has become]. But the desire of people (straight and gay) to have children is strong — and these various methods are here to stay [Only if people in authority positions allow that to happen. It is clear where you stand. You now sound much different than in your article, where it almost seemed that you were neutral. You quickly have shifted into high gear for homosexual “marriage.” Really, if that was your agenda in the first place, you should have told the readers that you had chosen sides —  not that it wasn’t obvious for those of us who read between the lines]. So we need to continue to press for the best ethical guidelines for the use of these methods [or for discouraging people from using them. Don’t forget that option].
I do believe abuse of children is “objectively wrong” [But Mr. Haynes, you keep redefining things, so I have no idea what you think child abuse is! I had asked you why pederasty is abuse and you couldn’t answer that. And you wonder why conservatives are leery of “culture change”?]– and I think the arguments for protecting children [“protecting children” has become an excuse to remove fathers from children’s lives in “family” courts throughout the West. It has already been redefined. See why I don’t like redefinitions?] are deeply ingrained in our legal system.  I see no connection between legalizing gay marriage and child abuse [What do you mean by “child abuse”? I am sure your definition is no more traditional than the other definitions you are busy eroding, and that is worrisome].  On the contrary, I think increasing the number of stable, loving homes for children, including many unwanted and abused children, will help address the problems of child abuse. The fact that a small number of (disturbed) people promote such things as pederasty is a red herring [Again, why are they “disturbed”? Only a few years ago, homosexuals were recognized as disturbed, until they organized well enough to represent a powerful interest group capable of bullying psychologists. Once pederasts get that much power, how will people combat them? By your method? That is, by redefining our vocabulary? Lord forbid! Culture changers like you really scare me, and I am not saying that as a scare tactic. I am 100% serious].  There are groups of people in this country that promote all manner of evil things… [how do you define evil? Today, that is. I know that tomorrow your definition may be different].
When I travel to nations in Europe, most recently Spain, where same-sex marriage is legal, I find most people see this as a matter of fairness — and think it is healthy for their societies [They think climbing in the ring with a raging bull armed with nothing but a cape is healthy too, Mr. Haynes. Let’s be serious here].  This is new, of course, and my observations merely anecdotal — so the jury isn’t in on how this change will ultimately affect Mass., Canada, parts of Europe etc. What does seem to be the case, however, is the legal recognition of gay relationships will continue apace in the many parts of the world (including, surprisingly, Latin America [doesn’t surprise me a bit. Latin America has drifted to the far left, and the Left is anti-family, as confirmed by their own writings — which is why they constantly redefine “family”]).  The challenge will be to strengthen marriage for all — and to ensure that the welfare of children is a high priority in public policy.  That’s where we should be focusing our attention in my view. [I would only ask what the definition du jour of “welfare of children” is. I am sure that in your mind, that is “the subject of much debate.”]
Best, Charles 

Charles Haynes
The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
202/292-6293 – office


Just a reminder that

December 15th is
Bill of Rights Day

Let us give thanks to the Divine Author of Liberty

Dear Friends of Liberty,

There’s still time to register for the Bill of Rights Commemorative Banquet on Monday, December 15, 2008. I hope you are planning to join us.

I am including as an attachment a copy of the registration form and cover letter for the banquet. I hope you will forward it on to others, even persons in other states. We would like to hear that there were observances of some kind in every state!

For the Bill of Rights,
and the Ten Commandments,
Carris Kocher
Bill of Rights Bicentennial Committee
P.O. Box 912
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A dying man’s wish for America’s children (please forward a link)

 Have you ever spoken with a person who is dying of AIDS? Do you think they would beg you to be more “tolerant” of the lifestyle that is killing them? If so, you will be surprised at the following article.

Please, if you never forward another message in your life, do forward this one by James Hartline, who is dying of AIDS but has received God’s salvation for his sins, and cares deeply about young people who are being lured into this hellish lifestyle by cynical PC politicians, teachers, professors, media and dangerously ignorant friends and family who are “tolerant” but not compassionate enough to warn them. Forward a link to this article ( to your whole list, and make sure it is seen by your loved ones who may be flirting with the homosexual lifestyle. It is that important!

Please read James’ message prayerfully and thoughtfully and try to grasp the extreme significance of what he is saying here.

I believe that if everyone in America read this message, there would be no more indifference, in the schools or government, toward the problem of homosexuality. Instead of teaching our children how to “do” it, they would teach why they shouldn’t! Barney Frank would either get saved or be voted out of office. Government would stop pandering to “gays” and start reforming our country. There would no longer be unisex bathrooms in schools. The bathhouses in San Francisco would shut their doors forever. There would be no more lewd “gay” parades like the one in Folsom Street last summer, or in many of our big cities. Philadelphia would stop touting its status as the “gay” capital of the USA.

American municipalities would stop arresting Christians who warn about homosexual sex.

Mainstream denominations, including even “conservative” ones like the Baptists and Southern Baptists, would lift their shameful ban on frankly discussing homosexuality in church and in the pulpit, pretending it is not a problem or a sin.

Television preachers would sermonize on the subject, causing people to weep and flood the altar with tears of genuine repentance.

In short, there would be a real Holy Ghost revival in America and the healing would begin-both spiritually and physically.

Donald Hank


The Journal of James Hartline

Preparing For My Departure

But Running My Race Until I Leave!


How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality

A Chapter From The Journal of James Hartline:

Gaining Life By Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ


Part 1: August 4, 2008 — Facing Death 


     It was another very hot, muggy day as I walked towards the UCSD Owens Clinic, a medical clinic in San Diego where I have been treated for AIDS and Hepatitus C for the past ten years.  Throughout the early part of the summer of 2008, I had been experiencing episodes of extreme fatigue, heavy night sweats and weight loss.   I attributed most of the symptoms I was enduring to my exhausting schedule.  From competing as a candidate for the San Diego City Council to a recent speaking tour in the state of Ohio, I  was tired and I really had pressed myself to the limit.  However, this day was an even more trying time.  It took all of my strength just to get over to the doctor’s office.


     As I headed quickly towards my appointment with the physician who specializes in treating patients who are co-infected with AIDS and Hepatitus C, I was really laboring to walk the three miles to the clinic. With each passing minute I was becoming sicker and sicker.  Something was wrong — very wrong.  I was literally pouring sweat from every pore in my body and the loss of fluids was draining every ounce of strength left in me.


