“Patriotic” Dalmatians chasing Obama’s re-election fire truck

The most important question you can ask yourself is:  Will I be emotionally manipulated by the Global Elite’s appeal to false patriotism or will I say “no” this time?

by Don Hank

It’s funny how all of the people who posted comments to my recent articles (here and here) agreed with me that getting further embroiled in another conflict in the Middle East to support a group we know nothing about (except that some belong to Al Qaeda and many are implants of radical Islamic groups from other countries) is not a good idea, no matter how you feel about the demonstrably unsavory Colonel Qadaffi. Some of you disagreed on minor points, but all posters so far have agreed with my main premise.

Yet, I have received a few private emails from people who seem to think it is unpatriotic to oppose the Globalist Elite when they try to drag us into a war – as if war itself were a sacred goal or a permanent pillar of our Republic and not being at war with someone is simply unacceptable and/or a sign of weakness. Oddly, the ones opposed refuse to share their views with the group. Are they ashamed of them? Should they be?

For example, I just received the following email today from a member of an email group that has adopted me as a member (I hadn’t asked to be part of it and the e-mailer was not on my list that I know of):



                                                                                             A VIETNAM VETERAN

[name withheld]


This kind of blind obedience to the Ruling Class using war for political gain is exactly what the Global Elitists and Obama were counting on.  In past instances of this kind, their manipulative tactic of confronting the public with a supposedly inevitable and noble military adventure (“never let a crisis go to waste”) has always served them well and there has always been an endless supply of propaganda fodder in the form of “patriots” who think that helping unsavory US politicians and their unsavory foreign allies win an unsavory war is noble and patriotic.

Need I point out that these brave souls who claim to have risked their lives and limbs in past wars (not saying they didn’t, mind you) often seem to lack the courage to stand up for what they believe? They have no fear of bullets but words scare them silly so they plead for mercy after attacking: “please don’t respond.”

Sort of like :

“I challenge you to a duel, but please please don’t accept…. Or else! Thank you and have a nice day”

And of course, most of them fail to post similar comments at Laigle’s Forum where others could read them and be influenced by their views. Wonder why they pass up the opportunity. No, actually I don’t.

There are excellent reasons for this refusal on the part of otherwise brave men to debate like a man.

As you can see, there is no rational argument in the above email that in any way counters anything I said in my columns. Nor does the orthographically challenged author show how I “slammed America” by refusing to obediently acquiesce to Obama’s call for participation in a civil war that does not concern us, on the heels of two other wars in other Middle East countries that we have not won. The email is clearly:

–an attempt to shame me for daring to oppose a war effort launched by a US “president” (who over 50% say they aren’t convinced was qualified for the office)

–a hit-and-run attack (I am not supposed to write back to this brave but intellectually unarmed military man)

–an attempt to silence me.

Further, he doesn’t simply say my “slamming” of America is intolerable to him. He suggests that what is intolerable to him is universally intolerable. End of discussion. A vet has spoken and you will listen and shut up (oops! Unfortunately, I do not seem to take orders very well).

Interestingly, all of these characteristics of the email are precisely those used for over a century by the far left and the Global Elite. This is not a coincidence, although the e-mailer is almost certainly oblivious to the Globalist scheme behind his reflexive actions. If indeed this individual is acting out of patriotic motives, he is doing so not for the benefit of America but – no doubt unwittingly – as part of a plot by the far left to get Obama re-elected. He has been set up by the Left, who are laughing their evil heads off over his childish naiveté.

The move on the part of Obama to embroil the US in another fiasco sure to bring us embarrassment (and who received the Nobel Prize in anticipation that he would not get his country involved in any more such fiascos!) is a brilliant strategic move designed to pave the way for Obama’s re-election.

The Left therefore has much more to lose than the Right by my resistance to the Coalition’s attack on a country with which we are not at war and on a man who so far had been friendly and cooperative with Western behests.

The far-left schemers behind this scheme in their comfortable recliners know that there are numerous Americans who react reflexively and unhesitatingly to any “call to arms,” no matter how vile or stealthy and how transparent the motivation.

These are that noble group of helpful lackeys Lenin called useful idiots. They are not unlike Dalmatians that instinctively chase fire trucks, not because they have any interest in saving lives or putting out fires, but because such behavior is bred into them. They simply cannot help themselves.  And therein lies a tragedy.

But unlike Dalmatians, they pour fuel on a conflagration that for decades has been completely out of control. It is all part of an elaborate scheme that has led us into war after war that we do not win and that results in improved strategic positions for our enemies, while weakening and endangering our allies (particularly Israel in this case) and the US – and that has led to China becoming a super power both militarily and economically, even as our sun sets on the western horizon.

