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Who is with the Founders, Cruz or Trump?

January 28th, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Cruz or Trump: Who supports the Founders?

by Don Hank

There’s a new meme in the GOP presidential campaign. The sheeple are now saying that Cruz is more “constitutional” and more “conservative” than the others — same thing they said about GW Bush.

The GOP is desperately, feverishly lavishing money and resources on Iowa, perceived to be Donald Trump’s Achilles heel. Naturally, Fox News is busily staging interviews between Cruz and any news personality with any credibility they can find to make Cruz look like the only serious candidate and to make viewers forget there is a Donald Trump. The Muslim-friendly UK government is now debating whether they should ban the possibly future president of the US from travelling to their country. No one asked the citizens. The oligarchs rule over the peasants everywhere.

Folks, the fact that no one wants to face is that WW III has started and we are in the midst of it. The enemy by anyone’s standards is ISIS, or radical Sunni Islam. Yet our political class insists that the Saudis (who founded ISIS and whose Wahhabist ideology wants Christianity wiped off the map) are our friends but Russia (the only country sincerely fighting ISIS) is our mortal enemy. Iran, which isShiite and bitterly opposed to the 100% Sunni ISIS, is also considered an enemy by the Neocons, who have bamboozled many Americans into accepting their upside-down view as settled science. Consequently, we have otherwise intelligent-sounding Americans insisting, despite the fact that ISIS has never received one penny from Iran, that “Iran is the world’s biggest supporter of terror.”

Sorry to have to remind you, but Cruz’s chosen advisors think it is fine for the president to invade any country he sees fit to invade even without the Constitutional approval of the Congress, and Cruz himself has advocated arming Ukraine in a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with US national defense  in order to keep up the absurd pretense that Russia is our no. 1 enemy and that the Russians somehow forced the Crimeans, for example, to vote to accede to Russian sovereignty and also somehow forced the eastern Ukrainians to identify themselves as Russians and fight against the Kiev government that bombs and murders these civilians. This despite the fact that these people have been speaking Russian, studying Russian history and  honoring Russian heroes all their lives. And as a corollary, they insist the US had absolutely nothing to do with inciting the Ukrainians to stage a bloody coup at Maidan Square. This despite Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s proud admission that the State Department spent $5 billion of your money to make the coup happen and Soros’ confession that one of his foundations was behind the coup. Nuland’s cheeky admission is here. Soros’ confession is near the beginning of Part 3 here. Yet this was all illegal under international law and at variance with the teachings of the Founders.

Our framers believed in the sovereingty of other nations and did not want the US embroiled in foreign conflicts that did not concern us.

By now anyone who has lived through the shameful deceit of Dubya ought to have learned that the GOP top rank will use any pretext to pick fights with anyone, including those whom we cannot defeat, and those who do not in any way interfere with our interests, just to satisfy the devotees of the Satanic Neocon cult in Washington.


Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Thomas Jefferson



 “[America’s] glory is not dominion, but liberty. Her march is the march of the mind. She has a spear and a shield: but the motto upon her shield is, Freedom, Independence, Peace. This has been her Declaration: this has been, as far as her necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice.”

John Adams

Cruz’s chosen advisers are Neocon warmongers:


 Michael Savage finally sees thru Cruz:



“We have lunatics such as John McCain and Ted Cruz demanding that we arm Ukraine.

Now, you know that’s gonna do. War and rumors of war. Tell me what arming Ukraine will do, Mr. Cruz. You’re now finished.

You are no longer a libertarian. You are no longer a conservative. You are a neocon. Finished. Put an ‘X’ through Ted Cruz. He has now joined the warmongers. He’s part of the neocon brigade.”

If you are wondering what is wrong with arming the semi-fascist Ukraine government to kill the people in the East of the country because they identify culturally with the Russians, then you MUST see this film:


So far, there is only one candidate who seems to be for America minding her own business, and no, that is not Rand Paul, because he too has advocated arming Ukraine in a disgusting bid for votes. That one outlier is Donald Trump.

