Investigate the link between homosexuality and disease/death

by Don Hank

Psalm 86:15, NIV. “But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

I have often gotten weary of waiting for good things to happen, wondering what was taking God so long to act.

Like back in 2006, when in my article titled “Gay agenda, you’re going down,” I introduced the idea that homosexuals who had been induced to pursue the “gay” lifestyle and became sick as a result, should sue the groups that promoted the lifestyle.

Comparing smoking with homosexual practice, I had written on March 5, 2006

Now “alternative” sexual lifestyles are all the rage. They too are killing people. And again, it’s the “intellectual” cool, liberal, worldly, suave thing to do. The usual suspects are involved. All the big name colleges have special programs for promoting “alternative” sex. Businesses promote the Gay Olympics. Politicians like Barney Frank think they can foist alternative sex on people through their power positions. Hollywood uses its influence to turn the Marlboro Man into a spokesman for today’s popular deadly activity. It’s just like the bad old days of Big Tobacco, and the Grim Reaper is having a gay old time (pun intended).

World Net Daily linked to this article and I got several thousand hits the first day it ran. Emails poured in from all over the world, some from “gays.” Many were enthusiastic about my idea. Some, of course, were skeptical, and some were irate, but I remember one from a young homosexual who said “you have given this 20 year old something to think about.” I was deeply touched.

Yet it seemed as if my idea was going nowhere. No activist group seemed to have picked it up and run with it.

May 16 of this year, I wrote on diseases incurred by homosexual behavior. Again, hoping to stir some discussion and spur someone, anyone, into action, I pointed out the disparity between the way smoking and homosexual sex are treated in our politically correct environment, and how “progressives” generally accuse people who want to keep homosexuals safe of being “homophobes” while praising those who celebrate a patently dangerous, irresponsible lifestyle. I wrote:

Why do professionals march in lock step to oppose people with one kind of unhealthy lifestyle (smokers) while endorsing another group with another unhealthy lifestyle (practicing homosexuals).

Since then, an article published in World Net Daily gave me hope that this idea will some day be brought to fruition.

On Saturday, June 11, World Net Daily published an article titled “What if some other behavior cost 25 million lives?”

It was about Peter LaBarbera’s latest campaign urging the government to investigate homosexual behavior in the same way as smoking was once investigated prior to the banning of smoking in public establishments. This campaign was new to me.

On his website, LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, takes off on my idea, explaining that homosexual behavior is like the behavior of smoking, which the U.S. government investigated and addressed directly by requiring warnings and other limits and by suing tobacco companies.
LaBarbera is an effective activist and if his campaign to force government to investigate the link between homosex and disease is effective, ironically, it will benefit particularly the community that has fought it the most vigorously.

Once that link is established officially, I would urge LaBarbera’s group to push hard for lawsuits against groups that promoted homosexual behavior – on behalf of homosexuals who suffered the most from this irresponsible promotion of a lethal and morbid habit.

As I wrote in 2006:

Once enough of the victims have seen how they have been duped by the universities, politicians, the media, business (deep pockets), Hollywood, politicians, and, yes, the gay agenda itself, to throw away their health and life expectancy, they will come out swinging, marching boldly behind their lawyers.

My idea in March 2006: class action lawsuits against “gay” activists

My recent article on diseases linked to homosexual behavior:

WND article on the AFTAH campaign:

Web site of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality:

Two fronts of your most crucial war

The two fronts of your most crucial war

By Don Hank

We Americans are at war and although we are often bombarded with the idea that our enemy is politicians, the real enemy is ignorance. Thus, each of us must wage this war with all our heart and soul on two fronts. On one front, the target is each other. In the other, it is ourselves. For example, in the case of Don Hank, the targets are:

1—my own ignorance (including biases that interfere with my own objectivity).

2—my neighbors’ ignorance (including biases that interfere with their objectivity).

Each front is equally important. I can’t fight the war on my readers’ ignorance unless I can come to grips with my own ignorance. So my foremost and biggest job is to defeat my own ignorance.

But why does the war on ignorance matter?

Because America – and the rest of the world – cannot get out of this economic and political crisis without knowledge. By that I mean, the conviction that the “economists” and the politicians they control, who got us into this mess, cannot — and don’t want to — get us out of it.

If America had done its homework, combating its own ignorance and ideological prejudices, not one of the scoundrels like Barney Frank who engineered the housing crisis would ever have been elected in the first place.

America cannot regain a degree of freedom by ignoring readable, layperson-accessible analyses by those who have done their homework and know how the crisis started and why, and who in Washington and Wall Street was responsible.

Readers who are still confused about the how, who and why of our life-threatening economic crisis need to catch up quickly before it is too late. The wolf is at the door and we can’t afford to get it wrong again.

As evidenced by their support for bailouts, both Bush and Obama subscribe to Keynesianism to some extent, and America is going broke as a result. Therefore, just voting Republican cannot save us. There are Republicans who get it, but probably just as many who don’t, or worse, will not vote their principles.