     With a faith in God that has been tried and tested in the fierce fires of great affliction over many years, I walk everyday with an unshakable confidence in the promises of Jesus Christ.  His promises to me are ultimate truth — truth that will see me through every trouble that I will face today and everyday that follows.  Despite the fact that I suffer daily with physical pain, I am confident that Jesus Christ will heal me from every disease because His word promises me this eternal gift: His body was broken and crucified so that I might be healed.   


     This is the attitude that I woke up with on the morning of August 4, 2008 when I was scheduled to see the liver specialist at Owens Clinic.  The previous night had been a miserable one for me.  I barely slept, waking up every two or three hours soaked in my own sweat.  Throughout the night, my joints hurt so much that I felt like my back was being realigned by an invisible and cruel surgeon.  I sluggishly got dressed and then ate a couple of spoonfuls of cold cereal before heading out the door.  With anticipation that the doctor would provide some answers to why I was enduring such an unusual affliction, I headed as quickly as my tired carcass would carry me to Owens Clinic.


      Upon arriving at the clinic I fell into a waiting room chair.  Within a matter of minutes I was wisked into the nurse’s room where my vitals and weight could be checked.  As the nurse was taking my blood pressure, I suddenly jerked my head up and declared, “I am going to throw up!” 


     “Hold on!” the nurse responded as she ran out of the room to get me a plastic bucket to vomit in.


    Within five minutes I was vomiting convulsively.  The room began to spin and I was headed for a black out.  Something was terribly wrong and I was sinking fast from my harsh reality, a reality that I had not previously experienced in the nearly eleven years I had been fighting the AIDS virus.


     Things soon went from bad to worse. The doctors were so concerned with my disintegrating condition that they decided to immediately admit me into the hospital.  Left for a few moments alone in one of the examination rooms, I began to weakly cry, “What is happening to me Lord?”  I really just wanted to go home and lay in my own bed, but I simply had no strength to move, much less make it to my house.  There are times in life when the most we can communicate to God is the simplest, but most sincere of all prayers, “Help me God.”  And that is what I prayed as I nearly blacked out.


     For two agonizing days, I laybeing in a hospital room at the University of California, San Diego.  It was a mysterious illness that had attacked my body.  With IV’s in a number of sites on my arms, I was pumped full of pain medication and at least five or six other medications designed to make my bodily functions work more normally.


    The doctors tested me for everything imaginable, but mysteriously, they could not find any foreign viruses, bacteria or other culprits that were causing my bleak condition.  To this day, my doctors have not been able to diagnose what attacked my body earlier this summer.  Like I have done so many other times during the past eleven years of fighting the AIDS virus, I simply drew close to my God, crying out for His revelations and a resolution to my affliction.


     Over the weeks that have followed since the attack against my body, the Lord has revealed to me a reality that brings me so much closer to a deeper walk with the God who reigns in Heaven and on this earth.  As I began to recover from this time of intense sickness, the Lord explained to me that He had allowed me to go through a baptism of affliction, a passing through a river of death, where a more intimate relationship with my Father in Heaven would be forthcoming.  The attack against my physical body was a spiritual one that had manifested itself with many dangerous physical symptoms.  According to the laboratory tests, my liver was toxic.  My liver enzymes were thirty times normal.  My immune system was diminished and not producing the normal number of t-cells required to fight off diseases.  My digestive system was in complete chaos as my entire being was under assault by this enemy.


     After leaving the hospital I was tested for dozens of unique diseases, as well as typical ones.  The doctors were not able to find any infections or diseases that had caused the type of illness I had battled over the summer.  These doctors are some of the finest HIV specialists in the nation and if a disease was causing my illness they would have found it.  In the midst of seeking God for relief from my affliction, I was privileged to hear from my Father in Heaven in a most unusual way.  What God has spoken to me during the dark nights of my summer ordeal has initiated in me a new and profound understanding of His call upon my life in this generation. 


     We are not guaranteed to live this day out, but as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ we are required to live each day as if we will not be here tomorrow.  If I were to leave this earth tomorrow, what would I want to be doing as I depart?  That is the question that the Lord impressed upon me during the time of my recent sufferings. 


     “What is it you hear in the night, in your suffering,” God would ask me.


      I would toss and turn as my body sought to find a comfortable place to lay on my bed in the midst of my heavy night sweats and extreme aches and pains.  I responded to God’s question by saying, “Lord. Lord  I hear the haunting sounds of many mothers crying out for their sons to come home from the homosexuality that has taken them away to a place of destruction.” 


     The voices of these mothers haunted my mind and I was not sure at the time what was more painful for me, my afflicted body or the realization that these mothers live with the knowledge that their sons are destroying themselves.


      “Lord, I also hear the cries of a young sister who misses her brother, a brother who has abandoned her and the rest of his family for the degradation of a homosexual relationship.  And I hear a dad who agonizes over a son who he did not spend more time with.  A son who is now lost to a homosexual lifestyle that will eventually kill him prematurely.”


     God responded to my answers by saying to me, “You have heard correctly.”


     Then the Lord announced His new edict for my life.  The Lord proclaimed to me, “I am taking you to a place in this nation where you are going to fight to get those children back.  There is a chance they will come back, but you will have to make even greater sacrifices in your life than the sacrifices you have already made in obedience to Me.  And in this battle to save these lost children, you will be willing to make those sacrifices if you love them enough to give up your life for them.”


     The Lord has instructed me that I now must make myself even more vulnerable to humanity.  In doing so, there is the weight of knowing that the greater one exposes the intimate details of one’s struggles in this life, the greater there will be persecution and mockery and pain.  Yet, isn’t that the experience of our Lord as they beat Him and exposed His tortured and naked body to the world while hanging Him upon the cross at Golgotha?


Part 2: September 16, 2008 — Night Turns To Morning


     It is now the month of September and the sickness that tortured me during the earlier part of this difficult summer is completely gone.  I actually feel healthier now then I have felt in years.  Still, I am often awakened during the hushed late night hours by the haunting voices of sisters and mothers and fathers who weep over their lost sons and brothers, and their lost sisters and daughters, all of them having gone astray into the homosexual life with all of its horrific and terrifying outcomes.


