The US loses another battle for hearts and minds

The US loses another battle for hearts and minds


by Don Hank

I never see in the media or the political world any connecting of the dots with regard to the US’s loss of prestige, and yet the ground is giving way under our very feet even as we party on into oblivion. It seems incredible to me that almost no one notices this geopolitical tectonic shift. Much of the US’s lost prestige and respect is due to Obama’s heavy handedness but after all, the US has been busy creating disasters for years — particularly military ones — that erode the trust our partners have invested in us. We will not recover this trust easily or quickly — perhaps not in any of our lifetimes.

I have been tracking this phenomenon roughly since my report on the total blackout regarding the major dedollarization effort by the Eurasians, as reported here:

The next major shift was marked by RMB clearing centers being built all over the world, and most notably in Europe, as reported here:

This got very few comments and I did  not see any indication that the rest of the Western press — including the alternative media — noticed or cared.

This was followed not long thereafter by the accession of almost all US allies to the Chinese investment bank AIIB, as reported here: in another attempted wake-up call that went unnoticed.

These were followed by low-key statements by European leaders indicating that European “alllies” were no longer willing to bow to the Washington hegemon. These included statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most powerful national leader in Europe and no less than Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the EU Commission, the most powerful man in Europe, as reported here:

These statements showed that Europe’s allegiance was gradually turning from the US to Russia. NATO’s allegiance could no longer be taken for granted.

Now still another sign appears that Europe is ready to ditch its allegiance to the tyrant in DC. The EU Parliament has recently issued a statement in support of Edward Snowden, signaling that he could soon be welcomed in the EU despite all the accusations against him by US Neocons, whom Paul Craig Roberts aptly calls “inhuman filth” because of their interventions that sow chaos everywhere.


Folks, please to not underestimate the importance of each of these small shots across the bow of the DC tyrant. They are all clear signals that the rest of the world is no longer willing to be pushed around by a government that:

1–Intentionally harmed the world economy with its subprime mortgages packaged and sold around the world under the watchless gaze of US agencies tasked with preventing such disasters

2–Intentionally threw the Middle East into near-total chaos with disastrous military interventions starting with Iraq.

The tyrant in Washington has been identified and is targeted for at least a major comeuppance that will definitely be felt as the US government falls into a deep isolation of its own making.

I fear the best we can hope for is lenience.

I will be updating this column from time to time because it is impossible to keep up with all the geopolitical shifts showing how the US is receiving rejection slips from the rest of the world:

Shift 11/3/2015:


Just today I saw an article in El País with an interview with Ban Ki-Moon, where he says (my translation):

“The future of president Assad must be decided by the Syrian people.”

That statement sounds innocuous to the uninitiated but it is in facta block buster because it is in fact a low-key challenge to the Washington policy that Assad must go no matter what the Syrians want, based on the highly dubious notion that the US is entitled to define morality and enforce it. It is also a perfect reflection of what Russia has been saying all long in favor of respecting national sovereignties and it flies in the face of Washington’s untenable position that the US should decide the fate of the Syrians. Washington in so doing fully intends to trample on the sovereignty of the Syrian people (just as it tramples on its own people), who have already suffered much. If anyone deserves to decide the fate of their president it is they.

Here, Ban Ki-Moon joins the swelling ranks of high level officials who cautiously oppose US policy and agree with Russia.

Shift 11/3/2015

Iraq has now effectively excluded the US from participation in military operations in that country against ISIS. Ater seeing the remarkable successes of Russia’s airstrikes in Syria, it realized only Russia will provide honest, sincere assistance in defeating ISIS in Iraq.

Greece: No denouement, just more misery on the way

Don Hank

The news of Greece’s poll results, widely construed as a decision not to immediately exit the euro, is all over the foreign cable news programs, and Brussels is shouting for joy. They fail to see what’s coming! The markets responded favorably for a little over an hour, than plunged again when people woke up to reality: Endless bailouts for Greece until Germany and the others go bust.

To give you some perspective, here are some figures on the contributions of the various member countries to the EU, and hence to the bailouts:

Briefly, at the time of that report, Belgium’s Flanders paid top euro per capita, 282.6 euros per Flemish person, for a total of 1 billion 780 thousand euros.

But it is widely believed that Belgium will soon need a bailout of its own. That’s a double whammy for the EU. Not only would it lose the net contribution from Belgium but it would also have to take more from the remaining countries that are just barely above water to pay the Belgians. A net loss instead of the current net contribution.

Italy contributed 2 billion 938 million at the time of that writing, or about 49.7 euros per capita.

But Italy will eventually need a bailout, despite the phony optimism of Super Mario Monti.

