Tony Perkins, tell the truth

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tony Perkins, isn’t it time to come clean regarding your continued support for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Romney?

From: “Conservatives For Truth”
…an ad hoc group including Steven Deace, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Earle Fox, Phil Magnan, and John Haskins (see affiliations below) and others

Ninety-five legal authorities, social conservative leaders, writers and radio hosts and other public persons are listed below. Each affirms here (or has previously affirmed in their own words) some or all of the disturbing content of this letter. Signatures of countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity.

Mr. Perkins, as President of one of the largest Christian pro-family organizations
in the country,The Family Research Council, you have repeatedly ignored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s far left-wing record publicly claiming to donors that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” and are featuring him as a speaker this coming weekend at the FRC “Values Voters Summit” in Washington D.C.
How can you reconcile your claim,Mr. Perkins, that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement” with his actual anti-family, anti-life record fully documented here?

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Tony Perkins, a tarnished icon

Please read Gregg Jackson’s letter below for details on how a pro-family icon betrayed his supporters.

Tony Perkins was an icon of the pro-family movement until he started supporting Mitt Romney, in kind of a zombie-like irrational way, despite the warnings from Christian leaders. I too have had an acquaintance who was very pro-family. Until the last primaries, when suddenly she became very defensive about Mitt. I sent her some of the information about him that clearly showed how he had supported same-sex marriage in MA while he was governor, thinking I could change her mind. She sent me a terse email saying “my mind is made up. I am supporting Romney.”

It didn’t make sense because she didn’t give any reasons for this, and I had my suspicions even then because her husband was highly placed in the GOP.

Since then, it is becoming abundantly clear why some people have remained so adamantly pro-Romney despite the evidence. Romney trades in a commodity called loyalty, and there are sellers, some in very high places.

Why do they sell themselves?

Tony and his ilk want to have their rewards on earth.

Friends, don’t sell your loyalty for a fistful of devalued dollars. God has something better in store for you if you are willing to wait.

Donald Hank



As many of you are aware, I have called on Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (FRC) on numerous occasions to retract his support for Mitt Romney and return any money he and FRC have received from Romney and/or his surrogates.

Yet, Mr. Perkins continues to promote and support Romney, recently calling him a “friend to the pro-family movement” in a fundraising e-mail (from July 22, 2008) as well as featuring Romney at the upcoming FRC/Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C.

As all of you know (including Mr. Perkins), Mitt Romney:

  • Established abortion with a $50 co pay as a “healthcare benefit” (AFTER his supposed “pro life conversion”) in his socialist healthcare plan that was endorsed by Hillary, Teddy K, and Planned Parenthood.
  • Appointed a Planned Parenthood member to his healthcare advisory board (AFTER his supposed “pro-life conversion”) and no pro-life appointed representative.
  • Illegally instituted same sex “marriage” without an accompanying legal statute to fulfill an earlier promise to the Log Cabin Republicans not to oppose same-sex “marriage” in return for their endorsement. (There was no “court order” as Romney has falsely claimed.)
  • Boosted government funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren.

  • Refused for his entire four years in office to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal rights to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality.
  • Forced Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples or go out of business (which they ultimately did) even though he was not required to do so by law.
  • Forced Catholic Hospitals to issue the abortion pill claiming that he was required by law to do so even though Mike Dukakis admitted there was no law that existed which required Romney to do so.
  • Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters.
  • Favors sexual orientation “anti-discrimination” laws for homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders.
  • Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts.
  • Raised taxes and fees by over $900 million as governor which has destroyed the Massachusetts economy.
  • Implemented a socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Planned Parenthood that in the words of the Wall St. Journal is in “intensive care” whose costs are estimated to more than double and which the Cato Institute and Boston Globe has said is a total failure.
  • Lied about seeing his father march with MLK.
  • Lied about being a hunter “pretty much” (his) whole life.
  • Lied about being endorsed by the NRA in 2002.


Isn’t it time that Tony Perkins and FRC cease from portraying the Founding Father of sodomy “marriage” and the 50 dollar tax funded abortion, Mitt Romney, as a “friend to the pro-family movement?”

Isn’t it time that we shine the light of truth on the man and his “pro-family” organization who continues to deceive millions of pro-family Christians and grassroots conservatives about a very wicked man?

Will you take a stand as a pro-family and pro-life leader and join me in calling for Tony Perkins to:

  • Return the $250,000 that Perkins/FRC received from Romney and his surrogates?
  • Retract his support for Romney and claim that Romney is a “friend to the pro-family movement?”
  • Resign as President of FRC?


