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You need to know about these three news blackouts

April 16th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

You need to know about these three news blackouts
First posted at renewamerica.us on April 12, 2015

By Donald Hank

Regarding geopolitics, economics and finance, and US foreign policy, there are three key developments that almost all media outlets, including independent web sites, are ignoring to your peril.

The main reason for this blackout is no doubt the fact that most of these outlets rely on monolingual primary sources, while the best of them merely supplement their offerings with news from European language sources, paying little attention, for example, to the Russian-language and Asian-language press. I am not implying that they ignore English-language reports from the foreign media. However, as shown below, the English language versions of news from Asia, for example, may differ greatly from the native language versions, and this means a lot of important news winds up being blacked out for US (and European) news consumers.

Another reason is lack of interest on the part of both editors and the US public. Both parties have been taught the Manifest Destiny doctrine from infancy, namely, that Americans are the center of the universe, the divinely anointed keepers of morality and righteousness, and that we, and our dollar, are justifiably everyone’s masters. The rest of the world must therefore follow our lead and dissenters must be punished. Hence, events and opinions in foreign countries are of little or no interest or value except as a measure of our need to set them straight as needed.

Another important factor in this blackout is politics. Neocons who rely on a pervasive conviction of US exceptionalism to promote their wars naturally do not want you to know the opinions of foreigners, especially when, God forbid, they make sense. They suggest to the public that any foreign government or populace that disagrees with the US government is the enemy, in keeping with GW Bush’s declaration “if you’re not for us you’re against us.” Both major political parties agree on the whole because, after all, war is the main source of their power – their bread and butter.

These three ignored developments are:

      1) the rapid progress being made in the use of the

Chinese RMB

      (yuan) in international trade,
      2) the rapid economic and financial dissociation of traditional allies from the US, as evidenced by the growing number of RMB clearing centers in Europe and Asia (as detailed in the article linked above) and by the association of the major economic powers with the


      (China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), and the implications thereof for the US dollar; and
      3) More ominously, the association of

Saudi Arabia

      , the country that has been back-stopping the petrodollar since 1973, with this Chinese bank. The implications of this move are portentous.

Thus, key US allies are following the money to China and will not come back. They have finally seen the US hegemons as hostile to their interests. Worse, Europe still resents the consequences of our pawning off subprime mortgage junk on them. They are aware, if only subconsciously, that the economic debacle of 2008 was triggered by irresponsible US banking and regulatory policies and was the cause of the European malaise today. The US response has been a reminder that no one forced them to buy our junk, but they resent the fact that our rating agencies assigned high grades to this junk, deceiving them into buying.

This dissociation of former allies from the US suggests that dedollarization is proceeding at break neck speed. Given the phenomenal growth of the RMB and the blackout of these developments in the media, Americans are almost completely unprepared for the coming consequences. The silence of the financial and economic media, the general media and even most of the independent media on these issues show that we are like cattle awaiting the slaughter of our savings and our fortunes. The Schadenfreude of Europe will be hard to contain once their retaliatory measures bear fruit.

Putting my characteristic modesty aside for now, I believe I was probably the first Western analyst to warn of the rapid growth of the RII (RMB Internationalization Index) and its dedollarizing effect. I say this because I have found no reports like mine. I have found that most news agencies do not monitor the foreign language media, especially the Chinese-language press, which I have found do not report in their English language editions the same information earmarked for home consumption. This is no doubt due in part to their love of harmony, a vital Confucian concept that has survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution intact, but also because, like the US banks that sold subprime mortgages to the world, they see no percentage in letting the cat out of the bag quite yet. Similarly, due to long standing traditions of diplomacy, the Europeans decline to state outright that they disagree, for example, with our virulently anti-Russian policies. I infer this, for example, from talk shows I view regularly on Deutsche Welle. While Europeans are not necessarily happy with Putin’s policies, they sense that any taunting of the bear will have more grievous consequences for them than for the taunter on the other side of the pond.

In a press conference, China’s top monetary policy expert Chen Yulu stated last June that the RII, which then ranked number 9 among world currencies, would soar to third place in just 3-5 years (that was about a year ago, so make that 2-4 years).