     The suffering of so many families who cannot resolve the loss of their children to  homosexuality is the reason that I am about to do something so extremely personal that I have not been willing to do such a thing before.  The struggle of so many men and women who would leave homosexuality and lesbianism, if they were shown the way, is the reason I am about to begin this incredibly significant new phase of my ministry. 


     In all of the years that I have been in public ministry, from appearing on the 700 Club to having my life story told throughout America on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, I have never revealed the contents of my personal journals.  For the past ten years, I have kept scores of journals that contain the most intimate details of my battle to overcome homosexuality, dealing with AIDS, and other important issues in my life.  On the pages of my journals are my life and death struggles, the dreams and visions given to me by the Lord, and my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions as my mind was being converted from the depravity of homosexuality to that of a man who has the mind of Christ.  These are my secret diaries and contained in them is the descriptive essence of my transformation into a man of God where all old things pass away and all things become new.


     I am opening up my life so that many lost souls will be retrieved from the fires of hell.  I fully intend to rescue as many lost souls as I can from those unending and eternal flames of torment.  And if I get burned up in the process, then let everything that is left of me burn up.  The Word of God instructs me in Jude v.22-23: “And have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh.”


     God did not bring me this far so that I could look the other way and not feel the despondency and the hopelessness of so many families as they grieve over their sons and daughters who are now engaged in homosexuality and lesbianism.  There is also the added weight of knowing that there are people in our world who are actually deceiving these lost sons and daughters into accepting homosexuality as some type of gift from God. This is a demonic lie, a trap designed by Satan to lure as many as possible into an eternal hell that they will never, ever be able to escape. 


     Does true love look the other way or does true love challenge the enemy until he releases these sons and daughters from their impending demise?  My heart beats with a love that will not allow me to remain silent nor standing on the side with those who are too apathetic to care about the condition of the lost children of our generation. 


     My journals will reveal the hope of deliverance from homosexuality that is available to every human being who seeks the power to be set free.  Where there was once so little hope in our society, God is now saying through me, that there is a new wind blowing across these United States, a wind that brings refreshment to the thirsty souls who are bound up in sexual depravity.  Things are now changing in our nation.  We are not of the same old stale religion that was willing to sacrifice a generation to the deviancy of unfulfilling sexual urges.  No, we are so much more than what has been seen in previous generations.  The fires of deliverance have begun to burn in our nation and these awesome flames shall not be extinguished.


     It is, perhaps, the most evil of all of the devil’s assignments, that an arrangement has been made to allow members of the clergy to stand in pulpits under the sacrificial cross of Jesus Christ while such clergy proceed to tell their congregations that being involved in homosexuality is not a sin, but rather the act of two people who love and care for each other.  This deception must be challenged by the true servants of the Lord because the eternal destiny of souls is on the line.  With the Lord’s help, I fully intend to battle against this deception and to contend for every lost soul trapped in the snare of sexual depravity.


      All of my struggles, my pains, and my victories are stored in my journals.  Today, I allow you to read an entry from my journal that I wrote nearly ten years ago when I was crying out to God to be delivered from homosexuality.  Surely you can see that the Lord did not abandon me in such a humbled state.  Indeed, He did for me exactly what His word promises.  One of my favorite passages in the Bible that is a constant reminder to me that God will always do what He has promised to do according to His word is found in Romans 4:20-21:  “Yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.”  The Lord Jesus Christ granted me complete freedom from the very homosexuality that had kept me spiritually, mentally and physically crippled for thirty years.


Part 3: From The Journal of The Dark Days

Entry 1: Dated March 2, 1999 


These are the words I wrote as I approached a place of near death.  Infected with

AIDS, battling the use of crystal meth and alone with no family, these words are

the cries of a man who was dying and so very close to the fires of eternal hell.  

     “I am so sick.  I am now closer to dying than ever.  And I am pushing myself closer and closer to that point where I will no longer exist in this world.  How does a forty year-old man learn those things that he should have learned as a child?  I ask myself this day, can God teach me at this point in my life to learn what I should have learned as a child?  Will He even answer me?  I have sinned and sinned and sinned against God, against my fellow man, against myself.  Why should God heal  me from AIDS?  Why should He do anything for me when I have refused to obey  Him?  I have been disloyal in every way to Him.  I have been unfaithful to Him in every way.  I don’t know how to be faithful or loyal to Him.  I don’t know how.   I never learned how.  I ask Him to forgive me for all of these grievous sins and show me how to be obedient to Him.  I need so many miracles.  I have HIV.  I am a compulsive homosexual.  I am a compulsive drug addict.  I am a criminal.  I am a liar.  I am dishonest.  I am disloyal.  I am a thief.  I am lazy.  There is nothing good in me.  If there ever was a worse person, I don’t know him.  How does God do His will in a person like me?  Oh, what a transforming miracle I need from Him.  If He doesn’t help me than I am doomed to die the failure that my parents created.  I am all alone.  O God be with me.  I pray this day that He will appear to me and that He is with me and will work this out.  Only God can help me now.” Dated: March 2, 1999

     In the spring of 1999 you didn’t have to ask me if I was dying.  I looked the part and most people who dared to gaze at my emaciated body just assumed I was suffering from some terminal illness.  In reality, I had been spiritually dead for many years and now my physical appearance was merely catching up to the coffin that my spiritual existence had been buried in for decades.

     By the spring of 1999, I had been suffering for nearly two years with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.  In 1997, my obsession with homosexuality and crystal meth had led me to become infected with the same deadly disease that had already killed millions of men who had given themselves over to the gay lifestyle.  Added to the physical tortures that came with AIDS was the burden of knowing that I had never been able to overcome my involvement with homosexuality, no matter how many times I had tried.

     In my journal entry from March 2, 1999, I was crying out to God to deliver me from the sorrows that had harassed me physically and spiritually for so many years.  I had never wanted to be plagued with homosexuality and yet, like so many others have stated in our society, the homosexuality had been a part of my personality since childhood.  I had first begun to experience homosexual desires at six years of age.  For years I had pleaded with God to set me free from a desire that the Bible clearly calls a sin.  Not just any sin, but a sin that the book of Revelation says will keep the person out of heaven forever if they practice it and refuse to repent.

