Stop Iran? How about stopping the SAUDI’S ??

by Don Hank  August 1, 2015

I keep getting requests from different groups, like ACT For America, to support a campaign to reverse the Iran nuclear deal. The groups behind this are all Neocons with an agenda, who think we are idiots who would never notice that Saudi Arabia is the biggest terror sponsor in the world and is supporting the propaganda war against Iran and pretending it is more dangerous than they are. Here is my response to AFA and the person who sent me their request for help.

How about calling your lawmakers and sending them my email message below?


Hello X,

Saudi Arabia is the country that, in concert with the US government, founded the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and other terror groups.

IRAN, while it is involved in pro-Palestine actions to counter Israeli moves, NEVER sent the above-mentioned terror groups a single penny!

In fact, the Iranian militias helped fight ISIS in Iran.

Now Saudi Arabia has signed 6 contracts with Russia for the supply of nuclear fissionable materials and the construction of nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia, even as Saudi citizens continue to funnel funds to ISIS (Russia, while having long sided with Iran, has a policy of strict separation between trade and politics). You may recall that, of the 18 terrorists who attacked America on 911, 15 were Saudis. What measures is Act For America taking to counter Saudi-sponsored terror?

Saudi Arabia belongs to the Sunni branch of Islam, and worse yet, to the Wahhabi sect, which has declared permanent war on Christians and Jews. Sunni Wahhabism is by far the most violent and intolerant religion in the world! There are no churches in Saudi Arabia and Bibles are banned. While Iran, predominantly Shia (the more Christians-tolerant branch) also strictly applies Sharia law to Muslims and has committed acts against Muslims just as cruel as those committed by the Saudis, Iran has 600 Christian churches and allows Bibles to be imported.

It may be legitimate to ask Congress to oppose the Iran deal. But what does ACT For America have to say about Saudi Arabia and its nuclear plans?

If Americans insist on opposing the less violent and more tolerant group and supporting the more violent and less tolerant group of Muslims, how can we ever consider ourselves more secure, no matter how strong our military might be?

Peace is kept with intelligent strategies that support ONLY friends, not enemies.

As shown by the article below, every war we fought outside Latin America since 1973 has been to the benefit of the Saudi terror sponsors, who have egged us on against Iran over matters of religion. This is in violation of our First Amendment rights. No American tax dollars should be spent supporting anyone’s religion.

How the petrodollar perpetuates terror:




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