Non-Western press as an antidote to media lies. Part 3

The non-Western press: the best antidote to media lies. Part 3

By Don Hank

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I had promised to show a few examples from the foreign press of how important it is to read the non-Western press. However, the following item from a US source is of overarching significance.

WND reports: American support for Islamic takeover continues even under Trump

It sounds like WND is surprised that Trump, who rarely keeps a promise, has let us down. I can’t imagine why they are surprised. One of the first things Trump did as president was issue a proposed no-visa list for Muslim countries, containing Syrians, Iranians and others. Saudi Arabia, the main sponsor of the biggest terror organizations in the world, ie, Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda and its rebrandings, was exempted. Big red flag there. Did you notice it? Now when was the last time Iran or Hezbollah claimed responsibility for an attack on US or European soil? Trump and his fellow Neocons know that it never happened. If all Muslims were like the Iranians, 9-11 would not have happened, Charlie Hebdo would not have been attacked, and the immigrant flood in Europe would never have happened. Why blame the Iranians for everything? Ans: To please the Saudis and their allies in the Likud, for the reasons given here:

I scanned the WND article and posted this at their forum:

We could have seen this coming during the campaign when he [Trump] specified Iran as the main threat and said he’d undo the nuke deal. SHIITE Iran was never a threat. SUNNI Wahhabist Saudi Arabia is the true threat. Wahhabism is the most violent and intolerant religion in the world and IRAN is its enemy. ISIS and Al Qaeda are 100% SUNNI Wahhabist. If you think Iran supports terror, tell me when was the last time Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Europe or America. Claiming that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terror is like saying you support the Saudis — the bunch that spawned Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Neocons claim that Iran intends to “nuke Israel and the West”. So let’s see. Iran has been busy diversifying its industry and inking business deals with Europe and Asia. Does anyone really think they would nuke customers that owe them billions of dollars for goods and services? Iran does not commit terror because it is Shiite and is opposed to the Sunni Saudi shenanigans. Which is why it fights ISIS in Syria. Say hello to the new GW Bush, folks. Fooled us twice, shame on us.

Then the funniest thing happened. My post at the WND forum disappeared. Now WND is either scared to have such an iconoclastic post at their forum or they actually are Neocons with a bad case of Iranophobia. But hey, if what I said is not true, why not leave it up and let another commenter show why it is not true? Or why not have a WND staff member patiently point out the fallacy in my thinking? I think you know the answer to that.

I have reposted that post at WND. I added the following at the end:

Note to WND editors: If there is something factual here that you disagree with, wouldn’t it be best to let other commenters read this and show me where I am in error? Or YOU could show me with facts why I am wrong. Deleting a post like this is admitting I am right and that you have no cogent arguments against it. Whatever you choose to do, I will be publishing a report at my site.

We will see what happens.

Many Americans think American patriotism is synonymous with godliness. Subconsciously they seem to believe America is synonymous with God.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

Now the next article shows why new sanctions against Iran, passed by the US Senate, are counterproductive, if not suicidal, for the US:

US Senate pushes through anti-Iran bill


Rouhani is the best candidate for the US. By undermining his position before the upcoming election, the US is shooting itself in the foot.

Hamid Reza Gholamzadeh, English editor of Tehran-based Mehr News Agency, believes that under Rouhani Iran is “trying to be a rational actor in foreign policy», and its officials are «very careful not to give excuse” for the US to launch an attack.

The stakes are especially high. Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iran’s supreme religious leader, is old enough and someone will succeed him in the near future. Whoever wins the May election will have a good chance to hold the highest position. The experience of being a president creates a track record, showing that a candidate can successfully rule such a large country as Iran. A presidential record has a big chance to become the decisive factor to tip the scales when the time comes to choose the country’s supreme leader.

Iran is an influential actor in Syria’s conflict and a member of the «big troika» brokering the Astana peace process. It’s hard to imagine the concept of interim zones of stability implemented successfully without finding some kind of arrangement with Iran.

If additional sanctions are introduced, Iran may withdraw from the deal.


If the government believed that Iran poses a nuclear threat, would it prod Iran into abandoning the nuclear deal? This is all politics and has nothing to do with your security. Folks. As usual, the government is thumbing its nose at you. They know the Trump fever has never worn off and you will support anything he does. GW Bush redux is here.