I have an acquaintance who teaches economics and believes – or rather believed — in Keynesian economics, or essentially what Reagan called voodoo economics. The cult’s founder John Maynard Keynes once famously said that if the government hired workers to dig a ditch and fill it back up, that would stimulate the economy. That’s how smart he was, and that is how smart Obama is, whom Rush has correctly identified as a “moron, economically” (true, Obama intends to bring down America, but the unemployment rate is too high to cover up or frame as a Bush hangover and that is causing people to trust Republicans more in economic affairs. Obama truly believes that spending more of your money will help. He had not immediately spent that TARP money, hoping to invest it around election time. But the voodoo is not working).

My economist acquaintance would usually try to rebut articles written by conservative / classic liberal economists and published at Laigle’s Forum. One of her main arguments was that the issues were too complex for normal people to grasp, that she had worked for years as a market broker and was an insider so she just knew things that mortals like me could not. In other words, she proffered the same sleight of hand, devoid of clarifying details, resorted to by Bernanke and his cronies in their plea for bailout money. But I always had a counter-rebuttal that she could not respond to, because no amount of insider savoir-faire is a fair substitute for common sense and facts. She no longer rebuts, so she may have gotten awake. After all, the current situation can certainly wake up the most Keynesian among us.

The Keynesians look back at FDR, a Keynesian president, and claim he “got us out of the depression.” In fact, an analysis by UCLA economists Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Ohanian, replete with painstakingly gathered data, shows that FDR’s policies prolonged the depression by 7-8 years. Many other economists agree. The fact that there is still any debate over this at all is a tribute to the hard work of academics who worship FDR as an economic shaman and roundly reject common sense.

So how can America get up to speed on a crisis that threatens our very existence, our money and our jobs?

You need to read sound analyses. It’s hard work, but you’re an American and you know that hard work is why we are great.

I haven’t seen better readable analyses of our economic crisis than the ones by Steph Jasky of FedUpUSA. Steph is one of the few bloggers who do their homework and know whereof they write and speak. Like me, she and her family were personally affected by the housing crash and wanted to know the identity of the monster that ate their investment. After arduous research, she succeeded in identifying that many-headed shape-shifting monster and is still working hard to inform you and me about its ongoing misdeeds.

I strongly recommend you subscribe to Steph’s newsletter and scan her site. Here is the latest column you can’t afford to miss:

Just trash the dollar and it’s good (this column is full of charts compiled by Wall Street itself)

Chart is the SPX, white line is the dollar by comparison.  That’s where the ramp the last month has come from.  That’s an OVERT currency devaluation – 7%.

And what’s the SPX change?  About 10%.

Oil?  Oh, it’s up 17%.  Hope you like much more expensive gas and…. this winter…. heating oil.

Read more.

Other sites can also be helpful, even some of the ones trying to sell you their services and products. Because they can only sell if they can demonstrate to you, through cogent arguments and analysis, that they know a lot about the economy and keep abreast of economic affairs.

One such site is Taipan Publishing Group, which features, for example, the following vital and informative piece:

Massive foreclosure errors will collapse the housing market (again)

The worst excesses of the housing market bubble and bust are coming back to haunt us. Now is the time to prepare for another home price collapse, with fresh rounds of “quantitative easing” sure to follow.

It would be hilarious were it not so tragic. Come to think of it, it’s hilarious anyway. The country has not yet paid for the idiotic shenanigans of the late great housing market bubble. The latest debacle virtually ensures that the U.S. housing market will collapse.

“Wait a minute,” you may ask. “Hasn’t the housing market ALREADY collapsed?”

Well, yes. But the collapse isn’t over yet. There is another implosion coming – a crushing leg down that will pulverize all hopes of recovery into talcum powder. And another tidal wave of public outrage will likely come with it… all thanks to our wonderful friends in Washington and on Wall Street.

I wish I were exaggerating here, but I’m not. We have flat-out Disaster coming with a capital “D.” Follow along and you’ll understand why.

To first set the stage, let’s briefly cycle back in time to the glory days of the housing bubble…

Read more.

Friends, the information America needs to pull out of this economic crisis – caused by dangerous politicians from both sides of the aisle that you never should have voted for – is all available for free (although I do recommend you push the Donate button at FedUpUSA if you can afford to).

Need I say more?

Further reading on the economic crisis:

Fanny-Freddy lock barn after horse escapes

Fanny-Freddy lock barn door after horse escapes

By Donald Hank

I just attended a settlement for sale of our home and while at the table, I had the opportunity to talk to the lender for the buyers, who was very savvy about the way government-backed mortgage lenders are enforcing and writing policies.

I asked him whether policies at the government sponsored lending agencies had changed. Here is what he said and what every American needs to know if we are to remain free:

Fanny and Freddy, the Democrat controlled GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) who used to all but force lenders to lend without documentation or credit are now more strict than any other lender!

