Russian “propaganda” sounds suspiciously like the truth

Don Hank

I recently read an opinion indicating the Russia is up to its old tricks of dividing the Western world and trying to destabilize the Middle East. The author cites the fact that Russia is refusing to go along with Western intervention in the Middle East. I was surprised to read this opinion because if anyone can be blamed for destabilizing that region it is the Western powers and their military adventures there.

The commentary also stated that Russia is a much bigger threat than the New World Order.

I disagree.

From what I see, the New World Order is actually an extension of the Soviet Union, but not of Russia, which is no longer a totalitarian communist state—or at least no more totalitarian than, say, the EU, whose commissioners are not elected democratically and who wield all the important power.

I think some US conservatives subconsciously conflate today’s Russian Federation with the Soviet Union. Even Reagan seemed to have a problem with seeing a Russian person in a positive light, including the Russian dissidents we should have reached out to, notably Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who was treated with suspicion. Details here:

During the cold war, I believe there were millions of confused people believing that it was the Russian nation and people we were supposed to oppose, not communism. Or rather, many felt that communism came with being Russian, just as freedom comes with being American.

Americans who tenaciously stick to this suspicious attitude toward all things Russian either no longer recognize communism when they see it or they aren’t afraid of living in a totalitarian state as long as it is orderly and they have enough to eat and as long as their keepers have Anglo-Saxon names and call themselves Christians on the campaign trail.

The truth is, what has happened in recent decades is an almost complete role reversal in terms of communist totalitarianism.

At the risk of oversimplifying, I think that essentially, Russia is becoming America and the West is becoming the Soviet Union.

Here are just a few of the blatant symptoms of communism that you and I have been seeing throughout the West:

Economic communism:

1-Wealth redistribution between the rich nations, esp Germany, and the poor nations of the EU, to the extent that the euro and the European economy are being wrecked to maintain this ideology-driven scheme. Many blame this on the greed of the bankers, but there is something else going on here, not far beneath the surface, and that is the steadfast belief, even among business people and bankers, that the wealth (all but their own, that is) must be redistributed to achieve “social justice.” The CRA, which forced certain banks to lend to “underserved communities” (minorities and the poor), is a perfect example. The knee-jerk reaction when this is pointed out is to quickly assert that the CRA had little effect because only some banks were enforced upon. Nonsense. By forcing some to comply, the US government was tacitly agreeing to prop up the loans of any bank to these underserved communities, and as a result, most banks went along, driving up housing prices and causing a bubble that ultimately led to the crash. The banks that made the most reckless loans under this socialist scheme were rewarded with your money in the form of bailouts. They made out like the bandits they were.

The scheme was shoved down our throats because, despite his socialist policies, Bush was seen as “conservative.” It was perfect camouflage for a people who see politicians with white faces talking about their faith in Jesus as beyond reproach.

2-In the US, a record and vast number of people on food stamps. The “rich” (i.e., workers) are supporting America.


4-The obliteration of borders. In world socialism, which was first promoted by the Soviet Union, there were eventually to be no borders. In keeping with this idea, Obama refuses to deport illegal aliens and provides only a modicum of border protection. He and many others consider Mexico and the US to be a common territory. Particularly under G.W. Bush and Barack Obama, the 2 nations have come to be a de facto economic and political union (North American Union).

The old Soviet regime was anti-Christian.

5-Obamacare forces Catholic hospitals to pay for abortions

6-For decades, the ACLU has been winning battles all over our country to take Christian symbols out of public life

7-We are importing Muslims wholesale, who refuse to integrate and recently, have literally “stoned” Christians in Dearborn (those who are on my daily alerts list got a video link to that yesterday) while the police turned a blind eye.

8-The EU and its puppet “national” governments in Europe import millions of Muslims who do not integrate, cause trouble, have doubled and tripled the rates of crimes like rape, etc, and have created no-go zones where police, fire personnel and ambulances dare not enter. Police in Europe respond to Muslim rioters the same way as US police: they don’t. Laws and enforcement favor the Muslims and disadvantage Christians (proselytizing to Muslims, for example, is now considered a crime or misdemeanor in much of Europe).