That is another loss of a contributor, which becomes a net liability for the EU.

Spain will also need another bailout, and so will Greece.

And the more needy countries line up at the trough and stop being net contributors, the harder it will be for those few economically sound nations to pull their weight. Further, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the German powerhouse, is demanding — and will eventually get — full-scale “green” energy to replace all of the traditional cheap nuclear and fossil fuel plants that have so far made Germany the no. 2 exporter in the world. Once this transformation is complete, Germany too will line up at the trough, but the trough will be empty by then.

It may seem as if the EU has spun out of control. But the founders of the EU were men imbued with the socialist vision. Their idea from the start was that the rich nations should pull the weight of the poor, ignoring the vast difference in work ethic between them that drives some to work while others consume the fruits of their labor. This is socialism in drag, since in traditional socialism, there is roughly a wealth transfer of rich individuals to poor individuals, while in the more sophisticated version, the transfer is from rich nations to poor nations. You’d think Europe would have noticed, after all these years of being duped, that the EU is just a sophisticated version of the Soviet Union, but it is as if someone had taped their eyes shut. As time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that this transfer was never intended to be temporary. It has been a de facto systemic state of wealth transfer, always propped up with a new crisis and hence a new pretext to prolong the outright daylight robbery.

Thus, as long as the EU’s power masters can continue to strike fear in the hearts of the serfs who do their bidding, they will continue to steal the wealth of the rich nations, whose workers work longer hours with less pay, and send it to the “poor” nations, whose workers work less, retire earlier and demand — and get — more of everything. Meanwhile, the only win-win group is the bankers. Italy, for example, recently paid a handsome 7% for its credit. Good money for folks who sit like vultures at a carrion feast.

Socialism hasn’t changed one iota in its gross unfairness to the productive. But it has changed its guise and has trained its propaganda machines full tilt against the working men and women of nations unfortunate enough to be “rich,” warning that if their plan is not followed, there will be chaos, tanks in the streets, starvation, rioting, war, etc. So keep your noses to the grindstone. Arbeit macht frei.

Yet, these dread social phenomena are precisely what the EU and its policies are leading to. But they are the unintended consequences, and as stealthy and crafty as the EU power masters are, they have no good moves left for this end game, because the final outcome belongs to God, not to them.

Just as the populace didn’t see their machinations, the power masters didn’t see Him at work.

Don Hank

Brazil to send troops to EU for “military intervention”?

EU now eyes both North Africa and Latin America as possible new territories for their empire.

by Don Hank

The German language part of online journal German Foreign Policy reported today that Brazil is interested in sending troops to support EU “military interventions” in Europe.

It also said that Germany and Brazil, as “hegemonial powers” in their respective continents, are interested in forming an alliance.

This has numerous implications:

For one thing, EU foreign secretary William Hague said last week he is interested in “deepening and broadening” ties to North Africa. Such statements regularly precede inclusion of new states in the EU. 

Further, it looks like Germany is “temporarily” shutting down its nuclear power facilities in view of the Fukushima disaster. If Germany retreats from nuclear power, that would undoubtedly make it impossible for her to maintain her status as the number 2 (after China) exporter. She would be obliged to relocate her manufacturing overseas, and cheap-labor Brazil would be a prime destination. This would be catastrophic for the job market in Germany.

But the EU has tended to weaken rich nations at the expense of poorer ones — rather than provide labor markets for its own people, as it did, for example, by closing the Corus Redcar steel plant in the UK and selling it to Tata Steel of India, making 1,700 UK workers jobless. The scheme flew under the flag of “less carbon emissions.” Now India gets the carbon and the jobs, and the UK gets to breathe air containing Indian carbon instead of EU carbon.

The German site says (my translation):  

“Federal President Christian Wulff [Tr. note: not as high a rank as that of Chancellor Angela Merkel] announced a strengthening of the strategic partnership of Germany with Brazil. As Wulff stated during his visit to the South American country, which he visited last week, Berlin wants to further develop its relations with Brasilia. Germany and Brazil have been struggling jointly for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.”

and later:

“According to German plans, Brazil would provide troops for EU military interventions in the future. Experts warn that the Brazilian military has not abandoned its intention to build atomic bombs.”

The article said Brazil is interested in gaining greater independence from the US.

There are a lot of implications here, but William Hague said last week he wants to “broaden and deepen” relations with N. Africa in hopes of expanding the EU empire to that continent. Germany, as an EU leader, particularly in foreign affairs, now seems interested in including Brazil in the EU as well, to include 3 continents. The EU already has free trade agreements with various Latin American countries, including Panama, where I reside.