Isn’t it obvious what is happening? This new crackdown is aimed to make it look like the Bush administration caused the whole problem by not regulating anything. But for decades, Fanny-Freddy had all but caused the entire banking problem by 1) refusing to regulate lending and 2) by enforcing the CRA, which forced banks and other lenders to lend without checking documents and without requiring down payments. People on welfare were getting mortgages. People with bad credit were getting mortgages. Millions of illegal aliens were even fraudulently getting mortgages, all with the blessings and encouragement of Democrat-controlled Fanny-Freddy.


The socialist State: a hotbed of capitalism

The socialist State, a hotbed of capitalism

by Donald Hank

Gerald Celente has chalked up a formidable list of correct forecasts, having predicted all the major market downs for years. He is now predicting an unprecedented economic collapse within the first Obama term.

He is also predicting an imminent tax revolt.

Now perhaps we need to step back and look at the positive side of a down economy:

Nothing less than total collapse will stop people like Barney Frank, one of the chief culprits in the bank crisis, who accused the critics of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac’s Democrat policies of alarmism. But now that these GSEs have collapsed and gone into receivership, he and his cohorts, like Chris Dodd, still sound morally superior to those who favor the free market. Clearly, those who brought us the crash, as well as voters who bought the myth that conservative policies caused it, need an overdose of reality to back them up against the wall. Democrats and RINOs can lie all they want, but who will restore their portfolios? About $6 trillion has been lost so far.

Celente says the reality overdose is on the way, and here is why I believe him.

We now face a Soviet style state that is taking over ownership of business.

To see how this will end we need only look backward — at the Soviet Union.

Go to WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary for more

How the Democrats crashed the banks

How the Democrats crashed the banks. Part I


By Ken Brinzer

Those who buy into the so politically-convenient disinformation that blames Wall Street greed for our economic woes are likely to overlook the real culprits in the economic plunge story that has taken place from Wall Street to Main Street, coast to coast, and far beyond.  That’s because the real culprits are in the United States Congress, not on Wall Street.  And to be sure, it may be a matter of greed, but it would be of political greed and or myopia.
For example, take a look at the devolution in the Freddie Fannie debacle.  It all began with a reasonable idea that was enacted into law under President Carter in 1977.  Known as the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), it caused little harm and surely did some good, until it was morphed into something quite different, quite insidious and pernicious during the Clinton years.
In 1995 under the version of the act revised by the Clinton administration, lenders were told that proof of income, source of down payment and credit history of a loan applicant would no longer be required as qualifying criteria.  In addition to this revision of the CRA, the lending community was threatened by Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno, who promised to prosecute to the full extent of the law those who violated the 1995 lowered standards for lending.  The die had been cast under Clinton and the situation was such a mess that in 1999, then Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers warned that reform of Freddie and Fannie was essential.  His warnings fell on the deaf ears of those at Fannie and Freddie and over in congress who should have pushed for reform following Secretary Summers’ call for it, but instead promulgated the expansion of their powers.
Then during the Bush years, there were 18 further calls for congress to reform Freddie and Fannie and all were ignored.   Most notable among those who issued calls for reform of Freddie and Fannie during the Bush years were Treasury Secretary Snow, then Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, and even President Bush himself.  All calls for reform were ignored or blocked by those members of congress who had their own agenda and did not hesitate to belittle and demagogue against these legitimate calls for reform.  One such belittlement came from the mouth of Representative Barney Frank who characterized the calls for reform as “inane”; but they weren’t, they were really needed and that became obvious when information surfaced that 5 million home loans had been made to illegal aliens alone, many without income or asset verifications, and all without citizenship papers.
Clearly those in congress had a responsibility to reform the financial nonsense that became public policy under Clinton and went unreformed throughout the Bush years despite abundant calls for reform from both inside and outside of the executive branch.

(to be continued)

Ken Brinzer is 62 years old, and lives with his wife, a high school chemistry teacher, in Penn Hills, PA. The Brinzers have been married 34 years and have 3 adult children.  He is a financial services professional, licensed both as a life insurance agent and a registered representative series 6. He holds a BA degree in Spanish from Rutgers (1968).  He served in the USAF for 4 years 1968-1972 and attained the rank of captain.  He is a practicing Catholic, reads at church, and loves God, Family, and Country and the splendor of truth.

Making Kids Worthless: Social Security’s Contribution to the Fertility Crisis

Daily Article by Oskari Juurikkala | Posted on 1/24/2007

“Kinder haben die Leute immer – People will always have children,” assured Konrad Adenauer, the German Chancellor, in 1957. He was convinced that the future of the brave new pay-as-you-go social security system would not be undermined by demographic changes.

Adenauer was as wrong as ever. Social security schemes around the developed world are facing a major crisis due to greater longevity, declining retirement ages and – lo and behold – below-replacement fertility rates.

What the good statesman did not realize is how the new system would affect the incentives of individuals to work, to save, and to have children. Labor force participation rates among older workers have declined dramatically since the 1960s throughout the Western world. The rules of social security benefits in most countries mean that working just does not pay off. In this way, pay-as-you-go social security schemes contribute to their own bankruptcy.[1]  

Read more here.