If you choose to take a bold and courageous stand for truth and righteousness, please hit “reply all” and let every other leader on this e-mail including Tony Perkins, know where you stand.

I will post this letter on my site along with those leaders who choose to stand with me in calling for Mr. Perkins to resign as the President of Family Research Council (with a list of those who chose not to) and will distribute to the entire news media.

I will assume that if you don’t respond and call for Mr. Perkins to resign, that you support Mr. Perkins’ backing of Mitt Romney whose legacy as governor is even to the left of much of today’s ultra-left wing Democrat Party and is one that Barack Obama would be proud of.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely Yours,

Gregg Jackson

Tarnished “pro-life” and “pro-family” icons exposed

For know also that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, ….

Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.


But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifested unto all men…

Excerpted from II Timothy, Ch. 3

The article below is primarily about Ann Coulter, but if you click on some of the links, you will see that it isn’t just about Ann but in fact about tarnished “conservative” and “pro-family” icons, some of which I once donated to, I am sorry to say. It is very sad to see this almost total falling away, this lack of discernment, among Christian groups. I will not judge them by saying they aren’t Christian, but at the very least, they need reproof and correction–the very purposes Paul gives for the scriptures in this same chapter of II Timothy quoted above.

We have got to stop settling for “just ok.” God needs our all. He needs us to be completely His, body soul and spirit. As sad as I am to see “conservatives” being duped like this, I am heartened that a few couragous souls have dared to speak up. Some have done so at great expense and have seen their lines of communication cut off by owners of media outlets who were recipients of Romney’s money.

Please note the underhanded way Coulter tries to make the anti-Romney people look bad by suggesting they are religious fanatics who are merely objecting to Mitt’s Mormonism when in fact their objections legitimately focus on his support for same-sex “marriage” and abortion, even after he claimed to have changed his mind. Worst of all is her statement to these commentators (who she says “didn’t go to a good law school”), that the Supreme Court in MA had issued “an order directing Mitt Romney to order gay marriages.” Ann may have gone to a “good law school,” but she apparently has never read the Constitution, which does not give judges the power to order governors and legislators to do anything. I am not a graduate of a “good law school,” but I have heard tell that has something to do with “balance of powers,” Ann.

Things will get worse before they get better, but they will get better because these people with a form of godliness will proceed no further. That’s guaranteed!

Donald Hank


The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups
Four Conservative Talk Hosts Correct Author in YouTube Video


DENVER, March 27 -American Right To Life today releases a YouTube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups and its associated website,, documenting the growing rift between the right-wing pundit and popular Christian pro-family leaders. This cross-country sampling of conservative talk show hosts from Florida, Iowa, Colorado and California confronts the best-selling author on her repeated defense of those implementing homosexual marriage and tax-funded abortion.

More than just the title of her new best-seller, Guilty, may also describe Ann Coulter herself, according to American RTL president and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough. “If she wants him elected, Ann Coulter will try to cover up a politician’s aggressive attacks on children and the family, it seems the only prerequisite is an R after his name.”

“Coulter can answer soft-ball criticism from the left,” says ARTL vice president and former Colorado Republican party chairman Steve Curtis, “but she always has ‘to run’ when Christian journalists document her misinformation and ask for a correction?” The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups shows Coulter repeatedly punting and ending interviews instead of answering valid questions. The talk hosts are:

Bill Keller: Tampa’s 50k-watt AM 820 WWBA, two million receive his daily devotional

Steve Deace: Iowa’s #1 talker, afternoon drive at Des Moines’ 50k-watt AM 1040 Newsradio WHO

Bob Enyart: on America’s most-powerful Christian radio station, Denver’s 50k-watt AM 670 KLTT

Gregg Jackson: emceed the 2007 and 2008 CPAC presidential candidates sessions (Conservative Political Action Conference), authored the best-selling Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, and hosted talk shows at Boston’s 50k-watt AM 680 WRKO News Talk and until recently at Salem Radio Network’s Los Angeles station KDAR.

American Right To Life’s new video and website urges Coulter to publicly correct her record of Republican politician Mitt Romney and then apologize. “Ann Coulter has misrepresented and even defended some of the most egregious and immoral behavior,” said Rohrbough. “When Ann covers up aggressively anti-marriage action, and pro-abortion legislation that actually funds the killing of unborn children, she apparently is motivated by a desire to distort the truth and deceive Christians for some personal gain.”

For more information, please contact:

Donna Ballentine
American Right To Life