Neocons: ISIS is friend, Iran is enemy

A friend (C) sent me the WSJ article appearing below my commentary. It represents the Neocon viewpoint that Iran and its other Shiite allies are the most dangerous enemy of the American people. The author exploits the fact that Obama is a disaster to suggest that the trouble with Obama’s foreign policy is his Iran policy. Yet, upon analysis, this article harbors a hidden suggestion that the Sunnis — including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and their protege ISIS — are not a serious problem, and that if we can just bring Iran under control then ISIS will just melt away, and we can rely on our “allies” Saudi Arabia and Turkey (which spawned and fund ISIS) to resolve the Middle East crisis. Authors like the one below are really up against a huge challenge, namely, making black seem white and white seem black. Logic tells us that the group that chops heads of Christians and declares that it will take over the world must be by far the most dangerous enemy. Yet the Neocons insist that ISIS is not the problem at all. Iran — the only country other than Syria that sincerely engages ISIS on the ground — is the biggest threat. Logic tells us this is absurd and dangerous thinking.

So how do these enemies of the American People manage to control your minds?

By making you think anyone who disagrees with them is a bad American, lacks patriotism and supports Obama.

But the fact is, if you support the GOP and Democrats in Washington and their supporters in the msm, the groups that most Americans mistrust, then it is impossible to say you are a good American. You are an Establishment stooge, and that hurts We the People. Because there are two Americas — the Washington Establishment and its minions in the msm, on college campuses, etc — and We the People.

Until Donald Trump announced his candidacy we had virtually no representation at all. We were sitting ducks.

It behooves every good American to oppose with every fiber of our being the false and treacherous narratives of our Establishment, especially with regard to the Middle East, where Washington’s Satanic policies are killing Christians and other minorities in the name of “security.” The main reason they have gotten away with this so far is that Americans know next to nothing about the cultures, politics, religions and intrigues of the Middle East.

We keep hearing “all Muslims are evil.” This is exactly what the Neocons want you to think.

Below is my response to C.

Don Hank




And yet the writers who want to disarm Iran are just fine with Saudi Arabia and Turkey having all the weapons they want to kill innocent Kurds and Yemenis and to arm their terrorist pals in Syria and Iraq. (Pretending they are “moderates.” However, these moderates include a group called Al-Nusra, which is in fact Al-Qaeda in Syria. Thus our “allies” are supporting the group that knocked down the Twin Towers. And Washington is fine with that! John McCain is delighted.


A quiz on three nations: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey:

Now, can you tell me which of these countries support and founded ISIS (besides the US) (you may choose more than one)?


Saudi Arabia



Here is another question: One of these nations teaches that ONLY the Sunni religion should be allowed to exist in the world. This same nation bans the worship of Christianity and the importation of Bibles.

Which one?


Another of these nations has 600 Christian churches and allows Bibles to be imported.

Which one?


Pakistan warned one of these nations that if it steps out of line, Pakistan will nuke it. Which one?

We are being led to believe that SUNNI ISIS is a minor league player and that the Shiites are the main enemy. Yet the Muslim world is completely dominated by the Sunnis.


Two of these nations are SUNNI and one is SHIITE. Which ones?


If we were smart, we would improve our relations with the Shiite nations in order to establish a balance, rather than supporting the biggest bullies and even helping them to beat up on the weaker ones. This policy is the very essence of Neoconservatism and is the reason why the Middle East is a mess.

An alliance between Russia and the US for the purpose of restoring balance between Sunnis and Shiites and between both of these branches and Israel would bring peace to the region and enable both East and West to prosper. Russia is already working toward that end but is facing fierce opposition throughout most of the West. Authors like the one below are contributing to the chaos.

The Neocons in both parties want chaos. They, the Neocons, are the true enemy of We the People. We will defeat them or continue to be their slaves.

Here is the most curious thing:

Polls show that only about 20% of Americans trust their government and that we also mistrust our press. Trump’s poll numbers confirm this.

