My government is killing me

Oh my aching government!

by Don Hank

I am tired of reading about innocent people being killed as a result of federal actions and policies.

I first noticed this when the Christians in Iraq started getting killed (over 50 were killed there when a church was destroyed just this week). There are now almost NO Assyrian Christians in Iraq. They had survived for over a millennium and were thriving under, of all people, Saddam Hussein. But they succumbed to the actions of a RINO president. (No, I am not a Saddam fan, but if you don’t know what the consequences will be, think twice about invading a country).

Now Obama, in his role as “President of the world,” has demanded that Mubarak step down, and lo and behold, the same thing happens in Egypt: The Coptic Christians are being slaughtered.

To some, it may seem far-fetched to observe this, but in this country, with the same stupid policies of aiding the enemy, we find 2 federal agents killed with guns apparently supplied by the good old US government, one just this week.

Like I said, I’m tired of watching good people die as part of a government experiment conducted by idiots with a rocket scientist mentality.

I don’t think any of the actions that caused these unintended consequences were constitutional.

Can we have that document back?

4 thoughts on “My government is killing me

  1. Now you can add two of our servicemen shot and killed on a military bus in Germany; because they travel in uniform, but unarmed. Which is how Nidal Hasan was able to kill so many in Ft. Hood…that and the inept and corrupt policies that allowed him to wear a U.S. military uniform and carry a gun.

    Rubber bullets and policies that prevent our border agents from carrying out their jobs and protecting themselves from corrupt and inept ATF and other Federal department facilitation that puts arms in the hands of the invading cockroaches and cartels is more of the same.

    Only the innocent bonafide lawful citizens of our nation are being prosecuted and sued for protecting themselves or threatened with having their weapons absconded with by our corrupt public employees.

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