The fact is, Rouhani is a moderate who is willing to deal with the West. The fact that his government sat down and hammered out, then signed, a deal not to develop nukes and to allow foreign oversight, signaled a welcome change in the otherwise rigid Iranian leadership.

If Iran now chooses a hardliner in response to the above-reported Senatorial slap in the face, it will be on the conscience of Americans, not the Iranians.

In the spirit of my previous articles on why you should read the non-Western press, I recommend the following Iranian sites:

From our friend Irina in Novorossia (there really is such a place and it is not going away):

With personal greetings:

Hello Don,

Here is the next Donbass blog.

With the Victory Day approaching, the Nazis in Ukraine are absolutely hysterical [They are furious because Russia won. They were rooting for Hitler and still are. Tragically, The Neocon-led US is close to the Third Reich in its anti-Russian policies and this gives these fascist sympathizers hope – Don]. The last night the Ukrainians used again, after a relatively long break, MLRS «Grad» on the outskirts of Donetsk.

Best wishes

QUOTE: Last week, in response to Western statements about the non-alternative nature of the Minsk Agreements and the reduction of financial assistance to Ukraine, Kiev moved to direct provocations against international observers in Donbass and direct calls for terrorist methods in the war against the Republics.

In all fairness to Kiev, it is hard to say whether anything that happens in the breakaway republics has been ordered by the central Ukrainian government any more. Kiev has lost control to a group of rednecks that regularly celebrate groups like the Azov Batallion that operated during WW II in collaboration with Hitler. These renegades are in control of war policies against the innocent citizens and fighters of Novorossia. Since Kiev can no longer control its own government, the US and Europe are backing off and cuttng aid to the Poroshenko regime.

From a Russian-language site:

Now you have read or heard that China and Russia consider N Korea a valuable ally and will do nothing meaningful to dissuade Kim Jong Un from his war rhetoric and actions. It is not true and you can easily know this if you read the foreign press.

Here is what the Russian ambassador to China recently said (my translation):

Ria Novosti Interviewer:

QUOTE (my translation)

–How close are the Russian and the Chinese positions on N. Korea?

At the UN Security Council, Russia and China expressed their disapproval of US exercises close to N Korea.

Ambassador: So close they coincide. Firstly, neither we nor China will ever support N Korea’s nuclear or missile program. We categorically condemn it and not only because it is a direct threat, including to us, but also because it significantly provokes the Americans to grow their so-called defensive forces in that part of the world, which in fact have an offensive potential.


The Russian language site Ria Novosti


NATO member Turkey and US ally India have agreed to trade without using dollars. This is a major but stealthy trend among non-Western countries, although Europe is also heavily invested in dropping the dollar, not perhaps to hurt the US but because trading partners like Iran refuse to accept the USD. BTW, this is why Putin wants a strong EU. He has said so but the Western press is pushing the phony story that he wants the anti-EU LePen to win the French presidential elections. I was unable to find this story in the Anglo-Saxon press.

Turkey, India may drop dollar in mutual trade (they’re dropping the dollar one by one. I have lost count, but Iran kicked off this trend.

Supporting what I said above, at the meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Oct, President Putin made a remarkable statement, asserting that he supports a strong Europe. Right now in France, the Establishment hack candidate Emmanuel Macron is accusing Russia of meddling in his campaign. How can we be sure this is an absolute lie? Let’s see.

LePen in Moscow and naturally, the retards in Western media said this was proof that Putin was on her side. I am sure that Putin does in fact personally sympathize with her, but he has an important reason not to want her to win. He wants the euro to continue to be used instead of the dollar, thereby weakening the dollar in hopes that a weak dollar will make it difficult for the US to continue its warlike activities. Indeed, this Kremlin support for a strong EU was recently plainly stated by Putin adviser Sergey Glazyev in an interview published at a Russian language site.

So why would Putin allow LePen to visit him personally in Moscow? I hate to say this but I believe it was intended as the kiss of death for her campaign. Knowing that the entire western political class will pretend that Russia is involved in Western elections in order to weaken the candidate and either cause them to lose the election or to be an ineffective leader. This strategy has been used effectively against Trump in the US, although in that case, it is hardly likely that Russia intended him harm.