Maybe Cruz would do some good things as president, but the survival of planet earth is at the top of my priority list. I don’t have a crystal ball, but from what Donald Trump has said so far, I have reason to believe he is the only candidate who would do his utmost to get along with the countries that we are taught by the Neocons to hate.

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How the oligarchy will die

January 3rd, 2016 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

The oligarchs will lose the revolution they started

by Don Hank

The concept of “case law” as the determinant of the judicial fate and future of our country is not constitutional. The Constitution does not mention this principle, which enables a succession of America’s enemies to rewrite the Constitution, thereby unjustly transferring the Constitutional power from We the People to the elites and oligarchs.

One of the most successful of such transfers was that of the traditional definition of marriage to perverters of language.

The perverted definition of “marriage” in the sense of a union between two people of the same sex has been unduly enshrined in law. As a matter of fact, language and the definition of words is not within the purview of legal authorities or legislators. ONLY the people — you and I — can determine the usage and definition of words. It is utterly erroneous to claim that a same sex couple has the right to marry. This is because marriage as defined by the People over centuries is a legal condition that applies only to couples of the opposite sex. Thus the real issue is not rights or even religion, but language.

Judges and legislators have no jurisdiction over language usage. YOU, as the people, are the sole keepers of language. You have it in your power to hold to the original definition of the word marriage. Any American who uses the word “marriage” in the sense of a same sex union is not only abusing language they are also giving undue power to the oligarchs who have been usurping our power and our Constitution.

It is not their Constitution to manipulate. It is ours to preserve. If you need to refer to the perverted institution of “gay marriage,” you need only say “so-called gay marriage.”

There is a principle at work in America that the oligarchs have not noticed but they will eventually notice it as long as they continue to push us aside in their own interests.

This principle can be illustrated by an example:

A few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, a poll was taken among East Germans and 40% were found to agree with socialism. But shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall, a fresh poll found that only 10% agreed with socialism.

What does this illustrate?

It illustrates that the farther the ruling elites drift philosophically from their constituent base, ie, the people, and the more power they grab, the less authority they have.

There is an inverse relationship between power and authority, unless the authority is explicitly granted by the people.

Why did the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall fall?

Because the ruling class had overreached for power and lost their authority.

The system fell spontaneously. The people did not consciously wrest power from the elites in a violent revolution. No, the power slipped away from the elites because they ignored the principle outlined above: Their power was not commensurate with their legitimate authority to rule the East German people and myriad events and trends occurred — eg, the black market, the utter inability for the police to enforce senseless laws, because the police themselves no longer believed in said laws, etc — that made it impossible for the communists to maintain their power.

The “Trump phenomenon” is following this very same principle. America does not need us to go out in the streets and  march or fire on the authorities. It only needs time. The elites will do themselves in in the US just as they did in the East Bloc and Russia.

The collapse is happening before our eyes. It does not depend on Donald Trump. He has only been a catalyst. But he has blown up the bag of lies and they can no longer fix it.

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The only solution to Washington tyranny: Restore state sovereignty

December 12th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Constitution, Freedom, Government, Judiciary | 1 Comment »

Restoring state sovereignty

Don Hank

The San Bernardino terror and the ease with which two jihadi killers entered and took up permanent residence in the US show that the US is putting US citizens in harm’s way.

Look, Folks, the solution is right in front of us and its name is state sovereignty.

Large central governments controlling large swaths of territory comprised of regions with people holding different political opinions and different cultures are an evil in themselves, because ultimately, a small group grabs all the power via “education” and the msm and produces a situation for the people that threatens life and basic freedoms.

Central government is the culprit here, and Europe is instructive. The EU has grabbed virtually total political power over European nations. Yet now that the EU is insisting on opening its borders to Muslim refugees in defiance of the will of the people and the nations, there are nations that defy them refusing to open their borders, such as initially Hungary, and later, at least partially, the Balkan countries,and now even Sweden, the country with the most open-border policy of all Europe. Under duress, European nations are rediscovering their sovereignty.