Brazil is a hard-left nation whose president Dilma Rousseff was once linked to a terror plot (as was Bill Ayers in the US) that killed at least one American. She was acquitted for political reasons. Various known terrorists operate freely there.

Don Hank

US bans offshore drilling in US, supports it in Brazil:

Full German language text cited above:

An older article from the site, in English:

Cooperative Leading Powers



Berlin is considering closer cooperation with the Brazilian military and armaments elites. The Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP – German Institute for International and Security Affairs) refers to ,,Brazil’s rise from a discrete regional to a cooperative leading power”. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, closely associated with the SPD, debates over the South American State as ,,a player and troublemaker in international politics”. In the meantime, Brasilia advances a nuclear program, developed with German assistance, and arouses suspicions of intentions to produce nuclear arms.

Brazil is not only a ,,South American regional power”, it also develops more and more into a ,,spokesman for the fast developing nations,”according to Berlin’s SWP. ,,Under President Lula, Brazil once again, became aware of its size and its enormous economic potential,”according to the foreign policy think tank, which refers to the leadership role taken on by Brasilia at the WTO Conference of Ministers at Cancun last Fall. At that time, Brazil, together with India and China, led a group of over 20 states which resisted the agrarian policies of the United States of America and, particularly, of the European Union. 1)

Common Defense Policy?

Evidently Berlin looks to utilize Brasilia’s more offensive foreign policy for its own ambitions for world power. According to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is considering increased military cooperation of the two nations, ,,Germany and Brazil have the largest populations and are economically the strongest countries in their regions.” ,,A common agenda regarding crisis prevention and international defense”is the subject of a ,,public debate”between Gernot Erler, SPD’s foreign policy representative, and Luiz Dulci, secretary general of the Brazilian presidential office, which will be conducted by the foundation in Berlin in May.

Nuclear Program…

In the meantime, Brasilia advances a uranium enrichment program and arouses suspicions of planning to produce nuclear arms. Announcements to that effect had been made, last year by the recently dismissed minister of technology, Roberto Amaral. Critics warn that the country’s armed forces, supposedly, are developing a nuclear program on their own, which is not under control of the Brazilian parliament. During the military dictatorships (1964-85), the Brazilian military had attempted to come into the possession of nuclear arms.

… with German technology

At that time and with German assistance, the military successfully created the essential prerequisites for atom bombs. In 1975, the social-liberal Bonn government concluded the German-Brazilian nuclear treaty with Brasilia which, in fierce competition with US corporations which normally consider Brazil as part of their immediate sphere of influence, gave the contract to the German Siemens-KWU to build the nuclear power plant Angra II. Shortly afterwards, and with German assistance, Brazil succeeded in enriching uranium. Fernando Gabeira, member of the Brazilian parliament, ,,does not preclude”that German technology is also utilized during the current attempts to enrich uranium in Resende, near Rio de Janeiro. 2)

1) See also earlier article ,,Augean Stables”
2) Klaus Hart: Antioekologische Tauschangebote. Lula-Regierung will Siemens-AKW Angra III fertig stellen; ila. Zeitschrift der Informationsstelle Lateinamerika, Februar 2004

See also earlier article Berlin: EU must assert itself against the USA in Latin America


Die Aussenpolitik der Regierung Lula. Brasiliens Aufstieg von einer diskreten Regional- zu einer kooperativen Fuehrungsmacht; SWP-Studie Maerz 2004

Brasilien und die friedliche Urananreicherung;

Original text portions quoted in my commentary above:

Bundespräsident Christian Wulff kündigt eine Stärkung der strategischen Partnerschaft
Deutschlands mit Brasilien an. Wie Wulff bei seinem Aufenthalt in dem
südamerikanischen Land erklärte, das er letzte Woche besuchte, will
Berlin seine Beziehungen zu Brasilia weiter ausbauen. Deutschland und
Brasilien kämpfen bereits seit Jahren gemeinsam um einen ständigen
Sitz im UNO-Sicherheitsrat

Nach deutschen
Plänen soll Brasilien zukünftig Truppen für EU-Militärinterventionen
stellen. Fachleute warnen, das brasilianische Militär habe seine
Absicht, Atombomben zu bauen, bis heute nicht aufgegeben.

Global elite mum on economic analysis in Europe, US

Don Hank

There is a worldwide effort to cover up the truth about the causes of the economic crisis (one main one being bad loans made deliberately and then disguised by bundling into “derivatives” for resale).

A column by Steph Jasky at FedUpUSA shows just how completely some lending institutions ignored their own lending rules and common sense.

Here is a tip of the iceberg example.

