Spare me the crocodile tears when Northern Africa explodes

Now that the street mobs are in control of the Middle East, I predict first the unleashing of a fireball throughout the region.  And then after that a flood of crocodile tears from the Western leaders who triggered it. 


by Don Hank

Jim Kouri reports at the that Western coalition forces have launched “Operation Odyssey Dawn” to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to “protect the Libyan people from that troubled nation’s dictator, according to the Pentagon.”

Kouri’s article mentions criticism of the operation, but this is limited only to the fact that the coalition “places US troops under the command of foreign generals.”

This is very far from the crux of the main issue as recently highlighted by Olavo de Carvalho (here) and myself (here).

As we have stated, the salient outcome of US involvement in each case in



Iraq and


was to take the world step by step closer to a worldwide Caliphate or at least to a world increasingly hostile to Christianity, Jews and Western traditions. And as we pointed out, while this occurred under color of “spreading democracy,” the so-called democratic regimes that sprang up in the power voids we created were much more aggressive toward opposition and much more hostile toward Christians and Jews than the governments Western allies helped overthrow. Libyan rebels are reported to have terror ties. Whereas we once fought, at least ostensibly, to defeat terror, we now fight to defend it, as if it needed our help!

Though many remain in denial about the motives behind this tragic power transfer, it is increasingly clear, particularly in Europe, that the virtually unaccountable  Ruling Class (in the EU, the national and local governments) has adopted policies and laws that are aimed to dismantle Christianity and traditional Judeo-Christian life and culture, at variance with the will of their constituents. The Germans may well have suffered more than the rest of Europe.  Indeed, there are public schools in places like Berlin where up to around 90% of all students are Muslims, many of whom mercilessly attack and insult the German students.

In retrospect, it is perhaps not surprising that after tolerating such abuse for many years, a German TV station picked up the story. Laigle’s Forum was one of the first US media outlets to report this to US audiences.

Within days, Chancellor Angela Merkel became the first top-level European leader to state unequivocally “Multikulti” (multiculturalism) is not working.

Not long thereafter, David Cameron, normally a lackey of the Ruling Class, said the same thing. So did France’s Sarkozy.

Now European leaders at this level never flout the top brass (in the EU, for example) in this way unless their jobs are at stake. For the first time in decades, the pressure was coming from the people, building to a crescendo and inviting revolt.

The point is that the Ruling Class in the West has been using Muslims as a means of undermining Christian culture, and the support of Islamic rioters in Northern Africa is but an extension of this policy. A hotelier couple in the UK, for example, was recently sued in court for sharing their faith with a Muslim guest. Homosexual “sensitivity” is also used on both sides of the Atlantic to suppress Christian thought and speech. The connection to the anti-Christian tone of US leaders (on all levels), with the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center making constant juridical sorties against Christians, is abundantly clear to anyone with internet access and palpable brain wave activity.

So given the above list of Islamic nations that has received military support, it is not unusual that the West would leap to the support of a group of radicals who want to overthrow the Libyan regime, even though Libya has had one of the highest standards of living in the region and a more highly developed network of social services, and even though Qadaffi had in the past shown remarkable cooperativeness with the West, even voluntarily dismantling his weapons systems.

So now there are 5 regions in the hands of another wild street mob, thanks to the intervention of the West. Watch the prices soar at the pump. Watch for streams of Middle Eastern Christian refugees in Western countries.

Watch Israel as Islam moves in for the kill.

Watch for crocodile tears as the Western leaders who triggered the debacle react with false shock and indignation at the blood bath they deliberately initiated.

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legal us-resident

It’s right: Angela Merkel (nickname “Erika Ferkel” Ferkel = a baby-pig) said “Multikulti is not working”, BUT (!!!) she hasn’t changed the politics. This statement was the “sleeping-pill” for the voters after Dr. Thilo Sarrazin published his book with facts about the problems with the Muslims and the majority of the Germans agreed to him because they see the problems every day in their daily life. Angela Merkel is appeasing the Islam as every other politician except Geert Wilders from Netherlands. He is the only “poltically incorrect” politician in Europe!

Hermés de Azevedo

“The Price of Ignorance is Eternal Stupidity”

Shiites by the democracy seem to be prostitutes by the morality (apud Heitor De Paola).