It’s not that the EU lacks laws to stop them, but it has no real power over them in cases where the exercise of such power threatens the security and liberty of the nations. They can’t enforce laws that are patently bad.

Our US states are analogous to these EU nations and their dire situation is also analogous. Our states do have a God-given right to sovereignty when the central government literally harms the citizens of the states as they are doing now with Obama’s resettlement of Syrian refugees and his policies of amnesty and open borders, all by fiat. Every American must know that no law that forces a people to harm itself can be Constitutional, regardless of whatever the Supreme Court says. The imported jihadis themselves are bringing this to light as they did in San Bernardino.

Eventually, our US states will be forced to do what Hungary and its copycats did and close their borders.

Here is what should be done now and will be done once enough Americans have died:

States that no longer wish to commit suicide will decide who enters their territory. If a person, even a US citizen, tries to enter a state, they may be denied entry on the basis of background checks. If they entered the US illegally, they may be barred — even if Washington gave them citizenship, because the state may decide whether this person was entitled to that based on the security concerns of the state. The states must be keenly aware that the Feds have overstepped their bounds as defined by Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution (see below). If a person desirous of entering a state has entered the US illegally, then the state may deny them entry on those grounds, legitimately claiming that the federal government exceeded the powers granted to it under the Constitution.

Naturally, the Supreme Court will declare the state’s position un-Constitutional. However, we must examine the European model to see what can be accomplished regardless of the wishes of central-government agencies, such as the Supreme Court, which today is nothing but an interest group defending the Washington cabal and no longer represents the people of the US. Again, taking our cue from Europe, the EU government has declared, under the Schengen Agreement, that no EU nation may close its border except under specific extraordinary circumstances that threaten the country in question. However, initially, when the Hungarians closed the border, the requisites defined by Brussels may not actually have been met for this closing. However, the Hungarians, the Balkan countries and Sweden did not beg the EU dictators in Brussels for help in securing their borders or seek legal recourse. They simply resorted to their sovereign right to self-determination, bypassing the EU, and made it clear that this is the way it is going to be. Brussels made noises that they would be punished, but nothing happened. In a revolutionary move, Budapest (like the capitals of the other renegade nations that followed suit) faced down Brussels and won, at least for now, thereby restoring its sovereignty and providing for its own security. Indeed, in so doing, it caused the other above-cited nations to take notice and still others seem poised to do the same. EU officials are now warning of a potential collapse of the EU, and although dire consequences are elicited by the cunning EU officials, there could be no better solution. The same can happen in the US, with states declaring a state of emergency following a mass jihadi murder, and while the US could bluster and threaten, if the state stood firm, there would be little Washington could do short of civil war.

If a person is from a terror exporting country and has entered the US after a certain age, say, 15, then they can be denied entry into a state based on the fact that their country of origin is a terror exporting country. If it can be proved that they are not SUNNIS, then the state may allow their entry. ONLY the SUNNIS are pursuing jihad (where do we read that in our PC press? Even Trump ignores this fact).  Whether this is “constitutional” or not is irrelevant. The state must stand firm or perish. Indeed, the grounds for doing so could be a declaration of state-level emergency or even a claim that the state is at war (with jihadis, for example), whatever it takes.

The legal grounds for state-level initiatives are clear:

Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature can-not be convened) against domestic Violence.

The clear-cut grounds for the states to ignore US statues are that the US has failed to protect the states from invasion and/or domestic violence — as it actually did by admitting the San Bernardino jihadis into our country — and if the Supreme Court makes excuses for the jihad-sponsoring government, then it too must be defied on the simple grounds that it too is blatantly ignoring the above-cited clause. A grave risk to the people of the state is always legitimate grounds to ignore federal orders because no government can demand that its own people commit suicide. Everything depends on the will of the people to survive and to know and understand their God-given rights to life and liberty.

This restoration of basic state sovereignty could either happen now at the discretion of states with security minded populations or – based on the European model — it will happen spontaneously when it becomes clear that this kind of security is vital to keep the population safe from imminent harm. For now, there are enough libertarians and leftist liberals to convince the sheeple of most states that the absurd borderless-world ideology trumps security.