Obama spends money we will never be able to repay, takes us infinitely far to the Left, salivates over every opportunity to deprive Americans of freedoms such as gun rights, religious expression, and even sovereignty for their own nation, and knows he can always count on the dutiful assistance of these stalwart self-proclaimed  patriots who seem oblivious to the hatred Obama and the Global Elitists show toward patriotism itself.

Americans as a people are normally too smart to fall for this demagoguery.

In fact, if it weren’t for the “patriotic” Dalmatians chasing his fire truck, Obama probably wouldn’t stand a chance in 2012. But  he thinks he can always count on these noble misguided souls in a pinch.

And that pinch is the upcoming presidential election. Can Obama count on your support? Or have you seen the light and had enough?

There is hardly anything more important than your answer to this question (either publicly expressed or formulated in your heart and mind): will you be manipulated or will you say no this time?

I respectfully invite your comments – both pro and con – here at Laigle’s Forum, where my articles are now averaging about 400 hits each. Remember: a comment against my premise that is sent to me personally and not shared with the group will count as a hit-and-run, which is, of course, cowardly and unfair no matter how many wars the respondent has been in. If you have never posted here, please note that while this WordPress blog is designed to allow publication only by my consent, I will allow all reasonably respectful responses once I receive notification by email. (However, I am not always here at my computer. You see, this is not my full time job, just my passion. Thanks!).

I am not a hit-and-run type guy and actually enjoy low-key online conflict which is shared with the public because it can help resolve simmering issues in people’s minds. All the rest is just gaseous emissions.

Personally, I would be ashamed of myself if I said nasty things to you behind everyone’s back and I expect you wouldn’t like that either.

So let’s talk and let’s keep it public so everyone can participate.


Biden says Obama can be impeached:


7 thoughts on ““Patriotic” Dalmatians chasing Obama’s re-election fire truck

  1. Don: Useful idiots are sad but not uncommon. Today, especially, with 24/7 news channels and all the Internet communication, it’s easier for people to be ruled by their emotions rather than solid, rational investigation.

    When I was a kid on the east coast we had two newspapers a day, weekly & monthly news magazines and radio news was at noon and six. Most people enjoyed reading books for information and pleasure. Today there is an information and agenda overload especially on those who have been mis-educated.

    In those days, kids prayed at the begining of the school day, schools taught accurate history and political science and sometimes we had fights after school. Today God has been kicked out, history has been “edited” and kids are strangled with “anger management” which forces their emotions into the background to come out later as rage.

    With about half the population having been mis-educated in what used to be a public school system that was the envy of the world, many people, including Vietnam Veterans, go off half-cocked since they are not experienced at understanding the issues of geopolitics or rational patriotism.

  2. Don,

    Your question was well worded, very succinct. No, since Vietnam and Korea (if I had been alive) No. Not because I am smarter. It is what I read. Anthony Sutton, Alan Stang, Gary Allen, John Stormer, Ed Griffin. good insight, Youtube Ed Griffin More Deadly Than War, Grand Design, He is still alive and informing. A good view of anti-communist but anti-viet nam war etc.

    Gail Stang

  3. 23 mar 11:
    You want I should say something momentous? Don’t you know where I stand? What about the Bushwhacker? Didn’t he fawn all over the UN to form a coalition to expand his daddy’s oil empire? All BHO wants is to merely accelerate the onset of the world caliphate. That’s all. What’s to worry? We should reward him with a black bowler, an umbrella cane, and a long tailed ebony surcoat. The entity could plagiarize, ‘We have peace in our time’ and ‘Yes, we can!’
    His next prize will be the ignoble piece prize, for pieces of us will be scattered all over the US. After all, islam is a piece-full religion.
    ‘Nuf said?

  4. Obama is furthering One World Order to build his own position of authority within that group and cares less about America than any can imagine. Any that are blind to this are doomed to suffer enslavement and loss of the freedoms now enjoyed.

    Unions, in consort with the Main Stream Media, are seeking to reeducate adult America and schoolchildren with their drivel. Ertr it possible I would file suit against both for denigrating the U.S. Constitution!

    My God have mercy on His children who ‘stand in the gap.’

  5. Well said Don.

    It’s a very sticky minefield to cross, if I may mix metaphors. Below is how I handled it in one of my articles about Afghanistan — the same issues apply to Libya. (I don’t send it as a suggestion on how you should approach the topic, but simply as a reference for comparison).