Laigle’s Forum featured on Christian Newswire:

The crisis with Obama’s footprints all over it

The manufactured crisis


By Donald Hank

Joan Battey, a good friend of Laigle’s Forum, writes:

James Simpson, a former White House economist, has just published “Barack Obama & the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis” – on at 2008/09/barack_obama_and_the_strategy.html

Listen to this Interview of James Simpson, by Sandy Rios, Tuesday 9/30 – WYLL 1160AM, Chicago, IL

Further documentation connecting the dots of all the neo-Marxists who have invested in the development of Barack Obama may be found on

Please take the necessary time to read each linked article and listen to the Sandy Rios program, plus this one:,2933,432501,00.html.

You need to know the facts and draw the conclusion. To put it plainly, numerous activists on the Left have been orchestrating this crisis and others yet to come in order to introduce full-blown socialism in the US. Once they perpetrate a crisis and impoverish us, for example, as they did with welfare, they immediately blame free-market capitalism. If enough Americans believe this lie, the American experiment is finished and it will have failed! It is as simple as that. If you are not sure whether we need the Obama Kool-Aid or not, please read all the links above and listen to the Sandy Rios program linked there. Take notes. There is nothing more important on your agenda today than this.

Meanwhile, I just received an email from Sen. Arlen Specter in response to an email of mine regarding his vote in favor of the bailout.

According to this email, one of the details of the bill was as follows:

A first-time homebuyer tax credit of up to $7,500 is included in the Act, which serves as the equivalent to an interest-free loan to be paid back over 15 years. 

For those wondering what a tax credit is, it is much more than a deduction. It is a give-away. It is free money – at taxpayer expense.

My email in response:

Hello Senator,

With all due respect, it is the kind of give-away scheme you describe that got us into the mess in the first place. How could you support such a scam? You write, in all seriousness:

A first-time homebuyer tax credit of up to $7,500 is included in the Act, which serves as the equivalent to an interest-free loan to be paid back over 15 years. 

First, most of the bailout package rewards Fanny Mae and other lenders for bad decisions and rewards the government for forcing lenders to give out loans at subprime rates, with no documentation required (no job needed!), no down payment, etc.

I understand that the entire bailout package will cost every American $10,000. So to save some people $7,500, we honest people who do NOT default on mortgages or buy things we can’t afford, must now give up $10,000? Even the person who gets the $7,500 will have to pay $10,000. AND home prices will rise accordingly, as they did during the last scam under the Community Reinvestment Act.

With all due respect for your office sir, have you ever stopped to think that this will only exacerbate the current crisis not only through the enormous tax burden but by artificially raising home prices? No one will benefit, except Washington.


Don Hank

You can easily understand why a lender would want to know if the borrower has a job and can make enough money to repay a loan. But let me also briefly explain why banks have always, in every country in the world, throughout history, required down payments.

Lenders learned centuries ago that when they lent people money for housing without requiring a down payment, this is what often happened when economic conditions worsened:

1-The home prices in that area fell.

2-At the same time, the lender lost his job and couldn’t pay

3-When the lender foreclosed and tried to resell the house to recoup some of his cash, he lost money, often as much as 20%, because the house sold at a loss in the softer market.

That is the reason for the down payment. The reason lenders stopped requiring down payments in the last part of the 20th century was a series of Democrat-supported enactments, including the Community Reinvestment Act (under Carter), which was strengthened under Clinton and Bush, whose HUDs required Fanny Mae to drop or weaken all the safeguards enumerated above (down payment requirements, documentation of employment, etc). To pass this dangerous legislation, the Democrats claimed that minorities were being denied mortgages on the basis of race, when in fact, the minority communities statistically simply did not have enough people with good credit, good jobs and jobs to justify as many mortgages as the Democrats called for. It was – and is – politically incorrect to mention these inconvenient truths. People who now demand fairness in lending are called racists. Community organizers like ACORN, a group that worked hand-in-hand with Barack Obama, used strong-arm tactics to shake down banks and force them to give mortgages to people who could not afford them and then when the loans were, inevitably, foreclosed, the same people who caused the crisis blamed the banks. That way, they could blame the free market and make gullible people believe that America needs socialism, when in fact what we desperately need is less socialism.

Leftist activists are coming out of the shadows and openly gloating that America is now a socialist country. Many naïve people actually believe that socialism will lead to prosperity, even though this system destroyed the Soviet Union, China (under Mao), North Korea and many others and impoverished Europe, where families, even professionals, can hardly scrape by any more.

If you want to salvage even a remnant of the free market system that made America great, you need to widely forward the above links and talk to as many people as you can between now and the election and tell them what you have learned.

And pray that God will spare us from what appears to be an impending disaster manufactured by the Left.

Here is where this was supposed to end, but another dear friend of Laigle’s Forum sent me this urgent message. WATCH THIS VIDEO and read his message!



Watch the following videos in sequence so that you get the flavor of the entire HORRIBLE enchilada. Obama can kiss goodbye his presidential ambitions. (Hillary’s collection of Obama’s skeletons has started to leak!)