This quote is a bombshell:

Ambac found that 97 percent of 6,533 loans it reviewed across 12 securitizations sponsored by Countrywide didn’t conform to the lender’s underwriting guidelines

 Steph Jasky is one of the few reporting this kind of information. One reason for the silence is that such analyses seem a bit technical to many of us. But the main reason is that the mainstream — and even much of the “conservative” media — are ignoring it. After all, GW Bush participated by urging banks to issue no-downpayment loans. (He didn’t do this because he was conservative. He did it because he was not conservative and because he believed in the Global Elite’s wealth redistribution program).

Recently, a conference featuring top economic experts and a few knowledgeable others (like dissident EU Parliament Member Nigel Farage) was held in Germany. Even without any publicity from the mainstream press, 700 attendees showed up. The general consensus was that the euro should never have been devised and rammed down European throats in the first place and that the chickens were about to come home to roost in the form of a collapse of that currency, despite all the futile attempts to bail it out — or rather in large part because of these attempts to tamper with natural and universally applicable economic laws and common sense.

The only mainstream media rep that showed up was Russia Today, which spent the entire day interviewing at the conference.

How is it that the media both here and in Europe refuse to talk about the causes and possible cures of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?

The non-conspiracy theorists insist this amazing concurrence of non-coverage throughout the West — and the concurrence of abysmal banking procedures on both sides of the Atlantic — is simply a coincidence.

Whatever the case may be, it is time to educate the public and throw out ALL politicians who voted for bailouts and phony “stimulus” packages in the most gargantuan transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich in world history.

It is no wonder that the gap between rich and poor widened last year.

It widened not because capitalism failed but because capitalism is being supplanted by Public-Private Enterprises and government pressure on business and finance to sponsor wealth redistribution schemes.

Barney Frank is the new face of “capitalism.”

On the other hand, the news cover-ups are not working as well as they used to. In the US, we have talk radio and Glenn Beck pummeling the Ruling Class very hard on a nearly daily basis and gradually changing America’s mind. As for Europe, there is anger spilling out everywhere over the bailouts.

The below email I received from a European friend recently illustrates that the grassroots are about to rebel. A friend reminded me that most of the protests reported below were instigated by unions and that would make them left of center. No doubt that is true. However, whether they realize it or not, the protesters are highlighting the main point: The bailouts of the euro and the bankers with shoddy lending practices that have marked the European response to the worldwide crisis (and I need to add: the US response as well) were a sign of profound corruption and gross abuse of the trust the people had invested in their leadership. The ensuing breach between elite and grassroots is profound and quite likely irreparable. And the bottom line is that, even if this is a case of one leftist group playing against another, the group in power, the Global Elite, is now on the losing end in terms of popular support.

Whether the people will ever figure out that the loss of economic freedom and big government were the real culprits, and not, for example, the lack of care from the nanny state, remains to be seen. But the elite are taking a thrashing, and that, at the very least, is interesting to watch.

Just a few of the many protests and demonstrations across the EU state over the past few weeks……..

Spain. Some of the latest protests against the Spanish government’s planned spending cuts turned violent.

In Madrid, police said that some 40 people had been arrested since the strike began in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

In Barcelona, demonstrators hurled objects at security forces and set fire to a police vehicle.

Meanwhile, protesters in Valencia tried to storm a government building. Several were injured in the clashes.

Ministers say the austerity measures are necessary to boost an economy where 20 percent of the workforce is currently unemployed.  Unions countered that ordinary people are being made to pick up the tab for mistakes made by bankers and traders   Scuffles break out during Spanish protests 


Brussels was the scene of one of the biggest demonstrations against government austerity measures.

Tens of thousands of people marched through the Belgian capital to protest against plans unions say will slow economic recovery and punish the poor.

“They are pitting people against each other by relocating businesses to increase profit margins instead of improving conditions. It is scandalous and people have had enough,” said one CGT union member.

Similar sentiments were shared by demonstrators taking part in marches in ten other capitals across Europe.

Police in Brussels say more than 200 people were arrested for minor offences.

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Germany;  Plans to fell 300 trees to make way for the german city’s multi-billion euro rail infrastructure project ended in clashes between police and demonstrators. “This is to teach people a lesson, namely that they have no valid comment to make. The German police have never behaved like this before.” was the reaction of one protestor. There are claims the police used excessive force to quell the protest.

“We are peaceful, what are you?” chanted the crowd. Water cannon and tear gas were used. The authorities say some protesters threw stones at the police. But their actions were in vain as the trees began to tumble as night fell. “I think the trees were felled to show us that there can be no going back. It was meant to demoralise us but I don’t think they will succeed.” said another protestor. The protests have now grown into a national issue. Latest polls suggest that, for the first time in decades, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives could lose their majority in the state’s upcoming elections as a result…………….

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