Less than a year later we now read that Europe’s major economies, BRICS, Australia and Saudi Arabia are joining the Chinese AIIB, as stated above, and turning their backs on the US-dominated World Bank, which has shifted its focus from aiding Third World development to foisting leftwing social change on client countries, as I have shown here.

Since monetary expert Chen Yulu was not including this momentous AIIB event in his calculations, there is a good chance that the RII will rise to 3rd place much sooner than he predicted, creating a formidable challenge to the US dollar, though Chen, in his characteristic Confucian manner, denies that the yuan is a challenge to the dollar. Americans need to be prepared and I know of no one who is coming even close to preparing them in all 3 of the key areas that I have covered. Far from that, major news outlets keep touting the increasing value of the USD and the US stock market. It’s all sleight of hand.

To recap what you need to know about what is coming at you from three directions, my translation and analysis of the Chinese interview with Chen Yulu are here:


My analysis of the association of our allies with the AIIB (amounting to a rejection of the US-dominated World Bank) is here:

http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/150319, and

My analysis of the Saudis’ vital role in backstopping the petrodollar (now apparently coming to an end) is here:


These analyses show that China and Saudi Arabia increasingly control US foreign policy (in part by controlling our allies) in unseen ways that few or no Western geopolitical analysts are fully aware of.

All of the above-described blacking out of vital news leads to utterly failed foreign policies and uninformed investments for both households and business. I would encourage you to study these analyses and use them as a basis for personal financial decisions, and for communication with friends and family about the coming dedollarization and the course that America must take to survive.

Hint: At this point, taunting the bear is not advised in our weakened political and economic condition.

© Donald Hank

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Mr. Kouri, where do you get off?

April 15th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Mr. Kouri, where do you get off?


First posted at renewamerica.us April 14, 2015

by Don Hank

Jim Kouri’s site Law Enforcement Examiner wants you to be hopping mad because that awful President Putin is selling arms to dictators:
Quote: Putin’s Russia has become the dictators’ weapons merchant and will continue to sell to countries that are run by thugs and butchers.

Excuse me, Mr. Kouri, but the world’s dictators already have a weapons merchant and domore trade with that agent by far than any other, including Putin. I refer to the USA, the dictators’ favorite weapons merchant.
The State Department’s Military Assistance Report on June 8 stated that it approved $44.28 billion in arms shipments to 173 nations in the last fiscal year, including some that struggled with human rights problems. These nations include the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Israel, Djibouti, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
Three nations with records of suppressing democratic dissent in the last year — Algeria, Egypt, and Peru — are listed in the report as recently receiving U.S. firearms, armored vehicles, and items from a category that includes chemical and riot control agents like tear gas.
Quote: The US on Wednesday announced a new arms export contract for the sale of missiles worth $1.75 bn to Saudi Arabia. – See more at: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/saudi-arabia-1295679323#sthash.BQdXfJ9C.dpuf
This includes patriot missiles. ISIS is not known to have missiles and planes, so why Patriot Missiles?
But the main question is why is Iran a renegade state for buying and Russia a renegade for selling, such missiles to Iran, esp since Israel has threatened to bomb Iran? They are, after all, defensive weapons.
No one has threatened to bomb Saudi Arabia, so why the Patriot Missiles? Of course since the Saudis do support ISIS (see below), these missiles could help defend ISIS against US drones and planes. Is that what they are for?
The Saudis do support terrorist groups, as stated above, and evidence of that is coming in all the time. Not only that, but the Saudis are butchers who have public executions all the time. Wanna see a grim video of a Saudi execution? Here is our ally in action, Mr. Kouri:
And the Saudis also like to flog people half to death, as described at the next link. But don’t worry, Mr. Kouri, these are hardened criminals who deserve harsh penalties. One awful thug actually blew the whistle on US ally and arms customer Bahrain for supporting terror. How heinous, eh, Mr. Kouri?
A man will be flogged in Saudi Arabia for blowing the whistle on Bahrain’s support for terror.
Rajab is president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. He accused the Bahraini security forces of encouraging violent beliefs similar to those of Isis.
His offending tweet read: “Many #Bahrain men who joined #terrorism & #ISIS came from security institutions and those institutions were the first ideological incubator.”