And YET, while we mistrust our government, a shocking number of us are willing to accept the bipartisan government narrative that the Sunnis are the good guys and the Shiites are the bad guys in the Middle East.

So while we are smart enough not to trust the government, we are allowing it to lead us around by the nose in terms of foreign and military policy.

Our government knows that, even if we mistrust them, thanks to our ignorance about the Middle East, they can still control our minds.

But for how long?

The truth about the Middle East can be found easily enough, even by a Google search if you know what to look for.



Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 14:45:19 +0000


Subject: While all eyes are on the Race – –



Stumbling Toward War


By Arnold Ahlert []

A spate of stories published last week all point in one troubling direction: America’s adversaries have taken the measure of our commander in chief — and found him seriously wanting.

We begin with the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Iran Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan regarding the purchase of the S-300 air defense system and offensive weapons that include Moscow’s most sophisticated T-90 tanks and Su-30 Flanker fighter jets. Thus one of the key provisions of the Iran nuclear deal, a.k.a. UN Resolution 2231 — requiring Tehran to get UN permission before acquiring “battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems” — is on the verge of being ignored. Adding insult to injury, Gen. Dehqan is believed to be the architect of the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 American service members. [SO AHLERT THINKS THAT IRAN AND RUSSIA ARE OUR ADVERSARIES. SINCE HE IGNORES ISIS, HIS MESSAGE IS THAT IF WE CAN JUST CONTROL IRAN AND RUSSIA, THEN ISIS WILL GO AWAY. THIS IS ABSURD SINCE THESE ARE THE ONLY COUNTRIES SINCERELY FIGHTING ISIS—DON]

Iran is also expected to thumb its nose at the same resolution this month when they test a Simorgh space launch vehicle characterized by U.S. officials as the basis of their covert program to develop long-range nuclear missiles. [AND YET, PAKISTAN, WHICH IS INFILTRATED BY ISIS, ALREADY HAS NUKES AND ISBMS AND NEOCONS LIKE AHLERT NEVER MENTION THIS. PAKISTAN IS SUNNI, SAME RELIGION AS ISIS. PAKISTAN HAS BEEN SHOWN TO BE A GREATER THREAT TO ISRAEL THAN IRAN –DON]. An unnamed State Department official who spoke with The Washington Free Beacon epitomized the administration’s flaccid response to the prospect, declining to speculate as to whether such a launch would violate the agreement, but promising to address any Iranian actions “inconsistent with any relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions … through the appropriate channels.” Iran insists the space launch vehicle’s 220 pound payload is too small to carry a first-generation nuclear warhead. The Beacon’s Bill Gertz reveals otherwise: “Space launch technology is identical to long-range missile technology.”

And from whom is Iran getting the technological expertise for such an effort? An April exposé by Gertz reveals that while the nuclear negotiations with Iran were proceeding, North Korea supplied the mullahs with “several shipments of missile components” that also “appear to violate UN sanctions on both countries.” That would be the very same North Korea that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) asserts is planning a terrorist attack orchestrated by Kim Jong Un. The same North Korea that launched a long-range rocket of its own this month — following January’s test of hydrogen bomb components. [WHAT ABOUT PAKISTAN, MR. AHLERT? – DON]

Americans must never forget why North Korea has nukes. The same bankrupt ideology that animates the Obama administration’s horrendous deal with Iran drove Bill Clinton and his North Korean emissary Jimmy Carter. They repeatedly assured the nation the Agreed Framework of 1994 would prevent a nuclear North Korea.