     When I began keeping my first journal in 1999, I was a classic spiritual misfit because of the homosexuality which had controlled my way of life.  Prior to 1999, there were periods of time when I would renounce the homosexuality and give my all to follow God and go to church.  When the homosexuality would control me, then I would cease to go to church.  I was never one to engage in hypocrisy.  It was either all homosexuality or all church, but never the mixing of the two.  My conscience would never allow me to be involved in overt sin at the same time that I was sitting in the church and praising the Lord.

     Little did I know that God was truly and intently listening to my prayers during all of those difficult years when I would scream out in the midnight hours for His help.  Sometimes my heart would feel as if it was being seared with an acidic wounding as I pled for His help because I would interpret God’s delays as denials of my requests.  Of course, this tortured assumption on my part was the result of fear, rather than faith, controlling my beliefs about God.

     Oftentimes, God’s timing is not our timing.  Thus, we think that God is not listening to our pleas as we continue to suffer.  Many men and women who have prayed to God for deliverance from homosexuality have not recognized this critical reality.  There is a time for everything under the sun.  Unfortunately, most men and women who are practicing homosexuality, and who also claim an experience with Jesus Christ, have not waited for the timing of God’s miraculous intervention.  In turn, they give up on God and give themselves permanently over to live a life of complete sexual depravity.

     In 1999, God was about to intervene in my own life and answer the thousands of prayers I had prayed to be set free.  His intervention intensified during the time when I was starting to feel the real affects of the AIDS virus.  That was His time for me to begin the real battle for my freedom from homosexuality.  God’s timing is different for each man and woman.  The sooner we understand that, the better off we will be in our respective journeys to freedom.

     God’s plan for bringing me out of homosexuality was not the same plan that I had envisioned.  I was too fatigued in my life to have wanted any more suffering than what I had already been through.  My own personal strength was not a concern to God when He began to take me through my deliverance.  In fact, God was about to drain every drop of my own strength out of my life, leaving me mentally, physically and emotionally bankrupt.  God didn’t want me leaning on my own strength.  He wanted me to learn to depend solely on Him as my deliverer, my strength and my comforter.

      Deeper wounds and heavier sorrows, these were the realities that I encountered along the path that God was taking me on as I struggled through the afflictions of AIDS, homosexuality and drug addiction.  There was nothing in my life that I found enjoyable at that point.  And that is just the way that God wanted it.  I was literally experiencing my own funeral, a funeral where the pleasures that I had previously experienced in homosexuality and drug use, were no longer viable.  Someone once said that we only change what we can no longer tolerate.  I have found that statement to be mighty true in my own life.

     The Bible describes in Revelation 2:10 the full spectrum of the process that God brought me through in delivering me and granting me a permanent victory over homosexuality: “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

     To know God is to know suffering.  It is the way of Jesus. That is why He was willing to go to the cross and die for us. The reward that comes at the end of the suffering far surpasses the pains caused by that same suffering. That is what the writer in Revelation is describing when he talks about the crown of life one receives if they remain faithful in the midst of the trial of suffering and the imprisonment to sin.

     God tells us in His word that if we are to apprehend Him, then we must follow the same path that Christ took to the cross.  The great difference between myself and those who are still in bondage to homosexuality is their attitude towards suffering in this life.  The man who refuses to pick up his cross, or refuses to deny his flesh, will never be able to give up homosexuality.  Homosexuality is completely selfish and self-serving.  A person who is not willing to die to self, so that God can mold that person into a new creation, will never draw close enough to the Lord to be purified and changed into His image.  Instead of being transformed into the image of Christ, that person will always remain a slave to sexual sins of the flesh.

     I know that many people are looking to my life example of leaving the homosexual lifestyle as a sign of hope that men do overcome that sin.  I know that I carry a tremendous responsibility in my assignment and I take that assignment very seriously.  How I live my life in public is the same way that I live my life behind closed doors at home, one of obedience to the will of God.  As I share my road to redemption with the readers of the Journal of James Hartline, I hope and pray that you will come to know the consuming satisfaction that I have come to know in living a life of complete abandonment to Jesus Christ, the eternal savior of all mankind. 


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“Defenders of freedom” attack decency

“Defenders of freedom” attack decency


Below is a press release from the Stop the ACLU Coalition regarding the latest ACLU attack on decency.

For those bleeding hearts who really believe that the ACLU (and its mouthpiece organizations like the American Library Association) is actually trying to protect freedom of speech by demanding that semi-pornographic material be made freely available to your children, let me say that this wonderful group never once, to my knowledge, demanded that religious material be made available to children, or that literature showing the harmfulness of the “gay” lifestyle, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, and literature by people or groups – like Exodus International – showing that people can escape the dangerous and depressing “gay” lifestyle and become normal, heterosexuals and can even marry and have children of their own, be put on our library shelves.

Perhaps they just forgot.

Or perhaps the ACLU are a bunch of filthy, slimy hypocrites whose sole purpose is to degrade and cheapen America, destroy our children’s minds, create more fatherlessness, more crime, more rape and more misery. Those are just some possibilities. I have no criticism of this lovely freedom-loving group and hope they are not offended by this statement. After all, I admit there is a chance they really are sincere lovers of freedom. And a monkey may some day play the Moonlight Sonata by accident.

At any rate, folks, without asserting this option to offer, in our libraries, decent literature that counters the pro-gay Leftist agenda (in other words, the anti-smut literature option) before we succeed in defeating the ACLU, we are allowing this despicable group to set the rules, demanding that decent people fight with one hand tied behind their back, and then pay the winner’s bills! This absolutely must stop, and that is the stated purpose of the Stop the ACLU Coalition.

Here is what I propose:

Any municipality or local library that is challenged to include indecent literature on its shelves must do 2 things:

1 – Immediately make sure that there are books on the shelf that present the opposing viewpoint. Library officials should make sure that there is a good supply of these opposing books. They should place the same number of opposing books on the shelves as they have of the offending ones (not more, because the ACLU could cry “bias.”). However, each time one of the opposing anti-smut books is checked out, someone should replace it on the shelf with another. They do not have to do likewise with the offending books. And they can make sure that a trusted person always has a copy of the smutty book checked out so that no one ever even sees the garbage.

Meanwhile, the library has every right to contact groups like Exodus International, AFA, FRC and the like to acquire their pamphlets and other literature to post at strategic places in the library.

2 – Then in the meantime, the community that supports the library should get in touch with one of the law firms that defend decency and try to make the ACLU back off.