1- Barack Obama and his Kenyan cousin Raila Odinga – The mother of all October surprises!

. . . shocking, huh?

Now you will understand the true meaning of the next two . . .

2- Children Singing for The Dear Leader, Comrade OBAMA

3- Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment – Brown Shirts in the Making?

Barack Obama MUST be defeated on November 4: Such a threat to America and to the world cannot be elected President of the United States of America.

Do all you can do legally to defeat him!


A dying man’s wish for America’s children (please forward a link)

 Have you ever spoken with a person who is dying of AIDS? Do you think they would beg you to be more “tolerant” of the lifestyle that is killing them? If so, you will be surprised at the following article.

Please, if you never forward another message in your life, do forward this one by James Hartline, who is dying of AIDS but has received God’s salvation for his sins, and cares deeply about young people who are being lured into this hellish lifestyle by cynical PC politicians, teachers, professors, media and dangerously ignorant friends and family who are “tolerant” but not compassionate enough to warn them. Forward a link to this article ( to your whole list, and make sure it is seen by your loved ones who may be flirting with the homosexual lifestyle. It is that important!

Please read James’ message prayerfully and thoughtfully and try to grasp the extreme significance of what he is saying here.

I believe that if everyone in America read this message, there would be no more indifference, in the schools or government, toward the problem of homosexuality. Instead of teaching our children how to “do” it, they would teach why they shouldn’t! Barney Frank would either get saved or be voted out of office. Government would stop pandering to “gays” and start reforming our country. There would no longer be unisex bathrooms in schools. The bathhouses in San Francisco would shut their doors forever. There would be no more lewd “gay” parades like the one in Folsom Street last summer, or in many of our big cities. Philadelphia would stop touting its status as the “gay” capital of the USA.

American municipalities would stop arresting Christians who warn about homosexual sex.

Mainstream denominations, including even “conservative” ones like the Baptists and Southern Baptists, would lift their shameful ban on frankly discussing homosexuality in church and in the pulpit, pretending it is not a problem or a sin.

Television preachers would sermonize on the subject, causing people to weep and flood the altar with tears of genuine repentance.

In short, there would be a real Holy Ghost revival in America and the healing would begin-both spiritually and physically.

Donald Hank


The Journal of James Hartline

Preparing For My Departure

But Running My Race Until I Leave!


How I Overcame 30 Years of Homosexuality

A Chapter From The Journal of James Hartline:

Gaining Life By Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ


Part 1: August 4, 2008 — Facing Death 


     It was another very hot, muggy day as I walked towards the UCSD Owens Clinic, a medical clinic in San Diego where I have been treated for AIDS and Hepatitus C for the past ten years.  Throughout the early part of the summer of 2008, I had been experiencing episodes of extreme fatigue, heavy night sweats and weight loss.   I attributed most of the symptoms I was enduring to my exhausting schedule.  From competing as a candidate for the San Diego City Council to a recent speaking tour in the state of Ohio, I  was tired and I really had pressed myself to the limit.  However, this day was an even more trying time.  It took all of my strength just to get over to the doctor’s office.


     As I headed quickly towards my appointment with the physician who specializes in treating patients who are co-infected with AIDS and Hepatitus C, I was really laboring to walk the three miles to the clinic. With each passing minute I was becoming sicker and sicker.  Something was wrong — very wrong.  I was literally pouring sweat from every pore in my body and the loss of fluids was draining every ounce of strength left in me.


     With a faith in God that has been tried and tested in the fierce fires of great affliction over many years, I walk everyday with an unshakable confidence in the promises of Jesus Christ.  His promises to me are ultimate truth — truth that will see me through every trouble that I will face today and everyday that follows.  Despite the fact that I suffer daily with physical pain, I am confident that Jesus Christ will heal me from every disease because His word promises me this eternal gift: His body was broken and crucified so that I might be healed.   


     This is the attitude that I woke up with on the morning of August 4, 2008 when I was scheduled to see the liver specialist at Owens Clinic.  The previous night had been a miserable one for me.  I barely slept, waking up every two or three hours soaked in my own sweat.  Throughout the night, my joints hurt so much that I felt like my back was being realigned by an invisible and cruel surgeon.  I sluggishly got dressed and then ate a couple of spoonfuls of cold cereal before heading out the door.  With anticipation that the doctor would provide some answers to why I was enduring such an unusual affliction, I headed as quickly as my tired carcass would carry me to Owens Clinic.


      Upon arriving at the clinic I fell into a waiting room chair.  Within a matter of minutes I was wisked into the nurse’s room where my vitals and weight could be checked.  As the nurse was taking my blood pressure, I suddenly jerked my head up and declared, “I am going to throw up!” 


     “Hold on!” the nurse responded as she ran out of the room to get me a plastic bucket to vomit in.


    Within five minutes I was vomiting convulsively.  The room began to spin and I was headed for a black out.  Something was terribly wrong and I was sinking fast from my harsh reality, a reality that I had not previously experienced in the nearly eleven years I had been fighting the AIDS virus.