    Godspeed, Jim


    There are some questions that bother conservatives about leaving Afghanistan. Perhaps some of the following questions have crossed your mind:

    Are you reluctant to appear to be agreeing with the Left?
    Are you afraid of looking like you don’t support our men and women in uniform?
    Are you afraid that the Taliban will take over Afghanistan if we leave?
    Are you afraid of America “losing” — losing face, if nothing else?

    No doubt the most difficult question is, “What about the US military men and women who have already sacrificed their limbs, mental health, or lives. Are we supposed to just write off their loss — like it never happened, like it doesn’t matter?”

    Let me attempt to answer each of these in turn.

    Not wanting to support a US withdrawal from Afghanistan, because it might appear that you’re agreeing with the Left, is the lamest of these questions. First of all, this is a patriotic issue, not a Left or Right issue.

    Secondly, although the Left may often do the right things, for the wrong reasons (e.g. environmentalism, for “social justice”), that doesn’t negate the fact that the “things” are right. We just want to make sure that we’re doing the right things, for the right reasons.

    As far as support for our troops go — do you think that backing a cock-eyed effort to “colonize” a barbarous, corrupt, stuck-in-the-middle-ages country, is supporting our troops? Do you think that sending them into harms way, with one arm tied behind their back by idiotic ROE, is supporting our troops? Do you think that pairing them up with a Taliban-infiltrated “ally” such as Pakistan, is supporting our troops?

    Will the Taliban take over Afghanistan if we leave? No doubt — they seem to be thriving everywhere else! We have to rethink this whole scenario from the get-go, and we need to get out of Afghanistan, in order to best do that. If the Tailiban come waltzing back in after we leave, then so be it.
    We have more important fish to fry. America is going down the tubes — I could care less about Afghanistan. Screw Afghanistan — and please feel free to tell them I said so. We need to save America first. This is no drill.

    The whole “losing,” or “losing face,” deal, is a red herring, and a sophomoric trap. If we have gained knowledge, wisdom, and experience, from our time in Afghanistan, how is that “losing?” If we leave on our own terms, on our own time-table, after having kicked the Taliban and Bin Laden out of the country, how is that “losing face.”

    The Taliban may consider it a “loss” for the US, and the Taliban might consider it “losing face,” but if you give a tinker’s damn what the Taliban’s opinion about us is, then you have some serious self-respect issues to deal with.

    I said that the last question was the hardest to answer, and indeed it is. I’ll do my best.

    Let me say first of all, that I honor all of our service men and women. I especially honor those who have sacrificed physically, or mentally/emotionally (or spiritually) on behalf of our country. And most of all, I honor those who “gave the last full measure,” and died in the service of the United States, I am proud of them, and grateful for them. May God bless them all, and their families.

    As I mentioned before, I’m from the Vietnam era, so I’ve long ago had to make peace with the idea that brave and patriotic men and women can be misused, mislead, and misdirected, for less than noble reasons.

    That didn’t diminish in the slightest, the valor, integrity, and sacrifice of those who fought in Vietnam. They didn’t fail — their country failed them.

    Those who fought in Vietnam were not allowed to win that war — for political reasons — but that in no way takes away from their honor. I feel the same way about those who have fought and/or died in Afghanistan. Their honor is intact — win or “lose,” that’s a given.

    Saying “win or lose” is actually a misleading way of phrasing things — because we already won in Afghanistan, some years ago.

    The US went in there to kick the Taliban’s butt, and kill or capture Bin Laden. We did kick the Taliban’s butt — from Kabul to Herat — and we chased Bin Laden out of the country, with his tail between his legs. And then…. And then, when we could have pulled our troops out, we screwed up and stayed.

    I grant you, the situation in Afghanistan is a mess, with no easy, clear-cut solutions. Yet surely, getting bogged down “winning hearts and minds,” in a brutal “tar-baby” backwater, is near the bottom on anybody’s list of “smart moves.”

  6. It was “NO THANKS” for me the first round and if there is a second run it will be “NO THANKS” again. As I once said before, I “HOPE” I have a little “CHANGE” left when he is through. BHO aka Barry Soetoro, hmmmm BS ??

    While I do not agree with the leadership?? of a lot of the countries of the world I do not feel that we should arbitrarily move in and depose them … unless we are asked to, and then only after great consideration of the consequences and possible outcome of all involved.

  7. The decision to put American soldiers in harms way is a no-brainer for anyone who understands the basic human rights/freedoms (especially for women) withheld under Islamic Law,especially when one considers the majority of the population in these countries the United States supposedly “helps” WANT to live under Sharia law. This should be crystal clear to even the soldiers who are fighting.

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