A Saudi prince once apparently said he had planned to shoot down Air Force One
Oh, but no problem, eh, Mr. Kouri? Muslims will be Muslims. They’re just having a little fun!
The links below, many to reports by well known news outlets, leave no room for doubt that the Saudis fund terror, so who are American journalists to point the finger at Russia for selling arms to thugs?
The list of reports on this is abundant. How about WSJ? Is that reputable enough?
But what about Pakistan, a Saudi Ally, accusing the Saudis of sponsoring terror?
And some more reports for good measure.

The US also sells arms to Qatar, also terror supporters. But that’s ok, isn’t it Mr. Kouri? Qatar is an ally and can do no wrong.
And if we can believe NBC News, which has nothing to gain by telling the truth, Qatar is one of the biggest terror sponsors
A small but steady flow of money to ISIS from rich individuals in the Gulf continues, say current and former U.S. officials, with Qataris the biggest suppliers. These rich individuals have long served as “angel investors,” as one expert put it, for the most violent militants in the region, providing the “seed money” that helped launch ISIS and other jihadi groups.
I could go on and on to make my point, but unfortunately, the Neocon propaganda has a stranglehold on the public and they believe what they want to believe.

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Imams now preaching in UK churches

April 14th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Posted on April 14, 2015

by Don Hank


Our thanks to Edward Spalton for this email below. The campaign to rid the West of the last vestiges of its culture, esp Christian culture, is heating up. The elites are inviting imams into the churches to teach their slimy doctrines and slowly inure us to the pain of sharia law and legalized abuse of women.
So should we despair?
No, not at all. Russia is already a carrier of Christians culture and is withstanding the persecution from the Satanists in Washington. Vladimir Putin himself used that term to describe the activists in America!
So Russia will carry on the faith.
And so will China. You don’t believe me? Check this out:

Prof Yang, a leading expert on religion in China, believes that number will swell to around 160 million by 2025. That would likely put China ahead even of the United States, which had around 159 million Protestants in 2010 but whose congregations are in decline.

Take heart, my brothers!
And there’s a big bonus here. The soon-to-be Christianized China:
1– is also the world’s biggest economy and has a military that is believed by many to be the world’s mightiest.
2 — has a currency that may soon be the world’s reserve currency as suggested by this http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/hank/141219 and the following item 3
3 — is now decidedly more prestigious than the US in economic and financial terms, having persuaded most US allies to turn away from the corrupt US-dominated World Bank and join its AIIB, as shown here http://drrichswier.com/2015/03/18/why-the-world-bank-cant-compete-with-chinese-aiib/
The US hegemons may huff and puff and threaten war, but without the support of allies, that is just an empty dream.
As the West slowly gave up its culture, becoming de-Christianized and dedollarized, the vacuum was filling up. Westerners may adopt Islam if they wish, and they may replace worship of the Almighty with worship of perverted sex. It is all up to them. Many Americans, blinded by normalcy bias, think their country is the seat of God’s throne. In fact, God only tarries in places where He is wanted. He allowed the Hebrews to go into exile on 2 occasions when they left Him behind for idols. He is doing the same in the West. But He has never died, as Nietzsche vainly declared. He just moved house.

A great friend of mine worked as a volunteer in Leicester cathedral, welcoming visitors. He had a number of courteously conducted disagreements with the clergy. The last straw occurred on one Sunday when the sermon was preached by an imam who told the congregation quite incorrectly that Islam meant ” peace”. The clergy did no correct this on the day or afterwards. When he took this matter up, a senior clergyman said that he thought the cathedral should be ” a neutral space in a multicultural city” .

So, if that is the Church of England’s position in the matter, the cathedral could become a museum like Aghia Sophia in what is now Istanbul but used to be Constantinople. I wonder what the new name for Leicester will be?