> Even if one were to concede such a momentous failure were an honest mistake, the idea the Obama administration would so willingly repeat it exemplifies the arrogance of a president who believes clever rhetoric can overcome evil ambitions by Communist or Islamist totalitarians. [BUT IRAN IS SHIITE, TOLERANT OF CHRISTIANITY, WHILE PAKISTAN IS SUNNI, INTOLERANT OF ALL OTHER RELIGIONS—DON]

An equally ambitious China revealed the hollowness of Obama’s promise of an Asian “pivot,” locating surface-to-air missile launchers and a radar system Woody Island in the South China Sea. The island is part of the Paracel Island chain and ownership is claimed by both Taiwan and Vietnam. The rising level of aggression follows condemnation by China, which vowed there would be consequences following the passage of U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) within 12 nautical miles of Triton Island, also part of the Paracel chain. A U.S. defense official called “on all claimants to halt land reclamation, construction, and militarization of features in the South China Sea,” but one suspects this is another “red line” moment for the administration. [THE SAME NEOCONS WHO WANT THE US TO CONFRONT RUSSIA AND CHINA CLAIM THEY WANT TO RESTORE THE POLICIES OF RONALD REAGAN. YET THEY IGNORE THE FACT THAT REAGAN HAD THE GOOD SENSE NEVER TO CHALLENGE NUCLEAR-ARMED NATIONS, AS I HAVE SHOWN HERE]

Speaking of red lines, the administration’s failures in Syria may also lead to tragic consequences. “The Syrian civil war, still spiraling out of control, may soon lead to something even worse: a Russian-Turkish conflict that would engulf the region, magnify the war’s death toll and destruction, and likely mark the end of NATO,” explains columnist Benny Avni. Thus Secretary of State John Kerry’s allegedly engendered “cessation of hostilities” has become little more than what the French ambassador in Washington, Gerard Araud, referred to as “a smokescreen for the intensification of the offensive” by Russian and Syrian forces that included the bombing of two hospitals near the former rebel stronghold of Aleppo. “If Russia continues behaving like a terrorist organization and forcing civilians to flee, we will deliver an extremely decisive response,” Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated following the strikes. [YET TURKEY IS PRECISELY THE NATION THAT BUYS AND SELLS ISIS OIL This makes Turkey a terror supporter, not Russia—Don ]

If Russia and Turkey engage in all out war, NATO is supposed to help Turkey. Avni notes what will likely happen in that event. “We don’t do wars anymore, remember? We, and NATO, are the weakest link in the Syrian war, which by now is a mini-world war, with players from near and far deploying armies and backing proxy militias.” A senior NATO official was even blunter regarding cause and effect: “It’s clear that there has to be some actual ‘redline’ for Mr. Obama, something that the United States cannot tolerate Russia doing — but where is it? If I don’t know, I’m sure the Kremlin doesn’t either.”  .  . [“TOLERATE RUSSIA DOING”? AHLERT CLEARLY THINKS WE SHOULD BE SUPPORTING TURKEY, THE PROVEN SUPPORTER OF ISIS, WHILE CONFRONTING RUSSIA, THE PROVEN ENEMY OF ISIS. THE NEOCONS WANT YOU TO ACCEPT THEIR UPSIDE DOWN VIEW OF THE WORLD SO THAT THEY CAN ENRICH THEMSELVES FROM THE DEATHS OF UNTOLD NUMBERS OF AMERICAN SERVICE MEN IN ANOTHER WAR WITH A FORESEEABLY DISASTROUS OUTCOME—DON]

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George McAulay
A well balanced and hopefully timely heads-up from Don Hank that Americans and other Westerners should pat heed to. A delicately phrased Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times”. We are living in VERY interesting times, and due to the venality and incompetence of our political class, they are going to get much more “interesting” for our future generations. For the Uk, where I was born and raised, it is to late, we are cursed by the alien and hostile presence of several million Muslims, many of them ill-educated, unskilled and easily roused to bite the hand reluctantly… Read more »
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ABANDON FAMILY Excuse my writing of words in rhyme, for I feel we have so little time Our Uncle Sam is hurting and lying in such pain, for we as blind Americans are solely all to blame. Americans’ are weak,….absorbed of selfish bliss, where satisfaction for ones self, is all that we insist Allowing those Elected, adorned with Greed & Power, to take control of Uncle’s Fate, to hasten His final hour. Americans’ waste Freedom, devalue it to nothing, for all they do desire is addicted self -consumption. Corruption /greed,….is clothed,…in those we call our leaders,… Read more »