9-The EU and the US have totally wrecked the Middle East. Except in Syria, which the West is itching to attack, there are almost no indigenous Christians left. They have been murdered or exiled, their churches burnt to the ground. 

10-The West has started making it difficult or illegal to discuss homosexual behavior from a biblical standpoint. Pastors don’t dare mention it. Canada and parts of Europe fine people for speaking against it. 11 Christians were arrested in Philadelphia in 2006 for expressing a scriptural viewpoint regarding homosexuality at a homosexual “OutFest.” They were charged with a “hate” crime that carries a sentence of 47 years in prison and a $90,000 fine for each one:

Contrast this with Russia, which does not acknowledge same sex marriage and, in some jurisdictions, does not allow homosexual demonstrations.

Now let’s look at Russia:

Do you see the Russians importing Muslims? Whom are the Russians supporting in the Middle East? Do they have satellite states and do the richer ones have to send money to the poor ones? Are they obliterating the Russian border?

And here is the key: Do they interfere in the political affairs of sovereign nations to overthrow existing governments?

Here is a video of a speech by Putin on what can be called the New World Order (he didn’t mention the term explicitly). Whether or not you consider this to be propaganda, which side comes off as being right here?:

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Walter Schneider

Don, your analysis is right on the mark. We have a neighbour of Ukrainian background whose family is involved with a student exchange program and become close friends with the family of a Ukrainian student who had stayed with them for a year.

The parents of the student had visited with them for while and observed what is going on with socio-political developments here in Canada. They told him, \You have got more communism in Canada than we have in Ukraine. You are becoming addicted to communism, while we learned to wean ourselves from it.\

Ok I watched Putin but that’s no guarantee he’s telling the truth. He’s KGB and like his whole apparatus, he never got “vetted” after the Soviet Union collapsed. There was no Nuremberg, so the corruption never got rooted out. Putin is corrupt and leader for life, and has a fair amount of scalps to show for his corrupt regime, despite his sincere persona. What’s more, the limited access to the Soviet archives makes it very hard for us to discover how much of the Communism in our country was due to the active but secret manipulations of the Soviet Union… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov
A short note regarding “Solzhenitsyn tragically misunderstood by Conservatives” (later I am going to post a comment on the column in general): Solzhenitsyn was not “tragically misunderstood by Conservatives”. He was tragically slandered by Jews who found his works antisemitic. I personally don’t like Solzhenitsyn’s Russian language: it is in a very big part very much artificial, farfetched, unnatural, doltish and nauseating. This is why I don’t consider Solzhenitsyn as a real writer. But his civic consciousness and his role in debunking Communism are absolutely eminent and cannot be underestimated. This does not mean that all his ideas of how… Read more »
Constantine Ivanov
“the goal is… elimination of Christian culture,” LAIGLESFORUM says. Not exactly. Elimination of religion – yes. But with preservation of the INHERITED Christian culture. This was clearly stated in Lenin’s books. The funniest thing happened in 1961 when Khrushchev asked Fedor Burlatski to write a new “Moral Code of Builders of Communism.” The work was done within 3 hours. The text was actually the slightly paraphrased Bible. The “Code” was unanimously affirmed by the XXII Communist Party Congress. After a few years of Bolsheviks rowdyism, when Bolshevik thugs ruthlessly shattered, blotted, crushed and destroyed everything that they associated with the… Read more »
Edith Crowther

Very interesting Article, Don – thank you. Interesting comments too. “Communism” has many faces, I think. Christianity as practised by the early church and first Apostles the best antidote, in my opinion! It conquered the Roman Empire after all, without spilling a drop of blood (except martyrs). Or so I hear tell. True Christianity preserves national diversity too, and works with national culture and tradition not against it.

Jeff Long


I believe you are onto the truth as many today are beginning to see it as well (largely through the help of people like you).

The world is shrinking and communications and the Internet are making it impossible for the bad actors to hide themselves as they did in the past.

The signature identifier is a hatred of God and godliness in those who love Him. Or as the Bible says, it is a “war against the saints” and as such, wherever they live, those lands and nations will come under intense assault.

Jeff Long

Curtis Bowers conjured up a most apt description in his video AGENDA … it is a “grinding down”.