     Things soon went from bad to worse. The doctors were so concerned with my disintegrating condition that they decided to immediately admit me into the hospital.  Left for a few moments alone in one of the examination rooms, I began to weakly cry, “What is happening to me Lord?”  I really just wanted to go home and lay in my own bed, but I simply had no strength to move, much less make it to my house.  There are times in life when the most we can communicate to God is the simplest, but most sincere of all prayers, “Help me God.”  And that is what I prayed as I nearly blacked out.


     For two agonizing days, I laybeing in a hospital room at the University of California, San Diego.  It was a mysterious illness that had attacked my body.  With IV’s in a number of sites on my arms, I was pumped full of pain medication and at least five or six other medications designed to make my bodily functions work more normally.


    The doctors tested me for everything imaginable, but mysteriously, they could not find any foreign viruses, bacteria or other culprits that were causing my bleak condition.  To this day, my doctors have not been able to diagnose what attacked my body earlier this summer.  Like I have done so many other times during the past eleven years of fighting the AIDS virus, I simply drew close to my God, crying out for His revelations and a resolution to my affliction.


     Over the weeks that have followed since the attack against my body, the Lord has revealed to me a reality that brings me so much closer to a deeper walk with the God who reigns in Heaven and on this earth.  As I began to recover from this time of intense sickness, the Lord explained to me that He had allowed me to go through a baptism of affliction, a passing through a river of death, where a more intimate relationship with my Father in Heaven would be forthcoming.  The attack against my physical body was a spiritual one that had manifested itself with many dangerous physical symptoms.  According to the laboratory tests, my liver was toxic.  My liver enzymes were thirty times normal.  My immune system was diminished and not producing the normal number of t-cells required to fight off diseases.  My digestive system was in complete chaos as my entire being was under assault by this enemy.


     After leaving the hospital I was tested for dozens of unique diseases, as well as typical ones.  The doctors were not able to find any infections or diseases that had caused the type of illness I had battled over the summer.  These doctors are some of the finest HIV specialists in the nation and if a disease was causing my illness they would have found it.  In the midst of seeking God for relief from my affliction, I was privileged to hear from my Father in Heaven in a most unusual way.  What God has spoken to me during the dark nights of my summer ordeal has initiated in me a new and profound understanding of His call upon my life in this generation. 


     We are not guaranteed to live this day out, but as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ we are required to live each day as if we will not be here tomorrow.  If I were to leave this earth tomorrow, what would I want to be doing as I depart?  That is the question that the Lord impressed upon me during the time of my recent sufferings. 


     “What is it you hear in the night, in your suffering,” God would ask me.


      I would toss and turn as my body sought to find a comfortable place to lay on my bed in the midst of my heavy night sweats and extreme aches and pains.  I responded to God’s question by saying, “Lord. Lord  I hear the haunting sounds of many mothers crying out for their sons to come home from the homosexuality that has taken them away to a place of destruction.” 


     The voices of these mothers haunted my mind and I was not sure at the time what was more painful for me, my afflicted body or the realization that these mothers live with the knowledge that their sons are destroying themselves.


      “Lord, I also hear the cries of a young sister who misses her brother, a brother who has abandoned her and the rest of his family for the degradation of a homosexual relationship.  And I hear a dad who agonizes over a son who he did not spend more time with.  A son who is now lost to a homosexual lifestyle that will eventually kill him prematurely.”


     God responded to my answers by saying to me, “You have heard correctly.”


     Then the Lord announced His new edict for my life.  The Lord proclaimed to me, “I am taking you to a place in this nation where you are going to fight to get those children back.  There is a chance they will come back, but you will have to make even greater sacrifices in your life than the sacrifices you have already made in obedience to Me.  And in this battle to save these lost children, you will be willing to make those sacrifices if you love them enough to give up your life for them.”


     The Lord has instructed me that I now must make myself even more vulnerable to humanity.  In doing so, there is the weight of knowing that the greater one exposes the intimate details of one’s struggles in this life, the greater there will be persecution and mockery and pain.  Yet, isn’t that the experience of our Lord as they beat Him and exposed His tortured and naked body to the world while hanging Him upon the cross at Golgotha?


Part 2: September 16, 2008 — Night Turns To Morning


     It is now the month of September and the sickness that tortured me during the earlier part of this difficult summer is completely gone.  I actually feel healthier now then I have felt in years.  Still, I am often awakened during the hushed late night hours by the haunting voices of sisters and mothers and fathers who weep over their lost sons and brothers, and their lost sisters and daughters, all of them having gone astray into the homosexual life with all of its horrific and terrifying outcomes.


     The suffering of so many families who cannot resolve the loss of their children to  homosexuality is the reason that I am about to do something so extremely personal that I have not been willing to do such a thing before.  The struggle of so many men and women who would leave homosexuality and lesbianism, if they were shown the way, is the reason I am about to begin this incredibly significant new phase of my ministry. 