But once a critical mass of terrorist murders has been reached, there will be a spontaneous and unstoppable movement to secure our people, with or without the approval of our terror-supporting federal government, and the states will be at the forefront.

Trying to replace our corrupt central government with people who actually care about our nation’s security will fail as a permanent remedy, just as it has failed in Europe. A Trump presidency may be a vital stop-gap measure, but in fact, given the fickle nature of national political sentiment, only the individual states can provide for their security in the long run.

Sooner or later we will learn the valuable lesson that the states have the right to self-determination and only need to reclaim it. Those that lose this right to the federal government do so voluntarily by surrendering their sovereignty, ie, wrongly taking federal statues and their interpretation by a corrupt and ideology-driven Supreme Court – rather than We the People — as supreme. The number of dead Americans that lead us to that awakening depends on how soon our states respond to the threat.

Do you agree or disagree with the above analysis? Post your response at the forum below.

Further reading





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NATO’s double standard being exposed

December 3rd, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Germany, Putinology, Russia, Syria, Turkey | No Comments »

NATO’s double standard being exposed

Don Hank

Long before Russia got involved militarily in Syria, I had read in the Greek press about the frequent invasions of Greek airspace by Turkish fighters. No international organization — not the EU, not NATO, not the US government — none of them even issued an opinion let alone a scintilla of a rebuke in Turkey’s direction. Except for Greece and Russia, the msm were mum. Then when Turkey shot down the Russian fighter over Syria and the pilot was murdered by Turkish allies on the ground, the Western allies finally issued an opinion. Obama said only that all countries have a right to defend their borders. He didn’t mention that countries who are in the same coalition on the same identical mission are not expected to shoot down each other’s planes on the grounds that these planes spent a few seconds in the other ally’s airspace. Besides, why didn’t he say that when Turkey started making regular incursions into Greek airspace? His silence was deafening.

Now Barack Obama, as president of the US, has more power over NATO than anyone alive today. So what does the Obama-led NATO say about the shootdown of the Russian jet?

Why they say that NATO-member Turkey has every right to defend its airspace but NATO-member Greece does not.

Here’s what the Greek press says:




My translation of excerpt:


“the Turkish violations in Greek air space are a different thing”

Commenting on the downing of the Russian aircraft in Syria, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed Turkey’s right to defend its borders. However, when reminded of the violations of Greek airspace by Turkey, he stressed that these are “two completely different situations.”

Well-known CNN journalist Hala Gorani said that the NATO Secretary General has essentially “double standards” in this case and should apply the same standards to everyone, reports Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Therefore, according to Mr. Stoltenberg, Turkey has the absolute right to defend its airspace, but Greece “may not.” In other words, one NATO country is free to violate the air borders of another, and the latter is not allowed to “respond.”




This story of the Turkish encroachments on Greek airspace is all over the Greek press. Here is another of many examples:


My translation of excerpt:




Kasoulides: Greeks pilots always show restraint in Turkish violations – VIDEO

During the joint press conference of Foreign Minister of Cyprus, Ioannis Kasoulides and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, the Cypriot official was asked about the Turkish violations in Greek air space.

“I fully support the position of the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, that Greek pilots always show restraint whenever Turkish fighters invade Greek airspace, without having tragic results and hoped the Turks would show similar behavior when their own air space was violated for a few seconds”, said Ioannis Kasoulides.




This goes to show that the world is noticing the extreme hypocrisy of NATO and the West in general.

Of course, if it stopped at Greece, the hypocrites may not have much to worry about.

But the story of Erdogan as a villain is spreading around the world. A search of the German press yesterday showed that even the most popular news sites, such as Bild, were spreading Putin’s story about Turkish president Erdogan’s involvement with ISIS and how, for example, Erdogan’s son Bilal had purchased millions of dollars worth of stolen ISIS oil for resale.

This morning I saw ample coverage of the Erdogan scandal on Italian cable channel RAI. Only at the very end of this coverage did they briefly mention Turkey’s denial of the story. Italian viewers saw a Moscow war room with oversized satellite photos of the ISIS oil installations and tank trucks headed for Turkey in various directions. The presentation was done as a clear indictment, showing Erdogan as a culprit funding ISIS and offering no excuses.