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Why World Bank can’t compete with Chinese AIIB

April 14th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Why World Bank can’t compete with Chinese AIIB
First posted at renewamerica.us on March 19, 2015

By Donald Hank

My translation into English of a press conference given by the top China monetary policy expert Chen Yulu appeared in December of 2014 at American Daily Herald. Mr. Chen showed that the internationalization of the RMB had nearly doubled YOY in 2013 and reported that RMB clearing centers were opening up in major European capitals and in Asian countries allied with the US. Based on such data, he predicted meteoric growth of the RMB, namely, in 3-5 years, the Chinese yuan (RMB) could be the third most widely used currency in world trade, even though at the time it was ranked only ninth. Though Mr. Chen emphasized that China did not intend to replace the dollar in world trade, it would be hard to conclude otherwise from the facts and figures he presented.

Yesterday, a report came in regarding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a venture launched by Beijing. Germany, France and Italy had followed Britain’s lead in joining this bank. More ominously for the petrodollar, Saudi Arabia was already a founding member. The US warned other countries to “think twice” about joining. We shall examine why.

Earlier that day, we learned that Australia had also joined this Chinese banking venture.

The US has at least two reasons to fear that the Third World will prefer the new bank over the World Bank.

      1-The World Bank is increasingly enforcing “Western values” which boil down to social Marxism, plus climate change ideology. Thus its policies encroach on Third World national sovereignties.
      2-The World Bank is funded essentially by Keynesian debt-based economies, notably the US, whose currency is propped up by a flimsy agreement with the Saudis enjoining the latter to sell their oil only in US dollars, which are rapidly losing


      value, regardless of their


      value compared to other currencies with debt-based “value.”

I had shown here how Keynesianism and social Marxism are the result of the same sort of mind set and carry the seeds of their own failure within them.

Financial experts have warned us that a debt based economy has an expiration date. Many people ignored the warning, putting all their faith in the petrodollar agreement, which is threatened by China. Recall the Nixon was eager for free trade with China and for the petrodollar agreement with the Saudis. How ironic – and fitting, and predictable in retrospect – that both countries have now embraced each other to the detriment of the country that lent them their strength.

I had pointed out here that the petrodollar agreement with the Saudis is a veritable pact with the devil and the ulterior motive for the shedding of US and foreign blood in proxy religious wars that invariably redound to the deaths of Christians and other minorities in Muslim countries.

Some more-moderate Republicans and orthodox investors keep insisting that the dollar continues to rise and the stock market is going up and up, so not to worry.

All very true, so far. But you can’t measure the strength of a debt-based currency against that of another debt-based currency. You need to gage it against a currency backed by a real, productive economy, like China’s, the economic giant with the largest precious metal and foreign cash reserves in the world.

Lately, the RMB has been tracking the dollar in almost a flat line, showing great stability so far. And the RMB is not backed by an agreement with the Saudis to protect them from enemies real and imagined in exchange for artificially propping up the currency. But that could change.

A scan of the above referenced Reuters article on the gaggle of European countries joining the AIIB revealed the source of US concerns:


Washington has questioned whether the AIIB will have high standards of governance and environmental and social safeguards.

      [my emphasis]

Can you guess what “social safeguards” might include?

The US dominates the World Bank, and here is a glimpse of what these “social safeguards” entail:
“JIM KIM, the president of the World Bank, wants it to promote gay rights. He has declared the “fight to eliminate all institutionalized discrimination” to be an “urgent task.” He recently put on hold a $90 m loan to Uganda’s health sector after its government introduced one of Africa’s most draconian anti-gay laws. He has ordered an overhaul of the bank’s lending policies to make sure that no loan assists discrimination. At this week’s Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, he is convening discussions with gay activists on how best to do so.”It seems the US has transformed the World Bank into a social change agent and intends to enforce its ideas of gay marriage and the like, and that is no doubt why it is not in a hurry to join the AIIB.

