Prevent nuclear war: Stop Hillary

Stop Hillary and prevent nuclear war


by Don Hank

An article recently appeared in a blog operated by an independent intel analyst who is particularly knowledgeable about Russian military hardware.  The article is co-authored by 3 experts and is a warning of the threat of a war with Russia that would be triggered not by the Russians but by the West. I urge you to read it here:


We are absolutely and categorically certain that Russia will never attack the US, nor any EU member state, that Russia is not at all interested in recreating the USSR, and that there is no “Russian threat” or “Russian aggression.” Much of Russia’s recent economic success has a lot to do with the shedding of former Soviet dependencies, allowing her to pursue a “Russia first” policy. But we are just as certain that if Russia is attacked, or even threatened with attack, she will not back down, and that the Russian leadership will not “blink.” With great sadness and a heavy heart they will do their sworn duty and unleash a nuclear barrage from which the United States will never recover. Even if the entire Russian leadership is killed in a first strike, the so-called “Dead Hand” (the “Perimetr” system) will automatically launch enough nukes to wipe the USA off the political map. We feel that it is our duty to do all we can to prevent such a catastrophe.

As you can see, this article is not a warning from Putin, the Kremlin or any other government agency. It comes from individuals who are watching in fear as the US government does its best to antagonize and provoked Russia into a war. These are certified crazies and they have infested the US government like maggots. Bill Kristol, the son of Irving Kristol, dubbed the “godfather of the Neoconservative movement,” is one of them. Recently Donald Trump called Kristol a loser for trying to start a third party that would risk ushering Hillary Clinton into the White House. He said in a public address that Kristol only wants to “kill people.” That is precisely the case. But the Neoconservative are desperately attempting to start a new third party to preserve the tradition of waging perpetual wars that it invariably loses (because they are fought on behalf of the Saudis, for the clandestine purpose of spreading Wahhabism in exchange for the Saudis’ propping up an increasingly worthless dollar, as I have shown here). This desperation on the part of the Neocons means several things:

1–Neoconservatism, whose sole platform has become maintaining US dominance at all costs, up to and including nuclear annihilation of the planet, is now running wild even in the Democrat party. Hillary has been identified as the arch-Neocon. She even said that US support for terror groups like ISIS is “a good thing.”

2–Neocons, which include Kristol and faux conservative Glenn Beck, are not conservatives, quite the opposite, despite their pious pronouncements about the sacredness of the Constitution. Anyone willing to give the election to Hillary cannot be called a conservative. NO Neocon is a conservative, but they pose as such, taking up minor causes that make them seem Christian and defenders of the Constitution. But the main cause for America is not the ones identified by the false conservatives. It is ending the constant push to war that only supports the Saudis and their deadly Wahhabi sect (the sect that created ISIS), as shown here  and threatens the planet by antagonizing Russia and China, pushing all their psychological hot buttons (eg, by supporting a quasi-fascist government in Ukraine and building up NATO forces all along the Russian border, despite the fact that James Baker had solemnly promised Gorbachev that this would never happen).

Finally, let me point out that no expert of any political stripe ever presents the whole picture when writing about war with Russia. I have said this before but must repeat because no analyst has as yet picked up this vital detail:

The idea of war with Russia is mythical. There can be no such thing. A war against Russia would automatically evolve into a war with Russia and China both. And china, has said, as I reported here, that it can instantly wipe out the entire US. The only fear for citizens of the West, however, is that the US will continue to antagonize and provoke both of these world powers.

The most dangerous place in the world at this time is therefore Washington, DC.

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