     In all of the years that I have been in public ministry, from appearing on the 700 Club to having my life story told throughout America on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, I have never revealed the contents of my personal journals.  For the past ten years, I have kept scores of journals that contain the most intimate details of my battle to overcome homosexuality, dealing with AIDS, and other important issues in my life.  On the pages of my journals are my life and death struggles, the dreams and visions given to me by the Lord, and my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions as my mind was being converted from the depravity of homosexuality to that of a man who has the mind of Christ.  These are my secret diaries and contained in them is the descriptive essence of my transformation into a man of God where all old things pass away and all things become new.


     I am opening up my life so that many lost souls will be retrieved from the fires of hell.  I fully intend to rescue as many lost souls as I can from those unending and eternal flames of torment.  And if I get burned up in the process, then let everything that is left of me burn up.  The Word of God instructs me in Jude v.22-23: “And have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh.”


     God did not bring me this far so that I could look the other way and not feel the despondency and the hopelessness of so many families as they grieve over their sons and daughters who are now engaged in homosexuality and lesbianism.  There is also the added weight of knowing that there are people in our world who are actually deceiving these lost sons and daughters into accepting homosexuality as some type of gift from God. This is a demonic lie, a trap designed by Satan to lure as many as possible into an eternal hell that they will never, ever be able to escape. 


     Does true love look the other way or does true love challenge the enemy until he releases these sons and daughters from their impending demise?  My heart beats with a love that will not allow me to remain silent nor standing on the side with those who are too apathetic to care about the condition of the lost children of our generation. 


     My journals will reveal the hope of deliverance from homosexuality that is available to every human being who seeks the power to be set free.  Where there was once so little hope in our society, God is now saying through me, that there is a new wind blowing across these United States, a wind that brings refreshment to the thirsty souls who are bound up in sexual depravity.  Things are now changing in our nation.  We are not of the same old stale religion that was willing to sacrifice a generation to the deviancy of unfulfilling sexual urges.  No, we are so much more than what has been seen in previous generations.  The fires of deliverance have begun to burn in our nation and these awesome flames shall not be extinguished.


     It is, perhaps, the most evil of all of the devil’s assignments, that an arrangement has been made to allow members of the clergy to stand in pulpits under the sacrificial cross of Jesus Christ while such clergy proceed to tell their congregations that being involved in homosexuality is not a sin, but rather the act of two people who love and care for each other.  This deception must be challenged by the true servants of the Lord because the eternal destiny of souls is on the line.  With the Lord’s help, I fully intend to battle against this deception and to contend for every lost soul trapped in the snare of sexual depravity.


      All of my struggles, my pains, and my victories are stored in my journals.  Today, I allow you to read an entry from my journal that I wrote nearly ten years ago when I was crying out to God to be delivered from homosexuality.  Surely you can see that the Lord did not abandon me in such a humbled state.  Indeed, He did for me exactly what His word promises.  One of my favorite passages in the Bible that is a constant reminder to me that God will always do what He has promised to do according to His word is found in Romans 4:20-21:  “Yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.”  The Lord Jesus Christ granted me complete freedom from the very homosexuality that had kept me spiritually, mentally and physically crippled for thirty years.


Part 3: From The Journal of The Dark Days

Entry 1: Dated March 2, 1999 


These are the words I wrote as I approached a place of near death.  Infected with

AIDS, battling the use of crystal meth and alone with no family, these words are

the cries of a man who was dying and so very close to the fires of eternal hell.  

     “I am so sick.  I am now closer to dying than ever.  And I am pushing myself closer and closer to that point where I will no longer exist in this world.  How does a forty year-old man learn those things that he should have learned as a child?  I ask myself this day, can God teach me at this point in my life to learn what I should have learned as a child?  Will He even answer me?  I have sinned and sinned and sinned against God, against my fellow man, against myself.  Why should God heal  me from AIDS?  Why should He do anything for me when I have refused to obey  Him?  I have been disloyal in every way to Him.  I have been unfaithful to Him in every way.  I don’t know how to be faithful or loyal to Him.  I don’t know how.   I never learned how.  I ask Him to forgive me for all of these grievous sins and show me how to be obedient to Him.  I need so many miracles.  I have HIV.  I am a compulsive homosexual.  I am a compulsive drug addict.  I am a criminal.  I am a liar.  I am dishonest.  I am disloyal.  I am a thief.  I am lazy.  There is nothing good in me.  If there ever was a worse person, I don’t know him.  How does God do His will in a person like me?  Oh, what a transforming miracle I need from Him.  If He doesn’t help me than I am doomed to die the failure that my parents created.  I am all alone.  O God be with me.  I pray this day that He will appear to me and that He is with me and will work this out.  Only God can help me now.” Dated: March 2, 1999

     In the spring of 1999 you didn’t have to ask me if I was dying.  I looked the part and most people who dared to gaze at my emaciated body just assumed I was suffering from some terminal illness.  In reality, I had been spiritually dead for many years and now my physical appearance was merely catching up to the coffin that my spiritual existence had been buried in for decades.