The World Bank partners with Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), which develops guidelines for social and environmental policies for the bank. In the introduction to its pamphlet “Guidelines for Environmental and Social Assessment,” MCC writes:
“Unlike biology, gender is mutable, and women’s and men’s roles, behaviors, and responsibilities change over time and are different in different societies.”The concept that “gender is mutable” is not further explained but it encapsulates the LGBT ideology of “queer theory,” which holds that the male-female distinction is not preset by biology but rather by individual choice. This contradicts not only common sense but the teachings of every world religion. And since no justification for this is provided in the literature targeting the lendee, it constitutes a quasi-religious decree reflecting what could be called “queer theology.” In fact, in enforcing this ideology, the World Bank is encroaching on the moral teachings, including religious teachings, prevailing in the countries to which it lends.

The environmental restrictions for lending by the World Bank prohibit lending for projects that provide the kind of amenities existing throughout the First World. It will not lend for projects involving oil refineries and most smelting processes, for nuclear power facilities or for

      “Construction of motorways, express roads and lines for long-distance railway traffic and of airports with a basic runway length of 2,100 meters or more; construction of a new road of four or more lanes, or realignment and/or widening of an existing road so as to provide four or more lanes, where such new road, or realigned and/or widened section of road would be 10 kilometers or more in a continuous length.”

Thus it in effect supports a worldwide caste system where only the rich countries that can afford their own financing may enjoy modern highways and modern international airports.

Assuming the AIIB’s lending rates are reasonable, then as long as the Chinese bank imposes none of the above-outlined ideologically based restrictions on its lendees, it will easily compete with our sclerotic and moribund US hegemony.

After all, in business, the formula for success is filling the voids left by competitors’ offerings of goods and services.

The lack of respect for clients’ sovereignty in making free-market choices is a hidden reason for a decline in the prestige of the World Bank, and since the trend in BRICS countries like China is to trade in non-dollar currencies, this dedollarization policy can only lead to a decline in the dollar in the future.

US enforced social and environmental Marxism is slowly turning financial clients away and the Chinese are providing a vital missing ingredient, namely, respect for the national sovereignty of client countries.

The importance of sovereignty and the way it is abused by the US is discussed here and here by yours truly at American Daily Herald and here and here by international law expert Bernard Chalumeau (in translation) at my own web site. Europe’s participation in the AIIB is a natural and predictable reaction to this lack of respect for it sovereignty.

So with all these strikes against the US-backed World Bank and its absurd policies, and in view of the dedollarization policies of China and the BRICS, what kind of future can we reasonably expect for the dollar?

AMEinfo.com, a Middle East trade site, carries a little-noticed fact that could be a game changer:
“The Saudi minister supported China’s plan to establish the Asian bank for investment in infrastructure projects in which the kingdom agreed to become a member.”Obviously, the Saudis are turning away from their one-time most favored trading partner and embracing the world’s largest economy, one that is perfectly capable of providing the same kind of military guarantees to the Saudis as the US now provides.

Can we look forward to a “petroyuan” in the not-so-distant future?

© Donald Hank

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Saudi Arabia (not Iran) ranks 2nd in religious persecution, after N. Korea

April 14th, 2015 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

Saudi Arabia (not Iran) ranks 2nd in religious persecution, after N. Korea
First posted at renewamerica.us on March 9, 2015

By Donald Hank

When discussing or analyzing reports from the Muslim world, we need to always keep in mind: The Saudis are SUNNI (the more fundamentalist and violent sect) while Iran (along with Syria) is predominantly SHIITE, a sect that is less radical and violent toward other religions and sects of Islam. The actual differences in behavior of these sects are less due to theology than to culture.

These cultural differences are of inestimable importance but are almost completely ignored by our grotesquely biased press and political class. I had written before on cultural differences between Muslim groups.

I would guess that only about 1% of Americans are aware of these differences and believe that all Muslims are equally blood thirsty. There is obviously a political agenda behind this blackout and it has to do with a dangerous ideology embodied in the Wolfowitz doctrine (isolation of Russia and its allies, such as Syria and Iran). If Iran broke ties with Russia tomorrow and hired an American company to run its nuclear facilities, the Iran bashing would stop instantly.