I want to make it clear that my opinion is not necessarily that of the Stop the ACLU Coalition and that Nedd has not vetted it. But it is my opinion and the ACLU says (I think) that I have the right to express it (but they’d do anything to shut me up).

Donald Hank


Contact Nedd at the Stop the ACLU Coalition at for media inquiries, interviews & other questions.  

The Nampa, Idaho Public Library did not need to bow to the ACLU’s demands

In a case that is perhaps not well recognized nationally, the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho sent the city of Nampa, a Boise suburb, a letter threatening litigation if it did not accede to its demands.  The letter was in response to a June decision from the library board to remove two books, The Joy of Gay Sex & The New Joy of Sex, from the general area to the library director’s office where access could be obtained only upon personal request.
Press reports stated that a request from a Nampa resident in 2006 to remove the books was met with unanimous rejection from the 5 member library board.  They also stated that Nampa’s mayor, Tom Dale, had since replaced 3 of the 5 board members with those of his own choosing.  These 3 individuals, one of which has since left, voted in a 3-2 decision in June of this year to restrict these books from  general circulation.  That was met with a threat from the ACLU.  The library board, weighing the legal costs of taking on the ACLU, took the assumed safe way out by voting to return these books to the general population.
“While it is certainly noble and definitely important for public officials to keep citizens and specifically taxpayers in mind when spending money to defend cases like these, the fact of the matter is the ACLU resorted to one of its favorite weapons, their old trusty and threatening snail mail letter, to force Nampa officials to cave in to a matter in which they were legally on solid ground to resist”, says Nedd Kareiva, director of the Stop the ACLU Coalition, based in Indiana.
The Coalition urges Mayor Dale and the library board to reconsider their decision and make contact with a public interest law firm, like the Alliance Defense Fund or Pacific Justice Institute, to assess and take on the case.  Since groups like ADF and PJI would defend the city at no charge, it is in Nampa’s best interest, both legally and from a public relations standpoint, to use this tool to the city’s best financial as well as public interest.  Many times, though certainly not always, the willingness of public officials to use a firm like ADF to go to bat for them forces the likes of the ACLU to retreat as the ACLU’s legal arguments frequently fail when put to the test.
And such was quite the case in the 2003 landmark decision between the United States government and the American Library Association, along with the ACLU.  In a 6-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court found that a law previously passed by Congress requiring public libraries that take taxpayer funds to provide Internet filtering was indeed constitutional. The court cited significant points such as (1) the government has a compelling interest to restrict minors from harmful materials like Internet porn, (2) there is no constitutional right not to be embarrassed (from a library patron making a personal request to disable such filtering) and (3) libraries historically have had leeway in considering what books to allow and reject by separating “garbage from gold”.  As such, the Nampa board and the city were on solid legal ground but were apparently misguided to believe they were mandated to put these books back in the general circulation.   
The director of Stop the ACLU now finds himself in a somewhat similar matter with his son’s school library on a book brought home Tuesday by his 6th grade son, Steve.  The book, Dating & Relating: A Guy’s Guide to Girls, is a book that, at the very least, belongs in a high school, if at all.  There are offensive sections in the book, such as tacitly endorsing fondling each other’s private parts and detailed definitions of items pertaining to the sexual anatomy.  There is a section that is factually in error on how AIDS and HIV can be acquired.  There is even a page dealing with what a guy might do if he thinks he is gay.  On top of all that, one of the references at the end of the book is to the website of Planned Parenthood and its arguably disgustingly vulgar teen site known as Teenwire.   
The Coalition will post more information on the actions taken by Nedd and the Indiana school involved on its website at as they become available (the current article containing details and commentary of the Nampa matter is now up on the website).  We will also contact the city and library board of Nampa and respectfully request a reconsideration of their actions, not in a dare to the ACLU but to rightfully (and legally) restrict books that have no business being out in the open.  We will further be discussing this on our Blog Talk Radio show today from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern Time and which can be accessed at  The show can be accessed thru its archives if listeners cannot listen live.  There will be reflections on 9/11 today and such will be the primary topic of the show but there will be ample time, possibly towards the end of the show, where we will discuss this case.
“Although we hope to keep the ACLU far away”, states Nedd, “if they interject themselves into this matter between the school and myself, they will have an aggressive fight on their hands and in the end, they won’t know what hit them.  We will expose them for who they are, what they stand for and we will make it abundantly clear to the public of its agenda to deconstruct society into its own gutter image”.

McDonald’s unmasked

McDonald’s unmasked

By Laurie Higgins


In a recent letter, “Global Chief Diversity Officer,” Pat Harris, wrote that, “McDonald’s is associated with countless local and national affinity groups here in the United States. We have a well-established and proud heritage of associating with individuals and organizations that share in the belief that every person has the right to live and work in their community free of discrimination.” What precisely does GCDO Harris mean by claiming that homosexuals have a right to live and work “free from discrimination”? Does he mean that they should be able to live and work without being harassed? If so, we’re in complete agreement. No one should be harassed anywhere anytime.

Or, is he asserting that they have some sort of right to community approval of their sexual practices? If so, from where does that right derive? And is every group that is defined by anomalous sexual desires and practices owed that same right? Will McDonald’s stand in unity with all these “affinity groups”? Will  McDonald’s cheerfully associate with the national affinity group NAMBLA?

What Harris neglected to  articulate is whether McDonald’s believes that community members have the right to discriminate between moral and immoral conduct. Everyone I know believes that those who self-identify as homosexuals have a right to live and work in their communities free from harassment. Everyone I know believes that those who self-identify as homosexuals are equal in dignity and worth to heterosexuals. No one I know hates homosexuals. But many believe that homosexual conduct is immoral.

Just as every human has a right to live and work free from harassment, every human has a right to hold and articulate beliefs about which behaviors, sexual and otherwise, constitute moral behaviors. The most prevalent belief throughout history and in virtually all societies has been and continues to be  that homosexual conduct is profoundly immoral and destructive to the lives of individuals and the fabric of society. McDonald’s can ensure a workplace free from harassment without supporting organizations whose central mission is not to end harassment but to impose radical views of deviant sexual practices on America through demagoguery and censorship.

Kayla, a MacDonald’s Customer Response Center spokesperson, wrote that “it’s important to note that McDonald’s respects and values people. Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives and integral components of McDonald’s culture. We believe that by embracing our differences we are better enabled to value and respect other people as well as understand differing points of view.