I have not heard this opinion expressed anywhere, including the Western or Russian press.

China snubs Russian invitation to join in three way drills with Russia and India

It is not a snub of Russia. China is possibly po’d because:

QUOTE: Moscow’s attempts to arrange a trilateral meeting between the defence ministers of Russia, India and China have been thwarted by Beijing. The latest standoff over the Dalai Lama visiting Tawang may have influenced the Chinese decision.

Sorry, Russia haters. I know you are itching to read that Trump and Tillerson succeeded in driving a wedge between Russia and China over a piece of chocolate cake. It will take a bit more than that. Ice cream perhaps?

The following is evidence that Russia-China relations are fine.

President Putin says Russian-Chinese relations are at the highest point in their history. The source is in Russian, here

BTW, while Trump boasted that Xi acted cowed during their meeting when told about the Tomahawk strike on the Sayrat air base, and the Trump team crowed that Trump had won Xi Jinping over to their side, convincing him that the “beautiful babies” argument justified the strike, Chinese government-controlled Xin Hua condemned the strike, giving the lie to this bombastic nonsense.

Arabic-language economic journal reports on Chinese commitments re. postwar Syria

Syrian Expert has reported on a meeting of an Arab-Chinese economic group that discussed how China has documented its interest in providing financing and technical assistance to various industries damaged by terrorism in Syria. The fields range across glass making, photovoltaic power generation, cement production, basalt, renewable energy, etc. Notably missing was petrochemistry and oil extraction. China appears to have been leaving the oil-related activities up to the Russians. This makes sense since the two countries are friends. Not enough chocolate cake, eh?

It also shows that both Russia and China are confident that the war against terror will be won and the current government will be in place for years to come.

Looks like the US wasted those Tomahawks.

China warns US it will take steps to protect its interests if THAAD not dismantled

So you thought Trump persuaded Xi at Mar-a-Lago as Trump regaled the Chinese president with the report that he had just attacked China’s friend Syria was all it would take to subdue the dragon? Well, here are the results of “chocolate cake diplomacy.”

Interview with Ghadaffi relative: why they killed him

The relative claims it was because Ghadaffi was working on a project to make Africans independent of the West, even proposing a new African currency.

Let me add that the plot to kill Ghadaffi will backfire. China is deeply invested in Africa and does not seek hegemony.

This site is Western based but not a puppet. The viewpoint is multipolar:

QUOTE: State-sponsored crimes in Ukraine are part of a despicable general pattern. Washington and its allies are moving to blockade North Korea with an armada of cruise-missile-bearing submarines and warships. The US, Britain and their Saudi client regime are already blockading and starving millions of people in Yemen. The same goes for Syria where that nation is blockaded by the US and EU while it is trying to defeat a terrorist proxy army sponsored by the US and EU.

Forget about the declared rationale and objectives that these Western powers claim. The fact is that blockading any country and inflicting collective punishment on civilians is a war crime.

It is a final, barbaric resort by powers that have lost any legitimacy. Cutting off finances, food, water, power. By what power? By what authority?

Russia, China and Iran are already subject, to lesser degrees, to blockade by Washington and its European vassals. The Western economic sanctions on Russia over the Western-induced Ukrainian conflict testify to that. Also US President Trump is issuing warnings that if China does not comply with tighter embargoes on North Korea, then Beijing will also find itself sanctioned. Iran is also threatened this week by the US White House with facing tougher sanctions over alleged misdemeanors.

The US-led policy of blockade is being wielded like a weapon across the globe like never before. Russia, China and others cannot afford to let this criminality go unchallenged. Some tactical response is needed, like dropping the US dollar, before arrogant Western lawlessness takes the world over an abyss.


Can you see how knowing what you are not supposed to know by reading foreign sites can change your perspective and make it easy to see that the Western press is not only lying, the journalists — of all political stripes — actually do not know the vital facts that the public ought to know and deserves to know if the republic is to stand.

So now the only question to ask yourself is: do I want to be as ignorant as Western journalists, who seem intent on creating the conditions for a world war?

Be gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Jesus

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