No matter how hard the Madwoman of Berlin tries to persuade Europe to accept Turkey as a member of the EU, the public pressure is building and will not stop.

Thanks to Putin’s saintly restraint and his fearlessness in sharing these satellite images, Erdogan is emerging as the big loser in this propaganda war and the public is gradually siding with Putin.


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Slapdown of Erdogan propagandist

November 27th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

The owner of a Turkish web site recently wrote the pro-Islamist email shown below to a group of his readers. I responded as follows and as shown in brackets and bold typeface in his message:


In our quaint culture, when a person like you presents arguments to us, it is our custom to respond with arguments of our own — unless, of course, your side has a knife at our throat, as has typically been the case in the past.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts to beautify the pig’s face, there is a gradual shift in Western opinion toward Russia and against Turkey in the issue of the downing of the Russian plane over northern Syria.

The story of Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and son Bilal’s funding of ISIS is now firmly implanted in our Western consciousness (your unconfirmed diversionary assertion that Assad also participated in trade with ISIS is irrelevant to the emerging narrative regarding Turkey because Turkey is our coalition “partner” and fellow NATO member, thanks to the suicidal tendencies of our “leaders”). BTW, it is interesting how similar your arguments are to those of our own Neocons, who also make liberal use of diversionary tactics.

To tell you the truth, Ahmet, Islam is such an absurd idea to most Westerners that it can only be spread by terror, as you well know and as Mohammed also knew. That is how the Turks managed to spread it in the 14th century, not by means of intellectual arguments but by murdering Byzantine Christians and other kafir wholesale, as laid out masterfully by Bill Warner in his book and in this video.

The early Muslims knew that if they relied solely on apologetics in an appeal to the intellect and the spiritual senses (ie, the approach taught by Jesus), they would never have gotten to first base with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, etc, which is why you folks massacred us. You were wise enough to know that dead people don’t debate.

As for why Muslim apologetics is ineffectual, I have shown here why the message of Islam fails to convince unless the sword is applied generously by our debating opponents.

My responses to your attempted arguments are in red typeface below.

I can see that you read some of the Western press in order to formulate your arguments. I would like to see at least some deeper thought go into your pro-terror propaganda in the future, because for one thing, I like a challenge and your diversionary Neocon arguments are anything but intellectually challenging, and secondly, if you start analyzing more deeply, you will realize that you can’t provide to sentient Westerners any attractive arguments in favor of Muslim terror and countries that fund and support it. I am sorry that you compel me to point out the obvious.

I am hoping and praying that you and your fellow Muslims –  and especially your allies in NATO – will open their eyes to the truth and heed the clear message of President Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the only leaders in the world sincerely and effectively opposing terror — even as Washington and Brussels dither and slither.  If you still think you can create propaganda to defend your terror-supporting regime through an appeal to the intellect of the non-brainwashed, you will need to find out what the civilized side says that is swaying world opinion. You may try this site. Once you have heard the other side, you may then be better informed in preparing your truth-resistant arguments.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this topic. I look forward to your disingenuous and ineffectual response.


Don Hank



PUTIN: “The breakup of the USSR was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century.” [Westerners don’t say this, so it is irrelevant to us, although in terms of fighting terror and barbarism, if the countries of the former Soviet Union could back today’s re-Christianized Russia in defending the West, we probably would not be seeing such an uncontrollable proliferation of terror, the hordes of “refugees” flooding Europe or the US-style wars that sow chaos everywhere]

FACT: As a matter of fact, the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. With the empire gone, flocks of sheep numbering millions of people and inhabiting a geography that extends from Bosnia-Hercegovina to Yemen and from Morocco to Iraq, were left without their shepherd. All of the man-made catastrophes and crises in recent history are directly connected with the power vacuum left behind by the Ottoman Empire. These include the Yugoslav civil war, the Iraqi civil war, the Syrian civil war, the Libyan civil war, Greece’s bankruptcy, the Crimea crisis, the rise of the Wahhabi/Salafist creed and so-called “Islamic” terrorism. [The Ottoman Empire was created by massacring our fellow Christians, as shown above. I am amazed that you think the revival of this cruel despotic empire could be an attractive idea to civilized people at all, let alone Christians. Whom did you think you were addressing here?]