Does McDonald’s “embrace” all differences? Do they embrace the differences that distinguish sadomasochists, polyamorists, pedophiles, and apotemnophiliacs? Do they embrace the differences that distinguish kleptomaniacs, pornographers, and lazy people?

Are they embracing the differences that distinguish the homosexual community, that is to say their homosexual practices? In other words, is McDonald’s embracing their sexual practices and embracing them because of their practices? Will they embrace all diverse sexual practices? One would hope that McDonald’s would serve the needs of their customers irrespective of their behaviors-sexual or otherwise.

Moreover, does McDonald’s embrace the differences that distinguish evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics? If so, how does this embrace manifest? Will McDonald’s affirm the convictions of evangelical Protestantism and Roman Catholicism? In order to honor their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to better value and respect the differing viewpoints of diverse groups, will McDonald’s embrace the differences that distinguish these groups?

What the “global diversity officers” at McDonald’s don’t seem to grasp is that by embracing the philosophical commitments of the LGBTQ community, they repudiate the philosophical commitments of Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and many Protestants. One would expect that McDonald’s, as a business enterprise, would refrain from taking positions on arguable, divisive cultural issues. The thickheaded diversity officers don’t seem to grasp the simple truism that no individual or organization can embrace mutually opposing principles. It is a logical impossibility. The solution should be obvious: conduct business and leave the transformation of public sentiments on controversial moral issues to others.

As long as McDonald’s affirms the destructive deceit that homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality, my family will not be financially supporting McDonald’s.

By the way, someone may want to inform GCDO Harris that diversity simply means variety or multiformity; it does not denote the beatified triumvirate of “race, gender, and sexual orientation.”




Change you can fall for

Change you can fall for

By Donald Hank


Change is the hallmark of the revolutionary, and it is not change for the sake of some greater cause. Change is the cause.

When the first red revolutionaries slithered out of the sea, their ideology and agenda revolved around the the worker. The first page of the newspaper Izvestia bore the slogan: Workers of the world unite!

The Left seemed to be about social justice for the worker in his struggle against capitalist injustice.

I say “seemed” because the situation of the worker remained grim throughout Soviet history and the government never tackled this problem in earnest, focusing instead on propaganda painting the West as the author of their ills.

In Soviet publications, gallons of ink were spilled over the plight of the international worker, but the plight of the Soviet worker never changed tangibly since 1917. Soviet workers suffered constant shortages of food and housing. Married couples shared small apartments in the most squalid conditions while the elite partied.

I glimpsed this disparity between attitudes and platitudes while studying at the University of Leningrad in the early 70s with a group of American students. Following our studies, we took a side trip by rail to the Estonian capital of Tallinn.  I sat in a car with our Russian language professor and about a half-dozen other students playing guitar and singing folk songs.

After a while, our tour guide came to the door and invited me to join him in another car with an honored guest who was a Communist party member. You’d have thought party members were in short supply.  I told him I was needed as part of our entertainment. I will never forget his response. Smiling condescendingly, he said “That lady is a mere teacher. You have the opportunity to meet a party member.”

Where was the classless society? If she was a nobody because she was a teacher, what about the factory worker, who was supposed to be united with his international comrades in the glorious future revolution?

I understood at that moment that the “change” the Bolsheviks had wrought was hollow and had been from the beginning. Among themselves, they made no pretense of such idealism. And I suppose they assumed there was no point in pretending in front of me either because, as an American capitalist, I could be assumed to share their disdain for the little guy. The social change, i.e., elimination of class barriers that constituted their platform, was clearly only a pretext for grabbing power from the naive. Now they had it and that was the end of the pretense.

What I am driving at is that the Left does not have a central ideology or platform, as much as they would like you to think they do. They are about destroying the existing order, the status quo, and that is all. Once traditional culture is dismantled, they have accomplished their mission and are done pretending to help people.

Take the example of China’s Chairman Mao and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. These two dictators mouthed the world communist ideology of freeing the worker from oppressive capitalism.

Now, note that both Castro and Mao, like the early Soviet communists, disdained homosexuals. Fidel had them arrested.

Today, however, the Left in Europe, North and South America protects homosexual “rights,” advocating “gay” marriage and promoting the homosexual lifestyle, “protecting” homosexuals against “hate,” particularly on the part of Christian pastors, who have been fined and arrested, even threatened with horrendous jail terms for preaching the biblical viewpoint on homosexuality. There is no more talk of workers and their rights to enjoy the fruits of their labors, even though workers everywhere have recently lost as much as half their purchasing power in about a year’s time. So has the Left changed its agenda? I rather think it never had one and never will.

Now I have spoken with sincere Christians who have expressed the view that homosexuals are victims, born with a genetic makeup that causes them to desire the same sex, and that denying them “marriage” is sinful. Senator Obama has expressed this belief. “Christian” Leftists like him helped birth this absurd and anti-biblical notion.

But isn’t it curious that, say, Hugo Chavez and Brazilian President Lula, who promote homosexuality  and advocate laws that “protect” them by criminalizing free speech, nonetheless seem ideologically compatible with Fidel Castro, who openly hated homosexuals during most of his career? Where have you heard that Fidel and any other Latin American leftist have ever feuded over this ostensibly so vital issue? Where was the debate between these intimate allies on an issue that is so profoundly important to the Left in Latin America that legislation is written based on the absurdity that “gays” are a victim group threatened with extinction?

Or what about the Left in Canada, where the Human Rights Commission rounds up and arraigns pastors and others who oppose homosexuality but at the same time, rushes to the aid of Muslims, by far the deadliest enemies of homosexuals, whenever anyone   especially a Christian, opposes that religion?

Where is “workers of the world unite” when we need it most?

So what do you think? Is the Left really unified behind an ideology or agenda or is it unified behind a distorted view of the world that is independent of ideological content?

Olavo de Carvalho, who has studied leftist thought in greater depth than perhaps any other scholar, showed in a recent lecture (unpublished) that Leftism is not an ideology or agenda, but merely a reversal of common sense, a rejection of things normal and natural that rises to the level of a pathology.

The perceived ideologies or agendas they flaunt are nothing but a means to an end, and that end is the end of civilization.

Once they achieve the power they crave, they will no more aid homosexuals or minorities than they now aid the long-forgotten worker.



