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Oct 09

China sullies Obama at election time

By Don Hank Chinese leader Wen Jiaobao went to the EU-China summit a few days ago and told the EU he won’t revalue the renminbi upward, and that they should stop “pressurising” China to do so. He said the problem with the euro is the fluctuation of the dollar. That would put the ball in …

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Jun 29

It’s official: Obama puts race over Constitution

DOJ official resigns over Obama’s racism Don Hank The below-linked is one of the most important reports I have read because it indicts Barack Obama as the racist he is and always will be. It shows what many suspect: For Obama, devotee of Black Liberation theology, there is no such thing as a criminal black …

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Apr 10

Book/DVD list for your April 15 Tea Party

Book/DVD list for your April 15 tea party   By Donald Hank The local tea party in Lancaster PA seems to have been organized by 2 fine ladies who, on the tea party web site, also recommend a book list for invitees. Good for them. Much of the list, apparently originating with Ron Paul, is …

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Jan 10

Bullies firmly in charge of your country

Democrat bullies now rule America by Donald Hank   America voted for the bullies who destroyed the most powerful US banks. Is this what voters really wanted? Without a doubt, they were duped – with the help of a RINO outgoing president and a RINO candidate, both of whom signed the bailout bill, and neither …

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Dec 26

Shifting the blame from Left to greed

Blaming greed for failed leftist policies Donald Hank The Pope has said, over the Christmas holiday, that the world must overcome greed to get through the current economic crisis. With all due respect for the Pope, whose stance on social issues are to be applauded, both Protestantism and Catholicism, while blaming greed, have failed to grasp the …

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Dec 08

America lacks standing

America lacks standing   By Donald Hank   Well, the Donofrio case against Obama (one of the many court cases the media refused to tell you about for months), demanding the showing of a real birth certificate, has failed, and I am getting near-frantic emails from conservatives who had entertained hopes that Donofrio, and hence, …

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