At variance with received wisdom, the predominantly Shiite Iranian government allows, as one would expect based on the above, more religious freedom than, say, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries. Religiously speaking, Iranians read the same Koran and Hadith as the Sunni world, but, despite their harsh enforcement of shariah law toward Muslims, their culture (including their interpretation of the scriptures) has for centuries encouraged more tolerance of non-Muslims and non-Shia. As a testimony to this tolerance, Bibles are allowed in Iran (though not in Saudi Arabia). Christians may practice their religion but may not proselytize. Iran also has a sizeable Jewish population (its hostility toward Israel can be attributed more to territorial politics than to religion. They see Israel as expanding into sacred Muslim territory). More importantly, the Iranian populace is more secular than that of other Muslim countries. For example, its young people tend to imitate Western behaviors and fashions. This major difference with Saudi Arabia is not reflected in the Western press, which spews venom 24-7 against Iran – even unfairly making it appear less tolerant of Christians, for example, here – but downplays the severe and glaring abuses of Saudi Arabia, including the latter’s support for terror organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda, as reported by the NYT, The Atlantic here and here, but also in the conservative press, such as here. You’d think Americans would wake up to this obvious bias and lack of objectivity, but they seem to be inured to it and even welcome it. Indeed a recent poll shows a majority of Americans willing to use force against Iran. US 1 (we the people) seem to like being hoodwinked by politicians and media (US 2) in terms of foreign policy, which reflects a dismal lack of knowledge of the world around us. Thus we want to rule the world but not to know it – an untenable position in the long run. We need to wake up before this ignorance leads to another senseless war – particularly since a war with a nuclear Iran would quite likely pit us against two other nuclear powers, first Russia, and then a sympathetic China acting as a bodyguard.

Incidentally, Iran has the biggest Jewish population in any Muslim country. Where do we read that in today’s Iranophobic press?

Despite the growing mountain of mitigating comparative analyses, the UN, now virtually a US-dominated body, has issued a report singling out Iran for religious persecution, even though Iran is one of the least anti-Christian states in the Muslim world (though they do persecute Baha’i).

If you do a search for “UN blasts Iran for religious persecution” you find the above-linked article and more articles critical of Iran, as if it were the worst offender in the world.

Yet if you search for “UN blasts Saudi Arabia for religious persecution,” you find no articles on this subject. In fact, you will bring up the one linked above regarding Iran.

Any unbiased researcher will easily see the utter hypocrisy between the way the West treats Iran vs the way it treats Saudi Arabia.

The full truth about the religious intolerance of the Saudis can only be found on specialized sites such as those dealing with Christian persecution, like Christian Post. To sum it up, Christianity may be practiced in Iran but not in Saudi Arabia, the ally of US 2 (the US establishment, not necessarily the people, at least not if we can shake off the puppet strings).

The above-referenced Christian Post article says:

“In 2013, it (Saudi Arabia) was ranked at No.2, behind North Korea..”

Despite this, one of my correspondents, a retired military man, said that Iran (not Saudi Arabia) must be “taken away” (eliminated)! That would mean millions of people must be annihilated. He unflinchingly endorses genocide and thinks this makes him a patriotic American.

We are being taken for a ride by our press, our politicians, and, sorry to have to say this, but also by Netanyahu. There is obviously an agenda behind the Iranophobia in the press today. It has crossed the line into racism, a hatred for all things Iranian, harbored by the same people who hate all things Russian and, as a corollary, all things Syrian. After all, racism almost never targets only one ethnic group.

But you say, hasn’t Iran threatened to attack Israel? Actually, such a statement was attributed to ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but was based on an apparent misquote, as shown here. More importantly, far from threatening nuclear war with Israel, the latest Khamenei has, over the past few years, repeatedly and consistently said to his own people and to other Arab leaders that the use of nuclear weapons is a sin in Islam (the antipathy of the Arab world to Iran is more a manifestation of Shiaphobia than of actual fear of nukes. Israeli writer Daniel Greenfield, while critical of Iran, has admitted here that the entire Arab World would have nukes within 10 years. Pakistan already has them). A recently released compilation of video vignettes illustrates this.

No one can prove a negative, so if you choose to believe that Iran is poised to nuke Israel, you may. However, to reach this conclusion, you will have to climb over a mountain of evidence to the contrary, a smattering of which I have presented above.

© Donald Hank

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