The formula for poverty, by Olavo de Carvalho

Want to know the fate of the US in a few years? Just watch Brazil.  The similarity in the trends are astonishing, particularly the way the parties of the “right” grovel before the Left.

Brazilian President Lula has the reputation in the US of being something of a moderate, supporting leftist ideals on the one hand while maintaining the free market on the other. This little sop thrown toward market economics has enabled Lula to fly under the same radar that exposed the antics of the more flamboyant Hugo Chavez.

But behind the Lula mask is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist.

On the surface, one might think what is happening in Brazil has nothing to do with us.

One would be dead wrong.

As Olavo de Carvalho has pointed out before on this site, what is happening in Brazil today is a depressing reflection of what can easily happen in the US tomorrow, ie, the loss of the free market – and it will, unless we wake up promptly.

What Mr. de Carvalho has noticed and so many others are missing, is that our nemesis is not the hard Left, but rather the lukewarm right.

Look at the unmistakable similarity between Brazilian and US politics, for example. Quote:

At variance with the general chatter of those who fancy themselves the keepers of public opinion, all research shows the decidedly conservative preferences of the Brazilian people, who, thanks to a gross miscalculation of the parties on the “right,” are excluded from political representation.  The votes of the silent majority are up for grabs for any candidate with the courage to speak on its behalf.  Meanwhile, the politicians who should do this prefer to make like good little boys for the beautiful people on the left, in exchange for nothing more than minimal guarantees for the free market. 

The Brazilians are a dead ringer for us, only just a few years further Left. The only thing that may save us is taking a lesson from what has happened there (and, for that matter, in Europe). But will we? American conservatives are becoming so isolationist that many refuse to pay attention to what is happening elsewhere in the world, in the false belief that the universal laws that govern human behavior will somehow spare us.

To borrow from Ben Stein: is anyone paying attention out there? Anyone? Anyone?

Donald Hank

The formula for poverty

by Olavo de Carvalho

In 2003, Brazil ranked number 58 in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.  In 2008 it ranks 101. The direct relationship between economic freedom and prosperity is the most obvious thing in the world.  Anyone who doubts this need only check out the 10 first and 10 last ranked on the heritage list.  At the top, Japan and Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  At the bottom, North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Libya, Burma, Turkmenistan, Iran, Belarus, Bangladesh and Venezuela.  And Brazil is much closer to the latter than to the former, because this scale goes from one to 157 and Brazil has the uneasy distinction of being at the bottom third of the list.  Above Brazil we find Japan, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Taiwan and Spain.  Below us are Bolivia, Angola, Vietnam, Nigeria and Rwanda.  Now I finally understand the slogan of the late Dom Helder Camara, who became the world icon of leftist generosity:  “preferential option for poverty.”  It doesn’t mean helping the poor – it just means staying poor.

The Heritage Foundation Index demonstrates with utmost clarity that the Lula administration is strangling Brazilian capitalism even as it banks on it to finance its social programs and guarantee the good image of the government among international investors.

Meanwhile, in liberal circles, there are still those who swear that the socialist option of the governing party is only a stage prop to placate the “radicals,” and that Lula is at heart a proponent of the market economy.

Obviously, neither Lula nor anyone in the PT (Workers’ Party) is socialist enough to believe in the complete suppression of private ownership of the means of production.  The international Left has long desisted from this idea, one of the most idiotic ever to occur to the human mind.  What the left wants now is direct control of the economy, through taxes and restrictive regulations, and even so, only enough to guarantee the main thing: domination of the public mind, the dictatorship of psychological engineering.  But the Brazilian government has already exceeded this minimum.  On the other hand, the prudence and circumspection with which the cultural controls it wants are slowly, gently, almost imperceptibly imposed is remarkable.

In truth, it does not have to show its hand very much in this area.  The so-called “opposition parties” are surpassing it, imposing, on their own initiative, the politically correct regulations required by leftwing trends.

Depressing example: even before the PT came to power, when “anti-homophobic” policy was still only a faint suggestion in the federal sphere, the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, took the pains to endorse state law No. 10.948 of 2001, which penalizes “offensive or discriminatory action practiced against the homosexual, bisexual or transgendered citizen.”  This law has just been enforced against the citizen Juliano da Silva of the city of Pontal, who called a homosexual with whom he was arguing a “fag.” The law does not stipulate against calling a non-homosexual this, making it clear that the insult will be punished only if it has a foundation in truth.  Thus, before calling someone a “fag,” you had better make sure he’s not one.  Politically correct legislation is transforming the Justice Department into a travesty, catering only to the despotism of activist groups.  The leftist groups that propose these bills know perfectly well that their only objective is to dismantle the system from within, creating the atmosphere of chaos and anarchy necessary for the total takeover of power by one of the factions – to the exclusion of all others – to go unnoticed, and this is exactly what is happening.

The “liberal”[1] opposition takes the bait and winds up serving as a channel to implement these policies, either because it is fool enough to take seriously the moral pretexts adorning them or because it believes political correctness pays off in terms of votes.  In the first case, it is a victim of moral naïveté, but in the second case, it lapses into political stupidity that is hardly excusable in individuals who have any experience with elections.

 In Brazil, gay activism, the abortion platform and things of that kind never garner votes for anyone.  They may guarantee some applause from the media, but who says the media are as influential as they give themselves credit for?  At variance with the general chatter of those who fancy themselves the keepers of public opinion, all research shows the decidedly conservative preferences of the Brazilian people, who, thanks to a gross miscalculation of the parties on the “right,” are excluded from political representation.  The votes of the silent majority are up for grabs for any candidate with the courage to speak on its behalf.  Meanwhile, the politicians who should do this prefer to make like good little boys for the beautiful people on the left, in exchange for nothing more than minimal guarantees for the free market.  It is clear that the more moral and cultural ground they give, the more minimal these guarantees become.  The free market is never a law unto itself.  It depends on cultural, moral and psychological conditions that, once they are annulled in favor of political correctness, provide a left wing government with all the means of bringing capitalism to its knees without the capitalists themselves daring to complain or even figuring out what is happening, namely, cultural hegemony and ultimate control over consciences, especially those of the adversary.  The alacrity with which so-called liberal politicians sign on to the cultural propaganda of the left illustrates the success of the Gramscian strategy of “passive revolution” in Brazil, defined as a dialectic opposition in which “only the thesis develops all of its potentials in the struggle until the supposed representatives of the antithesis are captured”

The furious regulatory activity of the Lula government in the Heritage Foundation’s list points to something the whole world ought to know: when you give up everything in exchange for the free market, you wind up losing the free market as well.

