Part 3. Does Russia have us outgunned?

“Does Russia have us outgunned?” Part 3

New missiles, airplanes and troops 

2017, 3-16 russian troops on parade

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the military sphere was subjected to considerable budget cuts. The ships and submarines rusted in the ports, and the planes did not take off. But with the arrival of Vladimir Putin, the army again began to receive funds for new weapons and large-scale exercises.

This year, Russia’s strategic missile forces will receive 41 new ballistic missiles. At the same time, the air force will have 170 new aircraft, the army will have 905 tanks and combat vehicles, and the fleet will receive 17 new ships. This was reported by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

During 2017, three new units of the Russian strategic nuclear forces will also receive new ballistic missiles, Shoigu said. Each unit will operate with up to 10 missiles.

The growing number of new weapons has led to the need to hire new personnel. Shoigu said that the Air Force now needs 1,300 new pilots and they will be added in 2017.

The Russian military is operating in Syria on the side of the regime, and the Russian side has used the conflict to test new weapons under stress conditions.

Thanks to he Russian Armed Forces modernization project, the country’s million-man military potential now approximates the Western potential, primarily with regard to standard types of weapons, communication technologies and drone technologies.

Shoigu reports that the armed forces now have two thousand drones, while in 2011 there were only 180. He also mentioned that Russia has deployed radar systems to monitor its border along its entire length.

The minister said that the military will deploy three new infantry divisions in the west, south-west and east of the country (the Pacific Ocean). The Western Division will be active near Sweden. The situation will be more tense from a geopolitical standpoint with Russia’s deployment of troops in the Pacific region. The Kuril Islands have been a contentious issue since the Second World War: both Russia and Japan claim these territories.

The deployment there of the Russian infantry division will not exactly reduce the tension. Earlier, the Russians deployed anti-ship missiles there to protect the coast.

Next on our list is an invisible submarine in the Baltic Sea.

Translated by Don Hank


By Rodney Atkinson on Mar 16, 2017 11:58 am

Despite western sanctions, fake news about the Russian economy and attempts to sabotage Russian fund-raising, Russian capitalism goes from strength to strength. Russia is now no more corrupt than the USA! The Eurozone meanwhile suffers a collapse in its share of world trade, external and internal mass migrations, mass unemployment and high debt. The UK…
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Putin addresses new ambassadors

I just heard from my Scientologist friend about my article on banned psoelytizing in Russia. He sent me these links. I had said I could not find mention of God in the site on Scientology. I did not intend to mislead anyone. The first of these links does indeed discuss God.

Our thanks to this friend, who wishes not to be named.

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