     By the spring of 1999, I had been suffering for nearly two years with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.  In 1997, my obsession with homosexuality and crystal meth had led me to become infected with the same deadly disease that had already killed millions of men who had given themselves over to the gay lifestyle.  Added to the physical tortures that came with AIDS was the burden of knowing that I had never been able to overcome my involvement with homosexuality, no matter how many times I had tried.

     In my journal entry from March 2, 1999, I was crying out to God to deliver me from the sorrows that had harassed me physically and spiritually for so many years.  I had never wanted to be plagued with homosexuality and yet, like so many others have stated in our society, the homosexuality had been a part of my personality since childhood.  I had first begun to experience homosexual desires at six years of age.  For years I had pleaded with God to set me free from a desire that the Bible clearly calls a sin.  Not just any sin, but a sin that the book of Revelation says will keep the person out of heaven forever if they practice it and refuse to repent.

     When I began keeping my first journal in 1999, I was a classic spiritual misfit because of the homosexuality which had controlled my way of life.  Prior to 1999, there were periods of time when I would renounce the homosexuality and give my all to follow God and go to church.  When the homosexuality would control me, then I would cease to go to church.  I was never one to engage in hypocrisy.  It was either all homosexuality or all church, but never the mixing of the two.  My conscience would never allow me to be involved in overt sin at the same time that I was sitting in the church and praising the Lord.

     Little did I know that God was truly and intently listening to my prayers during all of those difficult years when I would scream out in the midnight hours for His help.  Sometimes my heart would feel as if it was being seared with an acidic wounding as I pled for His help because I would interpret God’s delays as denials of my requests.  Of course, this tortured assumption on my part was the result of fear, rather than faith, controlling my beliefs about God.

     Oftentimes, God’s timing is not our timing.  Thus, we think that God is not listening to our pleas as we continue to suffer.  Many men and women who have prayed to God for deliverance from homosexuality have not recognized this critical reality.  There is a time for everything under the sun.  Unfortunately, most men and women who are practicing homosexuality, and who also claim an experience with Jesus Christ, have not waited for the timing of God’s miraculous intervention.  In turn, they give up on God and give themselves permanently over to live a life of complete sexual depravity.

     In 1999, God was about to intervene in my own life and answer the thousands of prayers I had prayed to be set free.  His intervention intensified during the time when I was starting to feel the real affects of the AIDS virus.  That was His time for me to begin the real battle for my freedom from homosexuality.  God’s timing is different for each man and woman.  The sooner we understand that, the better off we will be in our respective journeys to freedom.

     God’s plan for bringing me out of homosexuality was not the same plan that I had envisioned.  I was too fatigued in my life to have wanted any more suffering than what I had already been through.  My own personal strength was not a concern to God when He began to take me through my deliverance.  In fact, God was about to drain every drop of my own strength out of my life, leaving me mentally, physically and emotionally bankrupt.  God didn’t want me leaning on my own strength.  He wanted me to learn to depend solely on Him as my deliverer, my strength and my comforter.

      Deeper wounds and heavier sorrows, these were the realities that I encountered along the path that God was taking me on as I struggled through the afflictions of AIDS, homosexuality and drug addiction.  There was nothing in my life that I found enjoyable at that point.  And that is just the way that God wanted it.  I was literally experiencing my own funeral, a funeral where the pleasures that I had previously experienced in homosexuality and drug use, were no longer viable.  Someone once said that we only change what we can no longer tolerate.  I have found that statement to be mighty true in my own life.

     The Bible describes in Revelation 2:10 the full spectrum of the process that God brought me through in delivering me and granting me a permanent victory over homosexuality: “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

     To know God is to know suffering.  It is the way of Jesus. That is why He was willing to go to the cross and die for us. The reward that comes at the end of the suffering far surpasses the pains caused by that same suffering. That is what the writer in Revelation is describing when he talks about the crown of life one receives if they remain faithful in the midst of the trial of suffering and the imprisonment to sin.

     God tells us in His word that if we are to apprehend Him, then we must follow the same path that Christ took to the cross.  The great difference between myself and those who are still in bondage to homosexuality is their attitude towards suffering in this life.  The man who refuses to pick up his cross, or refuses to deny his flesh, will never be able to give up homosexuality.  Homosexuality is completely selfish and self-serving.  A person who is not willing to die to self, so that God can mold that person into a new creation, will never draw close enough to the Lord to be purified and changed into His image.  Instead of being transformed into the image of Christ, that person will always remain a slave to sexual sins of the flesh.

     I know that many people are looking to my life example of leaving the homosexual lifestyle as a sign of hope that men do overcome that sin.  I know that I carry a tremendous responsibility in my assignment and I take that assignment very seriously.  How I live my life in public is the same way that I live my life behind closed doors at home, one of obedience to the will of God.  As I share my road to redemption with the readers of the Journal of James Hartline, I hope and pray that you will come to know the consuming satisfaction that I have come to know in living a life of complete abandonment to Jesus Christ, the eternal savior of all mankind. 


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