Commemorating the 1968 anti-Jewish campaign in Poland

Commemorating the March 1968 anti-Jewish campaign in Poland

by Don Hank

The Jerusalem Post recently ran a column commemorating the expulsion of Jews from Poland in March of 1968 in the regime of Wladyslaw Gomulka.

The Jews in communist Poland in 1968 were seen as sympathetic to Israel’s gains in the 6 Day War of 1967, by which Israel seized considerable land, including the Syrian Golan Heights and this angered the communist regime, leading to said expulsion of Jews.

Issues surrounding Israel are always delicate at best, particularly this Six Day War. Note that current Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s father Hafez was not yet the leader of Syria at the time of the war, but did side with Russia, which helps explain the Neocon hatred of Bashar Al-Assad today. On the other side of the ledger, Bashar Al-Assad, while still an opponent of Israel due to the loss of territory in the 1967 war, is a stalwart protector of Syrian Christians and other minorities.

Further, in 1994, at President Clinton’s persuasion, his father Hafez had adopted a conciliatory stance toward Israel. Yet when Bashar tried in 2007 to hold peace talks with Israel, the Bush administration took an inexplicable hardline approach. Likewise, Israel rebuffed him with surprising harshness as described here.


“Attempting once again to break the impasse, Syria’s ambassador to the United States called for talks to achieve a full peace agreement with Israel in late July 2008. “We desire to recognize each other and end the state of war,” Imad Mustafa said in remarks broadcast on Israeli army radio. “Here is then a grand thing on offer. Let us sit together, let us make peace, let us end once and for all the state of war.”

Three days later, Israel responded by sending a team of commandos into Syria to assassinate a Syrian general as he held a dinner party at his home on the coast.”

The first paragraph of the above quote is confirmed here, but this source fills in a missing key fact: the Syrians were offering peace in exchange for return of the Golan Heights to Syria.

The last paragraph of this quoted portion is confirmed by no less than the Times of Israel here.

(Footnote: This bizarre behavior becomes understandable only in light of the US’s petrodollar agreement with the Saudis, by which the US became a de facto mercenary force for Saudi Arabia in exchange for the latter’s propping up the US dollar.  By virtue of its economic and security dependence on the US, Israel is also bound to the same terms, creating a de facto US-Israel-Saudi axis. The Saudis’ Wahhabi sect of Sunni will not tolerate any non-Sunni or secular leader in the Middle East and has enlisted US aid in ousting all such leaders since the mid-60s. Thus you will recall that the attackers on September 11, 2001 were almost all Saudis, who belonged to Al-Qaeda, a Saudi-founded and funded terror group. Yet GW Bush completely ignored these facts and gave the Saudis a pass, apparently believing the US public would never figure out the motivation behind his actions. Be sure your sin will find you out… Numbers 32:23).

Later, in the 70s, Russia staged a similar anti-Jewish purge. These events have led some to consider Russia (and to a lesser extent, Poland) to be anti-Jewish. Yet Putin has traveled to Israel and come back with glowing reports of a prosperous and friendly country. He not only apparently has his own personal positive feelings toward Israel but also knows that Russian Christians consider Israel to be the Holy Land that gave them the Bible and Jesus. Unlike Western leaders, Putin honors the culture and religion of his people. Despite propaganda to the contrary, Christians – whether American or Russian – are the most Israel-friendly group in the world. Putin has also negotiated extensively with Netanyahu, who seems to understand Russia’s potential role as an ally and protector, even as it judiciously maintains a precarious balance between Israel and Hezbollah in Syria.

I was in Poland in the early 70s and heard nothing about this purge. In fact I met Jewish people with important posts in the Polish government.

The point is that it was not the Russian or Polish people who spawned the anti-Jewish sentiment that boiled over in Poland in 1968 and in Russia in the 70s. It was the communist government.

While there are still ultranationalist Russian groups trying to stir up anti-Semitic sentiment, Putin has wisely charted a course that circumvents, and where possible, suppresses these groups. (I watch or read almost all of Putin’s press conferences and speeches and can confirm that no audience member ever asks Putin any anti-Semitic question. It is clear to me that he would severely reprimand anyone who dared to express anti-Semitic views.)

The irony of it all is that the Neocons in the West are trying to minimize, smear and eventually overthrow Putin simply because he will not kowtow to them. Yet they must realize that, should Putin leave office, a real hardline warmonger could come along and replace him. One of the main complaints among the Russians is that Putin is too soft on the West but that is because his is a 100% diplomatic style. I think Putin is by far the smartest statesman the world has seen in a long time, perhaps ever.

Thus the Neocons are on a reckless, potentially suicidal course that could end in WW III, a nuclear one at that.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who does not talk like a warmonger. Ironically, despite all the propaganda to the contrary, the world is probably safer with a Trump presidency.

The new Anti-Semitism

Something is happening in America that is off-limits to conservative and libertarian discussion, and that is the increasing animosity of some “conservatives” and others toward Israel. This viewpoint shift poses a threat because the Left has also been traditionally anti-Israel, leaving less and less wiggle room for Israel and sending an incredibly dangerous signal to Islamic countries that have always been its enemies. A delicate balance is being upset.

I had sent an alert to an article debunking the notion that the peace flotilla actually was peaceful and one person, a well-known writer in conservative and libertarian circles, was extremely angry at me for supporting Israel and asked me to remove her from my list. Now not being inclined to support Israel is one thing. But refusing to entertain new information that detracts from that view is another.

There are groups that are very well informed about the dangers of One-World Government and I give them credit for it. But at the same time, many of them also have a pronounced anti-Israel attitude that plays into the hands of the Islamists and other anti-Americans.

The situation is even worse in Germany. Probably because I had posted several Germany-specific messages at Laigle’s in German, I used to receive unsolicited emails from a group that openly longed for a return of the Third Reich and blamed the Jews for all of the world’s wrongs. I recently learned that these people are not considered “conservative” in Germany, which is a relief to know. At any rate they certainly can be considered neonazi. At any rate, despite all the anti-Jewish hype, of all ideologies, it is leftism that has caused the lion’s share of our ills. Indeed, as my Russian American Jewish friends assure me, the communists were none too kindly disposed toward their Jews and Politician-in-Chief Obama, possibly the farthest-left politician in America, is obviously anti-Israel. Certainly, to blame any one ethnicity or religious group for the world’s ills is to take one’s eye off the true enemy and thereby leave oneself vulnerable.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong in the Middle East, Jew baiters on both sides of the aisle, along with the “progressives,” are helping to open the door to a massive power transfer that threatens our only window of freedom to the Middle East.

If Israel is left to flounder on its own, the unintended consequences may be a lot worse than anyone could imagine.

The notion that there will never be a repeat of the Holocaust may be disproved, and soon.

This increasing anti-Jewish viewpoint could ultimately lead to war, as suggested by this viewpoint column by Lawrence Auster.

Afterword: All in all, the hundreds of conservatives I hear from daily are pro-Israel, particulary the vast majority of Christians. But there are large groups of Americans, perhaps most aptly described as misguided libertarians, who are overtly anti-Jewish. More later.