Reverse migration — look for it

By Don Hank

I ran into a guy from Kentucky today that I had met once before. He’s a heck of a nice guy, doesn’t speak much Spanish and likes to chat with other gringos. I hadn’t had much time to talk to him the first time we met, in a Toyota dealership near Panama City.

But this time I had a chance to ask what he was doing in Panama.

It turns out he came down here to work on construction. He’s a hard hat, and the people I was with later told me that’s a good job here, paying up to $15 an hour or more, or starting at $8 for flunky labor.

Other workers make about $300-400 a month, but construction pays great.

This is because Panama runs on that old fashioned system we have ditched in the US: common-sense free market. You get what you give; you got credit and a job, you get loans – that is, after the bank knows you for a few years; you don’t pay, you don’t get any more credit, for a long time; the bank checks out your background, your income, your work history, etc. And you don’t have these politician clowns causing a bank crash and then running around saying “we gotta find out who caused this! Duh.”

Panama is booming and banks are healthy, it goes without saying. This may eventually be the last country on earth to give in to the New World Order. But as long as there is a sovereign Panama, there is hope for humanity. BTW, one of the favorite domestic beers here is called Soberana, meaning “sovereign.” Sovereignty means a lot to Panamanians, who have no aspirations to be “world citizens.” They’re too smart for those shenanigans.

As our friend was leaving he said “I couldn’t find work back home.”

Folks, we’re talking about the USA!

That’s reverse migration and this is just the beginning of a trend. Look for it.

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albert w loescher

How many tens of thousands of Jonathan Galtbergs will migrate to Israel next year? It is indeed God’s plan that the remnant will be repatriated. I’m sure the imams of Iran are salivating for ‘Jew compression’ within that tiny sliver of land. When shia gets the bomb, 90% will be killed, but the 10% remnant will survive to begin again. The number may be 144,000.


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