RT condemned as anti-Jewish for publishing an Israeli news feed verbatim

RT condemned as anti-Jewish for copying a Jewish newspaper’s headline verbatim


by Don Hank


There is a rumor that the Russian online news service RT reported that the Tel Aviv massacre that has been widely reported was perpetrated by Ultraorthodox Jews. However, even the hysterical article condemning RT for this “dishonesty” contains the quotation marks around the word Ultraorthodox Jews. Apparently the hysterical author at the site CAMERA does not know that quotes are routinely used to indicate that the author is skeptical about something that was reported or that he wants the reader to understand that this is not true and accurate even though it was reported that way. If you went to college, you know that. If not, you may be able to land a writing stint at CAMERA.

Here is how the hysterical story ran:


In its initial report on the attack, RT ran an article under the headline “2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 1, injure 8 in Tel Aviv.” In response to the portrayal, Simon Plosker, managing editor at Honest Reporting, said that RT ”wins the prize” for “most appalling headline.” Gilead Ini, a senior research analyst  at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) [sounds suspiciously like Accuracy in Media, which runs similar anti-Russian hit pieces] described RT’s “short-lived headline” as “dramatically absurd.”



But look at the headline in Haaretz that appeared here http://nvs24.com/news/world/2-ultra-Orthodox-Jewish-gunmen-kill-1-injure-8-in-Tel-Aviv-reports-6347850.html


2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 1, injure 8 in Tel Aviv – reports


Can we all just simmer down and take a deep breath? If Haaretz initially ran this exact same headline before it was all sorted out, does that mean that the Israeli site Haaretz is also anti-Jewish?

Think before answering that.

The irony is that I opened the hysterical email advising of this “outrage” at about 8:00 pm and when I went to the RT site, I found the article with the headline corrected, apparently due to this hysterical complaint.

And get this: at 8:05, ie, after RT had made the change to avoid offending hysterical people, the Haaretz site STILL contained the same identical headline that the “anti-Jewish” RT had initially run. In other words, RT got the headline from an Israeli site, but CAMERA reports that this is an “appalling headline,” as if RT had made it up. So a Jewish site also ran the “appalling headline,” and did not see fit to correct it (because the quotation marks made the author’s intent clear to all intelligent people), but CAMERA seems to have overlooked this. Oh well, Russophobes lead a hectic existence chasing rumors like this. We can forgive them for not noticing where RT got their headline.

The person who sent me a copy of the article was also hysterical and called RT a Jew-hating news site.

The fact is, I have been reading RT for a long time and can attest that they are not Jew haters at all. They have in the past featured a video showing Putin giving a glowing account of a trip to Israel. In fact, the latest issue of RT contains an article here https://www.rt.com/news/345640-netanyahu-moscow-visit-putin/

about Netanyahu visiting Putin. It does not condemn Netanyahu for visiting Putin. That  would be both anti-Jewish and anti-Russian, wouldn’t it? The author of that RT article seems to offer hope for a change that might lead to peace, or at least, perhaps, less hysteria.

The irony of this silliness is that now people who read the hysterical report describe above will be led to check out RT to see who is right: The “accurate” reporters at CAMERA or me. If they went to college, they will easily see that the reporting at RT is a lot more accurate in major areas than the Western press.

Pray for peace, friends. Let’s none of us be hatin’ on anyone else. God bless Israel, Russia and the USA.

Matthew 5:46.

Don Hank

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