Newsflash: Robin Hood Steals from Himself to Give to the Poor!

The commandment is:  “Thou shalt not steal.”

Most people believe that this commandment represents sound morality, even if they are not Christians.  Nonetheless, it seems that this moral precept is forgotten once we start talking politics.  And no wonder:  Americans have been making up ‘right and wrong’ for themselves for quite a while.   Obviously it was only a matter of time before it seeped into our national mindset.

A good example of this in action is the current attempt by the Democrats to extend the payroll tax cut, ‘paying for it’ by having the ‘rich’ pay their ‘fair share.’

That we are talking about theft becomes clearer when one considers exactly what the ‘payroll tax’ is.  We are talking about the portion of one’s income that goes directly into Social Security.  Your contributions, in turn, ensure that when you retire, you will be able to draw a steady check.

Now, the liberals tend to target the rich to fund a variety of their favorite programs, and many of those times there ostensibly is some ‘public’ benefit of them.  For example, we might put public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, in this category.  Usually, though, the program favors smaller, special interest, populations.  The appearance of a socialistic transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor becomes more profound the more targeted the program.

But the funding of the payroll tax cut by the rich really takes the cake.  It is one of those few instances of a government service where the individual directly benefiting from the service is also the one funding it.  Heck, it might be the only example of such a thing.

To have the rich pay for the payroll tax cut is to ask them to directly fund the retirements of the rest of the population, in a direct and transparent manner.  The ‘99%’ are demanding that the ‘1%’ pay for a service that only the ‘99%’ will benefit from, without themselves contributing a dime.  There is no ‘public’ benefit; the ‘special interest’ group just turns out to be exceptionally large.

This is stealing.

Stealing is wrong.

Therefore, this is wrong.

The real kick in the pants here is that while the ‘poor’ and ‘middle class’ are getting behind the highway robbery of their ‘richer’ countrymen, they are actually robbing their future selves.  Since the amount of your contribution is correlated with how much you receive in your retirement account, by continuing to not pay the payroll tax, you are decreasing the amount you will ultimately receive.

Our Democrat Robin Hoods want us to steal from the rich to give to the poor, and in doing so are actually stealing from both!  It’s almost funny.

This hilarious, but sad, situation could be avoided by making the contributions by the rich go directly to the ‘accounts’ of individual Americans.  Then, the retirement distributions of future retirees would continue to grow, since ‘their’ contributions would be continuing in the meantime.

That, of course, would be an even more blatant example of outright theft than the current scheme. To my knowledge, though, it has not been suggested.

But it should raise this question:  if the rich are not being asked to subsidize individual contributions, what is it exactly that they are being asked to pay for?  In a sane universe, reducing contributions would reduce distributions, and that would be the end of it.   That would go over like a lead balloon, however, so clearly the idea is to reduce the amount of contributions Americans make while maintaining the same distributions.

But shouldn’t the current level of distributions already be readily payable from the Social Security ‘trust fund’?  And if that is the case, there isn’t a need to pay for the payroll tax cut at all, right?  Right?  That money is there, right?

This whole notion of having to pay for the ‘payroll tax cut’ represents a tacit acknowledgement that Social Security is nothing more than the largest Ponzi scheme… ever.

Many people feel that they are entitled to their Social Security payments because ‘they’ve paid in all these years!’  In reality, their ‘contributions’ were fundamentally never any different than any other tax.  You ‘paid’ into your Social Security ‘account’ like you ‘paid’ into public roads, the Department of Education, and the National Endowment of the Arts.

When the money is gone, ‘services’ must be cut, and it was gone fifteen trillion dollars ago.  ‘Social Security’ turns out to be no exception.  The money we are assured is ‘there’ is not there, or else there would be no need to ‘pay for’ this ‘cut.’  Are we perhaps closer to complete insolvency in the Social Security program than anyone has let on?

The Democrats are turning once again to the ‘rich’ to try to postpone the inevitable collapse of this program, but in doing so, have been forced to come perhaps the nearest ever to advocating for direct, unambiguous theft.

Stealing is wrong, but the truth is that the theft has been going on for decades.  The Federal government has been stealing all along, extracting most of the cash, ironically, from the very people the money was supposed to help.  To get away with it, they had to tell people what they wanted to hear.  That is, they’ve been lying… something else that the general populace tends to view as wrong, for governments and for people.

Lying is necessary, because despite the moral carte blanche that pervades our society, we still aren’t comfortable calling something we’re doing what it really is; in this case, stealing.

Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

The fact that the ‘payroll tax cuts’ needs to be paid for is proof positive that they’ve run out of the money given to them by the ‘poor’ and ‘middle class.’  It is now necessary to take it from the ‘rich.’  After that, who is left?  It would appear that we’ve picked the bone clean, and that can only mean boiled-bone soup for everyone!

By stealing from the rich, we’re stealing from our future selves by decreasing our distribution amount, but the mere fact that we are in this situation at all reveals that we’ve been stealing from our past selves, too.  And we’re running out of folks to steal from…

That’s the sort of thing that happens when you dispense with right and wrong.  Stealing was wrong, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows, and so does a society.


Anthony Horvath is the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries.  He blogs on apologetics, politics, and pro-life issues at

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