PUTIN: “The Russian jet never violated Turkey’s air space and was shot down without warning.”

FACT: In the last 18 months, the Russians had intentionally violated the air space of many allied countries including the UK. In Turkey’s case, they had been bombing Turkey’s allies in Syria [The coalition was formed to fight terror. If by your “allies,” you are referring to the Turkish speaking Syrian minority (erroneously reported to be descended from the people of Turkmenistan), these are people fighting the troops of Bashar Al-Assad, the legitimate, duly elected president of the Syrians. These allies of yours were an ethnic minority fighting the Syrian people and their government. The peoples of the Western world have no interest in supporting their illicit and criminal behavior — such as the cold blooded murder of a coalition pilot. Further, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov had already made it clear that Russia does not accept the absurdity of “good” terrorists vs “bad” terrorists, and Obama knew that when he allowed Russia to form the coalition. Turkey had to know it as well. The Turkish speaking fighters in Syria are terrorists, and given Erdo?ans known support for ISIS, it is not surprising that he would have warm feelings toward these terrorists in northern Syria. He is clearly the friend of all Sunni Muslim terrorists and is completely out of place in NATO], then flying over Turkish air space and thumbing their noses at the Turks. They needed the lesson. The warnings issued by the Turkish fighter jet were heard by US pilots flying in the region. One of the recordings circulating in the Internet was supplied by a pilot flying for the Lebanese airline MEA.

[The problem for you is that when coalition planes are participating in a shared mission, it is absurd on its face for one coalition member to intentionally shoot down another coalition member’s plane and the UN has already condemned the Turkish action on these grounds, so that’s that. The self-defense argument is moot. Turkey knew that its own country was not threatened by planes of its own coalition. Nor did coalition members have the mission of protecting certain terror groups in Syria].

PUTIN: “Turkey arms Isis, buys Isis oil.”

FACT: This week the US published a report saying that Russia’s ally Assad was buying most of the Isis oil to supply its troops. The Americans also identified and blacklisted the middle man who made this trade possible. As Putin knows well, Turkey’s leading energy supplier is none other than Russia. That is not all. The tanks and infantry vehicles used by Isis fighters are Russian. The rifles they hang over their shoulders and the AA guns they mount behind their pickup trucks are also Russian. This equipment can only be maintained with Russian spare parts and loaded with Russian ammunition. [There were Russian weapons all over the Middle East and they fell into the hands of terrorists. Unless you have concrete evidence that the Russians knowingly supplied these weapons to their own enemies (which you know very well they did not), this argument only serves as a distraction. (It is strangely similar to the kind of childish arguments regularly made by US Neocons). In the case of the Turkish purchase of oil, there is satellite imaging proving beyond any doubt that Turkey purchased ISIS oil, whereas here is no such evidence that Assad bought the ISIS oil. Putin showed these images to all members of the G20. This enraged Erdo?an at the time but it also led to the destruction of the oil trucks that were enriching him and his son, enraging him beyond his limits of self control. These were key factors in his desperate decision to shoot down a coalition plane and murder its pilot. He then made the stupid blunder of defending the murder, making him look complicit in a war crime. Finally, it is clear to anyone with knowledge of US military and foreign policy that our “leaders” also clandestinely support terror, in tandem with your country (as evidenced, for example, here,  here and here or by googling, for example, the terms: benghazi turkey gun running.) Therefore, the peoples of the West are locked in a death grip with our own renegade governments and also with Muslim terror groups and countries like Turkey that fund them. We can only win with God’s help and with the pure unadulterated truth as our weapon of choice. But while your master has endorsed the use of lies (taqiyya) when dealing with non-believers, our Master has said: ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.]


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