Rev. Jeffrey C. Long

Maybe this is why Obama/Clinton let Gadhafi nearly exterminate them (the “rebels”) before they have stepped in to stop him(!)

Personally, since he directed the downing of our Pan Am jumbo jet in Scotland, and sucker punched us by getting the perp released back to Libya from prison, I am not too bothered about the prospect of his being taken out.

Debbie Texas

All is almost comedic in the transparency. Good that many see what is going on; but the cavalry is no more. We must fight our own way out of this…WE the PEOPLE.

No doubt in my mind that TarBarry and those who control him are grinning in the dark about the prospect of strafing us.

Larry Fuess
Remember, we are attacking soldiers of another country, without provocation, as they try to maintain their long-standing government’s authority… No matter what our opinion is of Libya and its leader, we are assisting in the overthrow of the government of another country. I’m not defending the regime over there, it is bad to be sure, but are we really justified in overthrowing all “bad” regimes? There are many of them in the world. Moving on, Exhibit C, from the Constitution: Among the powers granted to Congress: “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures… Read more »

Watch BO’s sleight of hand. When Iran’s rebellion began, BO refused to intervene……Iran is absolutely anti-Israel. When Egypt erupted in rebellion, BO was johnny-on-the-spot to help the rebels……largely muslim brotherhood, and anti-Israel. Mubarack had signed a peace treaty with Israel…….he HAD to go.
Now, once again we watch BO do NOTHING to help rebels bent on toppling an anti-Israel regime. My guess is, since Egypt had the only dictator who was peaceful with Israel, those were the only rebels BO was willing to support.
It’s all about destroying Israel. Israel is IN BO’s sights……he wants her GONE!

albert w loescher

In the name of attrition of of our Constitutional army and US:
1. O. bin Liar dribbled troops into the Afghan meat grinder. Our soldiers will come home in body bags.
2. The retreat from Iraq will be more lethal than the Saigon evacuation. Our soldiers will come home in body bags.
3. The entity will eventually send our reserves to Libya. They will come home in body bags.
4. The chameleon and thief is intentionally depleting our military, and we, the people, will be massed together in long trenches filled with lye.

I couldn’t give a damn if Israel falls-Zionists have yanked the cords of every Western leader for over half a century. it is ludicrous to claim that we need Israel to protect our oil supplies.It is unquestioning support for Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine that has caused such anger in the Muslim world and which has damaged our relations with them so much. U.S. and European support for Israel actually strengthened Islam, it was losing it’s grip on M.E. nations and elsewhere. European policy on Muslims is crass imbecility– make war on them in their own soveriegn nations, whilst alowing… Read more »

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A British friend? Daily we’re bombarded with Gadaffi is slaughtering his own people from the air. Radio. hours and hours of callers [ muslims] backing up Gadaffi is evil etc. Dumbed down in the extreme Zombies accept what is heard. Russian satellites’ in outer space said. this wasn’t the case no jets had flown on that date. But that wasn’t on the TV or Radio. They still believe there was a Holocaust in Bosnia this is now told daily why we bomb LIBYA. There was genocide but that was Serbians not Muslims. What is this build up for close to… Read more »
McA Try to get a copy of The Project by The Muslim Brotherhood. Their desire to keep Israel on the boil, this would bring in more and more muslims to join their jihad. It make’s very interesting reading. Palestinians you say- from whence did they come? Name one Palestinian President or prime minister before Arafats Nazi mob moved in? Read your bible for whom was there and when. all Jews are NOT Zionists ALL Zionists are NOT Jews…. The Gates of Vienna was where muslims were stopped from invading Europe. Their Jihad isn’t about Israel it’s about islam!! 1400 YEARS… Read more »

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albert w loescher
Vick: I agree. ‘Zionism’ does not mirror Israel. Judaism has been ‘hijacked’ by the false Jews of the Ashkenazi sect. Political Zionism is one of dozens of arrogant organizations which strive to hold hegemony over the world. As prurient adolescents, the globalists play the game of king of the mountain. The Western conspirators believe they can manipulate the minions of islam. They cannot. The old world order will not evolve in their benighted image. ‘For behold, the day is coming when all arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble’ (Malachi 4:1). That day that comes will host the clash of… Read more »

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[…] has blinded the Western grassroots to the clear-cut link between Islam and violence, and the result is, in part, as follows […]


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