Translated by Donald Hank (

The author, Olavo de Carvalho is a noted correspondent for several major Brazilian newspapers. He has spoken before the Hudson Institute, the Atlas Foundation and the America’s Future Foundation.

To comment or schedule an appearance, contact the author at:

[1] The term “liberal” in Brazil is used to mean what in America is referred to as “conservative” or “libertarian.”-Tr.

Help fight homo-elitists in school / UK betrayed / More

Commentary by Don Hank

HILLARY and McCain in defense of Americans: You aren’t bitter, just bigots

Obama recently suggested that religion, guns and border security are for “bitter” rural people.

Hillary countered this by saying Pennsylvanians are resilient. Clinton, known for her elitist views on everything, also accused Obama of being an elitist.  But she didn’t defend rural Americans on the religion, guns or border security issue.

John McCain, who has been out of touch with voters throughout his career, says Obama is out of touch with Americans. McCain didn’t take issue with Obama on the religion, guns or border security remark either.

So while neither of the other candidates explicitly takes issue with Obama on his religion, guns and border security statement, both apparently agree that we bigots aren’t necessarily bitter.

How sweet of them to come, at least conditionally, to our defense.

Hear the two pots and the kettle spouting off here.


OPRAH supports Vagina Monologue author Eve Ensler

At the LYNCUP site, I had introduced readers to feminist icon Andrea Dworkin, quoting passages from her book Woman Hating that openly and unambiguously endorse adult-child sex. I had pointed out the hypocrisy of this woman, considered an authority on domestic violence, not just sanctioning but actually endorsing something that is obviously a form of violence against children. If you remember nothing else, please remember that there is an unbroken bloodline between the older feminists and the social “change” advocates of today (gay agenda, domestic violence industry, GLSEN, liberal/progressive educators, psychologists, media, Hollywood, etc), as Americans for Truth makes clear in an article on Eve Ensler, the author of Vagina Monologues, the obscene play intended for young people. The article exposes a conversation Ensler had with a 6 hear old girl, asking her intimate questions about her vagina. Ensler too has advocated adult-child sex.

Oprah, who operates a school for girls, likes and supports Ensler.

These are the kind of people who are having increasing influence on public education, having made great strides in all states, but particularly in California, where educators are required by law to endorse homosexuality; Massachusetts and Montgomery County, Maryland, where homosexuality is endorsed in the early grades; and almost all public schools throughout the US, which are poised to celebrate a Day of Silence intended to support homosexuals, who are supposedly being abused, but where in fact Christian kids are the ones who suffer raw assaults on their faith at every turn. David Parker’s son was beaten by gay activists for his father’s Christian stand.

For Christians, every day is a day of silence.

What can you do?

If your school is celebrating the DOS on April 25, call the superintendent or principle and explain why this is unfair to Christian kids, that homosexual kids are more protected than kids from traditional families, that by granting a special day only to this special group, the school is in fact politicizing education, and that in any case, it is disruptive, adding still another distraction.

If they won’t listen, keep your child home that day, and make it a day of prayer and fasting.


UK Constitution to be scrapped, without the people’s permission

It is happening here in the US as well. It is called the New World Order and, as the name suggests, it is Brave New World translated to reality. Remember how Bush Sr. talked incessantly of this New World Order, sounding more like a wizard than a president? Mr. McCain, one of its implementers, may be our next president.

Though conservatives reject McCain, Big Brother has chosen him to take us another step toward the North American Union, the replacement of the US Constitution. Once that happens, the perfidy will be complete.

For a glimpse of what awaits our country, click here.


MORE on Britain’s national crisis

When a government turns criminal, people need to take on a moral code of their own. In Britain, youngsters used to seeing their government behaving lawlessly, are assuming that immorality is acceptable. Who is left to judge them?

Click here for Jeff Randall’s “spot-on” article “In a land without morals, it’s no wonder children are killing each other.”

There’s a crisis on our streets, especially in London, and it has nothing to do with the cost of housing. As the blame game is played out between ministers and bankers over why mortgages are suddenly much more expensive, the price of life in parts of Britain’s inner cities has hit rock bottom.


OLD hippies never die

Did you know that Muslims are victims of us?

Click here for “Victims on Parade at NYU ‘Academic Freedom Conference'”


I, Sir, am a rightwing Christian bigot! (Whap! bam!)

Thinking about his next item, I couldn’t help remembering the Steve Martin movie The Jerk, where Steve Martin is confronted by a bigot who tells him he will help keep away the n…gers, and Steve indignantly says, “I, Sir, am a n….ger!” and proceeds to punch his lights out.

It seems the folks at Next Theatre blog consider grassroots Americans hate mongers for opposing the presentation of the play Angels in America at Deerfield High School. They counter with an article at their blog NextTheatre entitled Rightwing Christian bigots attack Deerfield High School, referencing a parent who “was so horrified that she formed North Shore Student Advocacy to lend legitimacy to her hatemongering, fear-peddling campaign against the devils at Deerfield.”

The leftwing elitists recommend sending a letter of support to the superintendent of the Deerfield District.

Friends, let’s counter this the way we successfully countered the slime attack on state rep. Sally Kern when she opposed the gay agenda in her state.

Here is how:

Email Superintendant George Fornero at and tell him the real bigots are the ones who are attacking universal standards of decency. Tell him decency is not a construct of Judeo-Christianity, as is rumored lately in elitist circles, but in fact is and has been accepted everywhere in the civilized world, except at Deerfield High School, for thousands of years, and you are not about to give up decency without a fight. Tell him to stand down from his untenable attack on decency or turn over the job to someone who will.

Oh, and you can tell him that if some parents object to decency, they might want to send their kids to a private school that endorses age-inappropriate subject matter such as obscenity and explicit sex scenes and language in books, plays and the like.

McCain, Hillary agree with Obama / Oprah supports dirty talk to kids / Help stop assault on decency

Commentary by Don Hank 

HILLARY and McCain in defense of Americans: You aren’t bitter, just bigots